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Proper Green ; The Pro-Earth Stance



By: Kenia Romero & Jason Scott 

Kenia Romero - Aguilar & Jason Scott. 

Our enviornment and health is under attack ! 



Join us and make a change to stop companies like Monsanto who are running farmers out of buisness, hurting production & controlling all our food. Hurting the production of natural crops. Help us protect you and your families health by switching to Organic Farming & not Gmo crops (genetically modified) . 




Organic Farming is an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability, enhancement of soil fertility & biological diversity. whilst with rare exceptions, prohibits synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizer, gentically modified organisms & growth hormones. 


Make A

Change ! 



  • Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA)
  •  Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)
  •   The Anti-Lobbying Act


  • Lobbyists cannot make gifts to any one state official aggregating more than $10 in any calendar month

  • Lobbyists cannot do anything for the purpose of placing a state official under personal obligation to the lobbyist or the lobbyist’s employer;

  • Lobbyists cannot deceive or attempt to deceive a state official with regard to any material fact pertinent to legislative or administrative action or create any fictitious appearance of public favor or disfavor of any proposed legislative or administrative action;

  • Lobbyists cannot represent falsely, either directly or indirectly, that the lobbyist can control the official action of any state officer;

  • Lobbyists cannot enter into any “contingent fee” or bonus agreement with a lobbyist that makes payment to the lobbyist contingent on success;

  • Lobbyists cannot spend public funds to engage in grassroots lobbying efforts.