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This booklet is being created to capture all the information required by visitor while their stay in Singapore

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Before You Arrive Info Booklet

Singapre is A Fine City

Short note about travelling  rules:

  1. Carrying Drugs has mandatory death penalty
  2. Chewing Gum, Chewing tobacco, shisha tobacco and imitation tobacco products are Prohibited
  3. No Littering  
  4. Smoking at undesignated places



Before Travel Checklist

Here is a short travel checklist:


  1. Everyday basics 
  2. Take a hard copy of the ticket, Visa, Original Passport
  3. Get a letter from your doctor for medications you are bringing
  4. Cricket Gear and clothing
  5. Print this booklet. It contains info till you reach Hotel



There are primarily 2 modes of transportation:

  • Public Transport which includes Buses and Trains (MRT)
  • Taxis
  • Just look out for signs to Taxi Bay or MRT Station/Buses
  • Cash payment required for Taxis. Pay at your destination as per meter and don’t forget to collect the receipt for reimbursement


  • Free Wifi is availale @Changi Airport
  • You have facilities like Money changers, Local SIM card, Cafee and resturants



Getting to the Hotel


  • Proceed to Immigration
  • Please fill in the immigration form provided in the flight or get one when you arrive at Changi
  • Proceed to Immigration counter
  • Safely keep the embrakation card provided by immigration officer


I am at the changi airport! 

Below are signs and info about Taxi Bay 

Below Taxi type "Chrysler" is super Expansive

Taxi Bay


Are you arriving on 2nd Sep

  • Rooms are already booked since 1st
  • Breakfast at hotel available till 10 am. Plan accordingly
  • Lunch and networking sessions organized at the office from 10 am to 1 pm
  • Bus will take you to Solaris office from Hotel at 9:15 am
  • Bus will drop them at the ground at 1:15 PM from office
  • Your first Match starts at 2:00 PM at Yorker
  • Dinner will be at the ground

Are you arriving on 1st Sep

  • First level of contact shoule be your local contact

  • If needed, you may contact following committee members:
  •  Pradeep kumar -> +65-93850430
  •  Maliik -> +65-83820502
  •  Raghu -> +65-86912969
  •  Bala -> +65-84506796
  • Rajesh -> +65-83390602



  • Emergency Fire & Ambulance - 995

  • Non-Emergency Ambulance - 1777

  • Police - 999 



Local Emergency Contacts

Singapore Emergency Contacts

Money Changers are at multiple locations throughout city





Sim Card Outlets

Useful Links & Apps