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Mothers Against Drunk Drving

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD for short was incorporated on September 5, 1980. Their mission statement to to reduce drunk driving by increasing public awareness,help the victims from the drunk driving incident, and help family of the victims. 

In a day people drive more than 300,000 incidents of drunk driving and only 3,200 people are caught by law enforcement. Because of constant drunk drivers for every 2 minutes a person gets injured. MADD goal to achieve by 2019 is try decreasing injuries from drunk drivers by 25%, decrease ages 12 - 20 years from drinking to 22%, and support 5 million services to the victims of drunk driving.

MADD is one of the most influenced and widely supported non-profit organizations in the United States. They made a campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving in 2006. Since then they  have achieved 28 states and the District of Columbia to pass the ignition interlock law, so people who were convicted of drunk driving must have a build in test in their car to show the amount of alcohol in their system before driving. If they have to much consumption of alcohol then the car will not start States such as West Virginia, Arizona, and New Mexico drunk driving death decrease dramatically since the law was passed.

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