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AF Summer 2021 Email Newsletter

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VISITDry Rub marinade for meat,seafood and vegetablesBlend into Meat, Poultry, Seafoodor Plant-based burger pattiesSpice blend for Soups and StewsRoux for GumboSofrito for PaellaPerfect as a Seasoning for saladsUse in Quiche & Deviled Eggs.Our "Blend #1" is sure to add a kick of flavor that isguaranteed to give a satisfying punch. What spice ismeant to taste like. Our "Blend #2" is what you'relooking for if you want to bring the wow factor. It'swhat every dish is missing. Provides true Jerk flavorwith a very low sodium content. A true indigenousblend of West Indian spices that offers intense flavorprofiles with the heat you expect from true Jerk.THE HEAT JUNKIESummer 2021Dry Rub & Spice Blends

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The MethodRECIPEKitchen Tools We LoveBamboo skewers are a must-have in the ArawakFarm kitchen. They are bio-degradable safe andenvironmentally friendly 100% natural bamboo andare perfect for everything from meat, poultry,seafood, vegetables, cheese, fruits and evenmarshmallows! Be sure to soak the skewers inwater for at least 1 hour before grilling to preventburning of the bamboo skewers and when you aredone cooking, just throw them on the fire makingclean up a breeze!Our Spicy Salmon kebabs are a hit withfamily and friends! These kebabs arepacked with flavor, easy to prep, andready to eat In less than 30 minutesfrom start to finish! Serve with yourfavorite summer salad or couscous.

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Mangoes have been originating in India for more than4000 years. Mangoes spread gradually across Asia andthen into the rest of the world. Because of the largecentral seed of a mango, the fruit relied on humans fortransport around the world. Persians carried mangoesthroughout western Asia and planted seeds in easternAfrica in the 10th century. Portuguese explorersintroduced mangoes to Brazil during the 16th century andBrazilian mangoes spread through the Americas. Theywere first planted in Barbados in 1742 and in the early1800s were cultivated in Mexico. Mangoes were onlyactually grown in the United States in the 19th century.Today, most mangoes found in grocery stores were grownin Florida, Mexico, Haiti, and South America. However,Asia accounts for 75% of the world's mangoes.When You KnowMangoMango-Peach Spicy Fruit Spread: Ablend of juicy, ripe mango andpeaches offers a unique creation ofindulgent flavors that provide asurprising level of heat.Mango-Pineapple Pepper Sauce: A refreshingblend of ripe mango and pineapple combinedwith fresh vegetables, herbs, and the heat of theHabanero pepper! It possesses a smooth andcreamy texture for creating tasty dips andspreads. It can also be used as a potentmarinade that consumers will appreciate.

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A tee is one of those basic items no wardrobe is complete without! Arawak Farmgraphic t-shirts are printed on a high quality 6.1 oz. 100% Cotton T-shirt. Rock your Arawak Farm t-shirt to the gym, cookout or just kicking back with friends.When you purchase a T-shirt $5 of the sale will be donatedto NO KID HUNGRY. Visit to find out more about this amazing organization!unisexmen's fitwomen's fit men's fit

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MarketplaceThank you for subscribing to our initial “Heat Junkie” newsletter. Why “HeatJunkie”? If you are like us at Arawak Farm, you appreciate the enhancing nature of spicyfoods! Heat Junkies seek out spicy foods and find it difficult to eat without thatheat! We will continue to develop and offer the highest quality products thatalso deliver a nice kick. In our upcoming newsletters, we will provide unique recipes and ways to use ourproducts. However, we insist that YOU provide us with your recipe ideas and wewill publish them! Take care, please wear a mask, keep to social-distancing and mostimportantly…support local, woman and minority-owned businesses!You will hear this a lot from Arawak Farm: When you know better…you eat better!From The KitchenWHERE TO FIND US:@arawakfarm@thearawakfarminfo@arawakfarm.comvisit us at arawakfarm.comEven now, when I think of the Summer, I think about my dadgetting the grill ready for consistent grilling and tall stories. It is nomistake that Father’s Day falls into the Summer. Dads all over aregetting ready to season, grill and serve their families!Arawak Farm celebrates fathers, dads, uncles, and those men thatstepped up when called on. Dads always wanted to serve the bestto their families and friends. The best cuts of meat, poultry,seafood, and vegetables were served up in the Summer. Families,all over, travelling distances to get some of dad’s BBQ.Cooking outdoors now feature grills, rotisseries, smokers featuredin outdoor kitchens. As things change, they stay the same. Dadalways gave you, his best! This is what pushes Arawak Farm tocontinually giving you our best.“When you know better, you eat better” is not just a catch phrase. Itis what drives us to offer the highest quality products to enhancewhat dad is serving this Summer. Enjoy.