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This is about the importance of education and how you can be manipulated.

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 There was a dismal animal shelter, where they beat the dogs, and the cats and the small hamsters that were fed rubber in Compton. The dogs were the wisest of all of them. The windows in the shop had not been repaired after they had been shot by the robbers. It looked abandoned even though it was ran by drunkard named Mr. Jones. He said he used to be the president, the `animals did not know what that meant. The animals always dreamed of freedom. Old Major, the dictator of the animals, had just had children, and envied a safe and free environment. As the dogs were to speak of freedom, the owner shot Old Major. As Old Major lay on the floor bleeding, he moaned, “Freedom to all!”. He bled to death that very second. At that point, the animals couldn't sleep. In the course of the morning, the animals were starving, so they ate the corpse of Old Major by dividing him up. The dogs got the most, naturally, simply because they Squalor were smarter. The hamsters were given little to none, and the cat was given all but one fourth, but the cat didn't know what that meant.

      Their stomachs were full enough to talk about freedom. The first thing was said by Napoleon, the adopted son of Old Major. He always told , the chihuahua, to explain that he was a dog, rather than a monkey. Squealer could always make the animals think different. He had a gift in which he could make the others believe a cat was a mouse. Napoleon explained, “We can and will make our life in compton the best life ever. But first, we must overthrow the overlord of our problems, MR JONES!!!”. At this, all the animals. shouted in disbelief, throwing parts of the dilapidated building at each other. “SHUT UP OR YOU WILL BE THROWN IN THE CHAIN ROOM!!!” Squealer yelled in his yippy voice. One hamster was still throwing out trash talk, and Napoleon threw a glass bottle at him. He died when the bottle gashed him open, almost in half. Another was put into the chain room. The chain room was filled with the glass, pieces of wall, and feces that Luciano's real dad, Loki, threw all over the place. You would get cut, the cockroaches would eat at you, and you would die. Nellie walked into the room where the old dog food bags were. She said she was too beautiful for the conversation. The cat said, “We overthrow Mr. Jones, live in freedom, and bathe in our dignity!!”. All the animals were too scared to comment back. ‘We have reached an agreement!’ noted Squealer. All the animals were very full, and Luciano had slowly fallen asleep.

 Luciano had slowly fallen asleep. All of the sudden, Mr.Jones Busted into the door, waking all the animals up. Nellie was still asleep, though, in the feed room. He brought a new animal through the door! A parrot to be exact. “Bo-bo-Benjamin!” said the parrot. “Skuak! Skuak!”. The animals were amazed! A new animal! How cool. They went to meet him. He said nothing but ‘Bo-bo-Benjamin’ until Mr Jones walked out of the common area and into his smoke room, where he usually stayed for days.


How could they pay it off? Start a business? One concern after the other arose. What could they do? The only thing said was by Bobby, “Hello! We will make an electric system! You lot are some stupid buggers!”. Then Napoleon thought. He remembered, some dog, a pit bull, that lived in a room near the bar. Mr.Jones could barely see in front of him, as he made his way to the room. He found a latch, and opened the old wine cellar. He remembered his father's words.

  The parrot had ascended to the cage lock, and picked it open. “What a miserable lot you are. How bloody dirty can this place get?” squawked Benjamin. “This reminds me of my shelter. Blimey, this was my old animal shelter! That bladdered Mr  controls you lot, eh?”.  “You don’t understand!” yelled Luchiano. “new animals are rarer than you think!”. Bobby replied, “You little bugger! You're the monkey that runs this place, eh? Cheeky thing you are, Loki.” Luciano replied with “Do not DARE speak of my father you feather ridden mare!”. The animals got a little bit discouraged after this smartmouth, Australian parrot walks in and insults their leader, Napoleon. “We-we-we’ll put you in the chain room!” yipped Squealer. “I’m a bloody parrot, I can just fly through the chains and rubble. Now stop your chin wagging and calm your buggin nerves.” said Bobby. Mr Jones then walks out of the smoke room. With a loud roar, Mr.Jones Yelled "You dirty no good vermin, shut up or I'll put lead  into all of you.”  The dogs were FED UP! They leaped upon Mr.Jones, with Napoleon beating him with a piece of glass. Mr Jones was filling with emotions of confusion, anger, and scared. In little time the animals were able to finally kill Mr Jones and put an end to his tyranny. But alas this was just the beginning, for the animals did not know that power can have an unjust effect. With all of the spontaneous events that just happened the animals were quick to elect a leader, and who came to be, Luchiano. He didn't say anything, but looked rather smug, like he was an overlord.

The animals were hungry enough to eat the clean cut pieces of Mr Jones Napoleon produced. The animals went to the smoke room, and sure enough, found beer. They drank all night. By morning, they were throwing up. Mr. Jones's nose was left on the bar stool, to symbolise freedom. Luchiano set up some just and fair rules on the whiteboard in the bar, so the animals felt safe. The dogs had nothing to do but laze around as Napoleon dictated the shelter. However, as the days passed on, the power went out. When the ‘great blackout’, as the animals called it, happened, the band of animals could not see a thing. They realised they had to pay the power bill.

The pit bull decided to toil days to make the animals lives prosper. Things seemed to go fine with the animals finally getting their well deserved luxuries. Boxer, as he called himself, was working hard on tidying the shelter. Napoleon decided they needed a big project, so he could sustain power. He decided to have the animals all slave away to have a subliminal message that he is the one in charge. Boxer was the first to work. He carried all the heavy insulation and bricks, trying to get them atop the wall. At this, Luchiano started up a ‘classroom’ in the bar. He taught the animals the bear minimum, leaving essentials out. He could certainly manipulate them easier if they didn't know the other half. After the confusion, the hamsters only said, “ why is this classroom important for us?" Napoleon simply stated "what I say is right and what anyone else says is wrong." All the animals although a little hesitant were quick to go to work but Boxer who was already smart started to pick up on the scheme that Napoleon was working on already, so he decided to devise a plan to get a new owner in the shelter no then retreat back to the wine seller.

“If anything goes wrong, me, you, or the little puppy Old Major, go to the wine cellar.”. His father had told him this as a young monkey. As he opened the door, he was welcomed by a deep roar. “GET OUT OF MY LUSCIOUS ABODE, MY CAVE OF SOLITUDE, MY VACATION AT HOME!!!”. Napoleon saw light. He saw carpets, wine, and the pit bull. “I am Napoleon , representative of the animals that have attained freedom by means of rebellion. We need your help.” “GET LOST.” roared the pit bull. “Animals, ATTACK!!!” yelled Napoleon. All the animals bounded upon the beast, and there was a large fight. The hamsters left from the speech had been halved down to six. The cat had opened an old gash from Mr Jones, and Luciano had been unwounded altogether. The dogs were gashed everywhere. The pit bull finally surrendered and was making his way to fix the power. Nellie came out from the feeding room, questioning the situation. She said as she lived in the food room, she made a propogandic poster to get rid of Mr Jones… the animals explained to her Mr Jones's rule was abolished. Nellie literally walked out the door. A day passed,  and the power was restored, and the animals needed to find a way to get an outside man for their supplying of food and water for the other animals. But the animals argued about someone in the outside possibly telling the other animal shelter owners what happened and they might come back to get the animals. But Napoleon already had someone from the outside since before he was in the animal she,tee his father was a pet to a gang leader in Compton and Napoleon kept some of his father's connections. "Don't worry boys and gals my contacts will make sure we are kept as safe as possible” said Napoleon.

said Napoleon, “Sure…” said the Ally of Boxer. Little did he know that Napoleon Fully filled the cartridge up. As the monkey pointed the gun at Boxers friend, he pulled the trigger. BOOM!! “You can call me Bryce HARPER!” yelled the man as he kicked the gun out of Napoleon's hand. He punched Napoleon in the face and Napoleon punched back. Harper then grabbing the gun and pulling the trigger in Napoleon with one loud blast it as over all over rest of his strength spoke to the animals that were able to get out of the shelter "My mistreated friends, my animals, the so called leader you had is now shot dead. Take into account how badly you have been mistreated. Benjamin knew better than to help Napoleon. He's seen this kind of thing before. Spread the word. Freedom is not determined by those smarter than you. The lesson through all of this is to be active in your freedom, to take it as your own. Otherwise, it would not be freedom, it would be dictatorship." And with that all the animals spread the word that no matter how smart the ones in power are that the people can all come up and rebel for what is right.  

But what the boss didn't know was that Boxers contact was a close friend and he brushed in to see only that a deranged group of animals sent his friend away. With all the anger he took a Molotov and threw it into the animal shelter, ending this madness that too his friend away. But what he didn't know is the parrot was near a window and he managed to get away with Napoleon . The two comrades stood out on the street, Napoleon holding a gun, Bobby holding a machete. The ally of Boxer took out a revolver, the same model everyone had in compton. BANG! CRACK! SHOOT! Bobby erupted into a puff of feathers. “Let's play a simple game of russian roulette.”

And he did just that while Napoleon was of day after day teaching the animals whatever he wanted to teach them. Boxer was working on getting a very tough and strong guy to come and set things straight. Days later when Boxer finally found someone to take over he had to make Napoleon think he was still working and he decided to fix the ventilation system, as he was halfway into finishing his work he was caught in the fan and one of his legs was damaged. He was also stuck, but his echo circulated and luciano pulled him out. Napoleon heard his struggling and he came to get Boxer out, but he knew that the dog wouldn't be able to work so he sent him off to a animal fighting ring that one of his contacts knew and the animals never saw him again.