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The morning colorful sunshine peaked through the shades eight-year-old Tommy opened his eyes, the smell of pancakes calling for him to wake.

With a flash, Tommy was out of bed, dressed and skipping towards the kitchen

“Good morning my Little One,” Grammy smiled. “Are you going to help me in the garden today?”

“Oh no Grandma! Don’t you remember? Today Grandpa and I are going on our adventure.”

With a twinkle in her eye, Grammy smiled. “Grandpa is waiting for you on the porch.”

Pancakes disappeared as quickly as Grammy’s wink; and Tommy rushed to where Grandpa was waiting on the porch swing.

“Why the hurry?” Grandpa asked with a sly smile.

Then his arms swallowed Tommy up in a great big bear hug.

“Stop teasing,” Tommy giggled. .

“Are you ready to go exploring?” Grandpa asked.

“Yes,” Tommy shouted barely containing his excitement. “Where are we going today?”

“To the pond,” Grandpa commanded, raising his arm to the air.

 Tommy’s smile grew ear to ear. He loved to pond.

The sounds of the spotted green bullfrogs sang out, allowing Tommy to hear them before even being able to see the pond.

While Grandpa settled in for his day of fishing, Tommy walked off as if he was a pioneer
on a grand adventure. Exploring and hunting for treasures in every nook and crannies he could find

The Frogs heralded his arrival with their noisy songs, warning one another of his coming.

 Rbbit-ribbit, croak- croak, they hopped, hopped, hopped from their hiding places making a gentle kersplash into the pond. This caused the water to make tiny little ripples across the surface. Ripples that probably felt like waves to the creatures.

Other Bullfrogs rested safely on lily pads, basking in the summer sun. They waited patiently for yum, yum, yummy bugs to fly by, so that they could catch them with their long sticky tongues

Lazy turtles lay on an old hollow tree that stretched out into the middle of the pond.

Holding his breath Tommy watched as one slipped quietly into the water to dive down, down, down, to the bottom of the pond where it would eat the nice leafy plants that grew in the soft soil.

As the turtle tears a piece of the tender leaf off, a water bug skitters from its hiding place and swims to the surface to skate ever so lightly across the pond.

Soon a fluttering dragonfly grabbed Tommy’s attention…

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, he became one with the dragonfly going from cattail to cattail, pretending he was chasing after his supper.

With the sun high in the sky and rumblings in their tummies, Tommy and Grandpa stopped to eat the lunch Grammy had prepared.

Bellies full, they took off their shoes and socks and waded in the water.

Little pebbles glistened through the water and they giggled as tiny minnows tickled their toes.

Under a shiny smooth, stone Tommy found a white snail, its shell smooth and its body slimy. He kept his hand very still in hopes that the snail would get braver and peak its head out.

First the snail started to investigate its’ new surrounding by sticking out a long antenna. Then feeling that it was safe the rest of the slimy body slipped out of its shell.

When Tommy was finished watching the curious snail, he gently placed it back where he’s found it

 To soon, the sky turned purplish pink, the sun setting and a sign it was time to go.

Happy, he peaked into his collecting bag. There was a feather and a few shinny pebbles special pebbles Grandpa had gathered just for him. And a piece of wood that resembled one of the turtles he had seen. The perfect project for him to paint on a rainy day.

He’d also gathered a few of the colorful flowers that filled the meadow surrounding the pond.   ‘I can press these into a book,’ he thought to himself.

Looking back, he watched as the cattails were swaying in the evening breeze. It was as if they were saying good-bye.

Feeling extremely lucky today, Tommy could not wait to place the empty snail shell that he had found in an honored place on his dresser.

As they turned away from the pond and slowly walked back to Grandpa’s house, Tommy stops and waves goodnight to all his friends and cherishes the thought of the next time he will visit Grandpa’s pond. All the while wondering what other adventures he would find there.

Taking Grandpa’s hand, Tommy knows that he had the most important treasure of all right beside him, love.

The evening birds sang their lovely songs, serenading the two explorers all the way home.