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This documentation shows the Advantages of Driver-less cars in Rideshare Companies.

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There are many rideshare companies that are providing their
services online through their applications. The customers can
avail their services for transportation by using their smart
phones and online apps of rideshare companies. Driver-less
cars can be very helpful and benficial for both i.e. companies
and customers. A few advantages are described below,
By using driver-less cars, the budget of the company will
be decrease with a huge amout that will be very beneficial.
The company should not have to provide salaries to the
drivers that will decrease the cost of the companies.
The company should not have to provide medical facilities
to the drivers.
It will also helpful because there will be no need to give
insurance to the workers or drivers.
The company should not have to hire drivers for different
shifting times.
It will decrease the cost of the companies and it will also
decrease the cost for the customers. The customers will
get these services at less rates.
Rideshare companies and the customers can avail a huge profit
and advantage by using driver less cars. These cars will be very
helpful and effective for everyone.
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