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Testing Advanced Management

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Advanced Management

Leadership and Power– Groups and Teams


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Milgram Obedience - Laboratory Experiment since 1960s

The experiment aimed to reveal if people would follow orders or power blindly. It invited experimenters to act as “teachers" to penalise “students” in pairs if the students failed to answer a question by applying 15 to 450 volts electricity shocks. A painful yelling voice of students  were  pre-recorded and played to test if the teachers would continue the experiment, while the teachers however were asked to proceed until 450 volts was applied. The experiment showed that only 35% of teachers refused to proceed with the experiment while some feel unwillingly but still finished the experiment by applying until 450 volts.


Crtisism on Methodology

Milgram Experiment has been controversial since laboratory experiment may not reflect experimenters' actual behaviours:

  • >> Situational factors affecting the actual behaviours, such as a trust or cooperative with the researcher or a goodwill to show morally right (Levitt and List, 2007).
  • >> Motivations of shown behaviours can be misinterpreted (Shang and Croson, 2009)

>>Alternatively, a social experiment, or named as field experiment, is considered being able to reveal more behavioural truths (Levitt and List, 2007).


See example:

>> What people answered may not be what they will do (Youtube, 2015a).


What is Leadership?