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Gupta Tradition Festival

June 15-18, 2020

11:00am-- 6:00pm



                         purpose for these festivities is to try to inform


others of the acheivements of the Gupta Empire in an hopefully interesting way. There will be activities that relate to certain acheivements.


Have fun!

Literature- There will be a play about the life of Gupta poet, Kalidasa. Kalidasa was considered a master poet, and many of his plays dealt with romance.

Games & Activities

Paint- One of the things you'll be able to do at this festival is learn to paint like Gupta painters. In the Gupta Empire, art was an important tradition, and their art represented alot of their heritage, religon, and would paint these things on the ceiling and walls. With this activity, you'll learn about the paintings in Ajanta(a village where caves contained religous paintings and sculptures).

Sculpting - In this you'll be able to mold clay into shapes of animals and people while listening/learning about how(much like painting)the Gupta would create representations of religous figures and stories.The Gupta would create this sculptures out of stone, so we'll be using semihard clay.This activity, however, will only be open for 6/15, due to us not having enough clay to be able to last through the entirety of the festival.

*The Festival will be split into different sections. One of these sections will be a representation of gupta village. We tried to recreate what a gupta village would like, we even tried to recreate the types signs on roads that told traders where to go.These roads connected to countries east of India.





  • Pizza-$6 per slice
  • Popcorn-$10
  • Corn Dogs-$8
  • All Candy- $5




  • All Sodas-$6
  • Water-$6

Buddhist Prayer Beads-

Take this prayer beads to increase you luck! These Mala beads were used by scholar of Nalanda,a Buddhist university in which had a monastery,hospital, and 8 colleges.It also teached the philosophies of Hindus and Buddhists.

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Gift Shop

Mini Buddha Sculpture- The Gupta created statues and sculptures of religous deities. We used clay to create miniture recreations of those sculptures.

Copper Coins- The Gupta used to have coins made depicting the Gupta kings. these coins were made of iron,copper and even gold!