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ADPT Physio Patient Booklet

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This booklet is to help guide you through your options in working togetherto achieve your physical goals - no matter what your injury history.PHYSIO, MANUAL THERAPY + SPORTS PERFORMANCEE V E R Y I N J U R Y I S A N O P P O R T U N I T Y WWW.ADPT.PHYSIO | 0457 209 972

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PODCASTBLOGThe north star of my business decisions is about making mysessions as valuable to my patients as possible. I will always tryand give you the tools you need to manage yourself whenpossible. In this booklet, I will have links to all the resources you need tomake an informed choice about what aspects of your journey youcan do on your own and what services I can offer to give youyour best chance at success. I have a podcast and blog named: Things I Wish My PatientsKnew - because I want you give you all the information you needto succeed and then, if needed, be here to help you implementwhat you have learned. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?

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Diagnosis:Prognosis:My goal is to: 1 month3 month1 year5 yearNon-injury opportunity:Recovery focus:How long until I am likely back to full ability?What is it?

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Find out morecheck out thispodcast episodeTREATMENT HIERARCHYOF NEEDS The treatment hierarchy of needs is the framework I developed tohelp guide me and my patients through the decision of how manysessions they choose to book and what we do in those sessions. I imagine it will be an evolving framework but this is where itcurrently stands. Can you tell I am not a graphic designer?Goals – Short and long termDiagnosis - what has happenedEducation about condition & prognosis - whatto expectPain science basicsFlare-up strategyReturn to sport testingDecide on treatment plan Recovery Acute managementLong term management (sleep, nutrition, stress)Psychosocial factors - Identifying barriers +facilitators of the planCommunication with, and referring to, otherhealth professionalsBaseline testingIsolated strength testing withDynamoFunctional testingROM Fitness testingGeneral exercise programSpecific exercise programPeriodisation plan for program -How to progress it for your goals Exercise techniqueLiftingRunningSwimmingSelf-release guidanceMassageRemedial/SportsRelaxationProprioceptive TapingManual therapy/mobilisations

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WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?ASSESSMENT + BASELINETESTING GOAL SETTING +OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATIONDiagnosis via subjective history, objective testingand, if necessary, imaging will let us know whatwe are working with.The optional, comprehensive intake form is madeto streamline this process.With that information, you can make an informeddecision about how much of the rest of myservices you need/want.The assessment is also important for giving usbaseline measures that we can come back andretest to measure improvement. Comprehensive baseline testing is available butonly useful if we plan to retest in the future.Ask if you would like to know more aboutbaseline testing.Injuries can put the brakes on your exercisehabits and momentum.It is so important to not let an injury derail youfrom your goals and healthy lifestyle.Choosing a 1 month, 3 month, 1 year and 5 yeargoal will guide our rehab and performance planso that we get you back to doing what you lovedoing.Or, enable you to do something you neverthought you could do..The opportunity does not always need to berelated to your current pursuits. Injuring my ankle prompted me to learn to swimand now I have completed 5km swims and a 70.3Ironman. Before that, 50m was a struggle.

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Getting out of pain is often the main drivingforce for people to book in to see a physio.During our assessment we will explore differentmovements and loads that impact yoursymptoms.From there, we can determine what exercises,stretches, self-release techniques or otheractivities may improve your symptoms.Pain is often poorly understood. Understandingthe basics can be very helpful for knowing whatto do and building your confidence in your body.I have recorded podcast episodes to help givethat overview instead of taking time in theappointment - Podcast link on first page.FLARE UP STRATEGIES + PAINMANAGEMENTDuring our assessment, we will identify certainmovements and exercises that are relevant toyour injury or sport.I strongly believe that everyone should have ageneral exercise plan but these are the fewexercises that zoom right in on your particularsituation and strengthen up the impacted area.These can become your "minimal viableworkout". If you did nothing else - fit these in.To help maintain motivation and build the habitfor the exercises - check out the ADPT PhysioAccountability Group.SPECIFIC REHAB / PREHABEXERCISES

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Stimulus + recovery = adaptation.You do not get stronger when you lift weight.You do not get fitter while you run.It is during our rest and recovery times that ourbody responds to the stimulus put on it fromtraining.If you are training hard, recover harder.Sleep, nutrition and stress management are thebig three categories to get right for recovery.I can help you implement recovery protocols soyou optimise your healing and get the most outof training.While getting a few, specific exercises tomanage your injury is important, developing acomprehensive exercise plan that takes you fromwhere you are to where you want to be is key forlong-term health, injury prevention andperformance.If you have one already, I will happily look over itand offer advice on optimisation.If you need one, I have custom and templateprograms. With the programs, you can also addon in person or online coaching. Your program will be available through the ADPTPhysio app.COMPREHENSIVE EXERCISEPROGRAMRECOVERY PROTOCOLS - SLEEP, FOOD, STRESS

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My first gym membership barely every got used. Idid not know what I was doing. I thought I justdid not like gyms.When I started doing group classes at Unity gymand learning from their coaches, I realised it wasnot that I did not like gyms - I did not like notknowing what I was doing.Since then I have been fortunate to train underone of the best strength coaches in the world,Sebastian Oreb (@australianstrengthcoach) fortwo years. He is the strength coach for ThorBjörnsson (The Mountain from Game of Thrones).This practical training and education has givenme a level knowledge in this area that you do notget with a sports science or physio degree.PERSONAL TRAINING /TECHNIQUE OPTIMISATION Just like lifting, technique makes a bigdifference to your running and swimmingcomfort, enjoyment and success. Especiallyswimming.Just like lifting, I have worked with high-levelcoaches to develop my own skills and to learnhow to teach others.Unlike many swim coaches, I was a terribleswimmer until 5 years ago. I would struggle bythe end of a 50m lap. I understand how hard it can be starting outand know most important techniques to focuson initially to get the biggest result.Getting out of the clinic for a run or swimsession is always a highlight of my day.II use Runscribe and Stryd footpods + videoanalysis for the running coaching.RUNNING + SWIMMING COACHING

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One of the most important and challengingdecisions to make when you are injured iswhen to return to full participation in sport. Previous injury is the most accurate predictorof future injury. Largely because people focus so specificallyon the injury area in their rehab and neglectto keep their body conditioned to thedemands of the sport. Working together to test the specificcompetencies necessary for a safe andsuccessful return to sport is one of bestthings you can do to minimise risk of reinjuryand perform at your best. RETURN TO SPORT TESTING Working collaboratively with your doctor,specialist, coach or health practitioner is apriority to make sure you have a plan thatmakes sense to you and gives you the bestpossible result. While I do offer a wide array of servicesthat may overlap with someone you alreadysee, I will always make sure to work withthem and only give you the input you need.I also readily refer patients on to the bestperson for the service they need and indoing so have developed a greatprofessional network. Make sure to ask if you are looking for agood specific professional.COMMUNICATION WITHCOACHES AND OTHERPRACTIONERS

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I qualified as a massage therapist in 2012and have worked as one throughout mysports science and physiotherapy degrees. In that time I have worked in professionalsports teams (GWS Giants AFL, AFLW &Netball), with professional athletes(Olympians, Paralympians and world classultramarathon and powerlifting athletes). My massage style blends together the bestelements of relaxation and sports massageinto a thorough and anatomically specifictreatment.Massage does not have to be painful to beeffective. REMEDIAL / SPORTS ORRELAXATION MASSAGE Hands on treatment and taping is whatmany people associate as being the coreservice in physiotherapy. These skills and techniques are veryimportant and I have had the opportunity todevelop in professional sports, in mymassage career, in my physiotherapydegree and with structured mentoring andcontinuing education. Hopefully this booklet has demonstratedthat while these skills are important, thereare so many more things that we can dothat will help you achieve your physicalgoals. MANUAL THERAPY +TAPING

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ABOUT MEPhil WhiteMy physiotherapy journey started as a patient. I played Ultimate Frisbee at aninternational level for 11 years. However, I became known as “that injured guy”as I could never seem to get my body right. This frustration sparked a passion to study remedial massage, then exercise &sports science and physiotherapy. Throughout this time I have made sure to keep skin in the game and enhancemy formal education by training for many other sports under high levelcoaches. Powerlifting, calisthenics, ocean swimming, triathlon, beach volleyball, surfingand currently, training for marathons. To book in online, go to

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Most people, particularly after a few physio sessions, knowwhat they need to do to maintain a healthy, injury free body. The hard thing is doing it. Consistently. At ADPT Physio, it's a priority to work with you to build anexercise program that not only fits into your life, but is alsoenjoyable and satisfying. Regardless, it can be hard to build the training habit andimplement the recovery protocols that support your training. Many physio practices rebook you to come in as often aspossible to keep you accountable. The ADPT Physio Accountability Group is our solution to helpsupport you to do what you know you need to do. DO YOU NEED HELP STAYING ACCOUNTABLE?TO FIND OUT MORE, GO TO THIS LINKWWW.ADPT.PHYSIO/PHYSIO-ACCOUNTABILITY-GROUP/

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In an effort to make your experience as successfuland easy as possible, I have worked hard to findthe right tools. The ADPT Physio app is a far cry from thetraditional stick figures written on paper and anevolution again above most exercise prescriptionsoftware. In the app you can access all of your exerciseprogramming, recovery habit tracking, healthmetric tracking, in-app messaging and nutritionalsupport. THE ADPT PHYSIOCUSTOM APPJust like your local coffee shop, we have a stampcard. Except ours is digital. There would be no ADPT Physio without ourcustomers. The rewards card is a way of thanking you andincentivising you to refer and to book in. You get rewarded for referring in your friends,colleagues, training buddies or family. There is also a rewards card for massages. THE ADPT PHYSIOREWARDS CARDDOWNLOAD THE APP AND DIGITALCARDS HERE WWW.ADPT.PHYSIO/APPDOWNLOADS

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