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AD Digest - March 2022

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March 2022 | VOL. 7THE AD DIGESTOFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE CIAAAIN THIS ISSUE• AD Article of the Month• Notice of AGM• 2022 NADC Information• CIAAA Apparel• Sportfactor Resource of the Month• Your Reason Why•MORE!ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530AD Article of the MonthCanadian SportsmanshipHeather BartlingFrank Maddock High School, Drayton Valley, Alberta IrecentlyreadanarticleontheUSASoftballwebsitetitled“OfcialsReveal The Real Problem with Sportsmanship in Youth Sports” (July 25, 2018). Inthearticle,oneparagraphcausedmetoreectonourrolesascoaches,athletic directors, and teachers in the world of education-based athletics: According to a 2017 survey of more than 17,000 referees, parents, and coaches cause most problems with sportsmanship. When asked “Who causes the most problems with sportsmanship?” Only about 10% of the respondents cited players, but nearly 40% cited parents, and nearly 30% cited coaches. While the article is about youth sports, the information within shines a bright light on issues that reach the high school world very quickly. Before athletes enter our gyms, they have spent their early years of sport looking up to and learning behaviours from the role models they have in front of them. Who are these role models? Parents and coaches of course! Gyms across the world are hanging banners and sings as reminders to fans that it is only a game and they could be removed for unsavory

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 6behaviours.Evenwithalltheseattemptstocurbpoorbehaviourswestillhearstoriesofghtsinthestands,suspensionsofcoachesandspectators,andadramaticincreaseinofcialsquitting.Notallparentsandcoachesarelikethis;manyare wonderful people who have graciously handed their children over to the sport experience and have witnessed some amazing coaches who have developed our kids while at the same time instilling a love of the game. However, the signs and statistics beg some serious consideration by those of us in the world of sport. So, where do education-based athletics and out roles as coaches and athletic directors at the high school level tin?BillyGrahamoncesaid,“Acoachwillimpactmoreyoungpeopleinayearthantheaveragepersondoesinalifetime.” AS coaches and athletic directors who lead programs we have the power to make a change in the direction thatsportisgoing.AsIreectonGraham’squote,twoimagescometomind.TherstofUncleBensittinginthecartelling his nephew Peter “with great power, come great responsibility” (Spiderman, 2002). The second being Julius CampbelltellingGerryBertier“attitudereectsleadership”inthe2000movieRemembertheTitans.Thisleadsmetoa story. Ihavehadtheopportunitytopresentanannualworkshoponsportsmanshipandrespect.Iremembertherstpresentation like it was yesterday. I was so excited to share stories and inspire kids to think about their actions and how theycouldleadtheirpeerstobemoresportsmanlikeandrespectfultoothers.Iwasn’tfullypreparedforhowitwouldgo. I could see the wheels turning, and the students brought up some great questions that brought about discussion of how we could react or what we as leaders could role model for those engaging in unsportsmanlike behaviour. Then it happened. Wewereinagreatdiscussionofwhattodoifyouviolatedtherules,buttheofcialmisseditanditcouldcostyouthegame.Whatdoyoudo?Thestudentswereconicted.Thenonestudentraisedhishand,“Itdoesn’tmatterwhat I would want to do or what I thought was right, my coach would KILL me if I called it and lost the game. Sorry, but I’mnotwillingtofacethatforanything.” What followed was a group of student leaders who had just been so engaged in thoughtful and reectivediscussion turning their focus to the level of fear they had of their coaches if they ever did anything like that as they quotedtheircoaches“iftheofcialdidn’tseeitthenitdidn’thappen...thatistheirjobtoenforcetherules”.I’lladmitIwasn’treadyfortheconversationtoturnthatway,butitdoestakeusbacktoSpiderman,Julius,andGerry.Coachesandathletic directorshavea hugeamount ofpower andinuence overthe boysand girls whocome through ourprograms. Sure, some athletes may come to us with poor attitudes, lack of accountability, win-at-all-cost mentalities, andthelistgoesonofpoorbehaviors;buttheycertainlydonothavetoleaveourprogramswiththosesameattitudesand behaviors. Education-based athletics can be empowered to include the teaching of character traits and values through sport. I would like to challenge everyone to reect upon their own leadership. Only one team will win achampionshipbanner,buteverysingleathletewillcomeawaywiththememoriesofthelessonswehavetaughtthem;positive or negative. How are we leading and using the power we have? Are we helping our athletes to understand the difference between being the best in the school versus being the best for the school? Being the best in the game versus being the best for the game? Being the best in our world versus being the best for our world?ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530CIAAA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGThe CIAAA Annual General Meeting is taking place virtually on Thusday, April 21, 2022 at 9:00am (PST).Click here toviewthefullNoticeofMeetingandRegistrationForms.

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 6ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530Join your fellow Athletic Directors to learn, share, and connect at the 2022 CIAAA Virtual National Athletic Directors Conference. For 3 days on April 20 - 23, the CIAAA will offer LTP Courses, Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Forums, and more to help you in your role as an Athletic Director.Check out our conference website for schedules, session descriptions, and registration details.Early Bird Pricing of $150 (Includes 1 LTP) is on until March 21.Conference WebsiteThe rst 150 people to register receive a conference gift!We would love to have you join us for all or even part of the conference. This Athletic Director centered conference is a great chance to connect and learn with your peers across Canada. We have created template for a letter of support that you to bring to your administration in the hopes it will help you in getting approval to join us.Letter of Support Template“I’ve loved being a part of two CIAAA Conferences. I wish I knew of this conference early into my days as AD (18 years as an AD, but still learning!)”

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 6Check out our new CIAAA Apparel!ThisyearwehaveMen’sandWomen’sChampion 1/4 Zip Shirts for sale. • $60.00 (includes shipping)All shirts will be shipped following ourApril Conference.Order Apparel Here!Your Reason Whyciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530We are working on creating some content for ourconference and are hoping you can help!We are looking for some Athletic Directors across Canada tolma30-60secondvideoofthemselvestalkingabouttheirlove for school sport and being an Athletic Director. Wewould love it if you could answer the following question(s)in the clip:• Why you love your role as an Athletic Director?• Your favorite part about being an Athletic Director?Video Format:Itcanbelmedonanydevice(phone,zoom,camera,etc.),Please send your completed videos to byMarch 31st.CIAAA APPAREL

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 6ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530RESOURCE OF THE MONTH Our March Resource of the Month was created by theCIAAA!Notsurewheretostartwhenrunningatournament? Afraid to run a tournament? Interested in running a Provincial Championship? This manual will help you get started. You will nd everythingfrom budgets and checklists to committee formats and draws.• Tournament Management & Guidelines ManualDo you have any resources that you think might be useful to your fellow Athletic Directors? Send them our way!Reminder to activate your membership to gain access to out full Resource Bank! ASAA, BCSS & SHSAA Athletic Directors receive free a membership, email for information.GIPPER, CIAAA’S OFFICIAL SOCIAL MEDIA PARTNERHow about earning a little extra cash for your program through the power of social media? Gipper, the CIAAA’s ofcial partner, makes this super simpleand achievable.Check out an example from Hubbard High School (@Eagles_HHS on Twitter): Using Gipper graphics, Hubbard AD Kevin Hogue has done a great job of makingsponsorshipavitalpartofhisprogram’ssuccess,earning upwards of $26k a year to further support his student-athletes! Maybeyou’renotquitesurewheretostart.Kickthingsoff with a free Gipper sandbox account, where you can start creatinggraphicsto boostyourprogram’ssocialmediapresence.Onceyou’velaidthegroundworkandhave some solid example graphics featuring your brand assets,reachouttoyourcommunitytondapotentialsponsor!Click here to book a Gipper demo with one of our experts. When you’re ready to upgrade, visit for your exclusive CIAAA members-only 15% discount off any of our paid plans! RESOURCE OF THE MONTHTOURNAMENTMANAGEMEMT &GUIDELINES MANUALC HE C K I T O U T!

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 6ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530The CIAAA threelevel certication programis designed forathleticdirectorswithvariouslevelsof experience and preparation.Through certication, athletic directors will enhance their abilityto serve the students, school, and community as well as demonstrate a comprehensive plan for self-improvement.Checkitout!Youmayalreadyhavethecoursesandexperiencetogetcertied!By attending the 2022 Virtual Conference you can take all of courses needed (501C, 502C, and 504C) to get your rst level certication!Certication Information & Application1 ORDERONLY!FREE SHIPPINGCODE:FREESHIP0322VEREBURNMEDICAL SUPPLYLooking to re-stock your Athletic DepartmentMedical Supplies? Vereburn is offering Free Shipping to CIAAAMembers in March & April!SHOP NOWSet up an account online or to start shopping!

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