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Tells about the parts of the animal cell

Adele The Cell


Adele has many parts of her that all work together to keep her balanced and working.

The one thing that keeps Adele going through her day is her mitochondria. It produces the power called ATP that helps her stay active and alive.

Another one of Adele's facsinating parts are her ribosomes. They produce protein which helps other parts of Adele. Her ribosomes can make certain proteins that help certain parts of Adele.

Once her ribosomes produce protein they take a trip on the endoplasmic reticulum aka the ER. The ER is like a highway, that's made up of membrane, for the proteins and other substances for Adele. There are two types of ER, there is the rough ER which is covered in ribosomes, and smooth ER which doesn't have then.

Once the proteins take their trip on the ER, they are put into golgi bodies. Golgi bodies package and distribute the proteins to certain parts of Adele. 

Once Adele's golgi bodies package certain proteins they will be able to go and make new cells outside of Adele. First they must travel across the cells cytoplasm which hold all of Adele's parts in place.

Once the protein gets to the phospholipdid bilayer they must pass through other proteins called transport proteins. These proteins let certain things through the bilayer. Other proteins that are on Adele's bilayer are marker protiens. These tell other cells what she is. 

Now the powerhouse of Adele is her nucleus. The nucleus is what holds the DNA of the cell and enables it to fuction differently from other cells.

Other parts of her nucleus include the nucleolus, chromotin which surrounds the nucleolus and is sort of a filling for the nucleus, nuclear pores which let certain proteins into the necleus, and the nuclear envelope which surronds everything inside the nucleus.

These are all the parts of Adele the Cell. They all must work together in harmony to keep her alive and running perfectly.