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Research Report about Alex Morgan

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This is a picture of Alex Morgan when she was playing in on of her games!


Alex Morgan 

By:Addison Schaffner 

Table of contenst

Introduction: Pages, 2/9


Childhood: Pages, 3/9


Beging adult life: pages, 4/9


Famous: Pages, 5/9


Acheviments: Pages, 6/9


Closing: Pages: 9/9




You are playing a socer game. There are so many eyes  on you. What are you going to do? Take the ball with your left foot. Then  cut it over with your right foot. Then take a shot. You don't know! the first whistle blew 10 seconds in the game. You were so nerves! you were thinking, what is going to happend was the call on me? It was a penalte on the other team!! It's a free kick! . Your teamate passes to you! You take one touch, and you shot 3 seconds later. 


This is a picture of Alex about to shot the ball in a game  





It all started when you were a kid and you were on the sand kicking the ball to youself, Over and over until your mom screamed "Alex time for dinner!


When you were a kid you always would imagen is you were going to be famous soccer player! And if you made any great acheviments! Also, If you were famous and people whated to here how your childhood was like! And also if you played at a highschol and what you did in your adlut life!


Alex was born in San Dimas Californa on July 2nd, 1989, by Michel and Damela. Alex had two sisters named Jeri and Jeni. Alex siad that she is still very close to ger family even thow she travels very far sometime's for soccer. ALex is the youngest in her family. I love bein ghe youngest in my family becuase I feel like I always get spoiled.  I feel like that becuase sometimes when I  ask for things I always get it but when my brother asked for things her sometimes her nevers gets what her wants.




This is a picture of alex when she was a kid!

Alex was a multisport athlete growing up. I used to think that all Alex was focused on was soccer not vollyball, bascket ball or any other sports she played, but now I am realizing she was focused on all those other sports in her life when she was a kid.Alex always wanted to become a pro soccer player when she was little. She never new the impacted she would have as a female athlete. Alex always pictured when she was older having all of her sport shirts to have MORGAN on the back of them.  I think Alex picked soccer becuase she is very fast-you have to be fast in soccer to get back to your side to stop the ball. Also if you wanted to dribel the ball down the field you have to be fast wih the ball.




Soon you were 14 years old and you were starting orginazed soccer! You soon realized that soccer was taking over your life. Alex played for 3 club teams called Western New York Flash, Seattle sounders and Womes Thorns. I wonder witch one she likes the best. I play club soccer but I have only played for 1 club team and it is called classic eagels. But I have played froo OYAA and if I had to pick witch one I like the most I would pick Classic's becuase it makes me work harder! It makes me work harder becuase in OYAA we only play Saturday and in Classic's we play, Saturday's , Sunday's and weeek days. Also becuase you are put on a, A team and a B team- if you are on the B team you want to work hard to be on the A team. If you are on the A team you want to work hard to stay on the A team. Maybe Alex liked the New York Flash becuase some of her friedns on her team that are on her team today. 

Beginning Adult Life

This is a picture of alex when she was playing for her team New York Flash!

 One of Alex's famous quotes are, "Dream big and your dream will come trure." And that happend to her to her becuase when she was a kid she always wnated to become a famous soccer player! ALex went to a elementry school in her home town of CA (California).


Alex Morgna was the younget member of the usa team! AShe was only 22 years old, and it was 2009.


Alex Morgan got married to a soccer plaer in 2004 on, December 31! SHe got maried on New Years ev. AS I am saying this I always thought that alex was always focused on soccer- so how would she plan the wedding? But know that I think about it she might of took the tiem to plan the wedding when she was not playing soccer. Alex Morgan just got married to  Orlando city, MLS player Servando Carrasco. Alex and servando were dating ofr 7 years before getting married . 

You became very famous over the years of your soccer carrie-laying more games and traving far. Alex was first known as a unknown soccer player in college soccer and is know, known for one of the best players. Alex Morgan sucess on the field had became a role model and celeberty. Alex Morgan also has became famous from articls and maginzes. Alex was in a sports illistradeted in her spot light. She also was in a coca cola magizene. Alex Morgan also has a lot of famous quotes! one is "Everbody had a talent but it's what you do that makes it great." Also from all of the great things she has  done in socce rand form Alex getting picked like first overall pick and youngest member of the usa Natinal Team. 


This is a picture of Alex winning a gold medal. 

This is Alex celebrateing!

You are still playing with the USA Natinal Team! You have done amazing things and you are so proud of yourself! You are growin ga family of your own! Alex made it to the olympics for her 2nd time in a row! But she even said that she stayed in a hotel more this olympics to focus on recovery, knowning rthat some of the younger players are watching her that are on her team.


When Alex Morgan was the youngets members on her tema and socred her first world dup goal in a semifinals against france, and her team won the game but losted in a shoutout against Japan. Also in 2012, Alex got a spot on the U.S olympics womens team. In 2012 Alex was ar the olympic game and won her first gold medal by beating Japan 2-1 in a revenge game watched by nearly 80,300 people. It was the largest soccer crowd.


Alex got a knee injury during the spring of 2015 however Alex still returded and was in the stsrting line up and helped her team claim their first world cup tilitle since 1999.


This is Alex with her knee injury.

You are still working hard and hopeing that you wil get to the next olymipics! GOAL!!!!!!!! 









This is a picture of one of Alex Mogans quotes


  1. a clear, high-pitched sound made by forcing breath through a small hole between partly closed lips, or between one's teeth.
    Free kick:
    1. A direct free kick is a method of restarting play in a game of association soccer following a foul. A goal may be scored directly against the opposing side without the ball having first touched another player. This is opposed to an indirect free kick where the ball must passed before an attempt on goal.
      *Spoild is when you are a kid and when oyu ask for somthing you always get it. So you get what you want
      * Imagen is when you have a moment when you think off somthing that you want to happen or did happen in your life.