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AD Digest - December 2021

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DECEMBER 2021 | VOL. 4THE AD DIGESTOFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE CIAAAIN THIS ISSUE• AD Article of the Month• Winter Webinar Schedule• Sportfactor Buyers Guide• 2022 NADC Update• Sportfactor Resource of the Month• PlayyOn Partnership• Discussion Forum Topics of the Monthciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530AD Article of the MonthCONNECTING THE DISCONNECTED: Engaging all Students in your Athletic CommunityJodie Switzer, CRAARundle Academy After a year away from sports and competition, it is time to get back on the courts and elds to begin building pride and school spirit in your athletic community once again. As administrators, remember that participation in athletics can oer much more than competition and skill development. An athletic program acts as an extension of your classroom, providing enriching experiences for everyone involved, specically in the areas of leadership and community building. Fostering an environment that boosts pride, school spirit, and increases athletic involvement amongst all divisions is extremely important. Students should be encouraged to join your extracurricular activities, not only through participation on teams, but through opportunities such as showcasing individual talents, leadership hours, or serving the athletic community as an ambassador. Involving all students in your program develops character traits that will help individuals navigate successfully through life. Being a part of an athletic community teaches about accountability, condence, competence, commitment, hard work, resilience, respect, sportsmanship, and leadership. As a contributing member, students become role models for their peers and learn valuable life skills. When deciding on ways to provide opportunities for student involvement, catering to all students' strengths should be taken into consideration, even those who do not participate on athletic teams. Here are some ideas on how to engage students, so everyone is given the opportunity to contribute in a positive way:

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 4• Leadership Hours: Specic requirements that we have implemented into our Physical Education program in both junior and senior high are called ‘Leadership Hours’. These hours are earned through involvement and volunteering within our athletics program and are a signicant portion of a student's nal grade. Students earn hours through participation in the following areas: participating on sports teams, spectating home games, volunteering to score keep, refereeing, involvement with coaching our elementary and junior high students, photography, making playlists, being a team manager, creating posters for upcoming events, and volunteering to help successfully run events, such as our homecoming events. Junior high students require 7 - 9 hours a year, and senior high students require 10 - 20 hours a semester. • Spectators/Draws: Encourage students to attend home games by having draws for school swag at the end of games. If you do not have any swag to give away, award points to house teams with the best attendance. You can give leadership hours for spectating, and to the students who are keeping track of who is in the stands and doing the draws. • DJ’ing/Playing an Instrument: Students that are interested in DJ’ing, can provide music for warm-up and half time. You can also ask students who are in the band or are interested in sharing their musical talents at home games/special events to provide the entertainment. • Graphic Designers: Have students work with coaches to create posters for upcoming games and practices and display their designs around the school, in morning announcements, and on digital displays.• Ocials/Referees/Timekeepers/Scorekeepers: Teach your students about responsibility and accountability by having them sign up to earn leadership hours to work the scorers table for games. Provide training opportunities for students to be ocials and referees for junior high games, whether they play the sport or not. This develops decision making skills, leadership, condence, and communication skills. To ensure your students are prepared to ociate a league game, allow them to practice their ociating during intramurals, team practices, and option classes. Try to pair them with an experienced alumni or sta member as an extra layer of support for their rst few games.• Spirit Squad: Ask students to join the spirit squad, to help create excitement about upcoming events, home games and tournaments, as well as be enthusiastic in the stands and make announcements at rallies or assemblies. • Buddy’s Program: Match up junior high students with senior high students, and when there is a home game or any type of school event, have the students support one another at the event. • Sportsmanship: Select students to sit in the stands and watch for moments that display sportsmanship. Give shout-outs in morning announcements or after games to those individuals to recognize them.• Article Writers: Select students who are interested in writing to submit articles for the school newsletter, announcements, or other school communications about seasons, tournaments, important events, or to recognize student athletes. • TeamSnap/Heja: Select students who want to work on communication and organization, by putting them in charge of your team’s TeamSnap/Heja/Google Classroom accounts or other programs being used for communication. • Videography/Slideshows: Select students who are interested in videography, editing, and creating presentations to get game footage or create highlight lms. This footage can also be used for slideshows and end of year banquets. • Photographers: Give students opportunities to take pictures at all of your sporting events, from home games, to homecomings, to sports days. They can also be in charge of capturing team photos and individual headshots. Use the photos in the yearbook and in digital displays around the school.• Concession Stand: Give students the opportunity to set up concession stands at home games. Use the money brought in to give back to the school or as a fundraising opportunity.• Event Planning: Select older students to work on their leadership and organization skills, by helping to plan events such as homecomings, fundraisers, and special events.• Team/Equipment Manager: Select team managers to help with all aspects of a team, including things such as keeping stats, taking attendance at practices, helping with the setup of drills, and so on.• Foods Class: Host a homecoming event, and allow the students in a Foods Option to be responsible for the barbecue and selling hot dogs, burgers, pop, and chips. • Artwork/Face Painting: Allow art students opportunities to paint faces for home games and special events. They can also create banners for home games/tournaments of the teams involved. These students can also help with marketing teams and events with their designs.• Game Announcers: Select students who are interested in announcing names at the beginning of a game, speaking during timeouts/half time, and getting the crowd excited during the event.• Virtual tournaments: Select students to help organize an online gaming tournament and/or game night for a sport. This could include sports such as golf, soccer, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, or racing. Open the event to your entire school community.• Athletic Challenges: Have Phys. Ed students create physical challenges that the entire school can take part in. Have all students submit their videos of the challenges being completed and give rewards to the best submissions. Some ideas for challenges include trick shots, dance challenges, and free throw shooting.• Sports day: Select students to help organize a day for your entire community to compete in sporting events. Give out ribbons, have a BBQ, play music, take photos, paint faces, create rotation schedules and posters to advertise the day. This day could include many students with varying interests and skills! Great learning experiences, community involvement, and exposure to new and exciting opportunities can be found outside the classroom. Through the leadership of your students, alumni, and teaching sta, you can come together as a community to support each other's strengths and celebrate a diverse community. Look for interesting ways to not only educate the next generation of leaders, but oer a sense of unity in your school.

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WINTER WEBINAR SERIES We are happy to promote our upcoming Winter Webinar Series! We are oering 3 outstanding courses to kick o the series.If you are a ASAA, BCSS, or SHSAA Athletic Director you receive course discounts! Contact Shannon at to get your discount!Are you interested in running a course in your area or have a course in mind you want to take? Contact Shannon for details, We will run a course anytime and anywhere, reach out to start the conversation!REGISTER HERE!COURSE DESCRIPTIONSAD DIGEST | Vol. 4ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530608C: Management Strategies & Organization Techniques • February 2, 2022 • 4:00 - 7:00pm Pacic700C: Administration in Middle School Athletic Programs (Grade 6-9) • Date - TBD • Time - TBD714C: Preventing, Manging & Transforming Challenging Behavior • January 25, 2022 • 3:30 - 6:30pm PacicSportfactor has created an easy to use Inventory Check List and Buyers Guide for High School Athletic Directors. In the guide you will nd basic equipment schools use to run physical education programs and school sport teams. This is a basic starting point, if you are looking for further equipment and a more detailed list, don’t hesitate to reach out to Craig at Sportfactor:’S GUIDE

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AD DIGEST | Vol. 4ciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.45302022 NATIONAL ATHLETIC DIRECTORS CONFERENCEOur Virtual Conference is Back! The conference will be held April 20 -23, 2021. Mark your calendars to ensure you don’t miss out on our primer event of the year! We have great content planned!We are happy to announce our rst Keynote Speaker, Angus Reid.From a physical and talent perspective, Angus Reid had no business playing professional football for 13 seasons, earning multiple all-stars and winning two Grey Cup Championships. It was through his relentless determination and the extensive guidance of others that his dream became a reality.Today, Angus travels North America speaking with companies, schools, and teams about what it really takes to make it and win. His successful TEDx talks, “Why We Need High School Football” and “Mastering the Skill of Trust” have garnered him both praise and respect.Angus has recently released his rst book – Thank You, Coach, which has already become an Amazon bestseller, expands on his never-ending gratitude for the good fortune he has been granted by those who have helped shape his success. He lives in Metro Vancouver with his wife and young family.The CIAAA Discussion Forum is a great place to ask questions, network, and share ideas with your fellow Athletic Directors. Be sure to login and join the conversation! Check out our featured topics of the Month! • Idea’s to Train & Retain Ocials • Balancing your time as an AD DISCUSSION FORUMLOGINRegistration will open mid January along with the Full Conference Schedule and second Keynote Speaker!

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RESOURCE OF THE MONTH AD DIGEST | Vol. 4December’s Resource of the Month comes to us from one of our new partners, REPerformance. Get your teams ready for the Winter Season of play with these great resources: • Group Warm up Stretches • Group Cool Down Stretches • Goal Setting Worksheet. Bring your team together for warm up and cool down as well as help them set goals for the season!Do you have any resources that you think might be useful to your fellow Athletic Directors? Send them our way!Reminder to activate your membership to gain access to out full Resource Bank! ASAA, BCSS & SHSAA Athletic Directors receive free a membership, email for information.GROUP COOL DOWN STRETCHESciaaa.cainfo@ciaaa.ca1.888.618.4530GOAL SETTING WORKSHEETGROUP WARM UP STRETCHESThe CIAAA and PlayyOn Inc. are happy to announce that the two organizations have entered into a strategic partnership that will bring new technology tools and sport management resources to athletic directors across the country.The agreement brings together PlayyOn’s full suite of technology tools for managing sports programs into the CIAAA’s comprehensive suite of resources to help school sports administrators. The CIAAA promotes educational athletics through professional development of athletic administrators with a focus on character and leadership. PlayyOn is a leading provider of online solutions to help manage amateur sports and recreation.“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the CIAAA,” said Jim Parent, Executive Vice President at PlayyOn. “With this partnership, we are able to provide our full suite of technology tools to athletic directors to streamline their operations and reduce the administrative burden of running great programs. We rmly believe this partnership can help athletic directors eliminate the paper processes of the past and positively impact the student athletes across the country.” Members of the CIAAA will now be able to communicate with their student athletes and parents easily regarding schedule changes and other important information.Athletic Directors will receive a free PlayyOn Plus subscription and will be able to streamline their sign-up processes, scheduling, and communication to save time and get better results. To get set up using Playyon contact: Jim Parent

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Discover how assessing and training with REPerformance can improve the performance of your student athletes.Today’s Assessment Means Tomorrow’s Growth For Your Student Athelteswww.reperformanceapp.comcommunity@reperformanceapp.comExplore REP

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