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Research report about the Holocaust.

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the final solution


by: addie kearns




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                                 Think about this

                         miserable summer camps   

                         Fenced in neighborhoods

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                         Chancellor or dictator


Can  you survive to be sent to a camp will you will die just because someone wants to practice killing?  Or to get kicked out of your home and get sent to a place where people practically bread diseases?  Or to get rejected by a program because you are you?  Or to have the Chancellor despise you just because of your religion?  Or to go hungry or die for no reason what so ever?  Or to get blamed for something you didn't do?  If you said no to any of these questions there is no possible way you could ever be a Jew during the Holocaust.

think about this

Most people think that Jews were the first prisoners in concentration camps but actually the first prisoners were communists.  At most concentration camps the Nazi practiced killing techniques on the prisoners.  The very first concentration camp started at Dachau in March of 1933.  Like I said communists were the first prisoners of concentration camps.  As I say this I am questioning why communists were the first prisoners?  Perhaps it was because the Nazi had a feud with the communists.  You might be asking, well why would the Nazi and communists be having a feud?  Well I have found out that Hitler thought that communism was invented by Jews.  Now you may be asking well what do Jews have to do with Hitler?  Well, HOLD your horses!  I will be answering this question later In this book.  So stay tooned!  Now back to concentration camps.  On the floor of concentration camps there were bones left on the floor.  The thought I have about this is why did the Nazis just left the bones on the floor?  What if a person from another country came to visit - someone from an allied country with Germany.  They could have been shocked about what they saw.  The Nazis could have been somewhat clean right?  Concentration camps were originally called reeducation camps because they were concentrating the “enemy” into a cramped area.  Hitler designed the concentration camps like ones during the boer war.  The concentration camps sound awful right?  Now let’s find out how awful these fenced in neighborhoods are.


miserable summer camps

This is a picture of the first concentration camp, dachau.  this was the very first concentration camp.

You get kicked out of your house.  Next thing you know you are getting cramped into a barbed wire fence and feel like a dog getting locked outside for what most likely will be the rest of your life.  You have to live with about 3 to 5 other families in one house.  A bunch of people have diseases and they are spreading.  You also know you are a Jew.  Where are you?  You are in a ghetto.  Life in ghettos were miserable.  Any one the Germans did not like either went to a concentration camp or a ghetto.  Ghettos are like the first concentration camps but, they do different things but, serve the same purpose.  The Nazi barely gave the people in the “neighborhoods” enough money to buy food to live.  I wonder why the nazi barely gave the “citizens” enough food to live.  I know that some of the did not like the Jews because for the rumors that Hitler sent around but, they were also putting the Jews in ghettos as well.  So I think the nazi should at least have shown a little mercy and given the “citizens” enough money to survive.  Do not get me wrong, I do think what the nazi was doing was terrible but, some of the Jews were citizens of Germany and fought for Germany so the least thing the nazi could do was give the “citizens” enough food to survive, kind of like a thank you for serving in the German army.  Like I said in my introduction I mentioned that in ghettos people practically bead diseases -   when one person gets sick it spreads to where everyone else.  Some people are so miserable they put themselves out of their misery. The first ghetto in Poland [Piotrkow Trybunalski] was opened in October 19. Do you think the food amounts residents get is ridiculous?  Now let’s take a break and read a quick add.

fenced in neighborhoods

these are some photographs of the outsides of ghettos.

stop and read this add

Hey kids!  Do you like adventure?  Or telling stories?  Being free  without teacher or mom and dads telling you what to do?  Do you want to spread publicity about the Nazi party?  If you said yes to these questions you should join the Hitler Youth!  Just three simple things you have to be to join, Ayron, in the Nazi party, and in even better than great shape!  [talking fast] If you are a Jew this is not for you!  This could have been something the leaders of the Hitler Youth said to get kids to join the version of boy or girl scouts at the time.  Nazi soldiers would set up a sign up sheet and all the hids will race to sign up for a spot in the group.  If you are wondering this sign up sheet DID NOT guarantee a spot so if the Hitler Youth was still around and and you wanted to join do not get your hopes up.  Speaking of this  I was wondering why the sign up sheet was not a guaranteed spot?  I think it is because the Nazi were very, very segregating.  Getting into the Hitler youth was very, very complicated.  The kids who wanted to join were scrutinized very closely.  The  Nazi would trace any ancestry of any thing that was not Ayron.and a couple other silly things as simple as you not being fit, or your parents not being in the Nazi party..  Speaking of this, why did the Nazi care?  One of the reasons could be because they were very discriminating.  Did you know that there is a holiday for all the kids who gave their lives for either the Nazi party or the Hitler Youth. The day is, January 24.  Now that  we know about the Hitler Youth let’s find out about the man who the kids adored the chancellor of Germany


these are pictures the leaders of the hitler youth could have used to get kids to join.

“I need to keep up on all my speeches.  They all need to be perfect and powerful, or I will lose all my votes and the aliens will keep invading.  If I do not become chancellor The Final Solution will never get put in play,”  This is something that Adolf Hitler could have thought towards the final speeches before the election that made history when the citizens of Germany elected him their chancellor.  If his speeches were not powerful enough then he would have never brain washed or lifted Germany's spirits [after they lost the war]and would have never won.   Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889.  You are dieing to find out if Hitler started world war 2 - I bet you are.  I have found out that Germany started world war 2 on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland.  You may be wondering, “Well, why Poland?”, well this could have been because there were thousands of polish Jews in Poland.  Jews were blamed for a lot of things - here are some things Hitler blamed them for, “The Jew hates the white race and wants to lower its cultural level so that the Jews might dominate.  I have a giant hunch of why Hitler blamed the Jews. I have found out that everyone just believed whoever started the rumors.  Do you know if Hitler was a Chancellor or a dictator?  Well Hitler was technically a chancellor because he got voted into power and then took over.  I hope you have learned something about Hitler.


chancellor or dictator

this is hitler in his uniform.

i hope one of the main ideas you have come up with is that it is not okay to discriminate others in no circumstance.  also that i have now explained concentration camps, ghettos,  the hitler youth, and adolf hitler i want you to think was the final solution really the final solution at all?


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