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Learning English through the Internet.
Internet plays a vital role in today’s modern and fast-paced world. We believe
in creating a world where everyone has access to information of learning
English. We want to provide opportunities which everyone can gain through
online English education. We adhere to its mission of providing quality English
education through affordable online English teaching services. The core
competencies of our certified native English teachers are subject-based
teaching, having solid experience in conducting through distance learning
programs. We provide high quality of English education through modules
based on a specific subject with an affordable price. We foster group
discussions and help create relationships with our students. We nurture the thirst
for knowledge and this speaks true of what we value most, learning.
Business Plan for Online School
Our Management Team
Our team has the experience and skills necessary to make sure that our
teachers do their jobs to their best of their abilities. We have a combined of 20
plus experience in business and teaching. Our key to success is placing the right
teacher with the right student. Ensuring that at the end of the day, the student
walks away happy and that he learned English. Our management team is
looking to expand to other countries because we feel that everybody needs to
learn English.
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Benefits of Learning Online
People are usually busy with their day to day life with work for professionals or
studying for students. Our school teachers can have a class wherever and
whenever. Our classes don’t take too much time that may compromise their
current work/studies but we guarantee that our future students will get the
best out of each class they have with our Teachers. We are a team of
dedicated, hardworking and reliable English teachers who place learning
above everything else. We aim to promote self-confidence, knowledge in
English grammar construction, group-based discussions, transformational and
independent English learning, which is beneficial to students who want to
exercise their flexibility and options on what to learn.
There are more than 1.3 Billion people in China alone. The thirst for knowledge is
growing as well as the demand for English teachers. We are living in a highly
competitive world which pushes everyone to be the best of the best. Our
company would give them the edge against the rest.
Our Target Markets in China
Training Facilities Targeting training facilities would be a great start. There
are multiple facilities that train professionals to master their crafts but they
lack English teachers to help them secure certificates like IELTS for working
abroad especially in the United States. We can supply the teachers that are
qualified to help their students attain these certificates.
Hotels Are one of the markets that deals with tourists from around the
world on a day to day basis. The basic language that everyone speaks is
English. We would want to train their hospitality employees to fluently speak
the language for better communication with their customers.
Companies - We all know that China is the leading country that
manufactures and exports their products to the majority of countries around
the globe. We would want to help their Sales force to master sending emails
and closing their sales using the English language.
Schools There is a growing amount of students in China alone that made it
a necessity to learn basic English. We specialize in introducing and training
these students to have confidence in speaking the language from a young
age. We guarantee that even just a few months learning from us, they
would be able to construct sentences and express their Ideas because of
our programs.
Future Target Markets
Hospitals We would want a chance to train professional doctors that are
currently residents in hospitals in China. We can provide English teachers
that specialize in Medical Terms to help them communicate with their
patients if they choose to be based in the United States.
Accounting firms We can also train Professional accountants that are
dealing with American clients. English accounting would be a huge
advantage especially for accountants that are being outsourced from
Services Offered
Skype calls Will be the number one calling program that we will use.
It’s convenient and very easy to monitor. Not just for the student but for
the teacher as well. We want all out teachers to follow our programs. All
Teachers will also be evaluated monthly to maintain the high standards
that every enrolled student deserves.
We Chat We understand that the program We chat is a very powerful
tool. The majority of the population in China are using this. We can
utilize this as well for classes when a student does not have access to
Recordings Every Class should be recorded for the reference of the
teacher and the student. Recordings will also be used for training
purposes for our teachers and will also be used as a tool to customize
classes for every student we have.
Video introductions Introductions for every class would be in our
system so the student would have a feel for their class before they start.
Product The school focuses not only on the progress of each student but
our services are world class. The company’s vision is to help both young
children and adult to improve their English particularly their conversational
skills, grammar and pronunciation.
Price The Company believes that learning need not to be expensive. We
see to it that we have very competitive tuition fees.
Place Distance should not be hindrance in learning. We chose having an
online school because we want our students to learn English no matter
where they are, any time.
Promotion The Company will use word of the day” group in Wechat as a
form of advertisement. We also have our contacts to help us get in touch
with training schools and companies all over China. Another is word of
mouth. In the past the company has used this method to have students
and it has never failed.
People Our professional teachers are trained to satisfy the needs of each
and every student. Their passion is to make sure that each individual who
needs to learn English will learn the language.
Education. The school provides quality and innovative-style of teaching.
The company sees to it that each student is provided the training that they
need to improve their English. The school provides modules to help them in
learning the language.
Student Convenience. The student can choose the days and time they
wish to learn. Our team is setting up flexible schedules for students.
Well-trained teachers. Training to the teachers will be provided and each
one is supervised while teaching each student.
Management Team. Together have wide experience in teaching,
marketing, and business know-how.
Fast-internet and up-to-date technology. The company uses the high
quality computers and Fiber-Optic internet to make sure that learning of
the students will not be interrupted.
Competitive tuition fees. The company believes that quality needs not to
be expensive.
Tuition fee transfer. The school uses bank transfer for the convenience of
Website and system. The company has team what is developing the
system where in students can have access to their books and class
recordings anytime they wish to.
Marketing. Since the company is not based in China, marketing can be a
Late payments from students. This is a possibility that the company should
Teacher requests. A student may prefer one teacher over the other and
since they are not always available, this can be a possible weakness too.
Communication with our contacts. Since our “marketing team” is based in
China, communication with them at a certain time can be difficult.
Expansion. English is a necessity, not just in China or Asian countries, but
world-wide. This is a huge opportunity for the business to expand to other
Student travel. Once the online school is established, we can have the
students travel to our home country to learn English on a “man-to-man”
basis and this can be pipelines of income for the company.
“Word of the day” group. Another opportunity that the school is looking at
is giving word of the day on a group in an application and this can, not
only another marketing strategy, but also another opportunity for income.
Modules. Modules are necessary in teaching the students. In our system,
we can create each module to be available at a certain time and when
students want to learn more, they can purchase the next series.
Competition. We are not the only online language school in the world. This
is a fact. Hence, we are setting our school apart from competitors in terms
of services, quality of education and competitive tuition fee.
Changing technology. The company has to be updated with
technological advances to be able to provide the best education to
Discontinuation of students. Each student will be given three months as a
minimum and the company has to focus on his/her improvement so that
they will continue to learn from the school.
Economic factors. This can be another factor for discontinuation of
students. We need to make sure that each student is capable learning
the language at a certain period of time.
Our website and system are currently being fixed. We are customizing our system to be
as user friendly for our students and teachers. The Recordings of classes would be sent
through to Emails of the students until further notice. When the system is finished all of
the Recordings would be uploaded into it.
3 Months
3 Classes a week $324 USD
4 Classes a week $432 USD
5 Classes a week $540 USD
4 Months
3 Classes a week $432 USD
4 Classes a week $576 USD
5 Classes a week $720 USD
5 Months
3 Classes a week $540 USD
4 Classes a week $720 USD
5 Classes a week $900 USD
6 Months
3 Classes a week $648 USD
4 Classes a week $864 USD
5 Classes a week $1080 USD