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A day full of emotions

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A Day Full of Emotions Every Day is Full of Emotions ETwinning project From emotions to creations June 2019

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This morning Camille woke up and went to the kitchen to get her breakfast Her milk had an odd taste today Bliaah Mrs Disgust has just arrived and Camille feels that she wants to vomit She throws her milk into the sink Come on her mom says Drink a little water and eat a biscuit to forget the ugly taste SMALL ADVICE When you feel disgusted think of something you like to eat or to smell

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Then she went to her school the European School of eTwinning There hidden in the classroom Mrs Surprise was waiting for her two new classmates Athena and Pepee Athena is Greek and Pepee is Turk Camille wants very much to meet them and is looking forward to the break time SMALL ADVICE New things are surprising Love discovering

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In the break time Camille plays with Athena and Pepee in the school yard Suddenly a great beautiful bird goes down and sits next to them on the branch of a tree The bird flies over their heads and comes closer It has large wings with beautiful colors Mr Enthusiasm appears holding their hands and the three kids jump up in excitement SMALL ADVICE To show enthusiasm jump high or start clapping

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Later at the art and craft class Camille Athena and Pepee are in the same group They create a fantastic collage altogether Congratulations kids says the teacher You did a really nice job Mrs Pride has come and stands by Camille Athena and Peppee They all together raise up their creation SMALL ADVICE Do not forget to feel proud when you do something nice or you are doing something difficult This will help you being self confident

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Then the teacher suggests an activity about the words expressing emotions She asks them to try to write the word gratitude This is a hard job and Pepee is a bit worried He doesn t feel confident Camille and Athena decide they ll help him because their teacher always says alone we go faster but together we go further They do it well On Pepee s shoulder then appears Miss Thank you Gratitude is never far away from the class Pepee gives Athena and Camille a big hug to thank them SMALL ADVICE When gratitude happens listen to your heart and let it go giving a hug a kiss or a kind word This will make a positive atmosphere and will bring joy to everybody Everybody will take benefit of it

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At the end of the school time Athena s mother comes to pick her up Athena is happy because she missed her She asks her mum if she can invite her new friend Pepee fot tea time and her mum agrees Pepee and Athena have muffins and strawberry ice cream for tea They notice they like the same things They play together in the garden Pepee makes jokes and Athena laughs a lot

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When it s time for Pepee to go he comes nearer and gently drops a soft kiss on her cheek Athena feels as if butterflies were crawling all over her belly and she can t even talk She has never felt this way before Her cheeks are turning into a pink colour They feel like jumping into a soft magical cloud Mr Love is taking them into his large arms They say goodbye to each other but they know they ll meet again at school the following day so they smile

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But what will Camille say about it Will she be happy or jealous That is another story Enough emotions for today and tomorrow will be another day full of emotions again Let s wait for tomorrow to see how to cope with these new emotions SMALL ADVICE when you fall in love and you suddenly feel like living out of the real world enjoy it first and take a deep breath or a relaxing time to analyse the situation not to forget that the world is still around you and you still have to take care of yourself of your friends or family because they love you too You ve got enough love for the whole of them haven t you

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A story made by the children from Ecole Maternelle Capsus Andernos les Bains France 14 Corfu GRECE zel Kipa Ortaokulu Oniki ubat TURKEY