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Nutrition Booklet

Adam Hoban

Carbohydrates are simple sugars, starches, and fibers. It is important for our body for bodily functions and muscle activities. If you eat too many carbohydrates you can have digestive issues and problems. About 55% of our diet should be carbohydrates to have a healthy life. Carbohydrates can be used to gain fast energy on the go or in a hurry because they are easily digestible and they have simple sugars.


Fats are essential fatty acids that our body can use as a secondary energy source.  The amount of fats we eat should be no more 30 percent. Fats our important for our body because we can't produce them and we need them to maintain good health. Trans and saturated fat are bad fats that can cause high cholesterol. It takes approximately ten years for our body to replace our fat cells.


Proteins are a third source of energy we can use if our fats and sugars or low. Proteins consist of twenty-two amino acids that help build tissue, blood, organs, and hair. If you eat to much proteins it can lead to kidney discomfort and dehydration. About ten to fifth-teen percent should be our recommended protein intake.


Vitamins are gained through our diet and are used to help us turn our carbs or fats into energy for our body to use. Vitamins can help wounds and create a better immune system for our body. If you consume to many vitamins they can create toxic and poison in our body. We should take a multivitamin supplement everyday. You can gain forms of vitamins though being out in the sun and receiving sunlight.


Minerals we gain is through the food chain from plants and animals leading to our diet. They help with hormone production, metabolism, and bone development. To much minerals can cause joint pains, headaches, and fatigue. Gaining minerals through our diet should be natural if you eat enough healthy foods. If you have minerals in your diet you can have stronger bones and nervous systems.


Water is a vital nutrient that we need to survive. When we drink water it gives us body structure, maintains our body temperature, and helps cell metabolism. You should drink eight 8 once glasses each day. If you drink to much water that can give you a condition called hyponatremia which means that you have low salt or sodium. An interesting facts is that drinking water can help you lose weight.


10 healthiest and unhealthiest snacks to eat.

Tuna and Whole Grain Crackers

Tuna on whole grain crackers is a healthy snack because it is on a whole grain cracker and is combined with tuna which has very low fat. The ingredient in whole crackers can contain brown rice flour which can be helpful to your heart. One can of tuna can cost around $1.50 and a box of whole grain crackers can cost $2.00.

Veggie Sticks on Hummus

Veggie sticks on hummus is a healthy snack because of veggies sticks low fat and of hummus having good nutritional value. Hummus is especially healthy for you because it contains lots of iron and vitamins. Veggie sticks can cost you $24 per bag and a can of hummus can be $4 per jar.

A handful of nuts can be very healthy to you because they contain good protein and ''good" fats for you. Eating a diet of nuts each day can be good for your heart. A can of nuts can cost about $8.

Fistful of Nuts

Yogurt is healthy for you because it contains lots of vitamins and minerals for you. It also has good bacteria that for you that keeps you healthy and keeps bad bacteria out. one cup of yogurt can cost $0.60.


Carrot sticks are healthy for you because they have no fat and are rich in vitamins. Eating carrots can help slow down the aging of cells. A small pack of carrot sticks can cost $4.

Carrot sticks

Apples are good for you because they have dietary fibers. Eating apples also reduce your risk for getting cancer. One apple is around 1 dollar


Yonanas are healthy for you because they use 100% fruit to make soft serve fruit smoothie. They use bananas that are rich in potassium that help bone growth. A Yonana can cost up to 50 dollars.


Air popped popcorn is good for you because it has no fat. It has very low calories and is good if on a diet for your body. Air popped or stove popcorn can cost 3 dollars.

Stove Popcorn

Granola's are good for you because they have lots of fibers for you that can be use for bodily functions. A cup of granola can cost about 1 dollar.


Berries are very good for you because they have no fats. They also reduce the risk of getting cancer. A box of berries can be 3 dollars.


Potato chips are bad for you because they are high in fat and calories. This can lead to gaining weight if to much is consumed. One one bag of cost 1 dollar.

Potato Chips

Oreos are high in fat and sugar which can cause obesity. These cookies can lead to type 2 diabetes. They can cost about 3 dollars for a pack.



They are high in calories and sugar and can be very bad for your health. They can make you gain fast weight if you would eat them often because their high calories. One doughnut can cost 1 dollar.

Ice cream can be bad for you because it is high in sugar. Lots of sugar can lead to weight gain and cavities. One gallon of ice cream can be 7 dollars

Ice cream

Snickers are high in fat and calories making it a bad snack to eat because of this. This if consumed to much can lead to diabetes and weight gain. One snickers bar can cost 1 dollar.


Nutty bar

Nutty bars are a highly processed food that has lots of fats. It has excessive amounts of saturated fat that can raise your cholesterol. One pack of nutty bars can cost 2 dollars.

Funyuns can be bad for you because they have high sodium and are much like potato chips. This high sodium can cause dehydration and kidney problems. One bag of Funyuns can cost 3 dollars.


Microwave popcorn can be especially bad because of it having lots of butter and being a microwave item that has lots of chemicals in the food. Eating lots of microwave popcorn can lead to lung problems and cancer. One popcorn item can cost around 70 cents.

Microwave popcorn

Starburst can be bad for you because of high sugars. They can cause cavities and can be bad for your teeth. One pack of Starburst can cost 1 dollar.


Nacho and cheese

Nachos can be bad for you because it has high fat calories. The fried tortilla chips are bad for you especially because of its high calories making the serving size very low. They can cost around 3 dollars for one serving size.