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smashing the real estate myth smashing the real estate myth with Agent Dynamics
Thank you for taking
the time to read
our e-book series,
smashing the real
estate myth with
Agent Dynamics.
This series was written to
give you, Agency Principals
and Agents, an alternative
approach on how to manage
ourselves and our teams and
how to recruit better.
The Agent Dynamics system applies to
all facets of Real Estate and all types of
real estate professionals - Salespeople,
Property Managers, Business Owners
and importantly support teams.
To be fair, each book in the series was not
written to be a quick fix ‘How To” guide or
instruction manual but rather as a study
on how our industry is changing and
what we can do because of that change.
Our goal is to promote alternate, or
lateral, thinking and for readers to
see that the “perfect” sales person or
property manager does not exist, they
just think they do.
We hope that you will identify with
our little anecdotes, case studies,
testimonials and stories and that you
will see how we can help you fufill your
business and personal goals.
Julie Davis and Neil Williams
Understanding Purpose Reality
Magic pills, smoke and
mirrors - what exactly
is this myth that we
speak of?
Working to your
strengths, embracing
your uniqueness and
approaching your
business in the best
possible way.
There isn’t an off
the shelf solution,
straight out of the box
style plan that will
make your business a
Since the first offer
was made on the first
‘two bedroom cave
with stainless steel
appliances and views
to die for’ there has
been a perception,
that you have to be a particular type
of person to be a successful real
estate agent.
At Agent Dynamics we believe
that any personality type can be
successful in our industry provided
they are working to their strengths
and working in flow.
It is true that some people are
more suited to sales but remember,
the selling is only a small part of
the interaction that we have with
our clients. The agent’s roles and
functions are wide and various
comprising hot and cold prospecting,
client nurture, marketing, follow up,
negotiation and the list goes on.
We invest our hard earned cash
attending seminars to learn the
“427 Simple Steps to Listing
Success”, we listen to audio, watch
video and read books and e-books,
just like this one, in an effort to
upskill and get the edge.
Don’t get me wrong, we always
need to be improving our skills and
You don’t have to be a particular type of person to
be a successful real estate agent.
Neil Williams talks
about what it means
to be ‘in flow’ and how
that will compound
your success.
good training and self-learning is
invaluable but….and there is always
a “but”… at Agent Dynamics we
think there is a better way.
The facts are that not all agents
enjoy door knocking, in fact most
hate it. At a recent seminar in a
room of 71 highly successful agents
only two said that they actually
enjoyed it. Most said that they only
did it when the boss sent them out
to do it and they had experienced
little or no success. However the
two agents that did door knock said
that it was a major part of their
prospecting and were getting great
Ask some sales people about
cold calling and you get a similar
response “it doesn’t work for me.
Farming is the same, why do some
agents know their farming area
backwards? They can quote you
days on market, sale prices, market
share, withdrawn sales etc. like
they’ve swallowed their phablet
while others don’t even bother
farming. Why it is that one agent
can attend a networking function
and get five appraisals while others
will fall asleep after 5 minutes?
The reason is because we are in
flow when doing the tasks we
enjoy and out of flow when doing
those that we don’t enjoy.
Early in our careers we are taught
to believe that we must master all
the different prospecting methods
to be successful. The result is that if
we are made to carry out functions
that are not in our flow then we
can end up so out of flow that we
either leave the agency and look
elsewhere or exit the industry. In
short we just don’t want to turn up
I know that the agents who are
meeting their expected level of
success are all working in their flow.
They are leveraging the prospecting
elements that they enjoy the most
and are obtaining further leverage
by employing others to do the tasks
that they don’t enjoy. How much
sense does that make?
When we talk with some of the top
agents around the country we see
that they stick to what they enjoy
and it’s normally only one or two of
the myriad of prospecting methods
available to them. Each of them has
a different profile to the others and
all are working to their strengths to
maximize their return on time and
So are you in flow?
Are you jumping out of your skin
to get to the office as early as
Are you excited about your next
appointment or is it just another
hour you won’t ever get back?
Can’t wait to pick up the phone and
chase up that advertising money
that hasn’t come in yet?
Looking forward to an afternoon of
door knocking?
How is that accounting looking?
Have you managed to engineer
a harbour bridge out of receipts,
invoices and the like?
How are your ads looking? Is the
copy and paste of old ads going
Our profile testing has been
perfected over the last 20 years
and is specific to real estate. Taking
the Agent Dynamics profile will
not only tell you what personality
frequency or type you are but it will
highlight your in flow activities and
overwhelmingly emphasise your not
in flow activities. It is a reality check,
and AH HA moment you must have!
Successful agents are leveraging the prospecting
elements that they enjoy the most and are
obtaining further leverage by employing
others to do the tasks that they don’t enjoy.
How much sense does that make?
Print out this page, or
the whole book for that
matter, and use this
simple planner to see
what tasks you do and
whether or not your
daily work is balanced
in favour of what you
enjoy doing!
OR take our profile test
and we will work it out
for you!
Item#/Time Event/Task Enjoy doing Don’t Enjoy
# 1 - 30min Write Ads for Web
In Flow Not in Flow
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