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Real Estate101:
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smashing the real estate myth with Agent Dynamics
Thank you for taking
the time to read
our e-book series,
smashing the real
estate myth with
Agent Dynamics.
This series was written to
give you, Agency Principals
and Agents, an alternative
approach on how to manage
ourselves and our teams and
how to recruit better.
The Agent Dynamics system applies to
all facets of Real Estate and all types of
real estate professionals - Salespeople,
Property Managers, Business Owners
and importantly support teams.
To be fair, each book in the series was not
written to be a quick fix ‘How To” guide or
instruction manual but rather as a study
on how our industry is changing and
what we can do because of that change.
Our goal is to promote alternate, or
lateral, thinking and for readers to
see that the “perfect” sales person or
property manager does not exist, they
just think they do.
We hope that you will identify with
our little anecdotes, case studies,
testimonials and stories and that you
will see how we can help you fufill your
business and personal goals.
Julie Davis and Neil Williams
Understanding Purpose Reality
Every one of us has
a unique story to tell,
particularly about
‘how we came to be in
real estate’ - but you
would be surprised
just how similar our
stories are.
Working to your
strengths will put
you on the path to
success. Plus it will
make working easier
and much more
It doesn’t matter if
youre the number
1, 2 or 10th ranked
salesperson in the
office. If you are happy
and working in flow
then you should be the
only judge of your level
of success.
When I was a kid
I would often hear
my friends parents
proudly boasting
about their children,
“He is going to make a great doctor,
look at the way he cuts his sausage
or “she will make someone a great
secretary, look how organized her
room is”. Job prospects were based
on stereotypes and the gender gap
was quite wide.
The old Jesuit saying “Give me the
child until he is seven and I will give
you the man” often rang true.
If a kid had the gift of the gab he
was usually pigeon holed for a sales
role. I’d like a dollar for every time
the old chestnut “sell ice to the
Eskimo’s” came out at my place.
When I was 12, like most kids at
the time I needed cigarette and
lolly money so I started selling the
Herald Newspaper on a suburban
street corner in Pascoe Vale for $1
per week. It was a busy intersection
with traffic lights and I used to dart
between the cars yelling “hear are
de Herald” at the top of my voice.
I mastered dexterously folding the
paper in one smooth movement
of my right hand and then slotting
My start in Real Estate was triggered like so many
of us, by having an appraisal done on my home.
Neil Williams,
co-founder of Agent
Dynamics, talks about
‘why I got into real
it through the gap in the driver’s
window while accepting the money
with my left. I quickly learned that
as the paper cost 4 cents and most
people gave me a 5 cent piece, if I
jangled around in the leather money
bag hanging from my waste for long
enough looking for the 1 cent in
change the lights would eventually
change. Horns would start to sound
and the poor driver would take off
leaving me with a tip. Selling around
70 to 80 papers in a two hour shift, I
was picking up around half a week’s
wage each day in tips.
I was starting to like this sales
At age 14 my Uncle got me a job
working at G.J. Coles in Bourke
Street Melbourne. The store is now
the site of David Jones and in those
days Coles sold everything fairly
cheaply with the store comprising a
number of “counters” with two cash
registers and all the wares laid out
for the public. We were paid $1.10
for 3 hours on Friday night and three
hours on Saturday mornings.
I really enjoyed working at Coles and
would love listening to the “spruiker”
as they roamed the store armed
with a microphone and portable
amplifier, expounding the benefits of
a range of products from Rice A Riso
to Viscount Cigarettes.
My proudest day was the day the
“Spruiker” was crook and I was
offered the job. Within the hour, I
was roaming the store dragging
the amp and its car battery power
supply, all round the store, bellowing
about the days “Specials” and the
benefits of using Gillette razor
I thought I had found my calling,
but alas good things rarely last.
Being lazy at school with a bitter
hatred for homework I was never
destined for scholastic success
so took an early redundancy from
Strathmore High School and joined
the Royal Australian Navy at age 16.
I spent the next 20 years at sea
and ashore and learned a lot about
people, particularly around their
My start in Real Estate was
triggered like so many of us, by
having an appraisal done on my
home in the southern suburbs
of Canberra. I was nearing the
end of my Navy career and was
contemplating what I would do
when my service was at an end.
By chance the Agent who visited
my home to conduct the appraisal
was an ex sailor. Discussion soon
turned to how much success he
had enjoyed selling property and
how he thought that I would make a
good agent. The thought of a career
in Real Estate Sales appealed to
me so I completed a fairly basic 5
day course, “Introduction to Real
Estate” organized by the Real
Estate Institute and applied for a
sales position with one of the local
At the time, there were no
qualifications required to sell
property in the A.C.T., not even a
police check and everyone worked
commission only. Talk about “churn
and burn”. It was survival of the
fittest and most Agencies were
looking to employ older folk as they
at least “looked” experienced.
The interview process comprised a
3-minute phone conversation that
ended with a hearty congratulations
and I was informed that I was a
“natural” and had been accepted for
the position.
My new real estate sales career
started the following Monday
At the time, there were no qualifications required
to sell property in the A.C.T., not even a police
check and everyone worked commission only.
Talk about “churn and burn. It was survival of the
fittest and most Agencies were looking to employ
older folk as they at least “looked” experienced.
I fronted at the office, 30 minutes
early of course, proudly decked out
in Country Road’s finest sales attire,
leather briefcase in hand, diary, pens
and a calculator ready to go. I didn’t
have to worry about a mobile phone
as Agents weren’t using them yet
although, I would need to organize
the installation of a two way radio in
my car.
My on the job training involved
shadowing another agent for three
months so that I could pick up all
his bad habits and the company
supplied learning resources were a
cardboard box full of Bob Proctor,
Zig Ziegler and Doug Malouf tapes.
What an auspicious start.
For my first three months in the
Industry, I achieved absolutely
nothing, I hadn’t made a sale and
had not listed a property. The one or
two appraisals I had were a result
of letterbox drops and my wife and
young family were starting to eat
the putty out of the windows. Being
on commission only things were
a little bleak so something had to
change. Fortunately I was enough
of a realist to make the decision
that the market, the buyers and the
sellers were not all going to change
to suit me. I had to change the way I
was trying to do business.
I realized that although friends,
family and colleagues all agreed
that I was a “natural” salesman, I
was in fact, starving to death. I had
a million systems in place which I
never used. I hated door knocking,
my cars boot was full of letter box
drops and the back seat was my
data base. To make matters worse I
was terrible at follow up.
In the end I just said bugger it. I
decided that I would no longer do
anything that I hated as it was a
waste of time. It hadn’t worked for
three months so why would it work
now. I may as well have a last crack
working to my natural strengths and
if that didn’t work then so be it.
I was a little short in natural
strengths as well, but the one
thing that I could do, and do well,
was “talk in pictures”. I found it
really easy to recount stories of
my Navy days when entertaining
friends and colleagues and had an
ability to think on the run and come
up with just the right responses.
It felt perfectly natural to do this
and it allowed me to quickly build
rapport with my clients. My listing
presentations started focusing on
what the vendors’ future looked
like as I walked them through the
marketing and sales process, clearly
describing each step of the so that
they could almost “see it”. Most of
my business then started coming
from referrals and I went on to build
a successful real estate career of
over 20 years.
In the end I just said
bugger it. I decided that
I would no longer do
anything that I hated as
it was a waste of time.
Understanding what you are good
at, what you enjoy doing is the
first step to getting your life &
your career back on track.
Working that out plus how to take
care of the other stuff is where
we step in at Agent Dynamics.
Regardless of your role, your experience, where you work and your position we can help.
Learn about us through what
our CLIENT’S are saying:
Client case studies and lasting impressions
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