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The Untold Story Of Klymaxx. From the memoirs of Bonnie Thompson. Penned by Bernadette Cooper, the founder, and producer of the double platinum, all-girl-band Klymaxx, and Madame X. This story is a loving, however, tragic tale of ancestry, girl power, and the quintessence of change. Journey through the South of old. Meet the Motts tribe, working together for the survival of their farm. From the fabric of this family, after generations gone by, a child was born from the womb of a stripper. A life that was so full of turmoil led her to achieve something greater, than the sum of what her past would allow her to be...a Star! This lustful path will take us to the Hollywood sign and beyond, then to the humorous adventures of Bonnie and Bernadette... Clyde. The novel is a courageous blend of the whimsical and a surreal view of sisterhood and struggle. The power and grit of two women with a shared vision to achieve a dream. By any means necessary. Next, the success of one friend's journey for the better, and the aftermath of the other's earth-shattering decisions. Unfortunately, this leads her to a one-woman crime spree, sex with superstars, the queen of drugs, cons, Johns, and eventually, murder. This story will keep you spellbound. Cooper is the voice of this Biography, as she pays homage to her friend, the silent contributor, Bonnie Thompson who helped her achieve an Iconic dream of the first, successful, R&B, pop, girl, band. Enhanced Audio Introduction is available. Listen... Available 2018 by Bernadette Cooper

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