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OpenMobile ACL enables Android apps to run on non-Android operating systems, including Tizen, webOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, and Linux platforms! We're on a mission to break the "app barrier" by enabling the Android app ecosystem to run on these non-Android platforms. With ACL, your choice of platform can be filled with a robust app ecosystem featuring hundreds of thousands of apps! You choose the device: smartphone, tablet, smart TV, in-vehicle infotainment, in-flight infotainment, embedded screens, etc. You choose the operating system: Tizen, webOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Firefox, etc. We deliver a powerful app ecosystem on platforms never before possible. The OpenMobile AppMall is a one-stop destination for hundreds of thousands of Android apps. This storefront supports our innovative ACL technology and will be a single point of entry through which consumers across the globe can search, discover, browse, and download their favorite apps. Android app developers now have additional distribution channels on ACL-powered platforms and have the chance to seize the opportunity to run Android apps on platforms never before possible! Register for FREE in the OpenMobile AppMall Developer Portal to include your Android app(s) on new non-Android platforms, including Tizen! Like what you hear? Drop us a line! w: e: p: +1.617.440.3500 p: +1.877.480.6736 (toll-free) t: @openmobileww

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