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Ecuador Flag

Fun Facts

 The population of Ecuador is 16.39 million! That's a lot for such a small place!

Ecuador's area is 109,483 mi². Surprisingly, that's still small.

If you want to find Ecuador, use its exact location- 1.8312° S, 78.1834° W.

Ecuador's style of government is democracy.

Basic Information

Capital of Ecuador, Quito

Flag of Equador

Mount Chimborazo

It's the highest mountain in Ecuador!


Cotopaxi Volcano

It's really active!

Quitsato Equator Sundial

it's Exactly on the Equator!

Rainforests in Ecuador are hot and humid- It rains 110 inches in a year! The average high temperature is 79 F, and the average low is 73.


The Andes Mountains are mild and springlike. The average high between the mountain chains is 68. The average low is 50, but it can get colder higher up in the mountains. The average rainfall is 47 inches in a year.

Ecuador has 9 national parks including the galapagos islands. 

Man-made Features

The church of Todos los Santos is the oldest church in Ecuador!

Mitad del Mundo is a place located in the center of the Equator.

40% of of Ecuador's exports is oil.

Hydropower is the act of converting non-stagnant water into energy. This is done in Equador.

Natural Resources

Marlin, tuna, and shrimp are some of the fish ecuador exports.

This is a scene of a textile market. Textiles are simply fabrics- with many uses. They can be used for clothes, blankets, and even toys! They have many designs, from llamas to kittens to much more!

Petroleum is the leading industry.


Most of the world's balsa wood comes from Equador- including this parrot.

In Ecuador, they export more bananas than any other country.

Cacao is a plant that is also commonly misspelled as "cocoa". It can be made into chocolate.

Agricultural Products

Sugar cane is a leading crop in Ecuador. It is what sugar is made out of. Yum!

Carnival is a huge celebration that happens before the Easter season.

Most residents of Ecuador are Roman Catholic, a type of religion.


94% of the residents speak Spanish.