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This booklet tell all I know of Dr.Seuss and will help you get information on him.

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I chose Dr.Seuss because I grew and am still growing up with his books and animations. Dr.Seuss is considered one of the greatest animators/authors because of his creativity and his crazy ideas.

About Dr.Seuss

By: Symphony Marshall

    Dr.Seuss was born on March 2nd 1904, and died September 24th 1991. He published his first book "And to believe I saw it on Mulberry street" in 1937. Dr.Seuss wrote books for not only children but, also for adults. During world war ii he began to make animations in Hollywood for Colonel Frank Capra‚Äôs. He created various books such as Cat in the hat, green eggs and ham,one fish two fish red fish blue fish, and many more.


My favorites