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About Daybreak Youth Services

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Daybreak EST. 1978COMPASSIONRESPECTINTEGRITYFAITHEXCELLENCESAFETYDaybreak Youth Services saves younglives by demonstrating love and bringinghope for their future.Daybreak is a non-profit provider ofadolescent mental health andsubstance use disorder treatmentservices in Washington state. OUR MISSIONTHE WHYVALUES

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Daybreak's HistoryIn the summer of 1978, Bill Yakelywas on his tractor at his family farmnear Spokane, WA. The hum of theengine and alfalfa rustling in thewarm summer wind faded, andYakely heard a clear voice say,“Help the children." Thus began a small group of dedicated individuals motivated bya single goal:help the children. After significant research, theydiscovered that a gap in children’s health services was addictiontreatment. And so, in a church basement with one counselor, adirector and two clients, Daybreak Youth Services was born.He didn’t know what to do with the directive. But when heshared the call with his pastor, the pastor told him he wasn’t theonly member of the congregation to receive the message.ORIGINAL DAYBREAK BOARD

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Facts & OutcomesResearch has shown how important the continuumof care services are for individuals seeking mentalhealth and substance use disorder treatment.According to an extensive clinical study, treatmentfacilities that offer an Intensive Outpatient Programmay see improved quality and effectiveness in theirservices.Residential treatment programs have proven to beeffective for treating adolescents for depression,anxiety, and substance use disorders.Daybreak has a fully integrated clinical care modelthat addresses physical health, mental health, andsubstance use disorders.Daybreak has a service model focused on: TraumaFocused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DialecticalBehavioral Therapy, and Holistic Recreational Therapy.All Daybreak inpatient clients have access toeducational opportunities while in treatment in ourfully accredited Daybreak school. Daybreak provides the full continuum of care.

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An individually tailoredprogram that includesindividual, group, andfamily therapy.A Tailored ProgramInpatientOUR 24/7 RESIDENTIAL INPATIENTS SERVEAGES 12-17 & OFFERS:A warm, safe, secure andstructured environmentwhere clients andfamilies are supported.Secure EnvironmentTrauma-Focused CognitiveBehavioral Therapy,Dialectical BehavioralTherapy, Relapse Prevention Strategies, andCritical Life Skills.Counseling & TherapyAn experienced treatmentteam that providessubstance use disorder andmental health treatment.Co-occurring TreatmentInpatient providesinformation and educationon trauma, substance usedisorder, and mentalhealth challenges.Education & PreventionOn-site nursing, as well asaccess to 24/7 nursingand medicationmanagement through ourpsychiatric nursepractitioners. Physical Health

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OutpatientPersonalized treatmentprograms with thefreedom of living at homeand attending schoolduring recovery.Tailored ProgramsOutpatient providesindividual, group, andfamily therapy in asupportive environment.Counseling ServicesIntensive Outpatient offersa minimum of 6 hours aweek for treatment.Intensive OutpatientOUR OUTPATIENT PROGRAMS SERVES YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS & OFFERS:An experiencedtreatment team thatworks together toprovide substance usedisorder and mentalhealth treatment.Co-occuring TreatmentAccess to familytherapy and educationalgroups to strengthenthe family unit.Family SupportOutpatient providessubstance use disorder,mental health, and drugeducation.Education & Prevention

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An experienced treatmentteam of professionalsspecializing in psychiatrictraining and suicideprevention.Suicide PreventionOn-site nursing, as well asaccess to 24/7 nursing andmedication managementthrough our psychiatricnurse practitioners. Medication EvaluationEvaluation & TreatmentOUR SHORT-TERM PSYCHIATRIC E&T UNITSSERVE AGES 12-17 & OFFERS:An individually tailoredprogram that focusesonemotional regulationand distress toleranceskills.Personalized TreatmentA warm, safe, and secureyet structuredenvironment where clientsand families aresupported.Secure EnvironmentResources to connect themwith services in thecommunity to continue ontheir path of recovery.Resources & Support24/7 stabilization servicesthat provide critical lifeskills, that focuses onhealing & addressingmental health challenges.Crisis Stablilization

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Mental health counselingand support is providedfor youth and families.Mental HealthCounselingWISe TeamsOUR WRAPAROUND INTENSIVE SERVICESPROGRAM SERVES AGES 0-21 & OFFERS:Team of professionalsincluding a carecoordinator, a therapist,and a peer/family partner.Treatment TeamMonthly child & familymeetings which includessystem partners who areinvolved with the familyand youth.Family SupportWISe provides appropriateaftercare communityconnections to supportongoing recovery.Community ConnectionOn-call outreach teams tohelp assist and support theentire family unit.24/7 Crisis Response &OutreachAssessment, treatment,and support services in anin-home and communitysetting.In-Home Counseling

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Stabilization is offered upto 30 days in a safe andsecure environment foryouth who have been orwho are at risk of beingexploited.Safe StabilizationAfter youth leaveDaybreak's care they haveaccess to a transitionalliving bed in a safe shelter.Safe Transition Receiving CenterYouth will have access to afull medical team thatincludes a registerednurse and Psych ARNP toaddress their physicalwellbeing. Medical TeamYouth will be introducedto appropriate aftercarecommunity resources tosupport their continuedrecovery.Wraparound SupportOUR 24/7 RESTORATIVE RECEIVING CENTERSERVES COMMERCIALLY SEXUALLY EXPLOITEDYOUTH AGES 12-17 & OFFERS: Trauma-Focused Therapyis provided to help addressunderlying trauma youthhave experienced Access to Treatment Mental health and substanceuse disorder assessmentsare conducted within 72hours of a youth's entry tosee if they meet criteria fortreatment. Behavioral Health

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Our program provides opportunities for clients to connectwith the community by offering educational, inspirational,and service-oriented activities to broaden their worldviewwhile inspiring them to live life sober.Life EnrichmentEquine TherapyDance TherapyMusic TherapyGarden TherapyArt TherapyHolistic ApproachesField TripsRaftingNature HikesSwimmingOutdoor AdventuresArt MuralsPaintingCraft MakingCreative ExpressionsFinancial ClassesCollege ToursNutrition CoursesGuest Speakers Educational SeminarsYogaMeditationSpiritualitySelf CareTrauma FocusedNon-ProfitsFood BanksAnimal SheltersVolunteerism

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Support and opportunitiesto assist preparation andaccess to GED testingwhile in treatment. GED PreparationSchoolThe ability to earn creditstowards a high schooldegree while attendinginpatient treatment.High School CreditInpatient provides atransitional specialist whofollows up with clientsafter they leave treatmentto ensure they are doingwell.Transitional SpecialistSmall classroom sizes allowfor one-on-one tutoringfrom Washington statecertified teachers.One-On-One SchoolingOUR FULLY ACCREDITED SCHOOL OFFERS:Access toOdysseywareprograms and curriculumassociated with SpokanePublic Schools andBattleground ISD.Education & CurriculumOpportunities to connectwith organizations, tradeprograms, statewide jobcorps, and highereducation resources.Education Opportunities

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Spokane Female Inpatient – (509) 624-3227Evaluation & Treatment - (509) 475-4651 Vancouver Male Inpatient - (360) 750-9588INPATIENT ADMISSIONS:Spokane Coed Outpatient – (509) 927-1688Vancouver Coed Outpatient- (360) 750-9635T REA T M E NT L O CA T I O NSAPPLY FOR TREATMENT TODAY:Spokane Outpatient Treatment 200 North Mullan Rd. Suite 120Spokane, WA 99206Hours: 9AM-5PM Monday - FridayOUTPATIENT ADMISSIONS:DAYBREAKYOUTHSERVICES.ORGFill out a completed online application at: Outpatient Treatment11818 SE Mill Plain Blvd. Suite 307Vancouver, WA 98684Hours: 9AM-5PM Monday - FridaySpokane Inpatient Treatment 628 S. Cowley St.Spokane, WA 99202Vancouver Inpatient Treatment11910 NE 154th St.Brush Prairie, WA 98606How to Access RECEIVING CENTER:Hotline: (509) 879-0744

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