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Conditional Statements Project

If you give a hocky player a hockey puck; then he will play hockey.

If he plays hockey; then he will break his teeth.

If he breaks his teeth; then his parents get mad.

How could you be so irresponsible!!!

If his parents get mad; then he will not be able to play hockey.

If he is not allowed to play hockey; then he will be depressed.

If he gets depressed; then he doesn't want to do work.

If he doesn’t do his work; then his parents will get depressed.



If he makes his parents depressed; then he will want to make them happy again.

If he wants to make them happy; then he will get his grades up.

If he gets his grades up; then his parents will be happy again.

If his parents are happy again; then he will ask if he is allowed to play hockey again.

Can I play hockey again?

If he asks to play hockey again; then his parents will say yes.

If his parents say yes; then they have to give him a hockey puck.

If you give a hockey player a hockey puck; then he will play hockey.