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National Recovery Administration 

The National Recovery Administration is a government agency during the 1930s which was during the great depression.

The national recovery administration was formed on 

June 13, 1933    

And the NRA got dissolved on 

May 27, 1935

Recovery  is the purpose for the NRA

By:Alex   Berkenyi

Facts about the NRA

The NRA was a prime New deal agency established by the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. The goal was to eliminate "cut-throat competition" by bringing industry, labor, and government together to create codes of "fair practices" and set prices. In 1935 the Supreme court unanimously declared that the NRA law was unconstitutional, ruling that it infringed the separation of powers under the United States Constitution. The NRA quickly stopped operations, but many of its labor provisions reappeared in the National labor Relations act (Wagner Act), passed later the same year.

1.Franklin D Roosevelt married his cousin 

2.He was the 32nd president of the United states.

3.He dropped out of law school

4.He had a half-brother 

5.He holds the record for the longest running president 

6.Every time he ran for president he won by a landslide

7. He tried to increase the supreme court 

8.The first president to fly a plane 

9.He had a little love for the law

10.He was a popular president 

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