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Reasons why children go 

into being looked after?

Abby Parker

In this booklet i will be discussing in depth of the reasons why children and young people get taken into care to be ‘looked after’. I will be explaining about The Children Act 1989/2004. I will further then discuss the routes of which the children go down, also the family related and child or young people related issues. 

    I will start by discussing about The Children Act 1989/2004 is a piece of legislation which places duties on the local authorities in order to them to protect the welfare of children and young people. This act is in place to protect children from being harm or at risk of harm. Children usually go into being ‘looked after’ due to reasons such as family related issues e.g bereavement or upheld can lead to the child being in a vulnerable position as they are at their weakest when facing a problem. parental illness, parental incapacity and suspected or actual maltreatment, which means the child is removed from the family home to be put into foster care to ensure they are safe. The child will also get removed from the home if there it abuse being taken place. The child will be put into emergency care to ensure that their safety is being put first. The child may then require professional care to then come to terms with what has happened.  

    There is also the child or young person related issues e.g the child has behavioural issues, Learning difficulties this could result in them being put into care as the parents cannot provide which the individual needs or the care which they require as it is too challenging. Or the parents and other family members can be put as risk if the child lashes out. Disabilities can be challenging as well due to the parents can't afford the equipment the child requires. health problems, the child may have long or short term illnesses which the child may need to be looked after by specialists for a long/short period of time. And then finally offences, Offences aren't just committed because the child is ‘naughty’. The term looked after is a child which has been taken into accommodation by the local authority for adoption or either through a placement order giving the parental consent to adoptive placement.

      The main section relating to looked after children is the section 20. Every local authority have to provide accommodation for any child which is in need in their area who appears to them to require accommodation as a result of; the parent dies, there being no parental responsibility. They can be accommodated under this section if the parent gives their consent, which retains the parental responsibility. Section 31 relates to the parents cannot be trusted so the care becomes out of their control. The child may be put at risk of harm or the likelihood of being harmed.

The overall summary of this booklet is that every child is different and has different needs which need to be need. There are different reasons why children go to be looked after, if that may be long term or short term. I have stated the legal routes of which children go into being looked after and the piece of legislation.