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Research report about nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

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The History Of Nuclear Fusion And Nuclear Fission

          Boom!The nuclear bomb, Little Boy, had landed on Hiroshima, and sent a blast of heat and energy everywhere.


          After the explosion, there wasn't much left.The bomb had blown up anything possible and showed no mercy on the content of this city.This attack must of been the work of a nuclear fission bomb.But, it is only a weakling compared to another source of energy.This energy is called fusion.These two destructive processes were introduced by the scientists by the names of Edward Teller and Robert Oppenheimer



Hiroshima; August 6, 1945

          I bet your wondering something like, "What the heck is fission?"Well let me tell you, when I started learning about fission, I was the same way.


          Fission is another word for splitting.So, nuclear fission is the process of splitting two atoms, uranium 235, or plutonium.For fission to happen, a uranium atom has to absorb a nuetron.When this hapens, the uranium splits into two small nuclei.This causes more nuetrons to be released along with a small amount of energy.


          When this process happens over and over again, it creates a chain reaction of splitting uranium, which creates a load of energy.At first, I thought that that this would cause almost nothing to happen, but know I know that  it is almost the exact opposite of my first thought.In a nuclear weapon, such as a bomb, this causes the bomb to explode.When it explodes, it sends a blast of energy and deals much damage to the surrounding area.


          As you may know already, the specific type of bomb I am talking about is a nuclear weapon that led to devastating deaths and destruction.This weapon is none other than the nuclear bomb.

The nuclear bomb has a history full of ground shaking explosions and power beond comprehension.This weapon took us past what we ever thought was possible.But, that's not all science can do.Scientists took it to the next step and attempted making a fusion bomb.





          You might think you know what fusion is already, two thinks coming together.Well, that's not entirely true.


          Fusion is more specificaly, two nuclei (deuterium and tritium) fusing together and splitting back up into Helum 4 and a nuetron.After this happens over and over again, it starts a chain reaction and creates a lot of energy.It explodes after so much energy has been built up.


          When the explosion heppens, it can potentially do 1,000 times more power than fission can.


          Fission could give us a lot.I think if we could contain fusion, we could get unlimited enrgy.The only problem with that idea is fusion is far too powerful.Instead of trying to make it useful, a scientist named Edward Teller went for destruction.



          Edward Teller was born on January 10, 1908 in Hungary and  gew up to be a theoretical physicist.In 1942 he was invited by Robert Oppenheimer to join in on the Manhatten Project, which was a project to further develop a nuclear bomb.But a little time earlier, Teller was talking to a friend who had suggested atomic war.So, Teller decided attempting to create a fusion bomb was the path to take.He didn't think of the possibilities of a fission bomb and instead, went for the worst.


          In the process of building a fusion bomb secretively, Teller started to think of what he could use to build it.He thought for the chain reaction, he could use uranium hydride instead of the uranium metal we speak of. But, Robert Oppenheimer moved him to a different division of work on the Manhatten Project.Now Teller would be studied by Robert Oppenheimer, because he now works in the same field as Oppenheimer.Although Teller was sort of against the fission bomb, he made many suggestions and contributions to the building of one.When I found out about this, I thought Teller was crazy to be helping with something he doesn't agree with.But, now I think he did it to help his own plan to.


          When the fission bomb was complete, they finally got permission to immediately use on Japan, considering the war that was going on.


          The bomb was used on Hiroshima and destroyed the city.


Edward Teller

Robert Oppenheimer was born April 22, 1904 and like Edward Teller, was a theoretical physicist.Robert Oppenheimer was the leader of the Manhatten Project and was considered one of the "fathers of the atomic bomb".


          Oppenheimer helped with the cunstruction and the designing of the nuclear bomb and amazed other people working in the Manhatten Project.Oppenheimer and other chairmen of the project decided to create a secret place to work on the bomb.This secret place was built in New Mexico.I wonder why he started in New Mexico.Ther could have been other places than New Mexico that might have been more secretive.


          Oppenheimer was a physicist that most others looked up to as a director of the Manhatten Project.Oppenheimer was always at the lab working hard and had an influence on the other physicists.Oppenheimer worked with uranium 235 to build a gon type weapon.But, the rest of the group had started making an implosion weapon instead.


          This weapon was set off on Japan and caused much further damge beyond compare.


Robert Oppenheimer 

 Albert Einstein once said, "peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding"