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Agricultural Adjustment Act



The Agricultural Adjustment Act was put in place in order to cut down on overproduction on crops.

Grow Less, Earn More!

T.J. Piroch

The AAA was a recovery program

Created in 1933




Voided by the Supreme Court in 1937 

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corn do you count?

The Agricultural Adjustment Act was an act put in place in an attempt to raise the price of crops. It was enacted in 1933. The government paid farmers to not grow certain crops or have certain types of livestock. In doing this, there was less supply thus raising the prices of crops and livestock. The AAA was one of the first major pieces of legislation enacted by President Roosevelt. Farmers benefited from this act while some people who were starving could not find a bright side to it.  

In 1937 the Agricultural Adjustment act was repealed due to the Supreme Court ruling it as unconstitutional. A few changes were made to the AAA and it was soon put back in place. For the next seventy years of the 20th century, the AAA was the basis of all farm programs. Hope was revived in farm communities. Farmers were making more money due to the Act. New tools made it easier to grow more crops on less land. This was one of the few controversies that took place with the new AAA.

End (and New Beginning) of the AAA



Agricultural Adjustment Act Effects on Economy






Unemployment rate




Government spending







Confidence building



Role of government




  •  He had a Scottish terrier named Fala who outlived him
  •  He married his fifth cousin
  •  He had six children
  •  He had twenty-seven grandchildren
  •  He appointed eight Supreme Court judges
  •  He repealed the 18th Amendment
  •  He was an avid stamp collector
  •  He aided in the planting of three billion trees
  •  He was paralyzed from the waist down.
  •  He was the first sitting president to ever fly in a plane.