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More people are victims of human trafficking today than ever before. A21 wants to change this and abolish human trafficking.

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Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. It drives the growth of organized crime and preys upon the helpless, denying them identity, safety, security, health and humanity.

Together, we can abolish human trafficking.








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About A21


When confronted with the horror of human trafficking, most people feel moved to do something about it. In 2007, A21 decided to stand up for the helpless and pledged to combat the injustice of human trafficking. In 2008, after much preparation, A21's first shelter for survivors of human trafficking was opened in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Today, A21 has 11 field offices, shelters, transition homes, and administrative bases in 10 different countries in order to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore victims of human trafficking.

A21's strategy is to prevent potential victims from being trafficked, protect victims by way of shelters nad other programs, prosecute traffickers and those involved in trafficking, and partner with those who will help abolish human trafficking.


The fight against human trafficking is a great and just one, and every person in the fight makes a difference. Motivated individuals working together to do what is right can change the world, and A21 is doing just that.



A21 also supports legislation aimed at abolishing the human slave trade. One such piece of legislation is a bipartisan piece of legislation introduced by Senator Corker. The legislation aims to establish a grant-making foundation called “The End Modern Slavery Initiative Foundation” that will help with preventing trafficking, protecting survivors, and prosecuting taffickers.

Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is the use, captivity, and trade of human beings and is illegal. Victims of human trafficking are usually sexually exploited or used for slave labor. Every thirty seconds someone falls victim to human trafficking, the fastest growing crime in the world.

1-2% of victims are ever rescued
The average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old
27,000,000 in bondage around the globe



Our Solution
By following the strategy of prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships, human trafficking can be ended in our lifetime.

Human trafficking can be prevented through awareness, education, and the interuption of demand.

Education: A21 has developed educational curriculum that teaches potential victims how to avoid becoming victims.

Awareness: The A21 Prevention and Awareness Program and the ShineHope human trafficking prevention program raise awareness of human trafficking in order to prevent it.


A21 protects human trafficking survivors by providing safe and secure environments in which they can recover and be restored.

Rescue: By supporting and coordinating with various government agencies, A21 is able to rescue victims of human trafficking.

Restoration: A21 helps restore victims of human trafficking both physically and emotionally. A21 provides education, vocational training, and repatriation assistance to equip them for a positive future.


A21 prosecutes those responsible for and involved with human trafficking while offering legal assistance to victims.

Enforcement: By offering legal advice to survivors of human trafficking and bringing criminal charges against traffickers, A21 helps uphold the law and bring about justice.

Legislation: A21 helps guide the modification of laws in order to ensure that those involved in human trafficking receive justice.


By partnering with fundraising supporters, governmental agencies, and community members, the goal of abolishing human trafficking becomes more and more of a reality every day.

Supporters: By uniting with human trafficking abolitionists, A21 is able to provide training, education materials, and programs for communities. A21's monthly financial supporters provide the steady income needed to make planning for the future possible.

Partners: Working with law enforcement, government agencies, and local service providers ensure that human trafficking survivors are taken care of.








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