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True Blue S pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living www truebluespirit com Subscribe Get your copy of True Blue Spirit delivered subscribe now 1 year Canadian Subscription 29 95 3 options to subscribe 1 Send cheque or money order payable to True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 2 Go to www truebluespirit ca click on Subscribe via paypal 3 Call 1 877 700 2760 and use your Visa or Mastercard For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca Copyright 2009 No portion of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the publisher or True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc Any medical advice is given solely for information purposes only and no responsibility is assumed on the publisher s part True Blue Spirit welcomes submissions but accepts no responsibility for unsolicited materials Material is accepted for True Blue Spirit on the understanding that it does not infringe on any copyright or libel laws Copyrights to be declared on submission All manuscripts illustrations and photographs submitted must be accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope if they are to be returned or acknowledged Send emails to editor truebluespirit ca Volume 2 Issue 3 Publisher Managing Editor Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca Pre production Editor Mary Gillis Editor Tom Masters editor truebluespirit ca Editor at Large Edd Uluschak editoratlarge truebluespirit ca Editorial Assistants Tiffany Abram Tessa Kirkland Advertising Sales Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca Tiffany Abram ads truebluespirit ca Key accounts Circulation Lara Engst lara truebluespirit ca Layout Design Dorothy Jeanne Engst Photographs Images Ben Abram www creativedigiworks com Sean Fenzl www seanfenzl com Stephanie Rae Hull www centricphotography com Jon Fitzpatrick www nutristart com Edd Uluschak award winning Cartoonist Cover photo taken by Jon Fitzpatrick of Nutristart Contributing Writers Barbara Adelborg Shawna Barker Ehsida Bissett Astra Crompton Cheryl Dawn Paul Elder Dorothy Jeanne Engst Michael Gintowt Dr Lee Know Janet Laidlaw Beth Lahti Erin Lawson Stephanie McColl Betty Norton Sabina Pettitt Vince Pollitt Alison Skelton James Henry Spencer Michelle Staples Crystal Wolf and Shannon Wills True Blue Spirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living ISSN 1918 6436 Publications Mail Agreement No 41933020 Published bi monthly Single copy 5 95 Cdn Subscription price 29 95 Canada go to www truebluespirit ca for international subscription rates True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc does not disclose its subscriber list to anyone at anytime True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 250 247 0210 TF 1 877 700 2760 Fax 250 247 0266 Printed at an environmentally friendly facility in Canada using vegetable based inks Cert no SW COC 002226

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This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart CONTENTS SPECIAL FEATURES Brain State Stress Relief 29 Fantasy Realms 44 From the Publisher Going with the Flow 42 Being Rounded I Ching 30 Reading the contents of True Blue Spirit you might think I m a person who wiles away her time in lotus position on a large round pillow meditating to the strains of Enya Oh how I wish that were so As we worked on this issue of the magazine there were so many things going on in the background that there were a few days when I wondered if it would even come to be This being said I still took time for some of that meditation I mentioned above Perhaps the atmosphere was not quite as described more like sitting on the loveseat with two dogs crammed onto my lap but it was a time for stillness nonetheless It s all part of being rounded The fact of the matter is that if all I did every day was open myself to spirit I d be an emotional wreck When we tap into our spiritual side through meditation hypnosis or other means we open ourselves to sensitivities I can cry at the drop of a hat and I have Hence a grounding process is always the final step in these activities On the other hand we can be over grounded planting our feet too deep into the earth closing our channels to intuition working too hard and not allowing ourselves to be in tune with the intuitive possibilities available to us For most of us this tends to be the most common lifestyle It s this lifestyle that flashes back to us every day from the television screen and how spiritually enlightening is that As we move forward in developing our intuition the lifestyle that has been ingrained in us is often the hardest obstacle to overcome When we are rounded we make sure that we accomplish the necessities of life participate in those normal human activities while at the same time maintaining contact with spirit and opening channels to our intuition This year while I practise my rounded lifestyle I plan to embrace just a little more spirit every day Self Mastery 10 The Fool Taking a Step as Sacred Self 32 Wisdom from Buddie 51 Keep well REGULAR FEATURES Aboriginal Spirit Bear 4 Animal Whispers More Healthy Pets 22 Astrology In the New Millenium Cartoon Contest Crystals 28 Rose Quartz 24 Directory of Businesses Events 60 Enlightening Strikes 2012 13 Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Going Raw 2 52 Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Licensed to Krill 55 Herbs A little bit o Magic Hypnotherapy Heart Health Who I Was 26 19 Nature s Essence Tony 37 Numerology Number Five 40 Phenomena Star Nations 47 Reader Response 50 Searching for Serenity Spirit of the Dance Dorothy Jeanne Engst 58 Resolutions Invitation to Dance 2 Worthwhile Reading 7 16 46

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Aboriginal Spirit Bea by James Henry Spencer the Wave Walker M y main power animal or my Totem is Tequaty the great brown bear of the Northwest We have walked together through many lifetimes We come to bring peace love and harmony to a troubled world In this lifetime Tequaty first came to me during a dream time I was walking on a sunny day along an animal path through the grass beside the bank of a salmon river when I saw a huge brown bear coming along the path from the opposite direction As he approached I felt that I should be afraid I had no weapon and there were no trees near I was bare from the waist up barefoot and totally vulnerable but strangely I felt no fear As we met I felt a bonding Tequaty motioned with his paw for me to follow him which I did When we came to an interesting path that led into the forest again he motioned me to follow Along the forest path bear stopped by a young cedar tree He stopped and clawed down a small pile of soft bark then taking the shredded bark in his mouth again he motioned me to follow After a lengthy walk along this pristine forest path we came to a cove with a small village by the gravel beach The children that were playing there called excitedly to the adults to come see the stranger walking with the great brown bear beside him Bear walked through the village and entered the big house I entered after Bear When my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw a small fire in the center of the dirt floor and sitting by the fire was an ancient shaman No word was spoken Bear sat down opposite the shaman I too sat by the fire Page 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 The shaman reached across the smouldering fire and bear dropped the shredded cedar bark into his hands The shaman held the bark over the fire while incanting a prayer When he completed the ceremony he passed the cedar bark to me only it had turned into a book with nothing on the pages The shaman spoke to me saying Take this book and record Bear and I have walked together ever since although he misses the lonely pristine life of forest river and mountain Bear gives me the required bravery to go forth with a quiet courage to fulfill my purpose in life S JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe Known affectionately by his friends in the spiritual community as Wisdom James he has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field I have an inner joy that continually overflows to those around me and a constant need to share these beautiful gifts that I have been blessed with It is my desire to imbue the gift of peace love and harmony into your life DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR WISDOM JAMES Go to www TrueBlueSpirit ca and click on the link to ask an Elder

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Aboriginal Spirit oto y F lia c m ar travis manle o Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 5

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Creating Change Barbara Adelborg CMH HT t Keep a n Ey e O u S In every issue of True Blue pirit you can enter our draw In this issue one reader will receive a complimentary copy of Paul Elder s Book Eyes of an Angel To be entered to win go to www truebluespirit ca click on Keep an Eye Out and fill in the form The Secret Word is BOOK A winner will be randomly selected by Mar 1st and will be announced in the next issue Our last issue winner of a complimentary Tarot Card reading by Erin Lawson is Chandra Bjornsen of Victoria BC Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis 104 225 Canada Avenue Duncan BC 250 746 1969 Uniting two lives in the miracle of love Available to perform your unique and meaningful ceremony This sacred contract that reflects the special qualities of two individuals will enhance your special day Carol Spencer Ordained Minister 250 538 8272

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Searching for Serenity SERENITY and Those Pesky Resolutions by Vince Pollitt W e are definitely well into the New Year This is a great time to check in on how those fabulous 2010 resolutions are going I m not looking for any real disclosure on your part but if you re like me and the other 90 of North Americans polled those champagne infused promises have flown out the window laughing all the way to the Bahamas again Truth be told I no longer make New Year s Resolutions I used to be a great one for new begin Delphine Fotolia com nings I was a master of all those fancy catch phrases the new leaf the fresh start and the ever popular tomorrow is a new day I dwelt in the land of magic numbers loving the first of any month or the 9th my birth date Full moons were always a good restarting point What was fun was getting to wait until the full the moon came If said moon was still two weeks away it was like taking a free ride on the Reading Railroad of indiscretion Cont d Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 7

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Searching for Serenity I have turned over countless new leaves in my 45 years I am convinced that those who are blessed by enduring serenity live comfortably in the present and they do not have a burning need to turn over new leaves every New Year or full moon or birthday Looking closely at my own journey I came to a number of realizations Primarily that my resolutions pointed to a long standing personal dissatisfaction with the life choices I was repeatedly making Secondly I found that my lack of motivation and willpower were often in conflict with my desires Finally I came to understand that one of my greatest skills was procrastination You should know as I write this I have only two days left until my deadline I do believe in consistency There is a quote I discovered in Leslie Bendaly s remarkable book Winner Instinct If we really want to live we d better start at once to try If we don t it doesn t matter we d better start to die W H Auden I really strive to live fully today this instant with passion and without regret I don t make resolutions anymore and do not intend to again I keep my life and daily choices simple I don t do anything that will complicate my lifestyle or relationships In other words I have finally learned to manage my plate What have I learned That it is easy to procrastinate that the excuses are varied from laziness to alternate priorities from perfectionism to fear of success I have learned that this is very stressful in the long term and not condu cive to living placidly amid the noise and haste Desiderata I learned that procrastinators favour self criticism myself included and absolutely love making resolutions I learned that to make changes in my life I needed to be gentle with myself everyday one day at a time I needed to simplify my life my relationships and my needs I needed to be content with right now whatever that moment brought This is not always easy I have learned that if I must make a resolution it must be that every morning I vow to simply let go No regrets I try not to make any choice that I might have to apologize for later These themes keep appearing in my articles but lasting serenity depends on them I ve let go of resolutions of special days and magic numbers to effect meaningful changes in my life I am content now in the knowledge that every day has meaning and is a lifetime worth living S VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancouver Island Vince combines almost three decades of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for music painting and writing As a spiritual coach he specialises in Reiki based pranic healing Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 9 Patricia Hofmeester Fotolia com

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Self M by Ehsida Bissett O skvoor Fotolia com Page 10 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 n a fresh sunshiny morning in Pacific Palisades I hiked along the windy wooded trail at Temescal Canyon with a dear friend The air blossomed with the scent of wild herbs and a twinkling turquoise ocean sparkled at us from every turn The rapture of the moment was so great that I felt as if I had become one with the beauty of nature no thoughts no emotions no mind just pure existence streaming through I cannot write without drinking came my friend s voice piercing through the magic I need a margarita every time I sit down to the typewriter I hate myself for it I don t know why I do it He was perplexed and so was I A brilliant and successful screenwriter he gave off the air of a man who could conquer anything Some years later I was at my own computer working on a story that was so delightful I was spurred into bouts of laughter and tears of joy The ideas were coming so fluidly that I could not put them down on paper fast enough I was in heaven Then suddenly my body began to ache I had to get up and stretch and go for a walk Then I sat down again and everything began flowing but within a few minutes the pain returned This continued all day until finally I stood up and asked myself out loud What What is this about Then it occurred to me I was streaming with pure creativity flowing with joy impassioned with what I was doing loving every moment I was literally getting high on life but that part of me that cannot exist in the light became frightened frightened of the heights of being IT had to distract me take me out of my rapture long enough to bring me back down into the safe lackluster boundaries of its control We all know this mysterious aspect of self It is that energy that looks for flaws where there is beauty It points out the imperfections in those we love It puts the

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Mastery thought of alcohol tobacco junk food or drugs in the mind long enough for people to believe they need them I suddenly understood my hiking friend s situation Margaritas were the ego s key weapon against his creative light just as my aching body kept me from my bliss This realization was a luminous moment in my life All I had to do was watch my ego and make conscious choices that would outsmart the old patterns Now every morning as I awake I remind myself that I am not alone There is an ego very attached to being in control of my life and I must show it that I am its master When I write I stretch and drink water and move around every half hour I breathe and bring my awareness into my body and remain in touch with how I am feeling I exercise and eat well and enjoy my inner sensations as much as possible and the ego does not have a chance of taking over because it can only get the upper hand if I am not present I have claimed my body and mind and the ego is now my loyal servant S EHSIDA BISSETT comes from from Victoria BC and now resides in Malibu California where she runs her company which is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring others www Tickled Inspirations com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 11

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Let us send you a token of appreciation We value your thoughts viewpoints and opinions as we evaluate potential future directions for our magazine We consider all input to be extremely important whether you read the magazine from cover to cover or skim it for certain sections or stories of interest Please take a few moments to visit our website www truebluespirit ca and complete our readership survey or call us with your contact information and we will send you a survey by mail 1 877 700 2760 Once you have submitted your completed survey form we would like to send you a small gift as a token of appreciation for taking the time to do so Be sure to check out our fresh new website www TrueBlueSpirit com and join us on Also three names from our survey participants will be drawn Apr 30 10 for additional gifts winners will be announed in the June July issue One reader will receive dinner for 2 at Jimmy O s Restaurant One reader will receive a complimentary Numerology reading by Shannon Wills One reader will receive an Intuitive reading for their pet by Stephanie McColl Thank you

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Enlightening Strikes 2012 What s the Fuss by Paul Elder A s our planet rockets through space and time draws ever nearer to 2012 it seems impossible to engage in esoteric discussions without giving thought to the mystery of the Mayan Calendar While so many of us navigate the flood of books internet chats television documentaries and the launch of Hollywood versions of 2012 the subject seems to have taken on a culture and life of its own Like many of my Remote Viewing colleagues I ve often been asked for my take on this vexing topic What does it all mean Could it really be the end of time the end of the world Could we be heading toward a mass exodus from the planet Or could it be another virtual non event like the Y2K crisis To begin I do not believe the Mayan Calendar heralds the end of the world in 2012 It simply marks the end of a 26 000 year epoch in time and the start of a subsequent period The calendar is not a chronicle of physical changes to the Earth but instead details the evolution of human consciousness through time Incredibly accurate in its tracking of astrological time it appears to delineate major shifts in consciousness that follow massive cultural transitions such as the agricultural evolution the industrial evolution and more recently the mind numbing advancements of technology The age of instant global communication has profoundly changed the consciousness of our planet No longer are repressive regimes able to hide abuses behind the cloak of anonymity and more importantly no longer are they able to shield their citizens from the influence of the rest of the world In thirty short years humanity has witnessed a tremendous shift towards individuals seeking higher spiritual relevance in their lives In most societies much of the shift appears to transcend fearbased dogmatic religions to more spiritually based beliefs in the spiritual equality of all beings and genders Cont d Stephen Sw eet Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 13

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So what are the major developments I see over the next few years Global economies will continue to struggle as nations maneuver through difficult times Parts of the world will experience hyperinflation in the cost of essential commodities including food resulting in wide spread unrest and conflict As a result of the continuing vacillation of global climates expect to see more erratic disruptions of nature Storms earthquakes tsunamis and droughts will test the mettle of many countries but we will not see the decimation of earth s populations as some believe The massive shift towards spiritual awareness will continue even more so in the face of mounting evidence of visiting extra terrestrials Expect a great deal of activity in the skies Unless human consciousness gains enough momentum to shift the global barriers of fear and hostility expect major escalations in conflicts in the Middle East and North Korea but these will all be resolved But above all I believe the most important revelation of the Mayan Calendar may be the profound shift towards a new spiritual balance on this planet the restoration of the feminine principle In this quickening time individual souls come to recognise the great inequities and injustices of male dominated societies and religions and realize that over the past several thousand years humanity has fallen drastically out of balance with nature God and our planet This is the time for hearts and minds around the world to remember and embrace the true nature of humanity as spiritual beings male and female energies in balance Dmitry Mayatsky Fotolia com Enlightening Strikes This is the time for a great spiritual integration and movement towards a more loving and nurturing planet of peace A wonderful time to be alive don t you think S PAUL ELDER is the author of the book Eyes of an Angel A survivor of three near death experiences he is a Remote Viewing instructor at the world renowned Monroe Institute in Virginia Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 15

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Spirit of the Dance An Invitation to Dance Scene Two by Michelle Staples T his is the second part of an RSVP inspired by Oriah Mountain Dreamer s The Invitation a message that has forever changed my dance in this world The Dreamer says It doesn t interest me if the story you are telling me is true I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy And I reply The memories I have are where my stories come from I have disappointed many along my journey myself included Through these disappointments I have begun to unravel the truth about myself truth that led me to my soul I want to know if you can see beauty even when it s not pretty every day and if you can source your own life from its presence I see beauty in places and people that I long ago stopped noticing beauty that astounds me saddens me excites and exhilarates me I see beauty in a place I didn t believe it existed a place that lives in the reflection of my eyes eri kama riag Fo tolia com Page 16 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

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Spirit of the Dance excitement about the adventures that wait for me tomorrow pulls me through the day I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and truly like the company you keep in the empty moments In the rare moments I am alone with myself I close my eyes cherish this space for reflection At times I cry at others I laugh and sometimes I listen to the messages I have been too busy to hear Then there are times I pick up the phone not able to bear what I have kept myself too busy to avoid I am a dance in progress S MICHELLE STAPLES is a transpersonal counsellor and intuitive energy worker She is a dance facilitator works in film with youth in her community and is an advocate for creating sustainability and social change Cristian N itu Fotol ia com I want to know if you can live with failure yours and mine and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon Yes From the mouth where the river dances into the lake I have found that failure yours and mine are actually gifts we have yet to open with the moon and the stars as our witness It doesn t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have I want to know if you can get up after a night of grief and despair weary and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children My grief and despair opened my eyes to the life I was not fully living My child opened my heart in a place where weary and bruised could never journey It doesn t interest me who you know or how you came to be here I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away There have been times when I have been a stranger even when surrounded by friends and loved ones I have walked out of a room to avoid the loneliness of being surrounded by people And when all else has fallen away and there is nothing left except the rhythm of my own heartbeat a childlike Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 17

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Let your Spirit Soar jewellery crystals inspired gifts soothing music aromatherapy spiritual books 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 Dragon Horse a candy store for the spirit New Age Crystals Books New Age Spiritual Music Greeting Cards for the Heart Japanese Incense 2408 Beacon Avenue Sidney BC 250 656 3088

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Hypnotherapy Who I was Then W by Barbara Adelborg CMH HT ho I was then is not who I am now Then I was caught up in the cycle of an eating disorder not trusting my relationship with food and my body I was fearful of my feelings and emotions I was terrified of experiencing my feelings because of the emotions attached to them I was living in a state of anxiety afraid of allowing those feelings to express who I was I always saw myself with a neon sign flashing on and off above my head screaming Bulimic Bulimic Bulimic I thought everyone around me could see it I set up a parameter of rules that had to fit within those beliefs in order to keep that neon sign flashing and keep me in fear and anxiety Within all of our lives we have something we would like to change Where in your life today do you have that flashing neon sign What rules have you put in place where you are stuck knowing you want to change but fearing the change I am no longer a recovering bulimic but a being who stands in my own light carrying my own beliefs experiencing my life fully within the personality called Barbara I choose now to acknowledge my feelings and emotions as they are no longer simply reacting to life but going with and trusting in the flow of my life The following mantra of love and gratitude brings about a peaceful feeling of going with the flow of your life and your time Sit comfortably close your eyes and for a while focus on your breath In and out In the quietness of your mind repeat the following allowing universal love and gratitude to flow through you With love and gratitude your name I thank you With love and gratitude your name I respect you With love and gratitude your name I love you As you practise this mantra remember that change takes time and patience Trust in the process and let go with love and gratitude S BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley where she has resided for over 30 years Barbara is trained in several hypnosis techniques typomaniac Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 19

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S True Blue pirit Retreat Join an intimate group of 32 participants July 15th through 18th 2010 nestled on the shore at The Haven on Gabriola Island B C Immerse Yourself in Possibility We d love to have you join us For details and cost click on Retreats at www truebluespirit com or call True Blue Spirit at 1 877 700 2760 Early Bird registration ends March 1st 2010 Note One of our magazine subscribers will be randomly selected to receive complimentary attendance to this all inclusive retreat

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Whether you are just learning to develop your psychic and intuitive abilities or you are ready to take them to another level this retreat is for you Explore your innate abilities under the guidance of our True Blue Spirit intuitives who will help you achieve a greater awareness of spirit while embracing your intuition to open up to new possibilities The retreat rates include meals accommodation and full daytime and evening agendas with teachings from more than ten intuitives Drawing on primordial traditions you will learn to put practices into place to enhance your journey through life Whether working with a Zen Practitioner creating the Nature s Essence that is right for you or spending an evening tapping into the energies of an ancient crystal skull and much more this True Blue Spirit retreat will take you through a wide range of intuitive possibilities Course Facilitators PAUL ELDER Author Teacher and Remote Viewing Trainer with the Munroe Institute SABINA PETTITT Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Co creator of Pacific Essences MICHAEL GINTOWT MA CAROL SPENCER Psychologist and Exopsychologist Spiritualist Medium M Ed VINCE POLLITT BARBARA ADELBORG CMH HT Zen Practitioner Spiritual Coach and Reiki Healer Clinical Hypnotherapist CHERYL DAWN JAMES HENRY SPENCER Native Healer Spiritual Teacher Wisdom James Healer and Spiritual Teacher KIRBY SEID Psychologist co founder Light Labyrinth Project Kirby brings the ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra STEPHANIE MCCOLL Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Please go to our website to read course details and learn about additional facilitators as well as private readings Call 1 877 700 2760 if you would like this information mailed to you

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Animal Whispers More on Healthy Pets by Stephanie McColl W hat s for dinner Mom A feverishly wagging tail and big pleading brown eyes looking up at me want to know I m sure this is familiar to some of you so I thought it would be helpful to expand a little on the subject of nutrition for our beloved pets There are as many theories on animal nutrition as there are on human nutrition and I can t tell you what the best diet is I have however learned over the years to listen to and trust my pets to tell me what they need as well as having done a lot of my own research Most researchers seem to agree on at least one or two common ideas and these are the simpler the better and when possible eat organic Animals have different needs and what may work for one may not for another so trying out different recipes may be necessary at first For instance dogs and cats have unique requirements Dogs need more of a balance between protein carbohydrates fruits and vegetables whereas cats need almost twice as much protein so it s important to know what is required before making up meals I don t have time to cook It takes too long I don t know where to get the ingredients and they re usually so expensive Michael Pettigrew Fotolia com Page 22 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

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Animal Whispers Sound familiar Well I ve discovered that it is actually less time consuming easier and far cheaper to make my own pet foods than it is to buy them Healthier homemade foods may add years to your pet s life and will save money on vet bills too Most of us have busy lives and we may not always have the time or the means to do what s ideal If time is an issue adding some whole foods to your pet s diet such as carrots celery sticks whole grain crackers apple slices left over meats yogurt or eggs can be an easy way of making meals healthier Thankfully there are now more and more natural pet foods being made that are using real animal protein and human grade ingredients Also most Health Food and grocery stores pet stores and some vets are now offering healthy alternatives As always read your labels and don t be afraid to ask where and how the products were made Here is one of my favorite recipes You can use it both for dogs and cats by simply altering the amount of protein versus carbohydrates For dogs the recipe is one third of each of the ingredients combined and for cats you simply add more protein making it two thirds protein and one third carbs and vegetables Don t be afraid to experiment by using different meats grains and vegetables Michael Pettigrew Fotolia com Lamb and Rice Diet Chicken beef turkey and organ meats can be substituted as well as carrots celery parsnips onion etc for the veggies 1 lb 2 cups cup 1 cup cup Ground lamb Brown rice long or short grain cooked organic Parsley chopped organic Zucchini grated organic Yogurt plain Steam or fry ground lamb lightly in 2 tbs oil olive sunflower or safflower In a saucepan combine lamb with rice and veggies and cook until veg is tender about 10 minutes Just before serving mix in the yogurt This can be made in batches and frozen to be used throughout the week Being creative with your pet s meals can be very rewarding for both of you Your pet will love you for the home cooked meal S STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 23

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Crystals Rose Quartz by Erin Lawson O ne of the first things I learned about crystals when I first started at Wishes was the fact that the crystal usually picks you More times than I can count a customer will come in and be drawn to a particular one and by looking at the crystal I can usually tell what s going on in their lives When someone is drawn to our featured crystal rose quartz love is on their minds Rose quartz a member of the quartz family has a hardness of 7 and comes in varying shades of soft pinks to deep rose Some of the best quality rose quartz is found in Madagascar India and Germany as well as areas in the U S though now most of the best specimens come from Brazil Ancient Romans believed that rose quartz helped to get rid of headaches and breathing problems and was useful in ridding the body of impuri an artin M com olia Fot Page 24 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 ties In some folklore wearing rose quartz was said to keep one looking young and women were urged to keep it under their pillows It is also used as the alternate birthstone for January When it comes to healing the heart there really is no better stone Most of us carry some kind of emotional scar tissue within Whatever happened at some point most of us have had our hearts broken That is where rose quartz comes in This stone emanates a deeply calming loving energy It s a bandaid when we re bleeding and ointment for the burn It works specifically with the heart chakra balancing and reflecting love back to us It reminds us that we are worthy of love and how important it is to love ourselves first and foremost Rose quartz is wonderful for attracting love to us as well It seems to set the intention that one is

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Crystals a F om om ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 13 years focusing mainly on tarot Since starting work at Wishes eight years ago she has learned much about crystals and the other tools that fill the store Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children c o ol ia a ma n da Fo to lia c an Martin t Fo Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 25 w ilm ot oli a c ready for love and acts as a magnet to attract it It can also be a useful stone to have in the house when there are a lot of emotional issues it can bring a sense of peace and forgiveness and will help to understand everyone else s point of view Wearing a rose quartz pendant is a great way to remind ourselves to speak with love as well Above all else rose quartz helps remind us to try to stay connected to the divine to remember that we are all connected on this planet humans animals and plants All countries rivers and oceans are connected by this earth we walk on and this thought also uncovers a bigger issue In our quest for spirit we are always on the lookout for tools to help us on our way but at what cost Disturbing reports are surfacing of companies mining crystals out of existence and of the inhumane conditions and poor wages that the miners face Believe me I wasn t comfortable with knowing this as I sat looking at some of the many crystals I felt I had to have But maybe if we all have a little awareness of where our tools are coming from and how they got to us then perhaps we can all start changing the way our earth is treated It all comes back to love S

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Herbs A little bit o Magic Heart by Betty Norton H appiness joy love sadness and grief all affect the energy of the heart All emotions the good the bad and the ugly must be processed by the spirit of the heart as part of the human process The heart has so much to do on the mechanical level then add the emotional ups and downs that go along with life It s no wonder diseases of the heart are so prevalent in our society Here is a little herbal magic to help give your heart some love and support Remember when focusing energy and taking time for yourself try to keep your intention clear and connect with the energy of the herbs To protect the heart Get a piece of white cotton cloth seven inches squared Next place into a bowl equal parts of Bay Fennel Cedar St John s Wort Lavender Motherwort Hawthorne Berries To attract love This helps to open up your heart to receive love While burning this incense think about what it would look and feel like to be in a loving relationship Mix together Lavender Rose petals Cinnamon powder or chips 3 drops Jasmine essential oil 3 drops Ylang Ylang 3 drops Sandalwood Mix evenly focus your thoughts and place in a beautiful jar Burn on charcoal in a heat safe dish e arbon yn b aril m Page 26 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 y one l Foto lia c om ol Fot om ia c

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Herbs A little bit o Magic Health A Bath ritual for self love Fill the tub Stand before it place some rose petals in the bath one at a time visualising each petal represents something you love about yourself Picture all those positive aspects circulating in the water Now get into the bath and feel all the positive aspects of yourself When you are done with the bath collect the petals and place them in a houseplant Remember the heart loves to feel laughter be nourished by good foods hear the voices of loved ones and enjoy life Health and Happiness to you o to F k l ikk lia co m Mix together focusing on your heart spirit being protected When you feel ready spread out the cloth place herbs in the middle gather up the corners with a red string As you tie the first knot say I bind thee to protect my heart spirit and heart energy Knot the string twelve times repeating the above words each time Keep the sachet with you or place somewhere special BETTY NORTON is an herbalist herbal formulator lifestyle consultant and teacher Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 27

Page 28

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Brain State Stress Relief J by Beth Lahti uliette a Shamanic Reiki master teacher became a brainstate technician a year ago A mother to four little ones she had severe stress in her life Embarking on brainstate s full time training regime with its vast information and exacting detail she was finding it difficult to sleep and never felt rested during the day Meanwhile she continued her Shamanic work Her mind was constantly racing and she became extremely sensitive to others energy She was a nervous car passenger and tended to burden herself with many obligations and tough situations only to burn out later As a requirement for the position Juliette had an intensive session Intellsensors were placed on her head for a brain map and combined with her personal goals Protocols were created specifically for her After her initial two hour session she felt an immediate sense of relief Peace and calm replaced the anxiety she had been experiencing She felt exponential improvement over the following eight sessions each of which lasted two hours She wrote Not only was I balancing and harmonizing the electrical frequencies in my brain but I was also receiving spiritual guidance and support After the completion of her intensive training Juliette was able to feel rested after only six hours of sleep There were no twinges of pain when she was around people with anger or depression issues She was able to ride comfortably in a vehicle and felt a deep sense of calm despite her stressful external circumstances Her memory improved and she engaged in public speaking with ease A year has passed and she is still reaping the benefits S BETH LAHTI is co owner of Finlandia Pharmacy and Natural Health Centre in Vancouver with her husband Harlan and is a certified Brain State Technician at the Center Anastasia Karamova Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 29

Page 30

I CHING The by Michael Gintowt L iu x ian g F oto lia c om Page 30 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

Page 31

Classic of Changes T he Classic of Changes the I Ching is one of the oldest Chinese books in existence Sages observing nature around 3 000 BCE developed the basic concepts and the earliest complete texts are over 2 000 years old It is both a philosophical treasure and a system for divination Divination an intuitive aid reveals the subtle processes that link us to the universe The I Ching is a system of hexagrams or six stacked lines The lines are either yin or yang the two fundamental forces of the universe These two forces are complementary each one dependent upon the other in an everlasting dance of varying interaction The symbol at left shows the two forces within the circle of the Great Unity where yin holds within it the seed of yang and vice versa Both forces both sides of Unity are in constant motion just as day is constantly shifting into night as breathing shifts in and out Yin and yang are process attributes that can be given to anything anywhere Yin and yang lines are combined in sets of three giving rise to eight trigrams representing fundamental forces of nature When they are in turn combined with each other we get 64 hexagrams Each hexagram illustrates a quality of time a process and its promise for success or failure The text suggests ways and attitudes that increase the chances of a favourable outcome or not Hexagram 14 Hexagram 55 Thus it is an intuitive guide constantly encouraging the reader to adopt the appropriate attitude and describing what that attitude looks like in practice Divination with the I Ching is not about what will happen but rather what is the correct way for such and such to happen or If this happens then how can I best respond or If I continue in this way what is the likely outcome or What is going on right now and how can I conduct myself so it turns out well I consulted the I Ching on how to best describe it to True Blue Spirit readers I tossed a set of three coins to generate the lines The response paraphrased from Hexagrams 14 and 55 was The I Ching is a possession that continually gives abundantly It is portable and is blessed by Heaven It can help you bear large burdens and to make difficult contentious decisions about what is right and wrong The I Ching is a venerable classical book for delving into the intricacies of Chinese philosophy or to consult for guidance S MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology and formal training in hypnosis behavioural neurobiology and clinical psychology His interest in the paranormal can be traced to when he was 14 years old and corresponded with Dr J B Rhine the pioneering parapsychologist For decades he has been involved with the divinatory arts shamanic practices and martial arts He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife www exopsychology net Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 31

Page 32

THE FOOL Taking a Step as by Alison Skelton m a n g ia F oto lia co m Z b ig niew N o w ak F oto lia com Page 32 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

Page 33

the Sacred Self A lle sG ut e T he archetypes of the Tarot and the symbolism of each card hold an endless opportunity to explore ourselves and our relationship to spirit The Fool represents perfect presence the moment just before we leap into an unknowable future He connects us to the space and stillness that is created when we let go of the past and allow the future to be a mystery He is consciousness fully expressed in the present moment the impulse of the creator on the verge of creation the awakening of pure potential The Fool represents the Soul emerging from the source of light He has hatched from the cosmic egg like a newborn naive and carefree and travels oblivious to his surroundings regardless of obstacles He is on the verge of an abyss yet has no sense of danger and no hesitation The white dog is his animal ally which urges him on and symbolizes pure instinct which cannot misdirect him as long as it is unencumbered by ego projections fears and regrets The dog is a faithful companion and is unleashed free and masterless unrestricted and unlimited by any need to resist or obey rules Instinct is not bound by dogma duty or obligation This Fool wears a crown of laurel which symbolizes his spiritual victories over ego constructs and associated expectations ideals and standards that would limit his self expression Placed in the wreath is the red feather which tells us that the Fool s mind is free and unencumbered by the past and has no guilt or regret The Egyptian hieroglyph meaning truth is depicted as a feather which is known as Maat s plume Maat is the Fo to lia co m mother goddess who weighed the souls of the dead in her balance scales If the soul was found to be as light as her feather then it was considered pure and free of all guilt Across his shoulder the Fool carries a staff symbolizing his directed will through which he may indicate his course of action He carries a bag containing his memories and past experiences suspended from the staff which enables him to shift the weight of his burden so the baggage of the past is put aside and not used as a justification or motivation for present action An eye of consciousness is often depicted on the bag which reminds him to keep an eye on his own past based ego stories in order to keep from unconsciously repeating them and falling back into familiar patterns of limitation The eye symbol is said to counteract the evil eye which is a kind of thought projection that disempowers us Negative self talk and self images from the past will do the same if we are not present and alert to their stories We react strongly to the eye symbol The eye is thought to be the window of the soul and eye contact is of vital importance in our relationships especially between mother and baby at birth The bond created with this direct gaze ensures the survival of the newborn and the Fool is in a constant state of rebirth The Fool s robe is black symbolizing the material realm with the red lining of passion and vitality His inner garment is white representing purity of spirit Before we can be free from the restrictions of the material world we must shed the cloak by unfastening the girdle which has twelve Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 33

Page 34

golden baubles symbolizing time and the zodiac When we release ourselves from the illusory limiting concepts of time we can be present in the empowered NOW No sooner do we free ourselves but the cloak slips back on and we are bound again by the illusion and tyranny of time In many decks the Fool wears a motley robe often ragged or mismatched This is the Fool s disguise which enables him to appear to be of no consequence The Fool has given up his need to look good and therefore does not appear to fit with the norm He knows that by living as he does he may be seen as foolish to some yet he wears this image freely and consciously knowing that the opinions and prejudices of others mean nothing and that it is his pure soul that defines his worth People who embody this often misunderstood Archetype often don t conform or are judged as irresponsible They may be seen as a burden to society or feared for their unpredictability and unbridled self expression Perhaps we secretly wish we were so free to live in the moment In his left receptive feminine hand which is closest to his heart he holds a white rose which is open and unfurled This is his pure open soul receptive and available and exquisitely beautiful He will have it always although he holds it lightly it allows him absolute freedom of expression It is also symbolic of the virginal aspect of the Goddess The sun in the upper right hand corner is the spiritual sun which never descends When we are present illumination is always available and the powers of the soul self are always at their height and never diminish We are beings of light and energy and therefore a limitless source of energy is available for transformation at all times The Fool stands on the cliff s edge showing that he has gone as far as he can on his present path Since the soul is always ready for the next adventure he is about to take a step which will lead to a new realm of experience through transformation Meanwhile he gazes up into the realm of spirit rather than down to his feet Page 34 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

Page 35

The mountain peaks behind him represent spiritual achievement His past journey has formed a structure or foundation for his continuing journey The mountains great height and violet colour crowned with white symbolize the crown chakra and what lies beyond it the magnificence of the spirit The mountains are like a protective wall a spiritual womb for the Fool is in the constant process of being reborn Of course he needs some grounding energy to remind him to look after the physical body as it is the temple of his soul There are no extraordinary results without risk after all it is risky being born and risky exploring our soul self The Fool is the innocent hero who is focused on the values and principles that are his purest motivations His intention is to move forward regardless of risk present in the process of life without being invested in the end result or destination He is the pure and present embodiment of the Divine Life Force ego less and free A complete and unified being within himself he possesses the foolishness of the Divine which is far greater than the wisdom of mankind To invoke the Fool is to invite transformation and let go of our attachment to form So let us call upon the wisdom of foolishness and find true genius in freedom S ALISON SKELTON has been reading Tarot for 30 years She teaches classes in Creative Consciousness and psychic self development She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor She may be reached at transform alisonskelton com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 35

Page 36

Enter Edd s Cartoon Caption contest Go to www truebluespirit ca and submit your caption for the cartoon on the upper left The winning caption will be announced in the next issue of True Blue Spirit and the winner will receive a 50 00 cash prize Yes fifty dollars In small unmarked bills Contest entry deadline for this cartoon is February 28th 2010 The winner of the caption contest from Vol 2 Issue 2 is Robert Sears of Gabriola BC See his caption under Edd s cartoon on the left Could I please see number 1 without the hat Page 36 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

Page 37

Nature s Essence Tony by Sabina Pettitt I love turtles and of course Pacific Essences made the first turtle sea essence from the Green Sea Turtles of Hawaii But my love affair with turtles did not prepare me for the majesty and beauty of Tony Tony is a six year old Egyptian Tortoise who was rescued when his owner was no longer able to care for him properly Read the novelty of this exotic pet wore off In fact Tony responded to the inadequacy of his care by eating a brick wall leading to a total impaction of his intestines with broken chunks of hard brick I recently had the privilege of Tony s atten dance at a class I was teaching at Pacific Rim College He came to class with Maryanne Campeau an essence healer who had worked with him the previous year It is hard to say how big a role his first essences had on assisting his healing But the reading I did for him tuned in acutely and accurately to his circumstances and surgery was avoided Hermit Crab essence for loneliness and the ability to feel at home wherever we are Sand dollar for being able to see beyond illusion Sea Lettuce for facing the dark side clearing heat and toxicity from the stomach and intestines Sea Turtle for grace persistence and adaptability Cont d Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 37

Page 38

Page 39

Nature s Essence His second reading called forth Dolphin to ease depression and foster playfulness lightheartedness Anemone addresses pain as well as victim consciousness Lastly Pink Seaweed for groundedness and patience with new beginnings Tony s life has improved greatly with his new home and friend But let s face it the rainforest of Vancouver Island is quite different from his natural dry desert home No wonder he came to class with respiratory symptoms Indeed this reading indicated three essences related to Lung channel and Metal element in traditional Chinese medicine Metal corresponds to the emotion of grief Polyanthus is for self worth Indian Pipe for reverence of all life Sponge to cultivate a sense of hope and wonder filtering impurities Rainbow Kelp for alchemic transformation and integrating the reptilian limbic and rational front brain For all the care and attention from his present caregiver Tony was still trying to find his emotional equilibrium Interestingly as soon as he received his essences he started eliminating As if he was ready to let go of the old stuff that was blocking a state of inner balance On visiting the following week he again needed Pink Seaweed Sea Turtle and Hermit Crab as in previous readings Plus Grass Widow for releasing limiting beliefs and patterns We interpreted this to mean he was still unsettled and a friend could be considered to ease his loneliness This time he gravitated to one particular student Was it her soft Indian chanting or loving attention that settled him by her side Perhaps a female tortoise will be in his future My main work is with humans where I generally select essences based on signs and symptoms goals and kinesiology I am in awe of how animals are able to use the essences to communicate their needs to us and how quickly they respond to them S SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine an author and the co creator of Pacific Essences Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 39

Page 40

Numerology Number by Shannon Wills W elcome everyone to the World of Numerology I am currently working my way through a series of articles referring to the Ruling or Life Path numbers If you have missed the previous articles you can purchase the past issues of True Blue Spirit by going to ww truebluespirit ca In this article I hope to introduce you to or expand your understanding of the influential values of the Ruling Number 5 You can find your Ruling Number Life Path by following the example in the box on the right The number 5 symbolizes freedom expansion emotional expression and movement It is the second number on the soul plane and represents the heart chakra Compassion which is the highest form of love and sensitivity is its attribute When I talk to people with this Ruling Number I sense their capacity to feel their emotions on a deep level often leading to an ability to empathize with others as they mature This sensitivity can enhance the gift of psychic awareness and provide the passionate fuel found in the work of all great artists From the depths of despair to the sublime states of profound peace this journey is about anchoring passion to a creative star I have several close friends as well as two grandchildren with this Ruling Number and know that children especially need to be heard if they are to stay open to the gifts of their innate sensitivity Whether you are a good friend or a loving caregiver the art of active listening is an effective tool providing a necessary atmosphere for support and validation to prosper The mastery of sensitive expression is one of the true refinements of human endeavours and it is a task requiring discipline to be accomplished successfully A 9 to 5 life is usually too constraining for the number 5 person and most yearn for the freedom to work on their own terms We find many working as freelance writers traveling salespersons and artists These adventurous spirits love the exploration of other cultures which Page 40 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 Fi

Page 41

Numerology ive To determine your ruling add together all the digits of your birth date then reduce this sum to a single digit unless this sum equals 11 or 22 This final number is your Ruling Number Example Feb 07 1985 2 07 1 9 8 5 32 Reduce 3 2 5 Numerology is the study of the significance of numbers and names valuable tools in helping us understand our purpose in life This is a series of articles about the Ruling or Life Path Numbers and how they influence our growth and development satisfy their yen for adventure movement and change The light and shadow sides of every number has no exception and when healthy development is not thwarted the light side shines and our culture is blessed with happy productive people with a great deal to offer The shadow side can lead to unfinished projects throwaway relationships substance abuse and emotional instability Fortunately the reality that something needs to change usually leads one out of this trap before it takes a firm hold Music nature friendship and laughter are all excellent mood shifters the liberal use of such tools is a good habit to fall into Eventually there comes a recognized need to delve into the heart chamber to find that still point where the silent truth of who we are comes forward and blesses us with a sense of higher purpose and spiritual connection The light side of these people bring to our world unusual and often unconventional contributions We find them as performing artists as well as gifted musicians authors and playwrights We hear the passion in their speeches and are moved by their paintings and sculptures we read their books and essays that make our hearts beat with excitement tears flow and understanding dawn They open us all to the deep world of feeling SHANNON WILLS has been a Metaphysical student for over 40 years Several years as a professional channeler assisted her progress in understanding spiritual energy As a Reiki Master Teacher she has merged the power of sound to create a unique healing experience for her clients Her interest in Numerology began in the late 80 s and blossomed when she discovered a spiritual connection to numbers v u ifa h Fo tolia com DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT NUMEROLOGY Go to www TrueBlueSpirit ca and click on the link to ask our numerologist Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 41

Page 42

Going with th by Janet Laidlaw A t 1 30 am on a Tuesday I awoke to my dog barking and the startling reality that my slippers were floating in water next to the bed My next week concluded with carrying a deceased woman s body to the crematorium Sometimes life is like that After two and a half hours of sleep my partner Jonathon and I awoke to a stream of water running into my office and bedroom He looked outside and said You won t believe this I didn t even have to look I believed him A drain pipe had become blocked creating a powerful Page 42 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 stream that flowed straight into my office and bedroom That night we acquainted ourselves with the fire department a restoration company representative and an appliance I d obtained but hadn t used called a FloorMate The image of my floating slippers and Jonathon vacuuming up water with the FloorMate at breakneck speed are forever etched into my brain But that was only the beginning At 6 30 am we had done all we could and went to catch a couple of hours sleep An hour later Jonathon s sister called His mom had fallen and was disoriented When we dropped in to see her she was

Page 43

he Flow clearly distressed She was taken to hospital later that day On Wednesday morning the restoration gang arrived to rip out the less than two year old flooring on the entire ground level We had taken my dogs for a walk and as their truck pulled in my little border collie Asha dropped to the ground I ran to investigate and saw that she was spewing blood from her throat As we quickly made the decision to rush her to the vet she coughed out an eleven inch long thorny stick Asha s head is only eight inches long Jonathon s mother then had a cardiac episode She had pneumonia on top of a series of strokes In the meantime minor issues continued to crop up we realized my hot water tank was leaking and Jonathon lost his cell phone My ex partner offered to take me to court We spent several hours over each of the next few days with Jonathon s mom in hospital as family members and friends also paid their respects On Tuesday a week after our flood and the initial phone call about Jonathon s mom the family decided to move her home where she could pass peacefully in familiar surroundings Tuesday night Jonathon and I stayed in her room with her Jonathon s mom traditionally shared pizzas with him on Tuesday evenings That evening we had our last pizza night with her Jonathon s sister washed her tucked her in gently and said goodnight She was hot feverish and unresponsive clearly disconnecting from the body she once knew as home ana Svetl om tolia c ev Fo At 4 am Jonathon and I drank Drambuie which she d shared with us in the past and toasted joy and pain Just before 9 am she took her last breath and made her way to the other side Over the next two days the family made do it yourself style arrangements in line with her individualist values On Friday afternoon I was honoured to be part of a group of family and friends who carried her casket to the crematorium The good news is no one was electrocuted in the flood Asha is fine and Jonathon s mom is on a new journey free from a body that was causing her pain Life like water ebbs and flows transforming what it touches Our challenges can either drive us apart or bring us together spiritually Here s to joy and pain the stuff of life S JANET LAIDLAW is a video writer producer focused on spiritual and psychic development Janet s preoccupations include animals psychic and intuitive art and developing mediumship Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 43

Page 44

Fantasy Realms A Jour by Astra Crompton F iction writers and non fiction writers rarely see eye to eye Lovers of fiction see non fiction as unoriginal boring and stale non fiction aficionados see fiction as flighty irrelevant and escapist Of the subgenres of writing fantasy is usually pegged as the worst of the worst But there is a capacity in fantasy for understanding perhaps unconventional but often unexplored As a fantasy writer I have done a great deal of exploration both of Earth and the world on which my novels take place I have studied human culture history religion emotions in an attempt to better understand the workings of my Fantasy Realm Over the years I have studied these fantastical races their languages cuisine fashion wars religious practices magical systems superstitions and lineages Their strange names and customs have become familiar as if I were accepted by some rural tribe I have come to understand their mind sets their emotions their inter relations and motives All this exploration for the sake of good writing But in fantasy writing there is no right answer There is no previous work to cross reference no historian to call your bluff The world is entirely a product of your own mind comprehension and ability to portray what you see Because of this freedom there are no holds barred No path one is forced to follow no doctrine to adhere to You are free to really step out of the box and approach questions of morality spirituality motive and reasoning with fresh eyes uninhibited by human history or human beings at all And when I grasped these fantasy races understood them and their ways as truly as my own nature I realized an unexpected boon I now understand myself better In my quest to travel to a far off alien world to immerse myself in everything that was not Earth and was not human I found myself full circle From a standpoint on that alien world I looked back at Earth and its peoples and found that I was able to see humanity with fresh eyes It was easier to have Paul Fleet Fotolia com Page 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

Page 45

rney of Understanding patience and understanding I found myself with a heightened curiosity for the actions of those around me and my own responses I was more keenly aware of my emotions Without meaning to I had become more intimate with myself While my writing did not physically take me from my chair the journey through a fantasy realm really opened up this world Whenever I take time away from Earth to write I come back refreshed renewed and excited to face it as if I were from the other realm and this were all new Rather than the stillness of meditation fantasy writing is a flexing of imagination assembling the arsenal of memory experience and understanding I have amassed and fusing it into a colourful impression that gives me release and a view of what is too easily ignored as mundane Give the journey of fantasy a chance Remember the openness of your mind as a child your ease in belief and acceptance that the innocence of youth allowed you While often rusty in adulthood those capacities are still in each of us Flex them now and then with your own journey to a fantasy realm and see what unfolds when you come back down to Earth S ASTRA CROMPTON was born and raised in Victoria Canada An only child she found ways of entertaining herself creating worlds for her numerous stories Astra is currently working on her Ul Zaorith novels doing both writing and illustrating She has published doujinshi comics written several short stories completed her first manuscript and is working on a web comic Angel Down Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 45

Page 46

Worthwhile Reading Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth by Peter Kelder I was doubtful when I first opened this book but then I reminded myself the book more or less dropped into my hands so why not read it I soon became intrigued When you first open the book you will see pages of reader testimonials of how their gray hair went back to its original colour they looked and felt 20 years younger they were cured of many health problems such as arthritis joint problems chronic pain emotional and mental problems and much more The main character searching for the fountain of youth traveled to Tibet where after a long and difficult trek in the remote mountainous region discovered people who he found to be in remarkable states of health and youthfulness What was their secret They thought it not a secret at all but the basic principles of living They taught him the five rites to perform daily which are basic for tapping into the fountain of youth The author who knew the main character personally met with him on his return from Tibet and did not recognize him He appeared 20 years younger ISBN 0 385 49162 X The Secret Life Of Plants by Peter Thomkins A fascinating account of the physical emotional and spiritual relations between plant and man Plants not only have emotions similar to ours they communicate with each other and are connected to humans by extrasensory perception Even though you may be thousands of miles away from your plants they will feel and react to your emotions or spoken words Show them love and they will develop into beautiful healthy plants display hatred toward them and they will slowly perish Police have been known to use plants as a form of lie detector or through electronic devices connected to plants to identify a thief or murderer We are dependent on plants to provide over 400 billion tons of food per year along with oxygen for us to breathe Without plants we could not exist Read how the chemicals we cover our land with are not only harming our plants but also ourselves Read how to grow healthy crops free from disease without using insecticides fungicides germicides or chemical fertilizers Healthy plants healthy people A truly wonderful book that gives me a very spiritual and loving feeling towards all plants ISBN 0 06 091587 0 The Artist the Alien by Dena Blatt This is the true story of Shirle Klein Carsh and her relationship with an extraterrestrial looking like us living on earth Alien Frank is from the planet Sirius and selected an artist Shirle who has the indigo wanderer star child traits to paint past civilizations that have destroyed themselves while he also offers an antidote For two years he guides her in her psychological spiritual and artistic development Shirle s communication with aliens and UFO s is remarkable Alien Frank is a teacher and mentor who impresses on us to get along with each other and to work on our spiritual evolution With millions of planets and stars is it possible that we are not alone in the universe ISBN 978 1 4327 1285 3 By Allen Engst Page 46 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

Page 47

Phenomena Star Nations by Michael Gintowt MA T he idea that the Universe is populated with intelligent life is not new From the most ancient times world wide in oral traditions going back ten thousand years we find stories about visitors from the heavens Erik von Daniken was one of the first popular writers to bring this to accepted awareness with his bestselling book Chariots of the Gods published in 1968 He was followed by others who researched and summarized the historical records that spoke of Gods from above and marvellous celestial events Those records were often associated with architectural remains such as the Great Pyramid Tiahuanaco and Baalbek that suggest an extraordinary capability to move shape and place extremely heavy stones Such capability it has been suggested might indicate that early human civilization may have had some help The Bible in particular is a treasure trove of ET related material Many passages can be understood or interpreted as descriptions of spacecraft and their occupants the most famous of these being the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel when he wrote in 529 BC As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction their appearance was like the gleaming of a chrysolite being as it were a wheel within a wheel The four wheels had rims and they had spokes and their rims were full of eyes round about And when the living creatures went the wheels went beside them and when the living creatures rose from the earth the wheels rose Could he have witnessed what we would call today a UFO Maybe we were not visited by extraterrestrials Perhaps ancient peoples were very resourceful I innovari Foto lia com lia Foto licoe Fa Jo co Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 47 m

Page 48

Is your HEART a Ticking Time Bomb Your Heart Beats 100 000 times a day 36 millions times a year and certainly deserves more attention If you are 45 use CoQ10 Ubiquinol Kaneka QH Coenzyme Q10 is an extremely important nutrient that every cell in your body must have in order to produce energy Until now most supplements available on the market contained ubiquinone form of CoQ10 However in order to generate cellular energy your body must convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol As you age your ability to convert CoQ10 becomes very poor hence if you are over 45 the best way to achieve optimal benefits of CoQ10 is the ready to use activated form Inno Q Nol the biologically superior form of CoQ10 for people 45 Available at Back to Nature Finlandia Natural Pharmacy Jeanie s Vitamins Lifestyle Markets Nutraways Lynn s Vitamin Gallery Nature s Fare The Vitamin Shop The Vitamin House and other quality Natural Health stores in your area 1 800 387 9111 www inno vite com

Page 49

Phenomena spoke with a Peruvian shaman from the high Andes who possessed an oral tradition that included knowledge of geometry and astronomy He did not believe that the enormous stone placements at Tiahuanaco had anything to do with extraterrestrials He said We know how to work with stone I spoke with a respected Tibetan Lama also trained as a priest of the Bon the pre Buddhist shamanic practice of Tibet He said that UFOs might be a type of demigod superior to humans in some ways living in what we could call a parallel universe or alternate dimension but spiritually inferior to us In contrast other shamans and tradition keepers maintain legends of what are known in North America as Star Nations There is a tribe in the Amazon for example that has a tradition that they originally came from the sky The area is rife with UFO sightings that they take for granted Turtle Island s North America s First Nations have ceremonial lodges for the Star Nation traditions stories and rituals They are kept secret probably for good reason This is an area of research that could be developed and is one focus of exo psychology the branch of psychology devoted to understanding the psychological aspects of the UFO phenomenon As we evolve our thinking the connections between outer space and inner space may become clearer S innovari Fotolia com MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology and formal training in hypnosis behavioural neurobiology and clinical psychology His interest in the paranormal can be traced to when he was 14 years old and corresponded with Dr J B Rhine the pioneering parapsychologist For decades he has been involved with the divinatory arts shamanic practices and martial arts He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife www exopsychology net Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 49

Page 50

Reader Response Soothing effect A few of your magazines recently came into my hands from an elderly friend I felt privileged that she shared them with me as I could tell that she treasured them As I read True Blue Spirit I came to see WHY right away They are so refreshing and informative in small spoonfuls The choice of colour and pictures are very charming and have a healing soothing effect I found myself very excited to read them and left me wanting more Thank you for following your inspiration and having the courage to move forward with this beautiful project This magazine is touching hearts and lives in ways beyond comprehension Keep up the good work Take good care Doris S Victoria BC Bless your intuition Found your magazine only 2 month s ago and of course had to subscribe immediately Thank you so much for enriching my life and helping me trust my intuition more strongly Bless your intuition Dorothy to be driven to give birth to such a magazine Kasandra O Tisdale Sask Thank you for your kind words Kasandra and also for the beautiful picture I will be in touch with you soon Thank you for acknowledging my intuition as the launch of the magazine was purely an intuitive journey and believe me I am learning and growing from it on a regular basis I m only human so I constantly shake off the seeds of doubt that try to plant themselves deep into my brain Letters such as yours make all the difference in the world Keep well Dorothy Jeanne Thank you Doris and thank you to your friend for sharing I am so glad you felt the healing and soothing effect from the photos and colour Each issue has felt like a blank canvas on my easel and as the pages come together there is a sense of anticipation as to how each story and photo may touch another s heart I know the writers feel the same way as they share their stories My wish today is that we continue to touch your heart for years to come Keep well Dorothy Jeanne It is good what you do I recently found a copy of your current issue in the lobby of my apartment building and took it which was reasonable as that is how people in my building recycle I recently got my current desk the same way I am an intuitive thinker I have been this way for a long time Perhaps all of my days So it was an eye opener to see that there is a magazine that believes in this mode of thinking However I am not a big one for reading so I will have to see how it goes reading this issue before I go and send you a m o to subscribe As I peck away at reading the Oct Nov 2009 issue I am sure I will enjoy It is good what you do it really is Sydney F Victoria BC Thank you Sydney I hope you enjoyed the recycled copy of True Blue Spirit and that the latest issue has managed to make its way into your hands Just keep on recycling the more hands our gift from the heart reaches the better All the best to you Keep well Dorothy Jeanne PS What an awesome way to get your desk Page 50 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 They calm me in the busy city Thank you my books are here safe and sound What a joy They are so beautiful Information for the mind spirit and soul They calm me in the busy city and bring me back to Salt Spring Island I have never seen books with such beautiful presentation Again thank you Janet D Ottawa Ont O lga R u t k oFotolia com Janet I am glad your magazines made it there in one piece and that you did as well When you called to subscribe before your move I was delighted to know that True Blue Spirit was heading out east with another of our readers Thank you for the beautiful card Keep well Dorothy Jeanne

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Wisdom from Buddie by Cheryl Dawn I received a message from my dog Buddie Words of wisdom that we all need to hear now and again At 3 00 am my dog for some reason wanted to go outside Off he went and did not return I went to look for him and found him barely moving and hardly able to stand I thought he had gotten into rat poison At the animal hospital I caught myself saying out loud Not yet Buddie don t check out I need you more than ever Just hang on little guy What he had was possibly a bad case of food poisoning from something he had gotten into hours earlier He also had an infection for which he was given pain killers and antibiotics And he was suffering from a slipped disk caused by tensed up muscles from his pain My belief is our pets do take on a lot of our emotions and illnesses to help us heal They come into our lives for many reasons to help open up our hearts teach us to love be our guides or be a special companion who loves us unconditionally They help us heal the emotional hurt from which we are suffering At times this can cause illnesses in them They want us to live a joyful life They do communicate to us all the time Do we hear them If our pets become unmanageable they are trying to say something At times they are only reacting to our feelings and the emotions that we are putting out in our home environment They are trying to say Come on move forward don t do what is killing you What are you doing Do what makes you happy You re not listening How come you can t hear me I am bored walk me please After two and a half days of Buddie getting worse at home I finally e mailed some friends and students in the energy healing industry and asked for long distance healing to assist both of us E mails came in and even within fifteen minutes people showed up at the door Half an hour later Buddie was resting peacefully instead of lying tense with pain Yes I could have brought him back to the hospital and had him put on intravenous but if these were to be his last moments I didn t want to abandon him I fell asleep beside him on the floor Eight hours later I woke up with a kiss on my hand as he was standing over me looking great after three days of trauma I was thrilled He was running around like nothing had happened to him I was amazed but was alarmed at the message I received from him shortly after that Thank you Mom Now if you all put that healing loving energy into the world more often just as you did for me the world would be a much better place The truth shocked me I had slipped I was giving gratitude and prayers every day but not spending time time focused on praying and sending out loving healing energy to the world and all that is I received confirmation from a friend who was sending Reiki energy to Buddie An energy ball formed in her palms with a clear message from Bud to direct this energy to the world Understanding she sent the ball of energy outward visualizing the world like a globe and enveloping it with this ball of energy Thank you Buddie Cheryl Dawn Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher with A Journey with your Spirit Energy Medicine Programs 7 Month Energy Medicine Lightworker s Healer s Program Call for Feb or March start up dates if you missed the Jan 7th 1 2 3 or 4 day Shamanic Teachings March 6 7 8 9 Balancing the Chakras with drumming crystals rattles native sweeping Third eye attunement hearing your messges from angels Guides medicine wheel much more One day Healing for Self and the Universe March 20th 1 Reiki Level 3 Masters Teacher Certificate April 9 10 11 Individual apt over the phone for Deep Emotional Release Soul Retreival and Inner Child work Cheryl Dawn is a Native Healer Teacher in Cross Cultural Shamanic Energy Work Email Cheryl ajourneywithyourspirit com www ajourneywithyourspirit com 250 652 5849 Crystal Chakra Balancing animals and people Shamanic Teachings Reiki Masters Teachers Getting in touch with your Angels and Guides Deep Emotional Release Tech Vision Quests Retreats

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Healthy Body Healthy Spirit E lena t F wise he o tolia co m Going Raw Step Two by Shawna Barker BSc RHN W e are now onto step two of the six step series to help you towards an 80 raw foods program In step one we talked about what raw foods consist of and some of the health benefits associated with eating raw We explained how not heating food above 118 degrees F leaves the nutrients and enzymes intact therefore maintaining the life force energy that is no longer present in cooked foods So what are these enzymes in food and why are they so important Enzymes are necessary for every metabolic process in every living organism They are made up of proteins that become denatured when heated above a certain temperature rendering them inactive Because Page 52 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 the enzymes are still active in raw foods they are much easier to digest than cooked foods The enzymes in the food and the enzymes we produce in our digestive system work together so the more enzymes in our food the less digestive enzymes we have to use This fact alone is one of the main reasons there are so many health benefits associated with living foods The less energy our body has to spend on digestion the more there is to spend on other things like building the immune system and cleansing out toxins Supplying the body with enzymes becomes even more important as we age since the digestive system is no longer able to produce as many enzymes as it once could Age related conditions like weight

Page 53

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit gain arthritis inflammation low energy poor digestion and loss of muscle tone can be attributed to decreased enzyme activity Improving your digestive function by eating more raw foods puts you on a path towards optimal health A proper functioning digestive system allows for better absorption of nutrients less strain on the liver and pancreas and efficient elimination of toxins The following recipe for Collard Wraps is great on its own or you can add a salad or raw soup to make a satisfying meal If you are just getting used to raw greens you can use a lettuce leaf as the wrap instead S Collard Wraps 4 collard leaves cut in half lengthwise and remove the stem each half will make one roll In a food processor blend 1 cup 1 3 cup cup tsp 1 handful cup tbsp 1 clove Sunflower seeds Lemon juice Raw tahini use regular if you can t find raw Sea salt Parsley chopped Celery chopped Ginger chopped Garlic m Spread mixture on collard or lettuce leaf top with shredded beets and carrots sliced red pepper and avocado roll it up and enjoy a toli Fo c o Vin i us Tupin a amb ic SHAWNA BARKER is a holistic nutritionist organic farmer and raw food chef in Victoria BC She teaches raw food workshops has a Raw Meals on Wheels program and runs Gaia s Living Foods in Cook St Village in Victoria BC a Raw Food Cafe Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 53

Page 54

Partners in Health 9738 Willow St PO Box 141 Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 Ph 250 246 9838 Fx 250 324 2996 Chemainus Health Food Store Open Mon Sat 9 30 5 30 and Sun 12 4 Need an answer Go to www TrueBlueSpirit com Ask Doctor Know N D Health a Wholeness Concept Ladysmith Health Food Store Ltd AJ s Corner on Health Janice Peters N C 531 1st Avenue PO Box 70 Ladysmith BC V9G 1A1 Ph 250 245 2123 Fx 250 245 2993 Ask an Elder Wisdom James

Page 55

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Licensed to Krill by Dr Lee Know W e ve all heard by now that omega 3 fish oils are extremely beneficial for many aspects of human health from brain and eye development to mood and mental capacity from joint health to cardiovascular health While this seems encouraging the problem is that the dose of fish oils needed to get actual results is very high Is there an alternative Yes Enter the Cadillac of omega 3 oils The oil that provides remarkable therapeutic benefits at a fraction of the fish oil dose krill oil Derived from Antarctic Krill a shrimp like creature inhabiting the cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean NKO has clinically demonstrated the ability to protect the heart act as an anti inflammatory in addition to alleviate premenstrual syndrome improve skin health and support well being NKO is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are among the most researched nutrients and are acclaimed for their heart healthy properties NKO is distinct from other marine oils in that these omega 3 fatty acids are attached to phospholipids which due to their amphipathic nature act as a superior delivery system In addition NKO contains a powerful antioxidant known as astaxanthin which is also attached to the phospholipids The presence of astaxanthin in NKO combined with other naturally occurring antioxidants in the oil create exceptional protection against oxidation of the oil a property that does not exist in any fish oil nor in any pharmaceutical grade omega 3 product or concentrated esters This stops the fatty acids from becoming rancid making the oil stable for a long time as well as protecting the body against free radical attacks Available from a number of nutritional Raldi Somers Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 55

Page 56

WATER IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE AND THAT S HOW WE TREAT IT MAVEA METER POUR THROUGH LID No need to take the whole lid off to ll it up Yes this is convenient but it also minimizes contact with your germ laden hands no offense Tells you when you re going to have to change your lter thereby relieving you of that do I or don t I anxiety RECYCLABLE FILTERS We want to recycle 100 of your used filters To make it absurdly easy for you we happily pay your postage to send it back to us For people mindful of their health and that of the planet water is a critical concern Clean drinking water is necessary for life and it s in increasingly short supply Only by creating environmentally sound filtration solutions can we sustainably put good drinking water within arms reach of every human being At MAVEA we use only BPA free plastics All our filters are 100 recyclable And our designs integrate detail after detail to make sustainable water use as delicious and enjoyable as possible MAVEA COM I N S P I R E D WAT E R

Page 57

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit supplement companies not all krill oils are the same Look for those containing NKO the variety used in scientific studies 15 7 observed in the placebo group After 14 and 30 days of treatment NKO further decreased CRP by 29 7 and 30 9 respectively Figure 2 Cardiovascular Health Figure 2 One of NKO s most promising actions is its dual ability to improve lipid levels Research is emerging that NKO may be even more effective at improving cholesterol than fish oil Recently researchers undertook a 12 week double blind randomized study to compare the effects of krill oil high EPA DHA fish oil and a placebo The study investigators measured blood glucose cholesterol triglycerides low density lipoprotein LDL the bad cholesterol and high density lipoprotein HDL the good cholesterol In all measures not only did NKO demonstrate superiority over high EPA DHA fish oil but it also resulted in highly significant improvement to the different lipid levels Fig 1 NKO 300 mg day Figure 1 So if you re looking for a nutritional supplement for overall cardiovascular health that also provides countless benefits to other areas of the body NKO should be a top consideration S NKO 1 0 1 5 g day Inflammation also plays a large part in the progression of cardiovascular disease most experts consider this a greater risk factor than cholesterol Another study from 2007 found that as little as 300 mg day of NKO was able to reduce C reactive protein CRP by 19 3 compared to an increase of DR LEE KNOW is a licensed Naturopathic Physician a published academic and the recipient of several awards He has previously held positions as a Medical Advisor Scientific Evaluator and Director of R D for major organizations and has been an integral member of various Medical and or Scientific Advisory Boards DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE DOCTOR Go to www TrueBlueSpirit ca and click on the link to ask the Doctor Knows Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 57

Page 58

Astrology Astrology in the New Millennium by Crystal Wolf T Photosani Fotolia com Page 58 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3 oday s astrological perspective has evolved from an attempt to determine what is going to happen in our lives to the enterprise of discovering who we are and what we came here to accomplish Although astrology is still a useful tool to find a compatible partner to reveal when best to ask for a raise and even to predict the weather and the stock market it is much less a mysterious predictive tool and much more a conscious map to our personal evolutionary journey in the 21st century Astrology maps both our talents and the challenges we bring with us into our current journey and outlines what we came to learn this time around It also maps when the various challenges will be triggered and provides us the timing for how we can best step up to support ourselves and others with the talents and experience we have already developed The astrological map is a fluid one defining the shifting periods of our lives where strengths are offered ways to shine and our wounds are offered opportunities to heal Our society is evolving much more quickly in the 21st century than ever before and our understanding of astrology is matching that pace It has become a tool for spiritual growth for psychological discovery and for personal development of all kinds

Page 59

Astrology Astrology is also being understood from a more empowered perspective which is that it is a harbinger map and messenger of future potentials rather than the cause of the shifts and changes we go through The astrological map is a tool we brought with us so that we have some direction a way to remember why we came here This allows us to step back into personal responsibility and empowerment Our astrological map only shows what where when and how our challenges have been planned to show up in our lives what we came to try to heal and strengthen and where we can best put our strengths to work But it is we who decide what to do with that Do we sit back and blame the powers we believe in and allow the events to happen to us or do we decide how to perceive the event differently and learn how to wield the power of change ourselves The planets are not in charge of how our lives turn out We are Perspective is everything in the 21st century We can give our power away to astrology just like we can give it away to everywhere else However we can also claim our power instead by employing the powerful tool of astrology to search out willingly accept and open up to those personal times of change challenge and opportunities to shine that our astrological map details for us When we look upon our shifts and changes as opportunities for growth instead of problems to get through we become part of the paradigm shift which is upon us in the 21st century S How does the Void of Course Moon affect our lives Look for the article and the Void of Course Moon calendar in our next issue CRYSTAL WOLF has been an astrologer for over 35yrs specialising in relationship charts children s charts and teaching one on one students or small groups Working on her Masters degree in Holistic Health she studies and practises Quantum biofeedback Photosani Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 59

Page 60

Directory Events Animal Communication Holistic Training Animal Whispers Stephanie McColl Discover this ancient easy tolearn technique today Brazilian Toe Massage Bridge the gap of communication between you and your animal 250 386 2807 www animalwhisperer com Jan Matthews Animal Intuitive Helping you learn what your animal has to say 250 245 1410 www talktotheanimals ca Recommended for Massage Therapists Parents Caregivers and Anyone in A Loving Relationship Brazilian Toe Massage is a calming relaxing stress reducing energy balancing technique that works in minutes Heather K Elrix Astrology Massage Healing Arts Cowichan Valley JUBU BEAD GIFT Gift store beads crystals and much more 5 120 Alberni Hwy behind the Chevron Parksville BC 250 248 2303 jubu shaw ca TRIPLE SPIRAL Claim your free bonuses limited number available METAPHYSICAL GIFTS tarot incense candles jewelry books crystals gifts classes cauldrons 106 3 Fan Tan Alley Victoria BC V8W 3G9 ph 250 380 7212 fx 250 380 7412 Universal College of Reflexology www triplespiralmetaphysical com www BrazilianToeMassage com Astrology Metaphysical Retail since 1991 250 246 1447 Crystal Wolf Specializing in teaching astrology one on one or to small groups doing comparison charts for couples and children s charts 250 245 7876 Hypnotherapy WISHES Barbara Adelborg CMH HT 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis Cowichan Valley 250 746 1969 Intuitive Guides www evolvewithdesera com Mystic Insights Shannon Wills Intuitive Reader Energy Clearing and Healing Clairvoyance Reiki Master Sound Therapist Intuitive Readings Tarot Oracle Cards Numerology Profiles Nanaimo 250 816 2434 250 754 2563 Metaphysical Retail Reconnective Healing Ahrina K Nielsen Conscious Living For Conscious Living mysticinsights shaw ca The Practice of Conscious Living Dr Sterling Desmond Rea Ciera Also providing Acupuncture TCM Services 1842B Comox Ave Comox BC Phone 250 941 8777 INFINITY Gifts for your Soul Gift store including Reflexology Reiki Aromatherapy and Tarot Angel card readings 113 Hirst Ave E Parksville BC 250 586 6449 Infinity giftsforyoursoul yahoo ca The Reconnection A NEW Form of HEALING In addition to the energy now used in healing frequencies of LIGHT and INFORMATION are used for the FIRST time Anna Christine Doehring Nanaimo 250 756 2235 Energy All Around Therapies also Reflexology JinShinDo Acupr www energyallaround com Page 60 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 3

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Directory Events Nutritional Live Cell Analysis Now Available Zen Health Haven Natural Health Retail Natural Health Retail 407A 5th Street Courtenay beside ZenZero 250 334 7959 zenhaven telus net www lifestylemarkets com Victoria Douglas Chemainus Health Food Store Quickly and accurately determine the state of your health your strengths and health challenges and get to the underlying root cause of health issues 9738 Willow Street Chemainus BC 250 246 9838 Nutritional Microscopy Investment 90 00 Advanced Test Whole Life Nutritional Microscopy also encompasses the emotional physical relationship Psychosomatic between physical and emotional health Through careful examination of Autonomic Nervous Regulation a direct relationship to past unresolved emotional disturbances are identified and linked to present and potential health challenges Blocks are removed restoring optimal physical and emotional health Time 1 0 1 25hrs 4 page report energetic health of 35 organ systems and primary energy centres Radiation levels EMF Electro smog Geopathic natural Investment 120 00 Available in Victoria Colwood Sidney Nanaimo Port Alberni Qualicum Courtenay and Quadra Island For more information 250 334 7959 zenhaven telus net 250 384 3388 Victoria Cook 343 Cook Street Cook Street Village Victoria BC 250 381 5450 Some of the many health issues identified Fatigue low energy levels Acid Alkaline imbalances Heavy Metal toxicity Chemicals Fungus Candida Inflammation in organ systems Colon toxicity intestinal flora imbalance Malabsorption of nutrients weight management Thyroid Hormone imbalances Digestive weaknesses Suppressed Immunity Parasites exogenous and endogenous Liver Gallbladder congestion Low Vitamin Mineral levels Low iron levels Lymphatic congestion and more 2950 Douglas Street Across from Canadian Tire Victoria BC Sidney Store 9769 5th Street 5th Street Bevan Sidney BC 250 656 2326 Shamanic Practitioner Alison Skelton LYNN S VITAMIN GALLERY Lynn s Vitamin Gallery 4 180 Central Avenue Duncan BC 250 748 4421 SoulCraft Creative Consciousness Services Shamanic Practitioner Tarot Divination Spiritual Healing Soul Retrieval Classes and Workshops Victoria 250 380 1479 www alisonskelton com GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF TRUE BLUE SPIRIT Never miss an issue Mailed direct to you 1 year 6 issues of True Blue Spirit Magazine for the Canadian Subscription rate of 29 95 ______________________________________________________ Name Please Print ______________________________________________________ Address Apt ______________________________________________________ City Province Code ______________________________________________________ Email Address Phone For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca Purchase gift subscriptions for the special people in your life list names and addresses on a separate sheet of paper a gift card will be sent on your behalf See inside front cover for forms of payment

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Advertise with True Blue Spirit Magazine Contact one of the sales team listed below Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca True Blue S pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living 1 877 700 2760 www truebluespirit ca Tiffany Abram ads truebluespirit ca 250 325 3264 Next Issue Apr May Ad Deadline Feb 20 Tom Masters Editor editor truebluespirit ca Mary J Gillis Pre production Editor Edd Uluschak Editor at Large Cartoonist editoratlarge truebluespirit ca Tiffany Abram Editorial Assistant Mail subscription requests with payment to True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 Canada Tessa Kirkland Editorial Assistant Lara Engst Key Account Distribution lara truebluespirit ca 1 877 700 2760 Ext 3 Or order your subscription by phone with credit card by calling 1 877 700 2760 Ben Abram Webmaster 2 3 www creativedigiworks com

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