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at Elite K 911 The Bark Club RD Y LE AD N BR E GL I RA RD LO RD Ask about our indoor pack walks Wednesdays 7 8 p m Saturdays 9 10 a m BARK CLUB NA 31740 Cook Road North Ridgeville OH 44039 info elitek911 com ER NT CE RD AR EliteK911 com 440 666 0749 GE D RI LE JAYCOX RD Our mature professional and trained staffs can help you from puppyhood to adulthood with training classes daycare and boarding COOK RD ELITE K 911 TheBarkClubLLC com 440 412 4378 33549 Liberty Pkwy North Ridgeville OH 44039 info thebarkclubllc com Ask about our FREE half day trial

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J A N F E B 2 019 COLUMNS 4 ASK THE TRAINER 5 DOGS IN THE CITY 7 PICK OF THE PACK F E AT U R E S Greg Murray Photography 9 10 12 14 16 19 DOGS OF THE CLE JEFF THEMAN PROFILE FROM THE CAGE TO THE COUCH TWO NEW SHELTERS MOOSE S MISSION TOP DOG NAMES OF 2018 Join our email newsletter list at CLEDOG net Publishers Karen Uthe Semancik Mark Brabant Columnists Jennifer Baker Pick of the Pack Abbe Moen Ask the Trainer Amanda Roush Dogs in the City Contributing Writers Ann McDonald Susan Spisak Cover photo Greg Murray Photography CLE DOG magazine is published monthly by GoFetch Media LLC P O Box 40172 Bay Village OH 44140 Copyright 2019 GoFetch Media LLC All rights are reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission Unsolicited articles are invited but the Publishers reserve the right to edit any and all materials All materials submitted to CLE DOG are considered to be CLE DOG property and unconditionally assigned to CLE DOG for publication and copyright purposes ADVERTISING INFORMATION Karen Uthe Semancik Karen cledog net 216 598 6361 PHOTO SUBMISSIONS Mark Brabant Mark cledog net 440 785 4136 Daycare Cage free Boarding Training Pack Walks EVENTS A full service facility offering a safe and clean environment for play training and boarding N J O I LUB C THE 30400 Lakeland Blvd Wickliffe 440 516 0510 clubk9ofwickliffe com Ask about our pooch parent TRIPS to Put in Bay The Cleveland Flea SERVING LAKE COUNTY SINCE 2009

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BEHAVIOR BY ABBE MOEN Q How safe are retractable flexi leads A A retractable or flexi lead is a type of leash that varies in length but can extend as far as 26 feet away from the handler This lead is often just a thin rope similar to clothesline There are even retractable leashes that will accommodate two dogs on one handle The retractable leash is a tool to facilitate controlling your dog since most cities have leash laws Although there are applications where a retractable leash may be a useful tool it is often used in a manner that is a safety concern The purpose of a leash law should be to keep the dog you are handling and other dogs people and animals safe Retractable leashes can cause tangling tripping and worse Think about this scenario You are walking your dog in your neighborhood on a sidewalk and your dog is 15 feet away from you sniffing the ground following a smell and suddenly a squirrel runs in front of her and your dog decides to give chase the same time a car drives by How safe is your dog in that moment Most sidewalks are less than 10 feet from the road allowing your dog to reach 5 feet into the street Your first reaction is to grab that thin rope which will burn your hand or even cut through the skin However that s not the worst of it Your dog could get hit by the car driving by the car could swerve to miss your dog and cause an accident or the momentum of trying to stop your dog pulls you over There is a time and place to allow your dog some freedom when walking but I recommend doing it in a safer manner When walking in neighborhoods or anywhere where your dog has the possibility of being in close proximity of another dog or person keep your dog on a standard solid 6 foot or shorter leash This gives you better control of your dog when you encounter the different distractions and stimuli 4 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio If you are looking to burn energy from your dog a structured walk walking your dog in a heel position is a more efficient way to burn physical and mental energy How you ask A structured walk is a job for your dog and your dog has to concentrate on walking next to you and ignore all the distractions When your dog has to concentrate and stay under control she is practicing impulse control Impulse control is a very important behavior to learn When it is the time and place to allow your dog more freedom to run and sniff follow these guidelines Once a week I take my dogs to a park field or woods to explore They exit the car on my command and are calm They walk in a heel to our destination and when we get to the field I sit my dogs and switch from standard leash to their long lines an excellent alternative to a retractable leash since it is essentially the same material and thickness of a leash but no reels to break it s much easier on your hands and you have the ability to control more safely I prefer a Biothane material since it is soft on your hands and cleans up very quickly Once the long lines are on my dogs I release my dogs to be dogs When my dogs are done I put them in a sit attach their leashes and we heel back to the car With proper training the right tools and a commitment on your part all this is possible Abbe Moen is a certified trainer and owner of Affinity Canine LLC She is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and dog mom to six Gemma AKC Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy dog and Oliver AKC Canine Good Citizen both American Staffordshire Terriers Tango AKC Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy dog Lab Scout AKC Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy dog Bloodhound Sly Chihuahua mix and Viper Australian Shepherd

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AROUND TOWN BY AMANDA ROUSH BELLA MIA from Dog Life in CLE Berea Flea Market CLErun Beviamo Cafe It s cold outside Patio weather is long gone with months until it returns You don t want to be outside and your dog may not want to be outside either unless your dog loves the snow Dog friendly events slow down in the beginning of the New Year too So where in Cleveland can you take your dog to get some indoor exercise and socialization Elite K 911 Dog Training Behavior and Columbia Dog Training both offer indoor pack walks This is a great way to get some exercise in work on your dog s walking on a leash training and socialize with others in a constructive way If your dog isn t great with others CLErun agility training center offers a place for doggie playtime and walking indoors You can schedule your activity online for a small price Mia and Bella recently had the opportunity to run around and play fetch indoors at CLErun It was a great way for them to get exercise under our supervision without having to be out in the cold There are other places to take your dog indoors too You can hit up the monthly Berea Flea Market It s pet friendly indoors and outdoors all year around Or warm yourself up with a coffee with your furry best friend at places such as Phoenix Coffee and Beviamo Cafe and other coffee shops that allow dogs inside Many breweries also allow dogs indoors too including Sibling Revelry Terrestrial Brewing and more You can find out more info about all the locations mentioned here at doglifeincle com Jan Feb 2019 CLEDOG net 5

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6 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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PRODUCTS BY JENNIFER BAKER CBD OIL FOR DOGS Cannabidiol better known as CBD oil is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments in humans and canines I started hearing about CBD oil more than a year ago and began researching its uses I am a bit of a cynic about new products and won t bring anything in to the Grateful Dog Bakery until I can verify it t h ro u g h i n d e p e n d e n t sources What I found was people either raved about how well it worked or said it didn t work at all Further research showed me the best results were coming from a full spectrum molecule product with a high concentration of CBD per dose The full spectrum molecule is able to attach to receptors within the body and brain to relieve pain anxiety and a host of other problems Once I figured out how the product worked it was time to start researching companies While there are many products made specifically for pets I settled on Clean Remedies for several reasons The product is grown in Oregon is organic and vegan with no use of any pesticides But what really sold me was the pet and human products are the same simply packaged with different dosing instructions Retriever has arthritis in his hips and spine so I started giving it to him twice a day orally in his food Ophelia another Golden is storm phobic so I also gave it to her for anxiety I am happy to report she seemed much calmer with the CBD oil Beau is more mobile spending more time strolling the yard than he has in the last few years Finally since I also have arthritis I started taking it myself I can t say I am completely pain free but I am a lot more comfortable especially after a long day at the baking table The feedback I am getting from customers is also very positive Dogs with arthritis are more mobile and anxious dogs are calmer Another customer is giving it to her dog who was having seizures She reports no seizure activity in the three months since the dog started taking it Before the CBD oil the dog was having 1 to 2 seizures a week while on anti seizure medication The owner will be talking to her vet about decreasing the prescription dosage with hopes of weaning the dog off it entirely CBD oil is a product I am confident in recommending The product is tested by independent labs and the results are made public to verify it is what the company says it is Finally the staff is educated about the product and happy to answer any questions I take pride in the fact there is no product in the store that I won t give my own dogs Beau our 12 year old Golden Jennifer Baker is owner of Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville an all natural dog and cat supply store featuring an in store dog bakery She is the proud mom of five dogs and one cat To contact Jennifer email news gratefuldogbakery com or follow gratefuldogbakery on Instagram Jan Feb 2019 CLEDOG net 7

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Dog Daycare Boarding Supervised play and socialization in a 6000 sq foot indoor and 5000 sq foot outdoor environment Your dog can expect a day full of exercise and attention plus interaction with dogs of all ages breeds and sizes Watch your dog on our online cameras BarklynHts com 216 577 5960 247 Old Brookpark Rd Brooklyn Heights Mention this ad for a FREE evaluation 8 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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Elmo Hazel Princess Meko Sadie Rosie RIP Logan Winston Ohana Shadow Submit your photos mark cledog net Louis Chelsea Gizz Charlie Lucy Rosie Solo

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ancik By Karen Uthe Sem Photos by Greg Murray Photography 10 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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PROFILE urrently those efforts are hyper focused in Parma ironically he was born there to repeal that southwestern suburb s 31year old pit bull ban Theman and his fellow advocates are willing to gather signatures to get a change in the law on the ballot but are hoping city council itself amends the law with a vote Animal Society who sent copies of the film to legislators faced with BSL issues Despite his hectic schedule Theman always makes time for his dogs His favorite thing to do is lounge with the pups The two girls like to stay close to home but Theman and Preston make regular trips to Edgewater Park to take in the view He also enjoys following Cleveland sports watching documentaries and listening to music Theman and other anti BSL advocates are hopeful after successfully getting Lakewood to change its pit bull ban last April Now the city holds owners of any breed of dog accountable for their dog s behavior If I never heard that term again pit bull it would be too soon Theman said Pit bulls or Poodles they re dogs The 41 year old understands the ban first hand He moved out of Lakewood so he could adopt a blocky headed dog named Preston His fourlegged soul mate was allegedly used in a dogfighting ring in Akron The 13 year old pibble has since gained two sisters Era 8 a victim of BSL and Fergie 9 a breeding dog who was a medical mess when he adopted her Theman started Guilty Til Proven Innocent in 2007 He had little money no equipment and a limited knowledge base of BSL but he was armed with a wealth of passion that moved him He learned the filmmaking process did years of research and conducted countless interviews I do what I need to do to look myself in the mirror every day Theman said The Cleveland resident he lives in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood could relate to the dogs he was filming As a teen he was both an athlete and an artist and never really felt like he fit in It was while working with animal welfare people that he felt a connection This is the people I belong to these are my people Theman said Guilty Til Proven Innocent premiered on April 28 2013 at Cleveland s Capitol Theatre The film had more than 20 screenings throughout the U S including two official film festival selections Many local rescue organizations used the film as a fundraiser holding screening parties The documentary was supported by national animal welfare organizations including Best Friends understanding that we re not going to but that is the goal Theman said Over the last few months Theman has been tweaking the film to take it from what he calls the rescue version to a documentary that can globally educate people with facts and not fear The re release will have enhanced visual effects and include the city of Lakewood s repeal of BSL His goal is to have the new version in the can in early 2019 and secure a distributor One has already shown interest He has high hopes It s like 10 times better Theman said I would normally be really humble but I gotta say I ve never been more confident about the content of a film than I am now There s nothing out there like this We want this to be the vehicle to that change Theman also founded a nonprofit called Woofobia woofobia org which uses the arts to focus on the human canine bond The organization s purpose is to counter threats that compromise that bond such as BSL in order to preserve the fundamental right of canine companionship He was inspired by the Oceanic Preservation Society So what s next for Cleveland s dogumentarian He s gearing up for the city of Parma s first council meeting of the year and working on another documentary called Train Ave The film follows local artist Sean Jason Kelly who takes the discarded remains of dogs found along Cleveland s Train Avenue Kelly personally pays to have them cremated and turns their ashes into hauntingly beautiful works of art to memorialize them The street has been known as an illegal dumping ground for decades and has been dubbed Trash Avenue Theman is currently looking for funds to complete the film The documentary s official trailer was debuted at Kelly s exhibit the Dogs of Train Ave last August I believe that Train Ave is going to be my best artistic accomplishment but Guilty Till Proven Innocent will do the most good Theman said To keep up on Theman s film activity you can visit riverfirefilms com or follow him riverfirefilms on Instagram Theman doesn t have much free time but he does volunteer his time to photograph dogs in shelters to capture the spirit of dogs up for adoption Lorain County Dog Kennel volunteers tell him it s working so he heads there monthly My mentality is save them all but I have the Jan Feb 2019 CLEDOG net 11

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to the Sponsored by Guardian Alarm A rrow and his siblings were born into rescue The Hound mix s pregnant mama was a stray that was saved from the streets by Amy s Adoptables 911 Dog Rescue Arrow and his family members all found great homes but a change in his new family s circumstances brought Arrow back to Amy s Adoptables 911 Dog Rescue At 1 1 2 years Arrow needed a little brush up on manners and entered the 911 Dog Prison Training Program at Lake Erie Correctional Institute He thrived and was now ready for his second new family A young family was looking for its first dog a dog that was relaxed trained and good with children and the team at Amy s Adoptables 911 Dog Rescue knew 12 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Arrow would be the perfect fit He has a heart almost as big as his ears In October 2018 Arrow met his new family and it was love at first sight a perfect match Arrow is now loved accepted and has a 3 year old human sibling He enjoys walks naps and playing catch in his Eastlake backyard

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Two New Shelters This Year By Ann McDonald F Two new shelters are opening in 2019 to improve the living conditions of homeless dogs and cats in our community CITY DOGS Cleveland opens its eagerly awaited new kennel this month and the Berea Animal Rescue Fund expects to open its new shelter this spring For both groups the new shelters are long overdue The Cleveland Kennel was built in the 70s as a place to hold animals for Animal Control The facility wasn t designed for adoptions in kennel enrichment or for volunteers to take dogs out for walks said Michelle Harvanek shelter operations manager for CITY DOGS Cleveland The current kennel was fine for the time it was built but today s standards and expectations of animal shelters are quite different The new building was designed with both the people and pets in mind The new shelter funded through the passage of an income tax hike in 2016 will be located at Detroit Avenue and West 93rd Street The new space will be a huge improvement over the current facility The dogs will have their own space with cages separated into smaller rooms or pods no more stacked cages This will help decrease the chance of disease transmission a significant feature as kennel cough can spread quick ly through a facility There will also be a community room and indoor meeta n d gre e t a re a s to introduce adopters to dogs The Berea Animal Rescue Fund has been fundraising and saving for many years to purchase the 16 2 acres of land in Columbia Township the shelter will be built on just three miles from the current Cleveland Kennel shelter Palmer said animal enrichment is one of the driving forces behind the new shelter The team will have a larger free roam area for the cats kennels for dogs that open right into outside pens and meeta n d gre e t ro o m s fo r adopters to spend time with the animals The nearly complete building Architectural rendering of the new shelter Similar to the Cleveland Kennel the Berea Animal Rescue Fund shelter located on the grounds of the city of Berea s service garage was never designed to be an animal shelter We have a contract with the city of Berea to accommodate the stray animals brought in by their animal control officer and police officers and they have generously allowed us to stay in these buildings for much longer than any of us anticipated said Michelle Palmer Berea Animal Rescue Fund board member and chairperson of the development committee All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Architectural rendering of the complete property Berea Animal Rescue Fund shelter Harvanek said the new facility is designed to help the dogs have a more pleasant stay at the kennel as well as make it easier for families to meet and bond with them 14 We currently adopt out between 900 and 1 000 animals each year from structures that total 1 500 square feet and that includes our healthcare area intake and isolation areas Palmer said We have long outgrown our current facility and are in desperate need of a larger building Future building site The organization is still raising funds for the facility and expects the new shelter to be complete in two or more phases Berea Animal Rescue Fund is also in preliminary discussions with neighboring communities to expand its reach for stray dogs and hopes to help communities such as Columbia Township Strongsville and North Olmsted One of the biggest improvements to both shelters will be how much easier it will be for volunteers to work with the dogs We re all really excited about all of the improvements and how much more we will be able to do Harvanek said We have some amazing programs and have done so much here despite the challenges we face in the current kennel I can only imagine what we can accomplish when we aren t constantly battling our environment Ann McDonald is a writer dog foster and dog mom to two rescue dogs You can find her writing about her dogs dog friendly activities and dog rescue at dogsinthecle com

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Moose s Mission Gives the Gift of Comfort By Susan Spisak Jenny McClear founded Moose s Mission because she believes every dog while waiting for his forever home deserves a soft blanket and toy These items provide shelter and rescue dogs comfort and when an animal feels safe and happy he s likely to show his true personality and connect with potential adopters Jenny became aware that shelter animals don t have these luxuries when she and husband Kyle were fostering for PAWS Chicago The focus as with most animal shelters and rescues is covering vet bills and overhead costs So in 2016 this selfproclaimed crafty gal took to Pinterest for tips on making no sew fleece blankets and rope toys for Windy City shelters With the help of her friends she was able to grow her one woman mission through blanketmaking parties In the summer of 2017 the couple relocated to Kyle s hometown of Avon and Jenny wasted no time in registering Moose s 16 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Mission as an official nonprofit She was off and running gathering local volunteers and providing gifts of comfort for homeless Ohio dogs The founder s initiative is named after the couple s Goldendoodle Moose and the former salesperson has made her animal advocacy work her vocation an unpaid career that she works at tirelessly Kyle helps out as he can but he s the controller for an eastside company People want to give back but they don t know how Jenny said So we re making it as easy as possible To that end volunteers including moms parents hosting children play dates and high school students crafting

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including one case where they made dozens of blankets in 48 hours Creativity shines in Moose s Mission fundraising efforts for their necessities gift cards for fabric beds toys and treats donations While Jenny utilizes the online donation fundraising site of GoFundMe often for the fabric fund she also relies on a hands on approach that s been fun for all involved Avon Girl Scouts share their blankets and donations for community service hours pick up Moose at Home kits at the couple s home Jenny spends time with all volunteers to show her appreciation introduces them to Moose and their rescued mini Doodle Coco and teaches them the blanket and toy how tos She adds there s no deadline We want them to do it with care take their time and have fun with it Jenny takes her blanket and toy making parties on the road to schools offices senior centers and Girl Scout troop gatherings sharing the importance of animal kindness and making friends along the way Sometimes Kyle will drop in with the mission s four legged mascot who charms all She estimates more than 2 000 people between the ages of 4 to 84 have been involved in Moose s Mission and 75 percent of those have or will step up again This is an activity everyone can do and it s a hands on way to give love to an animal Moose s Mission also assembles care packages for rescued intakes awaiting foster homes or surgeries at veterinary hospitals stocking them with beds blankets toys and treats Recently Ollie a 6 pound Yorkie rescued by Love A Stray dog division in Avon Lake was awaiting surgery to save his leg he had a femoral fracture and multiple bite wounds so Jenny ensured he received a care package including a soft bed the little dog is recuperating And Jenny and her volunteers have rushed to the aid of countless dogs taken in from animal cruelty cases Last year she held the inaugural Easter Bunny Bonanza For a small donation Avon area parents were able to have the revered holiday Bunny hop up to their house and leave a note for their kids thanks to Jenny Kyle and high school volunteers The group quietly walked neighborhoods the night before Easter chalkstenciling bunny paw prints up to the donors front porches She said it was a hit kids were surprised and thrilled and she has many interested parents for this year Due to limited manpower they re sticking to Avon and Avon Lake it was fruitful over 3 000 was raised through donations With a portion of the donations they purchased a durable dog pool and filled it with toys and treats for the Lorain County Dog Kennel Young Moose ambassadors have signed up again for this summer The first blanket making party in 2017 Due to the lemonade stand s success Jenny came up with a cold weather version Coco s Hot Cocoa Stand a brown stained replica of the original named after their mini Doodle Volunteers will be manning it at shelter and community events Jenny said contributions for drinks are optional We re giving out a cup of kindness She estimates their donated items number in the thousands including her Chicago efforts Moose s Mission has showered many nonprofits with comfort gifts including Friendship APL Lorain County Dog Kennel Cleveland APL Berea Animal Rescue Fund Love A Stray dog division Buckeye Bulldog Rescue Storm s Angels Safe Harbor Animal Rescue PetResQ Ohio One of a Kind Pet Rescue City Dogs CLE and Parma Animal Shelter She s receptive to suggestions for animal groups that need items Jenny s not only proud of what she s accomplishing but is truly grateful to her new community that she loves and those who support Moose s Mission This is just people giving a little bit of their time to make a huge difference that s all it is Moose s Lemonade Stand This past summer Jenny introduced a traveling Moose s Lemonade Stand a pretty blue wooden stand that younger volunteers manned in their neighborhoods schools parades and community pools Moose s Mission provided all the mixes and supplies The kids loved it Jenny said And Moose s Mission welcomes volunteers for blanket toy making and drivers to deliver goods to rescues and shelters For further info including particulars on hosting your own blanket making party message Jenny at facebook com moosesmission Jan Feb 2019 CLEDOG net 17

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S T R O P S G O D E PINNACL 2019 in Westlake t Opening March 1s d a 1006 Crocker Ro ance ome and perform of training for h Offering all levels BEDIENCE COMPETITION O Y IT IL G A F O ELS TIONS ALL LEV ITY TRIALS PUPPY FOUNDA A SSES KC AGIL LA C E M TI Y A D EVENING 337 57 33 1 99 66 216 3 6 3 0 4 4 m o s c t pin nacled ogspor 18 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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What s in a name Goodbye Fido hello Cooper Rover com the dog walking and pet sitting site has released its annual list of the most popular dog names for 2018 and human monikers are leading the pack Just another example of how much we think of our doggos as our four legged children The list was compiled from Rover com s database which consists of more than a million dog names 2018 S TOP 10 DOG NAMES GIRLS 1 Bella 2 Lucy 3 Luna 4 Daisy 5 Lola 6 Sadie 7 Molly 8 Bailey 9 Maggie 10 Stella BOYS 1 Max 2 Charlie 3 Cooper 4 Buddy 5 Jack 6 Rocky 7 Duke 8 Bear 9 Tucker 10 Oliver So how do most pet parents choose their dog s name Rover surveyed pet parents to find their inspiration and here s what the canine company found out 33 named their dog after a character from a TV show video game movie or book 12 named their dog after a food or beverage 12 named their dog after an animal plant or nature 12 named their dog after a famous or historical person 10 named their dog after someone they know 5 named their dog after a city or geographic location 4 named their dog after a brand In the long run however maybe all this doesn t even matter since Rover com found out that 81 percent of pet parents give their dogs nicknames three or more nicknames to be exact Perhaps at least one of your dog s names made the top 10 JAN FEB POOCH PARTY Sunday Jan 6 Noon 3 p m at PetPeople in Avon 35901 Detroit Road Join Love A Stray for an adoption event Visit do some shopping and hang out with dogs available for adoption Visit loveastraydog com for more info RAFFLE TO THE RESCUE Now through Thursday Jan 24 Partners With Paws of Lorain County Inc is holding its annual raffle for a 1 000 cash prize Tickets are 10 each and purchasing six tickets will help rescue one dog from a dog pound For more information on purchasing raffle tickets visit PartnersWithPawsLC com email lawilber oberlin net or call 440 897 8696 POOCH PARTY Sunday Feb 3 Noon 3 p m at PetPeople in Avon 35901 Detroit Road Join Love A Stray for an adoption event Visit do some shopping and hang out with dogs available for adoption Visit loveastraydog com for more info STRIKES FOR STRAYS Sunday Feb 24 12 30 5 p m at Spevock s Nautical Lanes 184 Miller Road Avon Lake This 7th annual fundraiser includes 2 hours of bowling with shoes food raffles photo booth 50 50 prizes trophies and more 25 per bowler or discount for preregistered teams of 6 for 125 Non bowlers 10 at the door This event sells out so don t delay Visit loveastraydog com for registration info or email lasbowling gmail com EASTLAKE COMMUNITY DOG SHOW Sunday Feb 24 1 4 p m at American Croatian Lodge 34900 Lake Shore Blvd Eastlake Register your dog for the show in prize categories including biggest dog smallest dog best trained best trick and costume contest 10 registration fee and free to spectators Vendors and exhibitors onsite too Call 440 571 2356 or 440 251 5381 for more info or visit the event s Facebook page HOLIDAYS January National Train Your Dog Month Walk Your Pet Month National Pet Travel Safety Day Jan 2 National Dress Up Your Pet Day Jan 14 Change a Pet s Life Day Jan 24 February Dog Training Education Month National Prevent a Litter Month Pet Dental Health Month Responsible Pet Owner Month Spay Neuter Awareness Month Unchain a Dog Month Jan Feb 2019 CLEDOG net 19

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