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Volume 1 Issue 3 February March 2009 S True Blue pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living Spirit of the Dance Cornish Pixies A Shaman s Perspective ASTROLOGY CRYSTALS HYPNOTHERAPY MEDIUMSHIP METAPHYSICS ANIMAL COMMUNICATION METAPHYSICS NATURE SPIRIT DREAMS

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CONTENTS ARTICLES Cornish Pixies Animal Connections A Shaman s Perspective 21 16 28 COLUMNS Note from the Publisher 2009 is going to be a terrific year My subconscious had me writing the new year on all sorts of correspondence before we even wrapped up 2008 Usually it takes me months to adjust but this time I just couldn t wait to get the year rolling Your response to True Blue Spirit continues to come in and we ve started a reader response section to share some of the input It s become a treat checking my e mails every day Browse through this issue to find a few interesting new columns All part of helping you through your intuitive journey All the best for 2009 Keep well Dorothy Jeanne Engst Cert no SW COC 002226 Aboriginal Spirit Raven Rattle Animal Whispers Point of Stillness Astrology Doorway to your Psychic Path Children and Spirit Passing Visitor Crystals Amethyst Directory Events Dreams 33 13 52 35 11 50 47 Dreamland Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Energy Hypnotherapy Creative Thoughts Mediumship Messages in Bottles Metaphysics Journey through Time Nature s Essence Heart Spirit Essence Phenomena UFOs Reader Response Searching for Serenity Contentment Spirit of the Dance Reclaiming Beauty Spiritualism On Spiritualism Worthwhile Reading 40 39 43 26 9 41 7 19 4 37 49

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Spirit of the Dance Reclaiming Beauty one dance at a time By Michelle Staples If I was beautiful like you I would never be at fault I d walk in the rain between the raindrops Bringing traffic to a halt like you do But that would never be Cause I m not beautiful like you I m beautiful like me Joydrop Beautiful m T law rence Fot o l i ed Page 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 a c o he first time I heard this song I remember feeling inspired I recognized in it my own struggles and how they surfaced at various times in my life unable to find a category where my beautiful would fit Deep in my subconscious I understood by the first day of grade eight that my looks did not fall into any conventional version of beauty defined by popular culture So began my oblivious fear driven intent to become unique With this intention a pair of scissors some bleach and purple hair dye I transformed myself from cheerleader to skateboarder inspiring a new choreography to cultivate the edgier side of my personality and appearance Little did I know hidden beneath my rebellion there lived a lost little girl angry at a world that had no room for her Angry at society for the glossy pictures showing her she wasn t enough Angry at her parents for her hair braces and bone structure Angry at herself for not knowing how to love and believe in herself To escape I would crank up the Violent Femmes and dance in a frenzy from frustration to freedom The dedication of my statement eroding as the years passed I barely noticed flowing from my stream straight into mainstream My dance towards frenzy turned to frustration only releasing with a multitude of substances The day came when my

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Spirit of the Dance spirit couldn t take it anymore and dragged me to a dance studio in the woods of Duncan I entered a gently lit room overflowing with feminine energy In one second my anti anythingfeminine teenager surfaced incensed at her surroundings overrunning my nervous system making my body rigid and unyielding She was determined to get out Instinct fought back knowing the only way out was to move through Slowly I began to dance feeling certain my hips were going to snap along with my mind as it filled with comparisons and self judgment Watching my goddess like graceful instructor glide her hips I felt no amount of training would help me become like her Week after week I returned facing my fears forcing myself to class to relax and breathe through my anxiety Years later our class began preparing for our first performance when I suddenly realized that I belonged to a circle of women who laughed celebrated and accepted each other in a way I had never imagined Beside me danced women aged from 14 to 60 various shapes and sizes emanating beauty strength and grace feeling ancient tribal much like the dance itself Laughter and chatter joyfully danced off the walls as we adjusted scarves and centred bindis There is a Hindu proverb that says A woman s beauty is multiplied 1 000 times when she wears a bindi Watching the women transform into their colourful costumes of silk and jewels I couldn t agree more Bindis are as exquisite as each woman they adorn representing the third eye the central point of the base of creation There is something truly magical created when women come together through dance when we use our voices to create sounds of appreciation for each other in place of judgments when we overcome stereotypes like those of bellydance for the most part still perceived as risqu and labeled e dl a w rence Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 5

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Spirit of the Dance suggestive These women were compelling fully expressing their power in charge of their bodies and embracing their beauty Through bellydance mothers daughters and grandmothers all discover the gift of reconnecting to the richness of being women Dancing to honour all three stages of feminine evolution maiden mother and crone flourishing from the encouragement and support gifted to each other I am filled with gratitude and pride for these women and all they teach me We gracefully moved into our first performance blessed to be with vibrant women to feel my hip shimmies fueled by the fire of sharing this woman dance With each turn another layer of self judgment shedding finding a new stream Here I have room to discover my dance stand in my strength shine in my light cause I m not beautiful like you I m beautiful like me com o li a Fot e aw dl ce ren Page 6 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 Michelle Staples helps people speak and discover their own stories She writes for various publications compiles papers on community social and economic development and helps develop documentary and educational films As the Youth Program Director for the Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival Michelle works with youth of all cultures supporting them to speak their voice and tell their own story She continues her dance studies training to become a facilitator of Khundalini Dance

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Reader Response there is more to life than we are led to believe This is a wonderful magazine a real gem perfect timing in a troubled world Thank you and your team for all the hard work you have done so we can enjoy all the wonderful stories that people have shared helping us to come together it s very heart warming and makes us feel that we are not alone in our beliefs that there is more to life than what we are led to believe Also that we are not crazy when we are lucky enough to see things that others cannot when the veil has been lifted for a split second so we can catch a glimpse hopefully more and more people will be open to this possibility with the help of this wonderful magazine Thank you once again and may the light always shine upon you all bringing you love peace and joy Sue Robinson Courtenay B C I was drawn to your article on orbs I am visiting Vancouver Island and picked up a copy of True Blue Spirit while shopping in Duncan What a wonderful publication I must subscribe I was drawn to your article on orbs I would like to share a story with you concerning my interpretation of orbs as I believe that they are the manifested energy of Spirits around us The summer before last I was attending my nephew s wedding in Barrie Ontario While getting ready for the wedding at my sister in law s house I went to her computer to print a congratulatory note that my brother was e mailing over Every time I would try to sign in to the e mail the computer wouldn t let me Now I m known in the family for strange occurrences I asked my niece Julie what was wrong with her computer Nothing Aunt Patti it s you Strange things always happen when you are around After several more attempts I tried a computer in another room but it didn t have a printer I had no trouble retrieving the e mail from this computer and forwarded the message to the first computer for printing It worked As the message of congratulations was being printed the mouse ran wildly in circles around the computer Julie I Iaughed Your computer is doing funny things again Julie shook her head Auntie there s nothing wrong with my computer Suddenly a thought popped into my head Oh my gosh It s my Mom and Dad They want to give Kevin and Tonia their congratulations on their wedding as well My niece looked at me and rolled her eyes Okay Auntie I was so sure of it that I told her Let me prove it to you I raised my hands up to connect with their energy as I said Mom Dad if this really is you could you please let everybody at the wedding know that you are still with us and that you want to share Donnie s message of congratulations I smiled and somehow knew they would do exactly that The wedding was beautiful During the reception pictures were taken My niece came up to me during the reception and said Aunt Patti have you ever seen anything like this She held up her digital camera A couple of pictures of me my husband and brother had orbs in them Next were pictures that she had taken of my brother and his son the groom Kevin Next to my brother was an outline of a shape In the next picture was a comet like light across the middle of the picture There was no doubt in my mind Mom and Dad had made it to the wedding Where else would they be but their first grandson s wedding Patti Morton Calgary Alberta Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 7

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ANY MORE NATURAL AND YOU D BE NAKED Available at Chemainus Health Food Store Chemainus Jeanie s Vitamin Centre Comox Jeanie s Vitamin Centre Campbell River Ladysmith Health Food Store Ladysmith Lifestyle Markets Victoria Planet Organic Victoria Sidney Natural Foods Sidney The Vitamin Shop Victoria and other natural health stores in your area Distributed by Axel Kraft International Ltd 99 Engelhard Drive Aurora Ontario L4G 3V1

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Nature s Essence Heart Spirit Essence By Sabina Pettitt O ne of the most startling examples of how attractor patterns work was discovered in the creation of the Heart Spirit essence A young man went to his practitioner and asked her to put together a formula of all the essences that related to the heart chakra the heart meridian and the heart protector meridian as identified in the first edition of Energy Medicine This was 1995 and the practitioner who was also a Bach flower essence therapist was aghast at the idea of creating a formula of more than 5 essences This number had been the standard in the field since the 1920s What this client was asking for was a combination that contained 20 individual essences The young man had a background of abuse and abandonment He had no friends and was isolated and unhappy at work The practitioner was only convinced to prepare the formula for him when he said If I don t heal my heart I m going to die So she prepared the combination of 20 essences and her client began taking it two or three drops every 10 to 15 minutes damcz Monika A olia com yk Fot Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 9

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Nature s Essence A ne tte Linn ea R asm uss e n Fot oli a c om When he went back to work after the weekend people said to him Wow you look great Have you had a holiday Can I give you a hug Within a few weeks of continuing the formula more big changes happened He was offered a promotion at work and a potential partner appeared in his life Clearly his inner guidance had led him to the healing he longed for Having had the opportunity to communicate directly with this man in the last couple of years I know that the changes have been of a lasting nature Some of my favourite stories about the effects of the Heart Spirit essence relate to animals Animals offer us unconditional love and devotion Even after they have been badly mistreated by humans they often still reach out to us A man began putting food out for a feral cat The cat would eat the food but as soon as it sensed a human presence it would run away This man had just begun to take the Heart Spirit essence and felt guided to put a few drops in the cat s water bowl The next day as he sat on his deck the cat came and jumped on his lap and purred appreciatively while alowing himself to be stroked In the context of attractor patterns the man had shifted his own consciousness by taking Page 10 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 the Heart Spirit and became an energy field in which the cat felt safe to be touched by a human And perhaps because the cat had also taken some of the essence both beings were in their hearts in a clear way and without their respective memories of old pain So Heart Spirit enabled this stray cat to recover his trust and connect with humans once more In the case of the young man who needed to heal his heart his response to the Heart Spirit essence may be explained by the fact that in traditional Chinese medicine the spirit of the heart is known as Shen sometimes translated as consciousness and sometimes translated as God As we nourish our own Shen we radiate more love and light As we send out more of these good vibes what we get back is more of the same As we are able to release the memories often unconscious of pain stored in our hearts we are able to live our lives at a higher frequency and attract higher frequency experiences back to ourselves SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and the co creator of Pacific Essences

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Crystals Amethyst By Erin Lawson and Jacquie Large W ell here we are a brand new year a time when we are given to planning the months ahead and a time for implementing new patterns into our lives When deciding what crystal to write about for this time amethyst called out loud and clear Not only is it the birthstone for February but it is also a crystal that can help us during these uncertain times Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz with a hardness of seven It is found in shades of slightly pinkish violet to deep purple Found in many parts of the world the most desired and valuable colours are found in Siberia Uruguay and Zambia Although quite common in Ontario and Nova Scotia the specimens found there are usually paler in color and not often used in jewellery Amethyst translated means A not and Methustos intoxicated which would explain its use since ancient times as protection against drunkenness Goblets were often made of amethyst by the ancient Greeks and Romans giving them the supposed ability to drink and not become inebriated Scientists have found beads dating back 25 000 years Amethyst has a soft but very spirited energy this being its connection to the third eye and crown chakra It aids in meditation and connecting with spirit guides and angelic helpers and is extremely helpful in easing anxiety and stress It is also used for overcoming addictions as it not only eases the anxiety of changing a negative habit but helps one connect with our higher self and the truths around why we started the habit to begin with Keeping amethyst with you while travelling is said to protect you from harm and helps you to remain calm in any new situation Amethyst was the first crystal that captured me when I first began working at Wishes I bought a ring and earrings and wore them all the time It s the gateway crystal that is attractive and semi precious for those who are just interested in the jewellery but carries so many amazing qualities that immediately start to resonate with the wearer Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 11

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Crystals Ed it h c tolia O chs Fo om Many times people wander into Wishes looking lost and seeking a stone for comfort More often than not they are drawn to amethyst When asking about the healing qualities of the crystal they gasp when told how it is helpful in dealing with grief as well That s when they say they have just lost a loved one These people always leave feeling a little lighter usually clutching the stone in their hand It JACQUIE LARGE has been the owner of Wishes for 17 years and has watched as the metaphysical world has evolved with so many exciting changes She has studied crystals extensively and happily shares her knowledge with her customers Jacquie lives in Duncan with her partner and daughter ERIN LAWSON first page has studied metaphysics for over 13 years focusing mainly on Tarot Since starting at Wishes eight years ago she has learned much about crystals and the other tools that fill the store She shares her love of crystals with Jacquie and the other staff at Wishes Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children Page 12 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 seems to surround them like a hug supporting them out of the store Because of its beautiful violet hue it has strong resonance with the ascended Master St Germaine who brought us the Violet Flame decrees where we learn to purify and protect our energy by surrounding ourselves with the colour violet Amethyst symbolizes that colour and that energetic frequency of divine connection and transmutation of negativity This stone is therefore invaluable in raising your vibration and enhancing your psychic abilities You can also put a piece of amethyst with your divination tools such as Tarot cards or Pendulum to enhance their receptivity To receive prophetic dreams keep amethyst under your pillow a few nights in a row Amethyst can aid the pituitary gland endocrine and immune systems It reduces stress and calms the emotions and is said to be a powerful blood cleanser What better stone to have during this time of heightened stress and free floating anxiety than amethyst Carry some with you and let yourself connect to that divine energy where there is only faith and hope where we can rise above the obstacles to see the gifts in life Be Blessed

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Animal Whispers Point of Stillness By Stephanie McColl C ommunicating with animals always leaves me with a sense of awe and gratitude for how much they love us and want to help us on our journeys throughout life One of my first experiences communicating with an animal was with a nine month old puppy from the S P C A As a volunteer dog walker I had the privilege of interacting with many wonderful dogs and on that particular day Scooter chose me to take him for a walk I could hear him saying Pick me pick me It was my idea to head down toward the beach even though from the start I had a sense something wasn t quite right The closer we got to the beach the more and more anxious and agitated Scooter became until he simply refused to go one more step No amount of coaxing pulling sweettalking or even treats would make him budge I finally realized he had been trying to tell me something all along I knelt down beside him and asked Scooter what s wrong I heard the words Move Now while simultaneously Scooter r ic elee Fotolia Iss m co E Volume 1 Issue3 True Blue Spirit Page 13

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It s best to prevent Take one capsule per day to prevent the common cold If cold symptoms are felt or known infection is present in the body one can safely take up to 10 or more capsules in a single dose or repeatedly to relieve the symptoms Continue to take an increased dose for as long as you feel a benefit and then reduce to a maintenance dose of 1 capsule per day

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Animal Whispers hearts and it is from here that animals hear us Be still and listen elee Iss ot ric F lia o E c o m yanked on the leash pulling me backwards Suddenly a huge branch from an oak tree came crashing down inches away from us Scooter had literally saved us and I will never forget him and the valuable lesson he taught me about listening to my intuition and listening to what animals have to tell to us How do you talk to the animals people often ask me The first step in any communication is learning how to be still within or finding your point of stillness which simply means turning off your internal chatter box It is only through being still within ourselves that we can then hear or feel what another is trying to tell us Discovering your point of stillness can take time and practice and if approached from a place of curiosity open mindedness and fun then your experience will be greatly enhanced Here are a few pointers to guide you through the process Find a quiet space to sit and relax away from all distractions Close your eyes and take a few deep slow breaths Whenever a thought or feeling arises just notice it and go back to feeling your breath moving in and out Each time you do this you notice yourself feeling more relaxed and at peace The chatter will start to lessen Allow your body and mind to feel what it s like to do nothing No judging no labelling just accepting and being with what is Being rather than doing is the key to finding your point of stillness Practice doing this each day for five minutes or for as long as you can Once you are able to find your stillness you are then ready to practice opening your heart to yourself and your companions This is where true communication takes place from our If you have a problem with your pet and you would like to discuss it with Stephanie visit www animalwhisperer com From time to time we may feature stories resulting from the work that Stephanie does with you and your pets STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 15

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Animal Connections By Janet Laidlaw I have always known that animals had a special purpose in my life and in the lives of others Animals in their purity of soul are like receptacles of pure light and love taking it in and reflecting it back In the last 3 years I have lost four special pets The most recent and painful loss has been the death of my young cat Ziggy who was shot Not everyone understands the deep connection to an animal and the resulting grief when a pet passes to spirit This pain of loss parallels the profound joy their lives give us Pets are not so complicated as us humans Their love is pure unconditional and honest We humans often put our concerns and rights above those of other life forms Our world as we experience it is all about us or is it Quantum physics has established that life exists as a state of interconnectedness This might explain why we can sometimes experience what others feel in a psychic or mediumship capacity We are all linked even beyond the physical Many years ago my dog was lethargic and drinking a lot of water I sensed in him the feeling of tonsillitis When I took him to the vet a sliver was found on his tonsil After Ziggy was shot I felt abdominal pain and oddly food was going straight through me A biglama Fotolia com Page 16 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3

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post mortem revealed that Ziggy s bowel was severed Though our psychic links with pets can be surprising animals rely on their intuition for survival these connections are a way of life for them Pets are experts in reading energy They also have a flair for showing gratitude as any dog owner knows Ziggy made everyone laugh with her loud expressive purr Every night at bedtime she told me how grateful she was She purred at the vet s office after she d been shot and even the night before she died as I stroked her I believe that upon death we have a life review a glimpse of the effects and ripple effects from our deeds in life As we make choices all consciousness is affected Rephrasing the golden rule As we do unto others we do unto ourselves It has been said that those in spirit can feel another s thoughts and that is why passed loved ones are drawn to us when we think of them That immediate transference of feelings would surely produce greater accountability for our actions If we felt the physical or emotional pain of another we would naturally adapt our own actions In disconnecting from others we limit ourselves to the world of self separate and enclosed By instead treating each living creature as a part of ourselves we open up to an infinite world of love and light usk d om ia c tol Fo In the words of the Dalai Lama If you want others to be happy practice compassion If you want to be happy practice compassion JANET LAIDLAW is a developing medium and video writer producer who has worked with animals for many years Previously she was the St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Coordinator Dog Agility Instructor SPCA board member and Pet of the Week host Presently Janet and her Border collie Sprite are in charge of Goose Control for the City of Nanaimo BC Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 17

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Sail into your Intuitive Intuitive cruises will be launching from Gabriola Island BC this coming summer Wake to the sun rising over the ocean and enjoy the many islands and inlets surrounding Vancouver Island With water being a tremendous conductor the journey will provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your spiritual development You will be cruising on a 10 passenger 41 foot Morgan sailing yacht with a lovely deck to take in the sun There will be various mediums and healers on every cruise This photo is taken from the yacht deck while sailing up the coast from San Francisco Coming Soon Watch for more information in future editions of True Blue Spirit magazine

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Searching for Serenity Contentment and our Quest for Serenity By Vince Pollitt I am content There I ve said it But what does that really mean And how is this connected with my endless quest for a little serenity Serenity is both universally desired and deviously elusive Yet it is within our grasp A cornerstone of such attainment resides in simplicity Simplicity in this sense is not necessarily a physical question Sometimes it is not practical to get rid of all our things or reduce all the activities we are doing Rather we must find a way to simplify our perspective on life to find that contentment within the chaos of our daily grind The desire for serenity in our hectic lives is universal Financial demands and time constraints tend to minimize our abilities to get away from it all I have personally sampled many external catalysts promoting serenity from health regimes to creative passions from journaling to the fine art of escapism My mind was like a monkey constantly distracted constantly jumping from this wonderful solution to that My ideas were grand and many Still this was all very stressful and I was no further ahead I was certainly not simple serene or content barbone Fotolia com marilyn Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 19

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Searching for Serenity Then some years back I suddenly visualized the blindly stalwart salmon at the end of its life Swimming upstream crashing against all obstacles in an effort to achieve its most sacred goal each salmon s fate becomes sealed within the rocks I was living my life in the same way I considered myself to be very spiritual but I had made the entire experience incredibly complicated I made a vow that day to turn around in the river of my life s experience to surrender completely to the currents of fate and to trust that my future if allowed would take care of itself I would face tomorrow tomorrow and deal with now now I immediately set about becoming more organized I triaged my plans and goals To this day I keep them simple and handy Staying in the present does not mean that we do not prepare for the future we simply do not obsess on it until it becomes relevant I stopped dwelling on past failures I stopped judging so much and having so many expectations In short I simplified my perspective and ceased struggling so much I freed my mind to enjoy the ride whether it s sunny or rainy I may have more real issues today but way fewer imaginary problems I have come to believe that the state of contentment is in fact the highest attainment in life Its nature dwells within mental and spiritual simplicity One s higher questions have either been answered or dropped The contented person walks tall in the pouring rain and bends gracefully in the wind They laugh more readily and remain gentle in the face of adversity They do not take themselves seriously and above all they carry an overwhelming sense of lasting serenity I am reminded of the ever silent Maasai warrior standing in regal solitude ever patient ever grateful I realized as I was writing this article that a truly contented person lives a life of gratitude for all things and that serenity and gratitude are indeed roommates within the soul Page 20 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 m VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancouver Island where Vince has spent the last 12 years at play in the health industry Vince combines almost 3 decades of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for music painting and writing He currently offers wellness and leadership workshops at a community and organizational level As a spiritual coach he specializes in Reiki based pranic healing with instruction in breathing meditation visualization and centering exercises a ri ly n b arbone Fot ia co m ol

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Cornish Pixies By Olly Chaperon I t s been many years since I walked on the misty moors or lazed on the golden sands of the Cornish coast in England From a very early age I remember my family s holidays were spent in this region of the country Not only did Cornwall boast some of the most spectacular scenery with its breathtaking seascapes that could be viewed from the top of the natural cliffs it also ignited the interest of travellers in the history and folklore of this treasured part of the world I was one of the kids who could sit for hours just listening to the Cornish locals talk about the pixies and fairies that were often seen dancing and working their magic in the numerous fairy rings that lined the wooded areas and seaside caves of one of Britain s favoured holiday spots I recall a childhood conversation with an old farmer who owned the farm in Sennan cove area of Cornwall where we used to camp He spoke Joss Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 21

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LIBBY CLARK SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM IN NANAIMO BC APRIL 17 26 2009 Libby has been a Spiritualist Medium for over 30 years She is an Officiant of the Spiritualist National Union and a Course Organiser Tutor for the world renowned Arthur Findlay College She teaches world wide MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOPS TRANCE WORKSHOPS MEDIUMSHIP SITTINGS READINGS TRANCE SITTINGS HEALINGS EVENING DEMONSTRATION OF MEDIUMSHIP FOR MORE INFO SEE WWW TWOWORLDSSPIRITUALIST COM or email janet twoworldsspiritualist com Call 250 754 3330

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proudly of the Cornish pixies and assured me that if I got up in the wee hours of the morning just as the sea mist was lifting I would undoubtedly spy the fairy folk doing their chores and making merriment with their music Alas to my disappointment I was never able to wake up in the wee hours of the morning as he suggested and so I never did catch even a glimpse of these magical folk When I talk about Pixies most Brits would know exactly what I was talking about However for those of you who are left guessing what a pixie is let me elaborate a little more Pixies are believed to be impish characters with pointed ears and slanted eyes They are a form of fairy They have magical powers that are often used to do good for humans especially rewarding humans who are respectful and considerate That said if a human is neglectful or shows lack of respect a pixie may exercise his disapproval with appropriate punishment Pixies love music and dancing and so when they were not embracing the merriment in their own fairy rings they could be seen from a distance enjoying the excitement of carnivals and fairs of the human kind On occasion pixies have been know to be mischievous and take pleasure in watching the unfortunate human search high and low for his misplaced belongings that had oddly disappeared from their usual spot However their kindness was a welcoming grace to poor weary widows overrun with chores All in all the pixies are considered by the locals to be established figures in Cornish folklore The Cornish people take pride in showing off their pixies and wherever you go in Cornwall you will most often see some recognition pertaining to the fabled pixie You can purchase pixie items that are said to bring good luck into your life at almost every store across Cornwall I for one have never given up hope that one day I may return to my favourite spot in the Cornish countryside and catch sight of the legendary Cornish pixie Providing I can pry open my eyes in the wee hours of the morning OLLY CHAPERON lives and writes on Vancouver Island where she has raised her three children Having grown up in England she always had the pixie and fairy folk as part of her life which has added to her enlightened mind Olly has written a book on Atlantis and is currently working on a sequel Capt J Sw allow Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 23

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Two thirds of Canada s Natural Health Products are Scheduled for Removal If Health Canada s regulatory schedule is allowed to proceed by 2010 two thirds of the Natural Health Products left on the Canadian market will become illegal to sell Health Canada will have reduced the NHP s that Canadians can purchase domestically from over 100 000 to 15 000 or less Action from the public and industry is needed to prevent this and dismantle the NHP regulations Prior to 2004 Canadian retailers could legally sell hundreds of thousands of NHP s since in addition to 70 000 domestic products they could import and sell almost all NHP s available in the United States Health Canada s 2004 NHP regulations blocked commercial import of most American NHP s including well over 20 000 that had been sold here for years and forced virtually all Canadian companies to shorten their list of products Of an estimated 50 000 NHP s left on the Canadian market Health Canada has approved only approximately 9 000 applications 8 977 at last count and has refused almost as many 7 740 Given that the deadline for NHP numbers is April 1 2010 it is unlikely that more than 15 000 of 50 000 will be approved The remaining two thirds will be illegal to sell Health Food Stores are in Danger of Extinction Virtually all the NHP s that have been granted market approval are single ingredient products These are items sold in the mass market and are not unique to health food stores The vast majority of products found only in health food stores i e innovative multi ingredient combinations have yet to be evaluated or have already failed If these products are forced off the market the government will not only eliminate the majority of effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals but also health food stores ability to compete as they will be limited to the same selection of products as the mass market Thousands of safe effective multi ingredient products are waiting for approval Thousands will not get it The products that have an NHP will be listed on an online registry which Health Canada is already promoting and if Bill C 51 is passed enforcement officers will be sent to health food stores to scan products and force removal of those that are not registered The Canadian Public is Being Deceived They are being told by government medicine and media that natural health products are unsafe and more regulation is needed when in reality there is not one single Canadian death certificate ever that lists an NHP as the cause of death and NHP s are being regulated off the market Furthermore regulation does not ensure safety Alcohol tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs are all highly regulated not to mention extremely lucrative and are all leading causes of death Yet we can purchase them to our heart s content If the true issue were safety would this be the case It is a statistical fact that if the NHP regulations force more Canadians to rely on pharmaceuticals more of them will die faster as a result Conversely with NHP s Health Canada is removing product after product in the name of safety that millions of Canadians were getting health benefits and relief from Yet relatively speaking they are extremely safe and our medical healthcare system is already filled to capacity We are having our ability to take care of ourselves removed right before our eyes in the name of safety but safety is not the actual agenda In reality global pharmaceutical and medical interests are preparing for two Free Trade agreements the Security and Prosperity Partnership between Canada U S and Mexico and the second between Canada and the European Union To verify either simply research them on the internet Neither are a secret Bills C51 and C52 are meant to pave the way for these trade agreements Both bills contain provisions to allow the government to adopt foreign legislation at the level of regulation Regulations can then be added to endlessly

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without the approval of the public or Parliament Canada s economy is slated to be drastically over regulated just like Europe s particularly in those sectors that involve food and our ability to take care of ourselves Over regulation will be used to eliminate small and medium sized businesses by declaring their products illegal or simply by making it too expensive to continue In turn this allows for domination by transnational corporations by giving them control over supply and pricing Although this may sound like conspiracy theory it is more accurately an economic reality In healthcare well stocked health food stores are the last meaningful avenue for self medicating without pharmaceuticals This conflicts with transnational pharmaceutical interests which collectively represent trillions of dollars They have huge and largely undisclosed influences on Government policy particularly in regulatory agencies such as Health Canada Health Canada is responsible for enforcing the same legislation that it creates and its officials do not change with the governments This makes it a prime target for conflicts of interests and control by the corporations it is supposed to be regulating For blatant evidence of this see Shiv Chopra s new book on Health Canada appropriately titled Corrupt to the Core Dr Shiv Chopra worked for Health Canada for thirty five years With the accounts he presents it is obvious that Health Canada has been so deeply infiltrated by pharmaceutical companies and big business that calling it a public service is simply no longer accurate It stopped making decisions in the best interests of the public long ago and now marches almost exclusively to the beat of corporate drums If the 2004 NHP regulations are allowed to continue we are going to lose our ability to self medicate and direct our own wellness If Bills C51 and C52 are passed health food stores will vanish and countless small and medium sized businesses will be regulated out of existence Canada as a nation is at a tipping point We can either use our power as citizens or we can lose it and be increasingly controlled Your greatest political tool as a citizen is handwritten letters asking reasonable questions and requesting a written response Our M P s are legally required to respond Write your M P and the Minister of Health repeatedly and persistently First request that the Charter of Health Freedom be passed into law The Charter of Health Freedom is an amalgamation of our health rights already contained in the legal system based on existing legislation and previous legal decisions by our courts It was drafted by Shawn Buckley LLP and the NHPPA If our ability as Canadians to take care of our own health is to be preserved it is this kind of legal safeguard we need to enshrine in law to protect us from corporate or Health Canada abuse Second ask that Health Canada be officially investigated and held accountable for its corruption Third politely demand that Bill C51 and C52 NOT be re tabled Fourth spread the word about what is going on Circulate this article and ones like it to as many people as you can Finally for our own sake support the NHPPA It is the most worthy Canadian health freedom organization ever and it has the best chance of success It is likely our last and perhaps only chance to protect our ability to direct our own wellness and use the supplements and therapies of our choosing For more information on the NHPPA or to view a copy of the CHARTER OF HEALTH FREEDOM or to make a donation online please visit their website at www nhppa org or www charterofhealthfreedom org Natural Health Products Protection Association 2 953 Laval Cres Kamloops B C V2C 5P4

Page 26

Metaphysics Journey through Time By Kay Nielsen H ere I am hiking up the tallest pyramid on the Yucatan peninsula Nohoch Mul in Coba 42 metres high The energy is flowing quickly now The tingling sensations are moving up my feet throughout my trunk and down my arms It s the vibrations that seem to be propelling me up this ancient limestone creation My emotions are bubbling to the surface and I know deep in the core of my being that I need to reach the top I am being beckoned to serve spirit Each uneven step brings me closer to the awaiting energies those spirit beings that wish to be seen It s very steep now and I use my hands to climb as well as my feet like a toddler unsure of her steps It s as though time is speeding up to drive me forward to the top With much anticipation I hurry to fulfill my task and as I finally complete the last step I turn to look out at jungle in all directions as far as the eye can see The view is amazing The colours are so vibrant they don t seem real As I take a ceremonious seat on a broken limestone platform and begin to meditate I notice that as much as time seemed to speed up a few moments prior it has now completely stopped In an instant I am taken on a journey I am whisked through eons of existence I am standing in a semi circle on top of this same pyramid only hundreds upon hundreds of years ago The Mayan Shaman is clothed in white On the top of his head is a magnificent large headdress flowing down the length of most of his body made completely of beautiful white feathers He appears to be not of this earth but he is Is it because he has the ability to walk in both worlds I think so Page 26 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 Bettina Baumgartner Fotolia com

Page 27

Metaphysics There are a number of bowls in front of the Shaman on the altar One has smoke rising from it He drops a yellow chunk of what I believe is resin tree sap into the smoking vessel He has been speaking in chants the entire time He raises the ancient dish high into the air and with conviction he declares a blessing from the gods The wind is absent along with any other sound The Shaman raises the bowl to the four directions one at a time The silence in between is all encompassing I imagine the Gods are waiting for him to finish that they are holding the space and their breath for a sacred moment in between his commands Putting down the smoking dish the Shaman picks up a wooden bowl filled with liquid He speaks to the Divine and then proceeds to pass this blessed drink around the group It comes to me and I fill my mouth with such sweet nectar that it could only come from the gods I feel the vibration of it course through my body In this moment I know I could achieve anything I have the increased vibration to accomplish absolutely anything that I wish to I truly feel like the divine being that I am that we all are We have experiences in our lives that assist in unlocking who we truly are taking us closer to the divine removing our filters as some would say which helps our light to shine brighter I spoke in a previous article about my experience with the crystal skull Sha na ra That encounter changed me spiritually and I believe altered me cellularly It removed some of the filters for me adjusted my vibration and I took a quantum leap forward in my intuitive energy work I believe that I just received another adjustment another removal of a filter a remembering of who I truly am who we truly all are We are all divine beings of light Shine your light today I wish you luck on your journey to uncover your light d Bud l had a toli Fo c o m METAPHYSICAL of or relating to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses supernatural KAY NIELSEN started her metaphysical journey 21 years ago when she discovered Stuart Wilde and Carlos Castaneda She began pursuing her clairvoyant and mediumship development four years ago and has been working professionally since 2006 Having completed the Jazz program at Vancouver Island University she writes and performs her own music Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 27

Page 28

A Shaman s Perspe By Don Ward F or years I had a strong desire to open a retreat in a place that was conducive to healing One day I got a chance to fulfill this dream by relocating to the Mexican Caribbean a place known as the Mayan Riviera There I established an independent clinic and I donated three mornings a week to a local health center where we provided care to the poorer parts of the community like the Mayans And it was there that Don Luis first crossed my path Don Luis wife had rather severe intestinal problems and the medical doctors wanted to remove part of her descending colon She was brought in to see me and we were able to save her from needing a major operation Not long after that Don Luis showed up at my clinic to thank me for the work I had done in the community It was a dark time in my life and so he gave me a blessed amulet intended to aid me in strengthening my spirit throwing off the chemuca that was affecting me at the time He did this in payment for the work I had done on his wife at no charge He said the Mexican and Gringo doctors wouldn t help his wife for free and they were intent on taking her emotional body away from her He explained that the Mayans had figured out centuries ago that emotions were not a product of the brain as conventional western wisdom dictates They concluded that our emotional core has more to do with our intestines than any other organ That was why he didn t want the doctors to take out his wife s intestine He was afraid she would lose the emotions that go with it Page 28 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3

Page 29

ective on Spirit Don Luis felt the work I did in my clinic was important because it restored people both physically and emotionally He appreciated that I treated the whole body where medical doctors only treated symptoms creating an imbalance He recognized that without a well functioning intestine you can t have a balanced emotional body The intestine he said is where the spirit resides This is why we experience gut feelings Some people call this intuition Don Luis only spoke Mayan and poor Spanish I spoke English and even poorer Spanish but we communicated on a level I had never thought possible He was very interested in my knowledge on health and I was just as interested in his perspective on health Soon I was asking more and more questions on spirituality and he said the only answers he could give would take more preparation If I wanted answers I would have to devote more time My apprenticeship had begun Part of the human experience is overcoming our emotional insecurities Unless we are taught otherwise we experience life as if we are a separate human being unique and distinct Don Luis showed me that this is actually an illusion created by an insecure mind He taught me that our insecurities create a need to be right Most tension in life stems from this need He taught me you can be right or you can be happy One day I asked What is emotion Don Luis replied Emotion is energy in motion This energy resides in muscle It is where the mind body interaction takes place When there is a block in the energy meridian a chemuca forms ro rdo Rive E dua m co olia Fot Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 29

Page 30

La gu i F o t o l i a co m Page 30 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 which eventually leads to disease Chronic negative emotions create blocks where chumucas can hold on tightly so it is vitally important to be aware of our negative thoughts All emotion resonates energy For example sorrow or shame resonates very low whereas love or joy resonates very high Lower energy resonates dense patterns creating mental and physical illness where higher energy prevents illness through higher resonation I then asked What exactly is a chemuca You see yourself as a distinct separate entity but this is an illusion Everything in life is vibration and vibrations have no real boundaries You are one and the same with those around you including rocks and trees Because different things vibrate at different rates you see them as separate In your world you are told opposites attract but this is false like is attracted to like So when you lower your vibration through negative emotion or disease lower energy forms are attracted to you and will hold on A chemuca is a lower energy form hanging on to you by overlapping energy patterns You don t see them because you have no reference point to distinguish them Eventually they create disease but even then most people deny their existence until the disease overwhelms them and doctors give the disease a name like cancer Don Luis went on to say We control our rates of vibration through the choices we make in our daily lives When our choices in thought or action are positive our energy remains strong When we have negative thoughts and emotions our energy becomes dense which attracts chemucas This is why it is so vitally important to remain congruent with our thoughts and actions A weak person caught up in constant negativity will attract further negativity This is the true nature of karma To change your karma you must work at raising your energy vibration You do this through conscious thought When you lie cheat or steal you lower your vibrational rate in fact all negative emotion will lower your vibrational rate One day I asked about the nature of spirit He taught me that we are multidimensional creatures Our bodies reside in the third dimension along with our egos Earth Guide Only

Page 31

but our spirits are part of the fourth dimension Death is an illusion because as the body dies the ego dies as well and all that is left is the spirit because it never resided in the third dimension This is why it is so difficult for us to understand the true nature of spirit because we have no real reference point in the third dimension to fully understand the fourth dimension When we live with integrity and congruency our spirits flourish Thus it becomes vitally important to master our emotions if we want our spirits to flourish and our health to improve All disease manifests through lowered emotions and a weakened spirit Without this awareness we become vulnerable to chemucas and our physical and spiritual health quickly deteriorates The time I spent with Don Luis represented a rare opportunity For hundreds of years Westerners had wanted only to correct the Mayans by teaching them western ways Few people were truly interested in the Mayan s perspective on life or their spiritual beliefs There is another side to all these questions Don Luis taught me that too Don Luis on Science Science can t measure the really important things in life like spirit or feelings or thoughts or emotion Yet no one denies that they think feel or emote Science lacks the sensitivity and awareness to calibrate such things as they can t reproduce any of this in the laboratory So they are quick to dismiss anything they can t reproduce or calibrate When you know how to look you will see spirit everywhere DON WARD presently operates an independent health clinic in Nanaimo BC He has apprenticed in Mayan energy work ayurvedic medicine Chinese medicine and colonic therapy He graduated from Wild Rose College where he studied nutrition and iridology Bite Photography l Foto i a c om Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 31

Page 32

Universal Shamanic Energy Healing with drums feathers rattles oils crystals gems wands meditations sound colour medicine wheels and making medicine bags Drum Journeys finding your power animal and healing journeys Sacred Ceremonies with Spiritual Bathing fire and property clearing Past life regression Getting in touch with your Guardian Angels Spirit Keepers and Guides Crystal Chakra Balancing with wands and pendulums Deep emotional release technique releasing old belief systems and re programming Reiki Cross Cultural Drumming Reiki Masters Teachers Certificate The drum beat is the heart beat of Mother Earth the Universe and all that is When you play the drum it connects your Spirit to a level of unity with the Divine Source and your own Soul A vibrational medicine the drum beat energetically balances your physical emotional mental and spiritual bodies Working with the aura through sound is the key to healing the body mind and spirit The drum beats gently re balancing your chakras within your physical and light body In our culture it is important to have the connection with our physical and spiritual body This is how we tap into the higher frequencies which allow us to heal and release blockages that cause destructive behaviors such as frustrations chronic illnesses and depression Tapping into these frequencies will also assist us in reaching enlightenment There are two drums we heal with The first is made with natural hide of a deer elk moose horse etc If using the natural hide drums many of them must be heated in order to create the customary clear vibrational sound required for healing purposes The other is synthetic Some people would rather use the synthetic alternative which has an equally powerful healing effect One benefit of a synthetic drum is you never need to heat it up before you use it for a drum journey or a healing session It also has a softer vibration which can create a soothing flow of acceptance during the journey When we drum for healing the drum is 8 inches away from the body leaving some people with life changing experiences and others with a deep relaxation which promotes harmony and peace in their daily lives In our culture we honor every part of the animal we hunt eating the meat using the hides for many ceremonial instruments and clothing We pray and honor the animal for the life it has given and for its safe journey to the spirit world Drumming is more powerful when the drummer is taught how to call in the Spirits of all directions and Healing forces of the Universe to create a sacred space Love and Light may we all heal and raise the Vibration of Mother Earth and all that is Cheryl Dawn Native Healer and Teacher

Page 33

Aboriginal Spirit Raven Rattle By James Henry Spencer A rocking chair a raven flew over looked down at me and then flew higher into the sky The raven took the moon into its beak and then came down and landed on the back of the rocking chair My crown chakra opened and the raven dropped the moon into my head which according to ancient custom is supposed to denote the gift of wisdom After a lapse of several years I was told by the ancestors that I should have a raven rattle as part of my medicine bag to use in my native ceremonial work G ab ri ela Fot olia c om s I continue my quest to discover and learn about my native roots often interesting information is given to me from unexpected sources in ways that I do not fully understand Once such sequence of events that took place over a period of several years I will strive to share with you as accurately as memory will permit We have a picture of my mother taken in her 20 s She is wearing her mothers chilcat blanket which was made by her grandmother Aniszlaga In the picture my mother is holding an ancient raven rattle that had been used in generations of native ceremonies One evening while sitting in development circle I was given an impromptu reading which went like this I was seen sitting in an old wooden Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 33

Page 34

Aboriginal Spirit When I priced raven rattles I found that they were beyond my budget so I decided to make one myself Having no talent for such things as carving I went to my room and drummed up a connection with the famous carver Mungo Martin and asked him to help me When he spoke to me he said that he was a chief ten times over and that it was not for him to teach me personally but that he would send his understudy Henry Hunt Henry is also a world famous carver as well as being my cousin Both Mungo and Henry are in spirit When I drummed up a connection with Henry the first thing he said to me was Jimmy you must think like an Indian to carve your raven rattle Time does not exist when carving get the appropriate wood sit and drum to the wood and ask for the image to appear in the wood Then cut away the unwanted parts I did as Henry instructed and now I have a beautiful raven rattle with the moon in its beak Some native carvers have the ability to imbue a living energy into their work and my raven rattle has a measurable energy field of about twenty four inches thanks to Mungo and Henry The talisman which you see attached to the raven rattle was given to me a few years ago by a native woman on Pender Island It represents half bear and half man The woman told me it was ancient Although the complete history is unknown it is the pendant of a shaman and has the power of the bear Page 34 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe Known affectionately by his friends in the spiritual community as Wisdom James he has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field I have an inner joy that continually overflows to those around me and a constant need to share these beautiful gifts that I have been blessed with It is my desire to imbue the gift of peace love and harmony into your life

Page 35

Children and Spirit Passing Visitor By Dorothy Jeanne Engst I n the last issue of True Blue Spirit I shared the story of my grandson Owen and his other mommy who is actually a woman who has passed on to spirit and visited him regularly in their previous home Owen was three years old when he was being visited by his other mommy He is now four and a half and thankfully still has a strong connection with spirit On a recent overnight visit Owen awoke to find me in the kitchen making tea He jabbered away for awhile and then out of the blue he asked me Grandma how come sometimes your house is foggy He then looked above my head to the corner of the room and exclaimed Look at the light It s a man and he has a flashlight Who is that He s saying hello I garnered a brief description of the person he was seeing before Owen bounded off to his toy bins After all to him seeing spirit is just like looking across the room at you or me Patti Morton from Calgary shares this story with True Blue Spirit readers My two year old granddaughter Hayli was staying with us in Calgary for an extended visit lia com Scalesy Foto Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 35

Page 36

Children and Spirit Because she was returning to Florida the next day my husband and I wanted to spend every moment we could with her Normally Hayli would be in bed by 8 o clock and sound asleep for the night and we had taken the phone off the hook so that it wouldn t wake her This particular night we heard her upstairs playing My husband and I decided that since she was awake anyhow we would let her come downstairs so that we could watch her play and enjoy her a little longer Hayli happily played on the living room floor in front of the fireplace while we waited for the 11 o clock news to come on before retiring for the night Suddenly Hayli stopped playing put down her toys and stared up at the front doorway She started to wave Hi she said as she smiled at the empty doorway My husband looked confused and said What is she doing I said She obviously sees something we don t She appeared to listen intently and then chatted away in her little baby talk as she continued to stare at the front door This went on for a couple of Page 36 True Blue Spirit Volume1 Issue 3 minutes while we sat back and watched Hayli started to wave again Bye bye she said as she blew kisses to the doorway Then she went back to playing with her toys We were amused as we commented on what she could have been looking at A couple of hours later my daughter Tara knocked on my bedroom door and woke us up Mom she said her voice breaking I tried to call but the phone was busy I m sorry but I have some bad news for you and Dad Tonight Aunt Fran passed away just before 11 o clock My husband s Aunt Fran had loved to spend time with Hayli Nothing will ever convince me that she didn t stop by to say goodbye to us on her way to the other side The Children and Spirit column is a forum for sharing our children s experiences to learn and grow from them and yank out a few roots of doubt along the way To share your child s story please e mail publisher truebluespirit ca Travis Manley Fotolia com

Page 37

Spiritualism On Spiritualism By Carol Spencer M ediumship has impacted civilization since the beginning of documented time It isn t something new or new age But until l848 the communication of spirit was systematically oppressed by churches and politicians who in my opinion viewed this communication with spirit as a threat A great outburst of spiritualism followed the documented experiences of the Fox sisters of New York in l848 This was the beginning of the modern spiritualist movement as we know it today During the latter part of the 19th century Emma Hardinge Britten an enthusiastic orator for spiritualism inspired all who listened to her while on her quest to spread the word of spiritualism Expounding one s own view and contradicting the Church was an extremely unpopular thing to do at this time in history Some of you might have heard of the psychic college in Stansted England This College was originally a private home of Arthur Findlay Findlay was a scientist investigator and author of several books on spiritualism and the mechanics of the spirit world He was also the author of several books on the evolution of religion explaining in great detail where some church rituals originated and how some of these rituals continue to be used today A remarkable man Arthur Findlay retired at the age of forty to devote himself to his studies and has influenced the spiritualist movement probably more than any other modern day person He was so dedicated to this cause that he gave his home so that others could be educated and have the opportunity to explore the psychic spiritual and esoteric side of Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 37

Page 38

Spiritualism life The college has had the reputation of creating the finest mediums I have mentioned these well known spiritualists yet there are many others Without these mediums who assisted the movement spiritualism wouldn t be here today We each have gifts of the spirit to share These gifts may not necessarily be those of mediumship As we allow ourselves to become aware of our own gifts the spirit world rejoices and draws nearer to us Each time we share these gifts those in spirit dance with joy Why you say The answer is very clear As we become the individual we were born to be we come closer to spirit Each one of us is on a very special journey of self discovery We each were born with a purpose in our life No one person has a purpose greater than another We are all here to share unique talents with the world It is in the sharing of these gifts with others that we become closer to the spirit world Dance more often in the joy of being who we truly are and worry less about who we would like to be We need to remember that we are here as we are for a reason Spiritualism and its psychical studies can help to clarify what that reason may be jStock Fotolia com A native of Salt Spring Island CAROL SPENCER established the Continuous Light Sanctuary in 1999 Continuous Light is a society dedicated to spiritualism where gatherings are held to share the philosophy and gifts of spirit Carol teaches meditation healing clairvoyance and psychic awareness Page 38 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3

Page 39

Hypnotherapy Creative Thoughts By Barbara Adelborg CMH HT Our life today reflects our thoughts of yesterday last month and past years If you want to know what your life will be in the future become aware of your thoughts today Alx Fotolia com T he thoughts going through your mind right now are a reflection of your thoughts of yesterday last month and years past A single isolated thought doesn t produce much of a consequence in our lives But thoughts repeated over time have a profound effect on us According to Deepak Chopra we experience sixty thousand thoughts a day and 95 of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday Our minds are unable to differentiate between a physical experience happening in the moment and a memory of the experience For example if we ve had a major argument with someone that caused us to become angry and upset and resulted in a headache when we replay in our thoughts or retell the story of the argument our physical body could respond with a similar headache On the opposite side we may have experienced a wonderful joy excitement and happiness and just memory or thought brings to us a sense of joy and a smile to our face In these and similar ways our thoughts in connection with our emotions and imagination directly create the physical reality of our daily lives We gain control of our lives by becoming aware and consciously using our imagination will and desire to direct our thoughts memories and emotions in order to create and achieve what it is we want need or choose to do Create for yourself a guideline to follow to increase your awareness of what your thoughts are creating in your life Ask yourself how do you organize your time and daily activities Change your patterns examine your routine and make some alterations Take time for yourself and spend some of it outdoors all year round Relax and simply notice your thoughts feelings and imaginings BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley where she has resided for over 30 years Barbara is trained in several hypnosis techniques and is currently producing her third hypnosis CD Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 39

Page 40

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Energy By Ken Peters M any healing modalities do not separate the body from the mind or spirit In Chinese medicine every organ malfunction has a related negative emotional issue Thus liver problems lead to excess anger lung problems to grief and kidney problems to fear In order to have the energy to cultivate spirit we must have a healthy body as well as physical and psychological well being The Chinese approach to spirit maintains that combining jing which is the fundamental energy of life which we inherit from our gene pool known as kidney essence with qi chi our day to day accumulation of or loss of energy will produce shen or spirit The closest thing that we have in western medicine to the concept of kidney essence is the adrenal glands In the western world we all tend to have exhausted adrenals which translate to depleted jing meaning that the most basic energy needed to cultivate and sustain higher consciousness is lacking Lack of energy is a common complaint However when one goes seeking energy the cup of coffee can of soda cigarette or energy drink will give you temporary energy but you are going to pay for it later When that energy wears off there is a crash and your base energy level will be lower than it was when you first took the stimulant Most abused by the use of stimulants are the adrenal glands which also happen to be your first line of defence against stress The adrenals are involved in many functions essential to well being These include regulating heart rate blood pressure respiration and digestion and they also produce some of the sex hormones As we age and the sex glands reduce their output it is up to the adrenals to Page 40 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 take up the slack by producing more DHEA a mother hormone that creates estrogen testosterone and progesterone But from an energy perspective what the adrenals do that is most important is to regulate our fight or flight response In modern life most of the danger signals must be ignored When your boss yells at you you can t hit him and you can t run away All day long every day the stressors are triggering our adrenal response bad drivers family problems job worries sirens and high or low level noise in the work place to name but a few Constant stress combined with stimulant use including sugar will finally exhaust the adrenal glands so that they can no longer provide the energy you need when you need it They can also malfunction in the direction of producing too much energy when you don t need it causing anxiety and panic attacks Adrenal exhaustion can contribute to the development of hypoglycaemia insomnia depression allergies hormonal imbalance circulatory problems and immune malfunction as well as difficulty with menopause and andropause And of course to low energy which at its extreme can lead to such conditions as chronic fatigue syndrome Taken together all of these clearly get in the way of spiritual and intuitive growth Read the March issue of True Blue Spirit to find out what you can do to help your adrenals KEN PETERS has been a nutritional consultant for 20 years He is a published author and a product designer for NutriStart Vitamin Company More of his articles can be found on the Nutristart website Benjaminet Fotolia com

Page 41

Phenomena UFOs Out of the Blue By Michael Gintowt MA T he Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon is inseparable from psychic events Indigenous peoples from around the world tell stories about star people who came to teach mankind The Bible is full of references Ezekiel s visions for example that many consider to be typical UFO encounters Reports of UFOs and beings from other worlds are recorded throughout human history Irish stories of the Gentry and the Little People have remarkable similarities to modern ET contact reports to the extent that the researcher Dr Jacques Vall e suggested that UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin but rather inter dimensional chrisharvey Fotolia com The pattern of contact throughout history also suggested to him that there is an agenda to alter the course of human culture and history towards unknown ends People inclined to embrace the intuitive are often interested in phenomena such as UFOs There are two possible reasons for this First there is the type of person who is interested in anything exotic or exciting because what they seek fundamentally is not Truth but emotional stimulation Second people sincerely interested in developing their intuitive potential for the sake of Truth no matter what seek knowledge in whatever Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 41

Page 42

Phenomena healing arts and spirituality They cherish their experiences Another class of contactee called abductee do not feel so good about their experiences Some are accepting while others remain in dread of the next abduction Researchers suggest that Earth is being visited by many different races not all of whom have our best interests at heart There is much more to tell another time This is possibly the greatest story ever unfolding right now MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology and formal training in hypnosis behavioural neurobiology and clinical psychology His interest in the paranormal can be traced to when he was 14 years old and corresponded with Dr J B Rhine the pioneering parapsychologist For decades he has been involved with the divinatory arts shamanic practices and martial arts He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife www exopsychology net F oto lia c om form and attempt to acquaint themselves with broad areas of knowledge for as Emile Chartier said Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it s the only one you have Since World War II UFO sightings have been increasingly numerous and the military especially has had thousands of close encounters In North America the issue became very serious in the late 1940s and early 1950s and again around 1967 There were so many sightings by the public that the US Air Force was besieged by demands for answers Unknown to the public the Air Force had been attempting to shoot down UFOs and capture one to learn what they were They had lost many planes and pilots in the process UFOs had also been photographed disabling rockets and even more worrying to the Cold War era military brass UFOs had on several occasions disabled nuclear missiles while they were still in their silos Desperate high level authorities came up with a plan to assuage the public s fears and cloak themselves in a shroud of secrecy They used psychological manoeuvres including ridicule repeated denial and enforced silence of witnesses to make most people associate UFOs with little green men and foolishness The psychic aspect was central to the experiences of those who came into close contact with UFOs and their occupants Telepathy was the norm and contactees typically acquired a new interest in human well being planetary ecology the et er ar g yP irst K Page 42 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3

Page 43

Mediumship Messages in Bottles By Paul D Biscop ATR Ph D S piritualist mediums generally give one of two types of messages Both types may occur in one message however whether from the platform in a public demonstration or in a private reading Messages that are evidential providing evidence for survival of the human personality after the death of the body come from deceased family loved ones friends or associates who are actually known to the recipient of the message or whose existence can be verified through some other family member friend or associate Often the most evidential messages are ones given by a recognized person in spirit but which contain information that is entirely unknown to the recipient and which must be researched or sought through other sources Such messages then eliminate the possibility of mind reading or a direct medium to recipient transmission process Evidential qualities include sufficient detail about the spirit person communicating for the recipient to be reasonably certain that the medium actually is connecting with the deceased person Ideally that detail should include the name of the spirit person the relationship to the recipient a description of the physical appearance of the spirit place of origin or residence of the spirit relative age of the spirit at passing manner of passing or cause of death unusual characteristics of the person physically or of character and personality of the spirit person and so on Not every message may contain all of the above kinds of information but such is the ideal JLV Im ag e Wo rks Fo to l ia co m Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 43

Page 44

Mediumship A properly trained and experienced medium should be able to produce this kind of information to a reasonable degree most of the time Spirit communication is not like getting a phone call it s more like getting a phone call from the moon in encrypted form that the operator the medium must try to properly relay Not always an easy task And generally speaking generic terms like grandmother or dad or a friend or even a spirit guide are simply insufficient to prove anything In other words for evidentiality we need details details that can be confirmed or verified Otherwise the recipient must accept the claims of the medium on faith not on demonstrability And spiritualist mediumship is all about demonstrability and verifiability On the other hand spiritualist mediums also give messages from spirit guides or workers who may or may not be known to the recipient and who may or may not be current in their knowledge of the physical or social world Those messages may be of great help to the recipient or in some way very useful But generally speaking such messages are not evidential and usually cannot be verified One must take them on faith which has its pitfalls and cannot be used to validate the claims of the medium These messages might be called content messages as against evidential messages from verifiable spirit persons Note however that evidential messages may also contain content material As a rule of thumb then in weighing such messages ask yourself Would I accept such information from this person if she or he were still living because of her his experience knowledge or insight If not then you would be advised to accept the information only provisionally Being dead doesn t bring immediate enlightenment on anything nor does it change who you are or who you were it takes a long time on the other side to do that As for spirit guides they may or may not be shall we say up to date in their practical knowledge of the physical and social world But if you don t have sufficient knowledge of your guides then you would also be advised to take their information provisionally If you do have sufficient Page 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3

Page 45

Mediumship N i ko lai S oro kin F ot ol m co ia knowledge of the guide or guides who are communicating then you would be advised to seriously pay attention to the message But why is that Loved ones family and friends may be expected to be as interested in your well being as when they were still alive or even more so But spirit guides are with us for a specific reason to help us fulfill our own divine life plan that we formulated before birth the plan of what we hope to experience achieve or accomplish while we are in the physical world We know that this is their purpose because from the very historical beginnings of the modern contact between the two worlds as demonstrated in the history of modern spiritualism we have been told this But there is a caveat to this matter our spirit guides can never influence our own free will To do so in any way would be to contravene the law of free will which actually applies to all of us embodied or disembodied That law states that one shall not knowingly or significantly interfere in any way with the legitimate exercising of another s free will Obviously there are exceptions to this such as parents and children law enforcement teachers and students doctors and their clients patients and the like The law of free will binds all of us eternally Your contract with your spirit workers is a sacred contract and they must never breach it But be aware of the medium spiritualist or otherwise who seems to be insistent that they whoever they are want you to do something in particular or that you should do something Your spirit workers know when you re ready to receive information from them or not they should only give you information when you re ready and in a manner that does not interfere with your free will Spiritualist mediums should know this from our principle of personal responsibility but others may not And so two other problems arise The first problem is in assessing the quality and qualifications of the medium from whom you are receiving a message Never accept a message when you do not wish to do so or do not know the medium If a person claims to be a medium but does not give some form of public demonstration of evidential mediumship then you must take that claim on faith on the value of the Robert Mizerek Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 45

Page 46

Mediumship content rather than the evidentiality of the message That is not to say that every non evidential medium is a fake it is simply to point out the difficulties in assessing claims to be contacting spirit The caveat of the marketplace applies here as well Let the buyer beware And remember even if you are not paying a fee to receive the message power and status can be just as rewarding as money to many people The second problem is that messages are not always in a bottle as Paul Parent who inspired this column says By that is meant that when spirit whether guide or loved one seeks to extend a helping hand but does not wish to influence our free will other less direct means may be used than sending us a message in a bottle Those means may be dreams or visions psychic experiences of our own intuitions or strong feelings and so forth Or they may come to us through the kindness of a stranger or the love of a pet There s always someone from spirit around us whether we know it or not And ultimately what spirit communication demonstrates is not just that life is eternal but also that love is forever in all its wondrous contexts shapes and colours In addition to being a spiritualist medium and speaker DR PAUL BISCOP is a registered art therapist and a cultural anthropologist A writer of non fiction fiction and poetry Paul is also an artist who shows and sells his art Page 46 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 JLV Im age Wor ks Fotolia c o m

Page 47

Dreams For Dreamers By Patti Sinclair I f you are reading this you are a dreamer Me too However I am not a professional dreamer I am more a dream weaver using dreams as oracles as gifts from the universe messages and images to help us be the best version of ourselvesat least to start with Dreams are like personal puzzles like those children s games that ask to find a number of differences between two seemingly identical pictures Of course it goes further than that Back in the day people would ask Do you dream Perhaps this is a bit dated now Asking How do you dream What do you do with your dreams Now that gets a bit more interesting There are many books available about dreams and symbolism Dreams have been a fascination of humankind for a long time I have read many books but my bias my goal about any kind of dreaming is that we eventually learn to know what our own images and symbols mean another practice in trusting self intuition your true blue spirit A common practice has been writing dreams down Most books will recommend putting a notebook beside your bed and writing dreams right away Well not me I need my sleep So I have learned to keep some fragments until morning I would recom S Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 47

Page 48

Dreams something is essential what follows is some kind of change to prove me wrong An example Recently I was given a message in a dream I have no recollection of what I saw or experienced except after practice part of my sleeping brain knows when something is important So in a lucid sense I repeat it a number of times almost like a mantra so that when I wake more fully I will be able to write it down Also when going through any major transition a part of me is intentionally more open to receiving help and understanding So all I did in this case was to repeat what was said in my dream I did not write it down Instead when doing my walking practice the same morning the message BOOM became clear Mines no longer sing no crying song mend writing before you move from your bed as there is something about larger motor skills that often dissipate the thin veil between remembering and information fading However if you find you cannot write until later not all should be lost With the practice of writing dreams down I have found more value and insight comes forward in the act of writing whenever that can occur It reveals more depth and often helps you remember more of your dream Just writing itself is a spiritual practice I say Now before I go any further what the universe has often taught me is as soon as I say PATTI SINCLAIR has been exploring dreams myth and symbols in her meditation journeying writing and poetry practice for many years She is the best selling author of Motherhood As A Spiritual Practice and Out of the Witch s Mouth She lives on an east coast island Page 48 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 After living with a certain perspective judgement for over twenty years my depths mines no longer need to grieve crying song and most importantly I forgave and I am grateful and feeling more free What relief The power of our dreams You know we sleep about a third of our life Something to try before going to sleep ask a specific question and see what comes to you in your dream time This idea comes from Sandra Ingerman author of many books including Welcome Home

Page 49

Worthwhile Reading THE REAL WORLD OF FAIRIES Dora van Gelder Earth Fairies Tree Spirits Sylphs Gnomes the list goes on The fairies in any given part of the world vary as much as the terrain or the human folk that live there Dora not only shares her knowledge and experience with the fairies she has met in her travels she also lets us know how the changes in our environment have had their impact on these wee beings This first person account will spark your grown up imagination and draw you back to your connection with nature Published by Quest Books ISBN 0 8356 0779 8 HAVENS IN A HECTIC WORLD Star Weiss Where is your sacred space your haven where you can reach out to spirit From First Nations elders through nuns and even prison inmates Star has discovered what it means for a place to be special to each individual These havens vary as much as we do from the beauty of nature to man made architecture Places to dream ponder and clear the mind not such an easy thing to do in this busy world This book sets the stage for you to find your own sacred space Published by Touch Wood Editions ISBN 1 894898 69 9 THE EAGLE AND THE ROSE Rosemary Altea From Rosemary s childhood she believed there was something wrong with her She was hearing voices and seeing faces from the spirit world and she had been taught that they did not exist This book holds you spellbound as Rosemary tries to distance herself from the paranormal to her first encounter with spirit guides Along her journey Rosemary becomes one of the worlds most dedicated mediums gifted with unbelievable powers which she uses to help people around the world This book is a gift of hope love of life and will help many people to enhance there own gifts Published by Warner Books ISBN 0 446 51969 3 Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 49

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Directory Events Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Spirit Gate Consulting Carolyn Mandrusiak BA R Ac DTCM Gabriola Island and Nanaimo 250 247 7366 cmandrusiak2002 shaw ca Animal Communication Animal Whispers Stephanie McColl Bridge the gap of communication between you and your animal 250 386 2807 www animalwhisperer com Astrology Heather Elrix Astrology Massage Healing Arts Cowichan Valley 250 246 1447 Hypnotherapy Sandra Martens B A Master Certified Hypnotherapist NLP Time Line Regression Therapy Reiki Focusing Counselling Parksville 250 248 4161 info thoughtsdivine com Intuitive Guides Kay Nielsen Sixth Sensory Intuitive Reader Energy Clearing and Healing Clairvoyance Nanaimo 250 591 5515 Metaphysical Retail Natural Health Products Pacific Essences Box 8317 Health 250 384 5560 INVITATION Come Learn Natural Health Retail Call Millie 250 746 7390 Future retreats for your full potential www milliejoy isagenix com Hypnotherapy Jeanie s Vitamin Centres Comox Comox Mall Comox BC 250 890 0037 Campbell River Ironwood Mall Campbell River BC 250 287 7994 Ladysmith Health Store 531 1st Avenue Ladysmith BC 250 245 2123 WISHES For Conscious Living 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 Victoria BC Canada V8W 3R9 The gateway to health and transformation Natural Health Retail Chemainus Health Food 9738 Willow Street Chemainus BC 250 246 9838 Lifestyle Markets Victoria Douglas 2950 Douglas Street Victoria BC 250 384 3388 Victoria Cook 343 Cook Street Victoria BC 250 381 5450 Sidney Store 9767 5th Street Unit C Sidney BC 250 656 2326 LYNN S VITAMIN GALLERY Barbara Adelborg CMH HT Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis Cowichan Valley 250 746 1969 Page 50 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 Lynn s Vitamin Gallery 4 180 Central Avenue Duncan BC 250 748 4421

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Directory Events Natural Health Retail Naked Naturals 142 Alberni Hwy Parksville BC 250 951 0277 Sidney Natural Foods 2473 Beacon Avenue Sidney BC 250 656 4634 The Vitamin Shop 1212 Broad Street Victoria BC 250 386 1212 Spiritual Centres Continuous Light Sanctuary Carol Spencer Ordained Minister Salt Spring Island BC 250 538 8272 Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light Rev Patricia Gunn Ordained Minister Duncan BC 250 748 0723 www cowichanspiritualistchurch com Two Worlds Spiritualist Centre Ann Woodward President Nanaimo BC 250 729 2737 Creative DigiWorks 250 710 0001 www creativedigiworks com SANDRA MARTENS master certified hypnotherapist is honoured to present the following workshops January 25th Claiming Your Peace Regain your power to relax and love your life with powerful techniques to open your mind and heart February 7th Heartfelt Communication The ability to understand and communicate your innermost truth in a productive and loving way may be the most powerful skill you ever use to enhance yours and your loved ones lives February 13th 15th Falling in Love with Yourself 245 includes two lunches You are a unique and interesting creation of Life When approached with curiosity acceptance and appreciation the being that is you will respond in amazing ways This weekend retreat will transform your life Guaranteed February 28th Discovering Your Purpose We each have a purpose for being alive and it isn t about what we should do or how much money we can make It s about what makes us feel most motivated and alive Come out and do some self exploration to discover just what makes you tick March 7th Fulfilling Your Purpose Once you have an idea of what you want to do making changes can seem a slippery slope to climb Using state of the art techniques this workshop will prepare you to reach your destination while enjoying the journey along the way March 21st The Powerful Gift of Forgiveness It is not possible to be free and happy while holding on to resentment or guilt Forgiving others and especially ourselves frees and opens us to experience new and better ways of being This workshop will make it joyfully easy April 4th You are Worth It Everything you desire in life depends on your self esteem and confidence to achieve it Self esteem and confidence are not fixed or based on who you are they are changeable and based on how you think feel and act Come out and learn how to feel and be more capable Unless noted otherwise All workshops are on Saturdays in Parksville from 10 4 and include a healthy lunch for an investment of 75 Please call 250 248 4161 or email info thoughtsdivine com to register or for more information True Blue Spirit DON T MISS AN ISSUE Two ways to subscribe 1 By credit card Go to www truebluespirit ca and click on Subscribe or call 1 877 700 2760 2 By cheque or money order Send your payment to True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island BC V0R 1X0 Canada Subscriptions in Canada are only 30 00 includes GST 85763 1626 The articles in True Blue Spirit are timeless and the pursuit for intuitive living goes on forever Subscribe and never miss an important message or give a gift subscription to someone dear to your heart Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 51

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Astrology Greetings I am challenged to express myself without using my hands hence brackets quotation marks It is all one process or another same yet different Joy Joy Joy Astrology A doorway to your psychic path The circle in which the planets move is called the zodiac and is subdivided into 12 signs characterized by the four elements FIRE drive desire action aggression Spirit EARTH manifestation deciding is doing Matter AIR intellect communication Mind WATER ocean of emotion Body Aries Fire Power comes through this vibrant personality accessing Aquarian air not waiting for change you create it Be mindful not to let Force speed you into a dead end Stop smoking your tires anything else Your desired attainment will come if you leave your superior self behind derive patience for task s sake Happiness grows from self control Taurus Earth Your deep roots cling to strong stones of determination Ask yourself is what you have decided truly worth doing IF so do it Now is the time IF not dump it let it go No sense procrastinating something earth beings do Create a sense of common purpose at home your Rock of Gibraltar Bring praise appreciation to your home circle As you develop tolerance you win trust or grow taller Gemini Air So just because when you move you fly accented by Aquarian energy doesn t mean waiting delays you Organize unclutter make space Sorting saves time eventually Being an in the moment one you are rather wide awake making for a valued companion Having varied interests makes you a stimulating feature with friends family Watch your story telling Perhaps deepening your values will create a stronger sense of self for one of you at least Cancer Water Until we cultivate our natural gifts to the Full we ignore an inner sense of power With retentive energy going out on a limb brings forth fear Have you forgotten Fear is false we especially you are only Love Dare to do it feel it the worst that might happen at this time is that you won t be as detailed as you d like Other than the odd Virgonian who s to notice Leo Fire Winter time is for curling up by the fireplace if not in Mexico or racing down the ski slopes Remember to keep out of the maze of restrictive thoughts and habits Refusing to move out of your dark den diminishes your usual Brilliance With self study you will soon see with effort you gift your ability Share more is achieved Always know You through your heart radiate the power of the sun Page 52 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 My horoscope said I d find an opening today martin33 Fotolia com

Page 53

Astrology Virgo Earth Release expectations especially within relationships Your goals are high for you very obtainable You know what you are capable of This next month Aquarian air helps to liberate you Let ambition rest For fruition to occur your radiant glow of inner presence must grow Open to ritual it will ground your principles release your sensual self in toto Libra Air This Aquarian time exalts your movements You breeze through the next month All s well light a bit fluffy Although you over elaborate at times at least you get into the play Ideally or not you re part of the picture As the poet beauty adds to the piece Truth plain perhaps simple speaks to the Prophet Diligence enthusiasm develops your talent When talented who needs luck Intelligent choices also help Scorpio Water Does radical or extreme still mean pink purple orange hair There is nothing like a redhead though or a sentimental Scorpio who is sensitive excitable Good qualities with kindness too An exception who naturally stands out by being your true self When transforming imperfections into true character we finally just become real You realize you don t need acceptance you simply know you are beautiful by just being the way you are So be it Sagittarius Fire You are so easily popular don t get distracted by personal relationships Keep your impetuous character calm irritability creates rashes settle your fire down to smoldering coals cook up your consciousness to higher endeavors Ruled by Jupiter father to the Gods opulent and optimistic Powerful prospects propel you towards new purpose Capricorn Earth Birthday greetings A keynote to transformation is appreciation development of love in our hearts Never mind Earthly perfection admire the good points developed compassion is admirable one of your qualities oh wise one As beings we are evolving spirit Don t think because you are solid quiet you are not seen Charismatic presence holds you to core power We might not all see it we cannot help but feel it Aquarius Air Although depicted as the water emotion bearer you scientific spiritual seeker are Air detached emotion Understand the difference Ancient universal knowledge tells us the Unity of hUmanity awake or not cosmic consciousness heavenly bodies our being in fact our oneness cosmic stardust shines in all is essentially one soul sol sun NOW is The Dawning of Aquarius Happy soulday Be nice to yourself get an alignment Heather K Elrix resides in Chemainus where she has worked actively in astrology massage and the healing arts for many years 250 246 1447 Pisces Water It seems survival mode is necessary considering a monumental mountain is made over the matter preventing healthy boundaries Clearing old history unblocks the sense of separation As your birthday approaches take a spiritual journey feel more one more whole sense unity Share with people There is no us and them there just is All rain becomes the sea Love always Volume 1 Issue 3 True Blue Spirit Page 53

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Changes in your life We have news for you New Bride New Business New Baby Grandparent New to the neighborhood Retired or thinking of it Important relevant interesting useful information relating to your changing life along with gifts and some very special offers for you from local sponsors ELCOME W 1 866 518 7287 WAGON Call for a FREE Visit SINCE 1930 LTD Businesses Call Welcome Wagon to see how you can be a sponsor to promote your products and services UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENTS True Blue S pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living www truebluespirit ca Mary J Gillis Pre production Editor Tom Masters Copy Editor BRIDAL SHOWCASE Sunday January 25th 1 00 pm Parksville BC Parksville Community and Conference Centre Thursday January 29th 6 30 pm Duncan BC Quw utsun Cultural and Conference Centre Sunday February 1st 12 30 pm Campbell River BC Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre Sunday February 8th 12 30 pm Courtenay Comox Florence Filberg Centre Sunday February 22nd 1 00 pm Victoria BC Leonardo DaVinci Centre BABY SHOWER Sunday February 22nd 6 30 pm Victoria BC Leonardo Da Vinci Centre Sunday March 29th 1 30 pm Duncan BC Quw utsun Cultural and Conference Centre GRANDPARENT SHOWCASE Sunday March 1st 1 30 pm Duncan BC Quw utsun Cultural and Conference Centre Page 54 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 3 Edd Uluschak Editor at Large Cartoonist Tiffany Abram Editorial Assistant Tessa Engst Editorial Assistant Carolyn James Advertising Mgr 250 710 2354 Next Issue March 26 Advertising Deadline February 20

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