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Kalulu Village

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Kalulu Village

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Kalulu Village

Kalulu Village was one of the least developed villages in central Malawi. Stand as One Ministry staff have been actively working in community development programs for the past five years. We have witnessed a slow progressive transformation of people's hearts and lives.

Isaac and Royson train Foundations for Farming in Kalulu village, lead the youth program, adult and kids Sunday School, and develop our land. Karin takes care of all the administrative work for Stand as One Malawi, supervises our Kalulu team, and so much more!

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Every week we serve hundreds of cups of soymilk and soy patties to the children in Kalulu Village. The soy has improved the health of the children, they are more attentive, sick less often, and growing. The youth club makes the soymilk and along with Royson and Isaac, serve the children during their Kids Program. Stand As One is impacting health, growth and development.

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Kalulu families make a living working as farmers on their own land and they farm their land to sustain their families. But what we saw early on was that many of these families were using a lot of energy and expense to do the work of farming, with very limited results at the end of the growing season. They did not have enough food in their homes, nor were they making any profit to provide in other ways. So we began a training program using the Foundations for Farming methods. And we have seen the effects of this training on many levels: families, communities, children, spiritual lives, and even the soil have been impacted! Lives are being changed, through farming paired with discipleship.


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Village life in Malawi is filled with many challenges affecting community well-being.  Royson and Isaac have weekly sessions teaching Biblical truths about love, respect, or kindness, which is now impacting the way that people are treating each other. The children sing and play together and join in with community work. The adults also attend sessions under the mango tree where they learn that it's better to work together than to be jealous of each other. They have started their own cooperative to benefit each other - impacting their community.

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Stand as One Ministry is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the world's poorest people. Thanks to our Family Sponsorship Program we are able to provide food, clean water, education, food security, business opportunities, quality seed program - but most of all 'hope' for a better future. Sponsor a FAMILY.

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rammed earth construction Isaac and Royson have been trained, and are now overseeing the construction of a Storage Shed in Kalulu to house the farmer's maize harvests. This is a double benefit, as the storage will enable the preservation and portioning for the year. But the building! Local sub-soil, local labour, and reusable wood forms. The benefits of this construction include strength, endurability, energy efficiency, humidity control, it's soundproof, fireproof, non-toxic, and no precious wood needed.

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Our Malawian villagers are learning to make soap. They need the sanitary benefits, and they need a business. Stand as One will be the first customer, to buy the soap and donate it back to the community. business

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In October we held a "Days for girls" workshop in our new Chisomo Training Center and in Kalulu Village. We provided education and then handed out 40 reusable cloth menstrual kits at each session. The girls listened so attentively to the teachings and were beyond excited to receive these practical kits. At both sessions, they thanked and blessed us by singing for us - so amazing! The kits were sewn by a fabulous group of ladies in Smithers. Stand as One is impacting these girls through education, as they will now be able to stay in school during their cycles, and through understanding personal hygiene and health. healthcare

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