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The Green-Book

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theAii i wzagcd Claim gliyl d WW Sauce 5 auionmaag flaw Jifomm 16230416 Jflmw 30 2er 5130 fiawig fndaw P2sparedm w ith csayeratian Fhe United Siates Travel Bureau VictorH Green 958 St Nicholas Ave Publisher New Ycrk Price 25 City

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624 7 1 N 5 v THE ESTABLISHED 1936 WILLIAM H GREEN NEGRO MOTORIST EDITOR 23511355333 GREEN BOOK INTRODUCTION The idea of The Green Book is ist a Guide not only of the Hotels and large cities but other classifications that he may be Also facts and information use and depend upon give the Motorist and TourTourist Homes in all of the will be found useful wherever that the Negro Motorist can to There are thousands of places that the public doesn t know about listed Perhaps you might know of some If so send in their aren t and names and addresses and the kind of business so that we might pass it along to the rest of your fellow Motorists You will find it handy on your travels whether at home or in Each year we are compiling new some other state and is up to date lists as some of these places move or go out of business and new busirace ness places are started giving added employment to members of our When you are traveling mention The Green Book so as to let these people know just how you found out about their place If they haven t heard about lhis Guide tell them to get i business touch with us If this Guide is useful let us know if not tell us also as we appreciate your criticisms If any errors are found kindly notify the publishers so that they can be corrected in the next issue in the month of April by Victor H Green office at 938 St Nicholas Ave New York Editor John C Dillard Circulation Manager St Nicholas Ave Telephone ED 4 3425 for Copyrighted _ 1g4 o by Victor H Green Manuscripts submitted N New York Y publication should be sent to 938 St Nicholas Ave can be assumed No liability return postage and must be accompanied by for the loss or damage to manuscripts although every possible precaution will be taken Published yearly Executive Advertising N Y William H Green Advertising Office at 938 Subscription Advertising Twenty five cents per copy For rates Write to the publisher Last forms close on March 15th We reserve the right to reject that does not conform to our any advertising which in our opinion standards

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Correspondence to the Publisher 327 Railroad Ave Hackensack N J Victor H Green Publisher 938 St Nicholas Ave New York N Y Dear Sir It is a great pleasure for if my friends have Green Book is among way of we our a joined me credit to the to in give speaking by word Negro Race It is our of mouth until our Many admitting that The Negro Motorist knew where and how to reach efforts We credit where credit is due a Race since the advance of the motor age Motorist Green Book With as me pleasure the book badly Realizing resorts was needed the in a more to us as way publication of The Negro wishes of your success and your earnest earnestly believe The Negro Motorist Green Book will much if not only the A A A means to the white Respectfully Yours Wm Smith race mean 1 l

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CARD OF APPRECIATION The Publishers of this people and guide wish to publically thank the newspapers who have contributed and worked to Travel Guide before the public and might have something authenic for the Negro up to to travel by date so that and to make we following bring as a this race traveling better Mr James Billboard J ackson Special Rept of the Standard Oil Mr Chas A R McDowell pf The United States Travel Bureau Mr John D Long of New York City N Y Mr Elmer Jackson of Kansas City Mo Mrs Ella Glenn of Springfied Ohio The Louisville Leader of Louisville Ky The Cleveland Call Post of Cleveland Ohio hope that you in reading this will tell others about this guide that they will know of its usefullness We We have under selection of circumstances do these given no you a listings listings so might chose from imply that the place is at you recommended EXPLANATION We time as are we making this guide can as near complete as possible until such get the information from the different sections of the country The business listed have been arranged under the that one won t have any trouble finding classifications different cities and towns what they want so

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PLEASE MENTION THE GREEN TUSCALOOSO ALABAMA TOURIST HOMES Mrs G W Baugh 2526 12th St Mrs M A Barnes 419 30th Ave Mrs G W Clapton 1516 25th Ave Mrs G Robinson 11th St ANDALUSIA HOTELS New Dunbar 323 N BOOK 17th St TOURIST HOMES Mrs Ed Andrews 69 N Cotton St ARIZONA NOGALES BIRMINGHAM RESTAURANTS HOTELS Dunbar Hotel 316 N 17th St Fraternal Hotel M1619 N 4th St Palm Leaf Hotel 418 N 15th St Rush Hotel 316 N 18th St BELL S CAFE 325 MORLEY AVE PHOENIX TAVERNS HOTELS Peoples Cafe 317 N 17 St Raymond 607 E Jefferson St 2 CATITR TOURIST HOMES I Hayes 207 XE Church St Mrr TOURIST HOMES Gardner s 1229 GADSDEN HOTELS Sn 1ith D St Louis 535 E Jefferson St Rice s 535 E Jefferson St Louis Hotel Thomas E Lewis Hotel E Wash St GARAGES Hotel 902 Garden Tourist IvZZ S Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs S Neal 1317 4th Aev Age Mrs x Shepard 1324 4 f Mrs J Simonsu 233 N f First St RESTAURANTS J Mayse Lunch Room 46 2nd St A1hambia 246 E Wash St Tapps 39 S0 2nd St SERVICE STATIONS Shell 1030 E Washington St Stewarts llth St Wash GENEVA HOMES DODS L Susie M S 331 Sallie Edwards TOURIST BEAUTY Joe PARLORS Copelands 1316 BARBER Hagler s 10 6 MOBILE TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Reed 950 Lyons St Mrs E Jordan 256 N Dearborn Mrs G B Sylvester 355 Cuba St Mrs F Wildins 254 N Dearbon St BEAUTY PARLORS Ritz 607 Congress St E Jefferson So NIGHT CLUBS Elks 7th Ave 2nd St Tonto TUCSON TOURIST HOMES Airs G W Obie 738 N0 10th Ave RESTAURANT Rainbow Grill 91 W Jackson SERVICE STATIONS SHEFFIELD Washington Con St Marye HOTELS Main McClain Hotel 19th St ARKANSAS TOURIST HOMES Mrs I Hawkins S Atlantic Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs S A Benton 113 E FairVieW St Mrs J Thomas 13 Academy ARKADELPHIA HOTELS TROY HILL HOTEL 16 PINE ST St St SHOPS Trig g s Caddo St

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PATRONIZING IN THESE PLACES _ _ _ SANITARIUMS TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Dedman W Caddo St Mrs L Cooper W Pine St P Anderson W Caddo St Millers 3rd Alabama Sts Hill s LITTLE ROCK HOTELS Graysonia SOS Gaines St RESTAURANTS Richie Square River Malvern P yschean Baths 415 Dealt Caddo St St Turner s Caddo New Vincent 522 9th St TOURIST HOMES Mrs T Thomas 1901 High St St SHOPS BARBER Scott s 6th Clay St Richie s Upright 16th St PINE BLUFF HOTELS P K 3rd Alabama Sts Marietta 3rd Louisiana Sts Smith s East Third St EL DORADO HOTELS Brewster E B Sts Green S Hill St TOURIST HOMES C W Moore 5th Lincoln Ave Dr Dunning 7th Columbia Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs M J Hollis 1108 W 2nd Ave Lil s K L Bell 3 111 VV 2nd Ave RUSS JLVILLE FAYETTEVILLE HOTELS Mebbs 9 N Willow St TOURIST HOMES Mrs S Manuel 313 Olive St Mrs N Smith 259 E Center St FORT Ullery Inn 719 N TOURIST HOMES E O Trent 1 301 TEXARKANA Mrs Conner s W Broad Brown s 312 W Elm St 9th St 9th St N 9th St HELENA TOURIST HOMES Mrs G W Prosser 306 Beech St Mrs B W Crump 103 Briscoe St HOT SPRINGS TOURIST HOMES Mrs J H Barabin 717 Peasant St Mrs J W Rife Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs 735 Mrs 706 Ave N Fletcher 416 Pleasant St H Greyer 234 Garden St C C Wison 232 Garden St H Stilson Pleasant St E E Lawson Pleasant St St TOURIST HOMES G C Mackey lOZ E 9th St Mrs D E Kennedy 710 Ash RESTAURANT Grants Cai e 830 Laurel St SERVICE STATIONS Smith Rand 723 W 7th St BEAUTY PARLORS W B Parlou 1020 Laurel St BARBER SHOPS G Powell 106 HOTELS The Claridy House 410 Cottage St Crittenden 314 Cottage St The Reed House 115 Cottage St Woodman 511 Malvern 347 Malvern St HOTELS SMITH HOTELS The Stratford 1208 TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Jackson wHerman Mrs E Latimore 318 S Houston Ave E 9th St CALIFORNIA BERKLEY TAVERNS Schaeffer s Cafe 2940 Sacramento St BEAUTY Little PARLORS Gem 1511 Russell St BARBER SHOPS Success 2946 Sacramento St EL CENTRO HOTELS The Roland 201 E Main St St

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Lr PLEASE MENTION TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Augustus 420 Commercial Ave Emmett Terrell 193 E Main St RESTAURANT Pearl 301 McKinney Main THE PASADENA Kentucky 1067 N Fair Oaks SERVICE STATIONS Penn s Super 1285 Lincoln Ave St SAN BERNARDINO TRAILER PARKS CAMPS Barnes Drive In 1412 F St TOURIST HOMES Mrs A Phillips 964 6th St S M Carlton 939 W 6th St SAN LOS ANGELE S MODERN UPdeATE CERES AVE LOS ANGELES HOTELS Allen 1123 Centrrl Ave Cark 1818 2 4 Central Ave Dunbar 4025 S Central Ave Elite 1217 Central Ave Sojourners 4119 E Adams Blvd Sheridan 1824 Central Ave Regal 81 5 E 6th St Arcade 54 2 Ceres Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Hoffman 760 W 17th St Mrs S H Grier 1121 E 22nd St Mrs W D Grealoiu 1311 W 35 Place SERVICE STATIONS The Relay Cental Ave at T fith St Lewis Hayes 3426 S Central Ave TAVERNS Marble Inn 1820 Imperial Highway BEAUTY PARLORS Mrs A B Dunbar 906 E 54th St Douglass 206 Market St Simmons 542 Sixth Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Wallace 537 13th St Mrs M Chance 279 A St Mrs M Gooden 3030 Franklin St RESTAURANT Johnson s 18 N OAKLA ND TOURIST HOMES Mrs A C Clark 805 Linden St Mrs H Williams 814 Linden St SERVICE STATIONS Summes 1258 7th St McCabe 5901 Adeline St Signal 800 Center St GARA GES Bufford s 5901 Aldine St Rythm Buffet 1704 7th St 7th St PARLORS Personality 3613 Sign Dablo Ave 30th St SAN FRANCISCO HOTELS Turpin Powell Market Sts TOURIST HOMES Mrs L E Davis 1564 Jones St Mrs F Johnson 1788 Sutter St Helen s Guest Housee 1951 Sutter Mrs R Hulsey 2946 Pine St TAVERNS Jacks l931 Sutter St BEAUTY PARLORS Adrian 4930 Sutter St Arineica s l928 Fillmore St Fred om a s 1953 Sutter St DRUG STORES Riggans 2600 Sutter St NIGHT CLUBS Town LIQUOR STORES House Of Morgan 2729 S Central TAVERNS Overland Cafe 1719 DIEGO HOTELS LINCOLN HOTEL BEAUTY BOOK TAVERNS Lunch FRESNO M9 GREEN Club l963 Sutter St SANTA MONICA TAVERNS La Nobitam 1807 Belmount Place Es 7 TULARE TAVERNS Kings 322 South K St COLORADO COLORADO SPRINGS TOURIST HOMES Mrs N Hamilton 717 N Corona St Dr I Moore 738 N Spruce St Mrs G Roberts 418 E Cucharras St

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1N PATRONIZING THESE PLACES _________________________ Parrish Booming House 26 Walnut St DENVER HOTELS TOURIST HOMES MI S Johnson 2016 Arapahoe 2247 Arapahoe St Herndon 2716 VVelton St Rossonian 2650 Welton St The Ritz 2721 Welton St TOURIST HOMES Mrs M F Stell 2427 Mrs J MCCIUI G Ogden St BARBER SHOPS Parlor 1978 Main St Quality 1762 Mrs E Alexander 106 E 12th St Harris 138 S C L T TOURIST LONDON HOMES Home of the Bachelor 20 Brewer St Mrs Wm Gambles 45 Shapley St Perry 231 8 Vlctorla StPTOthO House 188 Central Mam St _ TOURIST HOMES Mrs T Protho 918 E Evans Ave C Forehand 1003 Spruce St The Roneoak Hempstead Cottage 73 Hempstead St Mrs E Whittle 785 Bank St STAMFORD HOTELS Gladstone Gay St TOURIST HOMES Robert Graham 37 Hanrahan Ave TRINIDAD TOURIST HOMES Mrs C Brooks 114 W 3rd St WATERBU RY CONNECTICUT HOTELS Jones 64 Bishop St 5 BRIDGEPORT TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Barrett 83 Summer Mrs E Lawrence 68 Fulton St Hfigil rgig fl gffgsfiULTURE NEW PUEBLO Nort h ern Ave Goffe Mrs H Tittsworth 325 Maple Ave g PARLORS Mlme Ruby 175 Goffe St 322 W 1 st St itc e Mrs R Lewis Ave Moore 301 M Mrs RESTAURANT BEAUTY JUNT A T _ HAVEN NERV TOURIST HOMES Dr M F Allen 65 D ixvvell Ave Mrs S Robinson 54 Dixwell Ave Mrs C Raine 68 Dixwell Ave TOURIST HOMES 121 E Hotel Portsmouth 91 Webster St Phyllis Wheatle y HODIG 108 Canal 511 GREELEY HOTELS 1 Main St HOTELS Gen 2723 Walton S ngjMEIJISll l TAVER S The Turf ClUb Mall l St TAXICABS TOURIST BEAUTY SHOPS SERVICE STATIONS Auto Service 817 E 26 Ave LA 5 Mitchell s 1758 Main St __ Cab St RESTAURANT 2849 Lafayette St Mrs W Graham 2544 Emerson St Mrs R B Anderson 2421 Ogden St Mrs A L Fisher 2356 Humboldt St Ritz Main St St HARTFORD HOTELS Log Cabin Cottage 2016 Main St Mme S A Reed 12 Canton St TOURIST HOMES Mrs J Carter 57 Bishop St Mrs A Dunham ZOS Bridge St Community House 81 Pearl St Mrs B Smith 56 Pearl St WEST HAVEN TAVERNS Hoot Owl 374 Beach St i

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PLEASE DOVER HOTELS Cannon s Hotel Kirkwood Cannon s Division St Caleb Brown Lincoln St Dean s Forrest 2 GREEN NIGHT St CLUBS Caverns 11th U StS N W Republic Gardens 1355 U St N W LMINGTON 1 FLORIDA TOURIST HOMES Mrs E W America 1106 Tatnall St Mrs G Cooper 110 W 12th St Mrs E Till 1008 French St Mrs M Wilson 1317 Tatnall St 23 2 3t BARBER SHOPS Burton s 8th Walnut St DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 1 e f WASHINGTON i HOTELS Henry Hotel 1825 13th St N W Johnson Hotel 1502 13th St N W Mid City 7th N St N W WhitelaW 13th T St N W Y M C A 1816 12th St N W Y W C A 901 Rhode Island Ave N W J Y s 16 G St N W St TOURIST HOMES Mrs L O Digng m 215 Florida Ave N W Mrs M J Hines 1929 13th St N W Mrs R Lee 1212 Girad St N W Mrs E H Watson 1435 Q St N W Liberty 910 5th St N W Harrison s Cafe 455 Florida Ave N W Service Grill 12th V Sts N W RE STAURANTS Key s 7th T St N W Royal Crown 1826 7th St N W BEAUTY PARLORS Apex 1417 U St N W Royal Place 1629 U St N W The Royal 1800 T St N W GARA GES University Rear 911 St 3 2 Rd 1019 SERVICE STATIONS B HOTELS Blue Chip Hotel 514 Broad St Hotel Sanders 636 W Ashley St Richmond Hotel 422 Broad St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E H Flipper 739 W Church St Mrs L D Jefferson 2140 Moncrief St Mrs B Robinson 128 Orange St Mrs G L Martin 702 W Beaver St Mrs A Holmes 232 W State St Alpine Cottage 714 W Ashley St Mrs C H Simmons 434 W Ashley St LAKE CITY TOURIST HOMES B J Jones 714 E Leon L M Spears 426E Washington St St LAKE LAND Mrs A Mrs J Mrs J Davis 513 W First St Boyd Missouri Ave Gordon N Florida Ave Mrs M C McCarter W Pear St 836 MIAMI HOTELS Caldwell Dorsey Hotel 941 N W 2nd Ave Mary Elizabeth 700 N W 2nd Ave Columbia W Brown s Georgia JACKSONVILLE TOURIST HOMES TAVERNS 19 BOOK COUNTRY CLUBS Grossland s St Moseley s Division St Weston s Division St The Bells Lincoln St THE TAXICABS Dixie Cab C0 653 N St N W Brabnic Bus Service 1102 U St N W DELAWARE 3 2 MENTION Ave V St Barker Florida Ave 8th St PENSACOLA HOTELS Hotel Belmont 311 N Tarragonia St

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1N PATRONIZING RESTAURANTS Brown s 406 Lemon St F H Auburn Ave SHOPS Artistic 55 Decatur St BARBER AUGUSTINE BEAUTY Poro HOMES TOURIST PLACES TAVERNS Yeah Man 256 SEBRING ST THESE NIGHT H Kelley 83 Bridge St G Tye Apts 132 Central Ave PARLORS Auburn Belle St N E CLUBS The Top Hat Auburn Ave N E Club Royal 250 Auburn Ave ST PETERSBURG SERVICE STATIONS Harden s 848 Hunter St TOURIST HOMES Mrs J A Barrett 28th St 6th Ave S Mrs C A Sanders 1505 5th Ave J A Bailey 942 3rd Ave S S W Flanagan s Auburn Ave Cor Belle Halls Auburn Ave N E AUG US TA TAIWPA LIQUOR STORES Bollingers 1114 Gwennett St WINE HOTELS Beatrice Hotel 1515 Central Ave Central Hotel 4028 Central Ave Dallas Hotel 829 Zack St Delux Hotel 822Contant St BRUNSWICK TOURIST HOMES The Palms 1309 Glouster St COLUlVIBUS Mr HOTELS ADVERTISER Lowe 8 72 4 5 th Ave DUBLIN Your Name is Before the TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Blurden 508 McCall St Mrs R Hunter 504 S Jefferson Mrs M Kea 405 S Jefferson St Public NOT FOR A DAY OR WEEK EASTMAN BUT A YEAR TOURIST HOMES J P Cooper 211 College St Mrs M Mariano 408 1st Ave GREENSBORO GEORGIA TOURIST HOMES Mrs C Brown Caanen Section Mrs E J eter Railroad Sec Mrs B Walker Springfield Sec ALBANY TOURIST HOMES Mrs A J Ross 514 Mercer St Mrs A Bentley 525 Mercer St Mrs L Davis 313 South St Mrs C VVashington 228 S Jackson St MACON HOTELS Douglas Hotel 361 3 Broadway Richmond Hotel 319 Broadwaxr ATLANTA TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Clemons 104 Spring St Mrs E C Moore 122 Spring St Mrs F W Henndon 139 1st Ave Mrs C A Monroe 108 Spring St HOTELS Mack 548 Bedford P1 N E Roosevelt 239 Auburn Ave Hotel Shaw 245 Auburn Ave James Hotel 241 Auburn Ave N E McKay Hotel Auburn Ave Butler Y M C A 22 Butler St SA VANNALEI TRAILERS PARK RES TAURANT Mrs Suttons 312 Auburn Ave N E Dew Drop Inn 11 Ashby St N W Cocoanat Grove Mrs J Cox RESTAURANT Dreamland 43rd Hopkins St 10

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PLEASE MENTION THE GREEN SERVICE STATIONS Oliver s Wayne Broad Sts BARBER SHOPS Tiptons 5509 S Michigan Ave DRUG STORES Moore s 37th Florence St BEAUTY CENTRALIA PARLORS TOURIST I IOIWES Rudies 1827 Ogeechee Road E j 4 Rose 348 Price St Mrs E B CLAYBORNE 303 N PINE STREET SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 456 Montgomery St Mrs E Crawford 303 N Pine St Mrs B Vernon 448 N Poplar St Mrs M Ricks 131 N Pine St Rooms for Tourists 520 N TAILORS Halls 1014 W Broad St WAY CROSS 0 mtz Locust TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Duggar 964 Renolds St Mrs K G Scarlett 843 Reynolds 503 HOTELS Brookmont 3953 S Michigan Ave Grand 5048 S Parkway Monogram 4649 E 37th St Huntington 649 E 37th St Sovuthway 6018 Parkway Tyson 4259 S Parkwa r A 4559 S POPLAR AVE Poplar St BEAUTY PARLORS M Coleman 503 N Poplar St SERVICE STATIONS Langenfield 120 N Poplar St DANVILLE Vincennes 601 E 36th St Y M C A 3763 S Wabash Ave C N BARBER SHOPS P Coleman 503 N CHICAGO W St MRS MABLE COLEMAN ILLINOIS Y BOOK Parkway TOURIST HOMES Stewart E North St Mrs G VVheeler 109 Hayes St Mrs C Vance 1007 Harmon Ave Mrs F Newberry 412 E Van Buren St Franklin 3942 Indiana Ave Lincoln 2901 State St Pompeii 20 E 31st St Grand 51st St Grand Bl v d New Hazle 3910 Indiana Ave Clari lge 51st Michigan Ave TOURIST HOMES Mabel Bank 712 E 44 St RESTAURANTS Morris 410 E 47 St Asia 3542 Michigan Ave GARAGES B1ackrnan s 4320 Inliana Ave SERVICE STATIONS HOTELS Turner s N E Cor 59 St Wabash Ave Parkway 5036 S Parkway Waterford s GOOO S Wabash Ave Standard Garfield S Parkway Balls 70 E 36th St American Giants 5900 S Wabash Ave DRUG STORES Partee 4458 Cottage Grove Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Mosby 1614 E Jackson St Mrs H Robbins 1616 E Jackson St Mrs M Rollins 1127 E Mason St Mrs M E Rollins 1123 E Adams St Mrs G Bell 625 N 2nd St Mrs E Brooks 705 N 2nd St EAST ST LOUIS HOTELS Roya1 2005 Missouri Ave TOURIST HOMES Irene Yancy 1914 Bond Ave P B Reeves 1803 Bond Ave W E Officer 2200 Missouri Ave SPRINGFIELD Dudley 130 S 11th St Dr Ware TAVERNS The Palm 466 E 47th St Coldstone s 4801 Indiana Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Louis 4850 Forestvell Ave Matties 4212 Cottage Grove Ave 1520 E Washington St OTTAWA TOURIST HOMES Mrs G Danile 605 S 3rd Ave 11

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N PATRONIZING THESE PLACES INDIANAPOLIS ROCKFORD HOTELS Morrison s 524 HOTELS y Briggs 429 S0 Court St TOURIST HOMES Mrs C Gorum 301 Stewart Ave Mrs G Wright 422 S Court St A M Ross 126 Chamberlain St S VVestbrooke 310 Olive St WAUKEGAN TOURIST HOMES Mrs R Norwood 819 Mott Ave IDAHO Ave Mayes Cafe 503 Indiana Ave Hambric Cafe 510 Indiana Ave GARAGES 25th St Gan 553 W 25th St BEAUTY PARLORS Petite 420 W Michigan St ANDERSON JEFFERSONVILLE TAVERNS Terrance Cafe 1411 Madison Ave ANGOLA TOURIST HOMES Mrs C W Winburn 1015 N Kennedy St Mrs Chas Hardinson 812 N Kennedy St Mrs A VVoods 1107 N Purdun St Mrs S D Hughes ELKHART TOURIST HONIES Miss E B0tts 336 St Joe St EVANSVILLE 1045 TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Bell 672 Lincoln Ave Mrs A W Lauderdale 605 Oak St N Kennedy St LAFAYETTE TAVERNS Pekin Cafe 1624 Salem St Miss F Snow 719 Oak St The Community Center 618 Cherry St IVIARION RESTAURANTS Marika 416 S WAYNE Lafayette St Branson Ave Sorosis Tea Roomfl 405 W 10th St MICHIGAN GARY HOTELS States 1700 Washington TOURIST HOMES Charles Thomas 607 Missouri Ave Leonard Redd 711 Missouri Ave KOKOMO Resort of Angola 11 2 miles S W RESTAURANT Leo Manuals 1329 Indiana TAVERNS INDIANA FORT St souri St Mrs E P Waters 914 N California St Mrs C Willis 542 N California St Mrs L Lewis 2717 Paris Ave Mrs B Farrell 92 N West St Mrs Mary Harris 924 N Test St Lasley s 510 TOURIST HOMES A M E Parsnage 625 E Fremont St Tourist Park E Fremont St Lake West RESTAURANTS POCATELLO FOX N TOURIST HOMES Morris Fur Rms 518 N West St Neatly Fur R ms 330 N Mis CITY TOURIST HOMES St FRENCH LICK HOTELS Thurman 222 Indiana Ave Allens 210 E 2nd St MUNCIE RESTAURANT Cozy Lunch 224 E 2nd St

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PLEASE NEW MENTION THE GREEN ALBANY BOOK CONCORDIA TOURIST HOMES Mrs W A Crews 1st Republican Sts Mrs B J Johnson 102 E 2nd St Mrs Geo Smith 5th Lincon Mrs Glen McVey 328 East St TOURIST HOMES J D Clay 513 Pearl St Mrs E Huggins 514 Stats St Dr E R Gaddie 2235 E Market St SOUTH BEND DODGE CITY RESTAURANT Smoke s Place 432 Chapin St TOURIST HOMES Mrs Sadie Graves 911 Ave 8th TERRE I IAUTE FORT SCOTT HOTELS Booker 03 Cherry St HOTELS TAVERNS Hall s 223 E Wall St Dreamand Cafe 306 Cherry St TOURIST HOMES Peter Thomasun 114 S Ransom St WEST BADEN HOTELS H IAVVATHA Vaddy TOURIST HOMES C Saunders 202 Pottawottamie St Mrs Mary Saunders 1014 Shawnee EVANSVILLE TOURIST HOMES Z Knight 410I S E 9th St IOWA HUTCHINSON CEDAR RAPIDS TOURIST HOMES Mrs C Lewis 400 W Sherman Mrs Lucy Monroe 21 F West TOURIST HOBIES lVIrS W H Lavelle 812 9th Ave E INDEPENDENCE DES MOINES HOTELS TOURIST HOMES Margueritemltllo Central Ave Major McBee 418 S 3rd St Mrs A Peak 613 S DUBUQUE JUNCTION TOURIST HOMES Mrs H Pelkey 712 Julien Ave Mrs P Martin 712 Julien Ave R Brown 795 Roberts St Penn St CITY HOTELS Bridgeforth 311 E 11th St Cottery 1120 N Washington St TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Jones 229 OTTUMWA TOURIST HOMES E 14th St LARNED Mrs J Rose 802 N Fellows 526 Center Ave William Bailey J H Hewitt 512 Grant Harry Owens 814 W Pershing TOURIST HOMES Mrs C M Madison 828 W 12 St Mrs Mose Madison 518 W 10 St Mrs John Caro E 6th St Johnson Ave VAT ERLO O TOURIST HOMES Mrs B F Tredwell 709 Logan St Mrs Spencer 220 Sumner St Mrs E Lee 745 Vinton St LAURENCE HOTELS Snowden s 1933 Tennessee St LEAVENWORTH K LNSAS TOURIST HOMES Mrs W Shelton 223 Linn St Mrs J Haml ton 720 N 3rd St W D Stewart 809 N 4th St COFFEYVILLE TOURIST HOBIES P C Allen 716 E 5th St 13

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IN PATRONIZING PLACES THESE HOPKINSVILLE KANSAS CITY TOURIST HOMES BEAUTY PARLORS Katurah s 433 Qundoro St Baskin s 1935 N 5th St Mrs M McGregor 200 E First St L McNary 113 Liberty St J C Hopkins 128 Liberty St MANHATTAN TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Dawson 1010 Yuma Mrs H Jackson 830 Yuma LOUIS VILLE St St TOURIST HOMES Rev John Allen 211 E Logan St Marie Clayborne 502 E 2nd St Mrs Folson 112 N Poplar Mrs R W White 821 Cypress Mrs St Madison 10th Chestnut Sts Walnut 815 Walnut St Walnut Y W C A 528 TOURIST St HOMES Lucy A Brown 1012 W Chestnut Hattie Daniels 1512 W Chestnut RESTAURANTS Butler Roberts 654 PARSONS TOURIST HOMES Mrs F Williams 2216 Grand Ave GARAGES Ead e s 2420 Cedar S 10 St St BEAUTY PARLORS Bell oni a 162 5 Callagher St Verona 1 428 W Walnut St TOPEK A BARBER SHOPS Hunter s 1501 W Chestnut St Quincy St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E S1aughter 14 07 Monroe Elks Community Center1504 Adams St LEXINGTON RESTAURANTS The TAVERNS Mack s 400 Quincy St Power s Cafe 116 E 4th Abbey Food Shop 374 E 3rd MT N Dew N Main St E LIZABETHTOWN HOMES Mrs Bettie Board N Mile St A Johnson Valley Creek Road Mrs M B Tyler Mile St M E Wintersmith S Dixie Ave JUNCTION Drop Inn E St PADUCAH HOTELS Jefferson s 514 S 8th St Metro povltian 724 Jackson St TOURIST HOMES W T Carter 709 Washington S M Bacon 1203 Clay R B1akemore 902 Washington R Bard 918 N 10th Mrs N E Boyd 1009 N 10th St Humble sm408 HOTELS Locust TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Butler 133 E Locust St Mrs G White 431 E Locust St Mrs G Grubb ss 1562 E High St KENTUCKY GLASGOW STERLING HOTELS HOTELS Oklahoma House 4517V2 Main St RESTAURANTS Oklahoma Cafem 517 St St WICHITA TOURIST W 2516 Allen Pythian Temple OTTAWA HOTELS Dunbar 400 HOTELS S 8th St Preston LOUISIANA HAZARD TOURIST HOMES Mrs J Razor 436 E Main St Mrs Jessie Richardson BATON ROUGE HOTELS Ever Ready 1236 Louisiana Ave

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PLEASE TOURIST HOMES T Harrison 1236 MENTION TA VER N S BEA UT Y S 13th S BARBER John s Government St SERVICE STATIONS N G H 1 SOUTH BOULEVARD LUBS Paradise 2 30 Boatnes St HOUSES ROAD Apex Thus Louise St BOGALUSA TOURIST HOMES Mrs E L Raine 508 North Ave Mrs R Spellman 501 Ave S Bennett BARBER SHOPS 1800 Dryades Ave Elk s w2818 La Salle St BEAUTY I ARLORS Golden Green 2500 Magnolia SERVICE STATIONS TOURIST HOMES S A VVilson N Jefferson St V Simpkins Jenkins St M Biles Crosby Sub division MONROE TOURIST HOMES Turner s 11th Desiard R H Burns 700 Adams L B Hortons Congo St CITY TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Williams 719 Federal Ave Mrs N Green First St Mrs E VVhite 302 Third St Mrs V W illiams 208 Union St BILL BOARD ESSO SERVICE So Claiborne 6th St Ca 1 Line TOURIST HOIVIES M Robertson 116 Hopkins St Mrs C Vital 201 Frenzel St N E Cooper 913 Providence St OPELOUSAS TOURIST HOMES V ArceneauX 723 E Landry H Johnson N Market St B Giron S Lonbard St SHREVEPORT TOURIST HOMES Grant Flats 1239 Reynolds Mrs J Jones 1950 Hotchkiss Mrs A Webb 1245 Reynolds Mrs W Elder 1920 Hotchkiss MAINE AUGUSTA TOURIST HOMES Mrs J E McLean 16 Drew ORLEANS BANGOR HOTELS Astoria 225 St NEW IBERIA St MANSFIELD NEW Pot Magnolia St Felicity Howard Sts BondreauX 315 Stewart St 1 IORGAN Coffee TAXIOABS LAFAY E T TE J ES TAURAN TS V 8 TOURIST HOMES Mrs L B Hebert 18 Clay Mrs A Miles 302 John St Cafe Felicity Howard Sts Green Parrot 1050 Rampart St French 2931 HORA TIO S ESSO SERVICE 1150 HOMES Mrs F Livaudais 1954 Jackson Ave N J Bailey 2426 Jackson Ave Mrs P Hart 1725 Iberville St TAVERNS 13th St SHOPS Malachcrs 1341 BOOK Mrs King 2826 Louisiana Ave St P A RI JORS Carrie s 570 GREEN TOURIST Louisiana Ave RE TA URAN T S Ideal Cafeteria 4 501 E Blvd Valdo s 864 THE S Rampart St Patterson 761 S Rampart St The Chicago 1310 Iberville St Paige 1038 Dryades Ave Riley 759 S Rampart St Palace 1834 Annette St TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Elms 418 Parker St PORTLAND HOTELS The Thomas House 28 A St St

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1N PATRONIZING PLACES THESE HAGERSTOWN TOU RIST HOMES Mrs E D Richey 84 Congress St TOURIST HOIVIES Frank Long Jonathan St Harmon 226 N Jonathan St MARYLAND AIARLBORO ANNAPOLIS HOTELS Wilson HOTELS St Wright s 26 Calvert SALISBURY NIGHT CLUBS Washington 61 St Washington TOURIST HOMES M L Parker 110 BALTIMORE Delaware Ave MASSACHUSETTS HOTELS Smith s ATTLEBORO Hill Ave Paca St York 1200 Miadison Ave Clark Dolphin Marison Ave Druid dison Hawkins 902 TOURIST HOMES J Majestic 1602 McColloh St Penn 1631 Pennsylvania Ave Stokes 1500 Argyle Ave Reed 1002 McCulloh St Y M C A 1600 Druid Hill Ave Y W C A 1200 Druid Hill Ave Ave TOURIST HOMES Mrs Holeman 212 W Springfied St Mrs M Johnson 616 Columbus Ave Ancrum S Dormitories King 1510 Penn Ave Scott s 1526 Penn Ave La B anch 1527 Penn Ave 74 Penn Ave Rutland Sq Estelles 888 Tremont St Slade s Bar b que 958 Tremont St Western Lunch Box e431 Mass Ave NIGHT CLUBS Ave GOLF CLUBS BEAUTY Monumental 14 E Pleasant St PARLORS MRS W J WILLIAMS 62 HAMMOND ST St Clark Merrill 505 Shawnut Ave Amy s 796 Tremont St Peoples 4578 Shawnut Ave Geneva s 808 Tremont Ave Estelle s 15 Greenwich Ave CEDAR HEIGHTS NIGHT CLUBS Hill Top Inn S Blake 363 Mass Ave E L Crosby 11 Greenwich Park Mme Enslow s 977 Tremont St Victory 46 W Canton St E West 609 Columbus Ave Mme F FREDERICK TOURIST HOMES Mrs J Makel 119 E 5th St Mrs W W Roberts 316 W South E W Grinage 22 W All Saints Crescent 16 W TAXICABS Robt RESTAURANTS All Saints St RESTAURANTS Julia Walters 912 Tremont St TAVERNS Velma Cor Penn Bake St The Alhabra 1520 Penn Ave Wagon VVheel 1638 Penn Ave Ave Penn W Mrs E A Taylor 192 W Springfield St Mrs Ford 209 W Springfield BARBER SHOPS GARAGES Jacks 514 Wilson St Harriett Tubman 25 Holyoke St Melbourne 815 Tremont St Mothers Lunch 510 Columbus M Ubang1 2413 Little Comedy 1418 James HOTELS BEAUTY SHOPS Penn Jr 54 BOSTON RESTAURANTS Gorden s 1533 Druid Hill Ave Murry s 1522 Penn Ave Spot Bar B Q 1530 Penn Ave Nottingham 1619 Brooks R Ave 41 St 16 A Robinson Monroe St

Page 19

MENTION PLEASE THE BOOK GREEN MICHIGAN GARAGES DePrest 255 Northampton ANN GRE XT HOMES TOURIST Mrs BARRINGTON Anderson 38 I St Rossiter HOTELS American 123 W Washington Allenel 126 El Huron St HOMES BALDWIN Zilphas Cottages 131 Oakneek Rd ROA D HOUSES Guwmars l88 NORTH SERVICE STATIONS Bayak s J Morgan Prop Nolph s Super Service Goswold St ADAMS TOURIST HOMES I Adams 32 W ashington Ave NEEDHAM TOURIST HOMES B Chapman 799 Central Ave M E Grant 53 King St Mrs T Dillard 109 Linden St Jones 50 IV Union St Mrs B Mrs C Cummings 47 N John St Mrs B Jasper 66 Dewey Ave J Marshall 124 Danforth Ave PLYMOUTH TOURIST HOMES ROXBURY TOURIST HOMES Mrs S Gale 168 St Townsend BEAUTY PARLORS Aberleen lS Bower Humbolt Ave 1 XIC BS Harvey Thompson 82 Monroe Van Buren HARBOR NIGHT CLUBS Research Pleasure 362 8th St Club BIT ELY HOTELS Kelsonia Inn R R No 1 Royal Breeze on State Route 37 HOTELS Biltmore 1926 St Antoine St Dunbar 550 E Adams St Tansey 2474 Antoine St Eizabeth 413 E Elizabeth St Fox 715 Madison St Le Grande 1365 Lafayette St Norwood 5EOE Adams St Northcross St Antoine Columbia Russell 615 E Adams St Prever 2476 St Antonie St Dewey 505 E Adams St Davids011 556 E SPRINGFIELD TOURIST HOMES 7th Mrs M E Gillum 58 Mrs Sheppard 171 King St St TAILORS Amercian Cleaners 433 Eastern Ave SVVAMPSCOTT TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Home 3 W DETROIT Mrs Taylor 11 Oak St W A Gray 17 Davis St Lovett 68 TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Dennis 10 Oak St Mrs F Brown 76 Walters Ave Mrs P Grayson ZZ Willow Mrs C S Walker BENTON TOURIST HOMES CREEK BATTLE 709 PITTSFIELD Mme St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E M Dickson 144 Hill St Iii ALIIS TOURIST ARBOR Boynton St Forest Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Cleo s 4848 Hastings St SERVICE STATION Cobb s Maple Chene Sts AUTOMOBILES Davis Motor Co 421 E Vernon H Way DRUG STORES M Dorsay ZZOI St Antoine St Aztec 5001 S State St

Page 20

PATRONIZING IN PLACES THESE SAGINAW FLINT TOURIST HOMES TOURIST HOMES T Kelley 407 Wellington Ave T L Wheeler 1512 Liberty St Mrs F Taylor 1615 Clifford St Mrs M Gant 312 S Baum St Mrs J Curtley 439 N Third St Mrs P Burnette 406 Emerson St MINNESOTA HARTFORD DULUTH TOURIST HOMES Mrs R E J Wilson 210 E 4th TOURIST HOMES Mrs C Colby 616 E IDLEWILD 4th St MINNEAPOLIS HOTELS Eagles Nest Hickory Inn HOTELS Indian Inn Idlewild Island Oakmere on the TOURIST HOMES SO Ave Servillew 246I mAth Phyllis Wheatley House Island 809 Aldrich N TOURIST HOMES ST PAUL Edinburgh Cottage Miss Herrone N Kenner B Riddles Forest Inn Miss Schuler PropMeadow Lark Haveanine St RESTAURANTS Lorine Lunch Baldw1 n Rd TOURIST HOMES Reuben Floyd 379 St 3 1 MISSISSIPPI Busy Bee Chicken Shack The Rosana Mrs Carroll RESTAURANTS G G Bar B Q 318 Rondo St Brown Prop BILOXI TAVERNS TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Scott 421 Washington St Busy Bee Tavern Luncheon BEAUTY PARLORS Alexis Beauty Parlor Mrs G Bess 624 Main St Mrs M Pickens 616 Main St A Alcina 437 Washington St BARBER SHOPS C Henderson CHARLESTON GARAGES N R Williams TOURIST HOMES C Pollard Rear Court JACKSON Square COLUMBUS TOURIST HOMES Mrs W Harrison 1215 Greenwood Ave Mrs N Jones 222 E Franklin Mrs S Collins 4211 VVoodbridge LANSING TOURIST HOMES M Busher 1212 W St Joe St Mrs M Gray 1216 W St Joe St Mrs Lewis 816 S Butler St Mrs Cook 1220 W St Joe St Mrs J B Gains 1406 Albert St HOTELS Queen City 15th St 7th ADVERTISING POWER The Year Around Is What You Get in The Green Book MUS KE GON It Is Never Thrown TOURIST HOMES R C Merrick 65 E Muskegon Ave Rev Fowler 937 McIllwraigh R A Swift 472 W Monroe Away Lke Other Forms Of St Ave Advertising

Page 21

PLEASE MENTION TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Alexander N 12th St H Sommerville 906 N 14th St Mrs I Roberts 12th St 5th Ave N M J Harrison 917 N 14th St TOURIST HOMES Mrs B B Clark 508 Ohea St Adams TOURIST HOMES Mrs B V Foote 913 YAZOO HATTIESBURG TOURIST HOMES W A G0db01t 409 E 7th St Mrs A Crosby 413 E 6th St Mrs S Vann 636 Mobile St LAUREL CITY TOURIST HOMES G Williams 408 S Frederick St W Martin 38 N Hanover St J Randol 422 North St CARTHAGE TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Webb S Fulton St Mrs A Peal E Third St Mrs A Gibson Bois De Arc 5 St COLUIVIBIA TOURIST HOMES John Reed E First St Mrs A Vilson 607 S 7th Mrs S Lawrence 902 Meridian Mrs E L Brown 522 E Kingston Mrs F Garner 909 Joe Vheeler s Ave Mrs S G Wilson 802 S 7th MACOMB Summit St CAPE GIRARDEAU St HOTELS Townsend 534 1st MISSOURI St H way 51 Fairground R Henry s Lodge II Way 51 Fairground R Pine VICKSBU RG TOURIST HOMES Mrs C A fright 234 S Yazoo Mrs A J Walker 321 S Monroe Mrs H Lattimore Washington St GRENADA HOTELS Bass S BOOK HOTELS Caldwell Water Broadway Sts GREENVILLE TOURIST HOMES Mrs K D Fisher 72 Mrs F Villiams THE GREEN TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Smith 608 Park Ave Mrs W Harvey 417 N 3rd CHARLESTON TAVERNS Creole Cafe 311 Elm St EXCELSIOR HOTELS The Albany 408 South St St TOURIST HOMES D Mason 218 Denwidde SPRINGS St JEFFERSON HOTELS Lincoln 600 MERIDIAN HOTELS Beales 2411 Fifth St TOURIST HOMES Mrs H Waters 1201 26th Ave Mrs M Simmons 5 St bet 16 17 Aves Charley Leigh 5 St 16th Ave CITY Lafayette St JOPLIN HOTELS Williams 308 Pennsylvania St TOURIST HOMES J Lindsay 1702 Pennsylvania St Mrs A G Tutt 812 West A St NEW ALBANY HOTELS Foot s Railroad KANSAS Ave TOURIST HOMES S Brewery Church St Patt Knox Cleveland St C Morganfield Cleveland CITY HOTELS Booker T Vine St 18th St Street s 1508 E 18th St Watson 1211 S Highland St St Cadillac 15th Forest

Page 22

1N PATRONIZING THESE PLACES _ __ __ __ TOURIST HOMES Mrs K F Bell 2146 E 24th Mrs I Fairfax 1911i E 24th SHOPS Bullock s 3320 BARBER St St PARLORS EUthola 1602 E 19th St Modern 1815 Vine St BEAUTY SERVICE STATIONS Fred Cooper s Pine at Ewing Ave Brook s 1918 Pendleton GARAGES Davis 3811 Finney Ave LEBANON MONTANA TOURIST HOMES Mrs J Osborne Route 3 Mrs Ann VVilson Route 3 Mrs Mrs HELENA 3 Missorui Warfield Route Eliza Turner Route 3 HOMES Stltt 204 TOURIST Mrs M MOBERLY S Park NEBRASKA TOURIST HOMES Mrs F Davis 212 N Ault St Mrs F Oman 52 9 Winchhester St Ralph Bass 517 Winchester St W Johnson N 5th St 400 blk POPLAR Franklin Ave FREMONT HOMES TOURIST C M Brannon 1 350 N C St Gus Herndon 1725 N Mrs Irving St BLUFF HASTINGS TOURIST HOMES A L Davis 426 Short Oak St Mrs W Brooks 4800 N Alice St D C Freeman 720 Margrett St HOMES TOURIST Mrs T Mose 902 S Kansas Ave LINCOLN SEDALIA HOTELS TOURIST HOMES Mrs T L Moore 505 W Cooper Mrs C Walker 217 E Morgan W VVilli amsw317 E Johnson Tourist TOURIST Camp 27th Saltillo HOMES Mrs IV R Colley 1035 Rose St I I rs R Johnson 907 S St Mrs E Edwards 2420 P St SPRINGFIELD OBIAHA TOURIST HOMES U G Hardrick 238 Dollison Ave Allen s Rims 638 N Jefferson St ST TOURIST HOMES ST St ASBURY Booker T Washington Jefferson Pine Poro College Pendleton St Ferdinand West End W Belle Vandevanter Sts Grand Central Jefferson Pine St St Easton Ave PARK HOTELS Metropolitan 1200 Springwood Ave Whitelead 25 Atkins Ave Reevy s 135 De Witt Myrtle Ave Ave Adore 104 TOURIST RESTAURANTS W 19th 11th NEW JERSEY HOTELS Oak Leaf 4269 S Miss W M Anderson 2207 N 25th St G H Ashby 2228 Wilis Ave Dave Brown 2619 Caldwell St LOUIS BEAUTY PARLORS Allen s 2343 Market St Moore s 3334 Franklin Ave N TOURIST HOMES L Sirawther 2220 Villis Ave Mrs M Smith 2211 Ohio St JOSEPH Mrs T J Coleman 1713 Angelique St Mrs I Scott 2203 Sylvannie Mrs H K VVilliams 202 E Nebraska St HOTELS 2060 Broadview Patton 1014 18 HOMES Mrs A Arch 23 Atkins Ave Mrs E C Burgess 1200 Springwood Ave Mrs W GreenloW 1317 Summerfield Ave

Page 23

PLEASE MENTION Mrs M Wigfall 1112 Adams Ave Mrs Brown 135 Ridge Ave Mrs C Jones 141 Sylvan Ave Mrs V Maupin 25 Atkins Ave Mrs Minyard 1106 Adams Ave Mrs S Wilks 1112 Mattison Ave E C Yesger 1406 Mattison Ave Anna Eaton 23 Adkins Ave SANITARIUMS Parks Rest 116 DeVVitt Ave THE GREEN TOURIST George s 1 59 Ave TAVERNS Aztex Room 1147 Springwood Ave Capitol 1212 Springwood Ave Hollywood 1318 Springwood Ave 2 Door 1512 Springwood Ave SERVICE STATIONS Johnson Springwood DeWItt R S Goss 324 N Indiana Ave A RESTAURANTS Goldens 41 N Kentucky Ave Lsittle Diner Ridge Side 1206 P1 Ave Springwood Ave BARBER SHOPS Consolidated 1216 Spring vvood Ave John Milby 1216 Springwood Ave BEAUTY PARLORS TAVERNS Goldens 41 N Kentucky Ave Austins Maryland Baltic Aves My Own Delaware Artic Ave Little Belmont 37 N Kentucky Ave Elks Bar Grill 1613 Arctic Ave Wonder Bar Kent Arctic Aves Timbuctu 1608 Arctic Ave BARBER SHOPS 42 N Illinois Ave Hollywood 4311 Arctic Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Graces 43 Kentucky Ave LIQUOR STORES Goodmans 1317 Arctic Ave WINE Imperial 1107 Springvvood Ave Opal 1146 Springwood Ave Wilie s 37 Sylvan Ave Marion s 1119 Springwood Ave NIGHTS CLUBS Jeffs 1208 Springwod ROAD Kentucky Ave NIGHT CLUBS Paradise N Illinois Ave Harlem 32 N Kentucky Ave GARAGES Arrington 153 COTTAGE 27 N MICHIGAN AVE 104 N Ave Springwood Ave West Side 1136 Springwood Nellie FrittsfiSpringwood Ave Helen s Carolina 1200 Springwood A West HOMES SATCHELL S RESTAURANTS Wnny s Springwood BOOK Ave HOUSES Macks New York Baltic Aves Tumble Inn Delaware Baltic Aves DRUG STORES London s Cor Kent Arctic Aves Perry s Route 33 TAXICABS Nomath 113O ATLANTIC Adams ATLANTIC St CITY RESTAURANTS Tennis Club Tea Prospect Ave HOTELS Blay State 334 N Tennessee Ave Liberty Apt Baltic Kentucky Ave Randell 1601 Arctic Ave Ridley 1806 Arctic Ave Swan 136 Virginia Ave N Wright 4702 Arctic Ave Capitol 37 N Kentucky Ave Lincoln 911 N Indiana Ave Luzon 601 N Ohi o Ave TOURIST Room BAYONNE TAVERNS Doc s 67 W 23rd St BRIDGESTON TAVERNS The Ram s Inn Bridgeston Millville Pike CAMDEN HOMES Mrs V Jones 1720 Arctic Ave Mrs R Diggs 1825 Wash Ave P Tanner 110 N Indiana Ave M Contee 111 N Indiana Ave R Dowling 328 N Indiana Ave HIGHLANDS TAVERNS Jack s 245 Chestnut St TAILORS Economy 818 Kaign Ave Merchant 741 Kaign Ave

Page 24

PATRONIZING THESE IN PLACES MM HACKENSACK CAPE MAY HOTELS De Griff 830 Corgie St Richardson Jackson St TOURIST HOMES Mrs S Giles 806 Corgie St Mrs M Green 728 Lafayette BARBER SHOPS Central Service 174 Central Ave Dotson 234 lst St BEAUTY PARLORS Mary 206 Central Ave St TAVERNS Rideouts Central B ar 204 Ave CEDAR KNOLL COUNTRY CLUBS The Shady Oak Lodge Hack 2 9733 FIVE POINT SERVICE STATION EAST ORANGE Walter Levin Prop BEAUTY PARLORS Matties 186 Amherst St Ritz 276 Main St Milans 232 Halsted St BUY AT ms 550 TAILORS Vernon s 182 Amherst St Charles 63 N Park St SIGN EATONTOWN NIGHT The CLUBS Bush Greenbricr Pine ROAD HOUSES SERVICE SUPREME Hackensack First St and N J American LegiOn Drive Bob Jones Cottage Pine Brook HASKELL EGG HARBOR RECREATION PARKS Thomas HOTELS Allen House 625 Cincinnati Ave Lake KINGSTON SERVICE STATIONS Walker s 4 54 Cincinnati Ave TAVERNS Red White Blue Inn 701 Phil Ave ROAD HOUSES Merrill s JERSEY CITY RESTAURANTS Rogers 54 Kearney Ave ELIZABETH KE YPORT TOURIST HOMES Mrs L G Brown 173 Madison St Mrs T T Davis 27 Dayton St Mrs G Pierson 1093 Williams St Mrs J Pryde 1125 Fanny St RESTAURANTS Paradise 1129 RESTAURANTS Hargrave Community Sandwich Shoppe KEI NELW ORTH E Grand St TAVERNS Hunter s 1155 Dickerson St TAVERNS Drivers 17th One Only 1112 Dickerson St ENGLEWOOD LIQUOR STORES Giles 107 Williams St TAVERNS The Lincoln 13 Englewood Ave GARAGES DWi ght s Garage 2 5 So Van Brunt St Monroe Ave LAVVNSIDE HOTELS Hi Ha t lnn VVhitehorse Pike TAVERNS Inn Whitehorse Pike Dreamland La Belle Inn Gloucester Ave Acorn RECREATION PARKS Lawnside Park

Page 25

PLEASE MENTION NIGHT CLUBS 4th W ard Club 1035 Baltimore Ave LONG BRANCH iiElSTA URANTS The Main Stem 163 Belmont Ave TAVERNS Club 45 Liberty St Cosmopolitan 192 Belhont Ave Sam Hall J8 Academy St Tally Ho lSS Belmont Ave AGN OLIA TAVERNS Green s MADISON TAXICA BS Yellow 14 Lincoln Place DIONTCLAIR RESTAURANTS J M 213 Bloomfield Ave NIGHT CLUBS Recreation Glenridge Cor Bay SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Hair Dressing 207 Bloomfield Ave BARBER SHOPS Paramount 211 Bloomfield Ave GARAGES Maple Ave 80 Maple Ave TAVERNS Spring Gardens 435 Spring St Rutgers St Rosen s 164 Spruce St Daves 202 Court St Reiff s 94 So Orange Ave Rim Tim Inn 179 Orange St Saul s 60 Waverly Ave The Hi Spot 173 W Kinny St Warren Norfolk 256 Warren St Woods 258 Prinnce St K1einbergs 88 Waverly St CLUBS Eureka 118 Spring St BEAUTY PARLORS Gomes 230 W Kinny St La Vogue 227 W Kinny St Irene s 125 Somerset St Farrar 35 Prince St Billy s 202 Belmont Ave Chapmlans 96 Belmont Ave Jeanette 105 W Market St NIGHT CLUBS Boston Plaza 4 Boston St Golden Inn 150 Charleston St Nest Club Warren Newark St New Kinny Club 36 Arlington St Villa Maurice 375 Washington St AUTOMOTIVE Dixons Auto Painting 106 Charlton St ORANGE HOTELS Oakwood Dep t 84 Oakland Ave RESTAURANTS Parrow St Presto 6 Main St M arie 148 Central Place Ieter s 77 Parrow St RESTAURANTS Orange Gardens 132 Plarrow St NEWARK Market BARBER SHOPS E1 Idelio 28 Wright St Teals 137 Somerset St CHINESE NIGHT W BOOK Triangle 152 MORRISTOWN HOTELS Grand 78 GREEN Kesselman s 13th LINDEN M THE St TOURIST HOMES Mrs M Johnson 151 Pennslyvania Ave Mrs E Morris 39 Chester Ave Mrs Spence 506 Washington St RESTAURANTS Dixie Chicken Club 178 Orange St Royal Palm 123 Waverly Ave TAVERNS Alcaza 72 Waverly Pl Bert s 174 W Kinny St Charles 125 Broome St Dan s 245 Academy St Dodgers 8 Bedford Pl Little J onny s 47 Montgomery St Lestbaders 175 Spruce St NIGHT CLUBS Dave Manney s Paradise Parrow Chestnut Pl Forth Second 157 Parrow St TAVERNS Frank s 120 Hickory St TAILORS Fitchitt 99 Oakwood Ave Triangle 10l Hickory St DRUG STORES Bynum Catlettew Parrow Hickory Sts OCEAN CITY HOTELS Comfort 2 1 Bay Ave PATERSON HOTELS Joymakers 38 Bridge St

Page 26

PATRONIZING lN RESTAURANTS Governor 130 TAVERNS Governor St Straight St Joymakers 38 Bridge St Abes 98 BARBER SHOPS Governor Johnsons 13O PARLORS Jimmies 581 GARAGES Browns 57 E COUNTRY CLUBS Shady Rest Jerusalem Road AMBOY POINT PLEASANT Railroad or An excellent earn extra money opportunity SEA Kings 11 Essie RESTAURANTS TOURIST HOMES Barnes St A W Hurley 26 Spring St Morris 116 M Mrs St Mrs P Cash 88 Spring St Spring Mrs Garland 62 PLAINFIELD TAVERNS Lib erty 4th St RED BANK VA UX RESTAURANTS W Bergen Pl BARBER SHOPS HOUSES Lloyd Chicken Farm ROAD Dillard 250 Shewsbury Ave BEAUTY PARLORS P1 R Alleyne 124 W Bergen Ave Shewsbury Surles 214 SERVICE STATION A 26 Pine Acre s VVILDWOOD HOTELS Glen TAVERNS Hill Top 60 Oak 100 E Lincoln St The Marion Arctic Spicer Ave s St Alpha Bar 302 E 9th RESTAURANTS PLEASANTVILLE COUNTRY CLUBS Catherine ROSELLE SCOTCH Valley St WEST TAILORS Dudley 5 79 Sunset Ave St George 1139 St George Ave Celeste 211 Springwood TAVERNS Carnegie 380 Carnegie Place 263 Shewsbury Ave HALL BEAUTY PARLORS Vincents Dining Room Galatres Shewsbury New St TRENTON St Grigg s 5 8 60 Witherspoon Bergen 103 commission BRIGHT RESTAURANTS West on a to _________________ ___ Ave PRINCETON TAVERNS full Time vertisements Parts basis Will not interfere with your maker regular work and is a money this for those who wish to handle as a side line St Kellys 128 Fayette for THE GREEN BOOK To sell subscriptions and Ad St St BARBER SHOP ____________ W A N T E D Representatives 18th St Godwin PERTH TAVERNS Joe s 337 PLACES W St Idle Hour Bar 53 Bridge BEAUTY THESE The Ave 106 Poindexter E Schellenger Ave TOURIST HOMES The Denmond 129 W Spicer Ave Mrs G Stenson 107 W Roberts Mrs A H Brown 3811 Arctic PLAINS Jerusalem Road Mrs ROAD HOUSES Road Villa Casanova Jerusalem Mrs 24 E J Crawley 3816 Arctic Quarles 106 Cedar

Page 27

MENTEON PLEASE THE GREEN F 3 EEPORT NEW YORK STATE NIGHT ALBA NY CLUBS Inn 77 Cotton Mrs M C Williamsw 18 Ten Broeck Pl Mrs I Dorsey 25 Second St Mrs Adams 216 Hamilton St Mrs G Bedeli ZB Second St Mrs C Madison 391 Orange St Mrs A J Oliver 42 Spring St HEMPST EAD TAVERNS Eddie s 28 Montgomery 486 Michigan ELMSFORD TAVERNS 172 Clinton Mrs F Washington Mrs G Chase 192 Clinton Wm Campbell 22 Milnor BROOKLYN HOMES Bryan 156 Le ffets Pl RESTAURANTS R0xy 490 A Summer Saw Mill River Road N EVV ROCHELLE RESTAURANTS Betsy Ann 442 North Ave City Park 521 5th Ave Harris 29 Morris St Rogers 50 Winyah Week s 68 VVinyah TAVERNS Dew Drop 363 Halsey St M M 1455 Fulton St Richardson 1686 Fulton St Rosebud 1081 Fulton St El Rose 1093 Fulton St Bal Mo Ral 56 NIGHT Brook St CLUBS Sky Vue VVingah Brook St Ave TAVERNS Royal 1073 Fulton S Utopia 1093 Fulton St Goodwill 1942 Fulton St Parkside 759 Gates Ave LIQUOR STORES Yak 1361 Fulton St VIN ES NIGHT CLUBS HanleW 334 Lewis St Lion s 307 Ralph Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Bartleys 1125 Fulton St Lamae 545 Classon Ave Cloverleaf 425 Gates Ave Diddy s 1518 Fulton St Emma s 1391 Fulton St La Roberts 285 Grand Ave SCHOOLS OF BEAUTY CULTURE J K 417 Ritz 1358 91 Clarke HOMES Little St Ave Vendome 177 Clinton St A E Franklin WESTCHESTER Francis Exchange St Little Harlem 494 Michigan Ave Mrs S WESTBURY HOTELS TOURIST Sunrise TAVERNS Josh s 635 Union Ave BUFFALO TOURIST E Highway HOMES TOURIST BOOK BEAUTY PARLORS A Berry 50 DeWitts Pl B Miller 8 Brook Ave H Johnson 97 Winthrop Ave Maion s 108 Winthrop Ave Ocie 41 Rochelle Pl Orchid 57 Winyah Ave BARBER SHOPS Royal Salon 4 Brook Ave Field s 66 Winyah Ave The PHARMACY Daniel s 57 deyah Ave LARCH MON T TAVERNS Park 1 5th Ave The Green Book is always ready Tompkins Ave Fulton St Theresa 304 Livonia Ave LONG ISLAND To Serve You Use it on each trip CORONA TAVERNS Big George 106 Northern Blvd Prosperity 32 19 103rd St Patronize these Listed Places

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1N PATRONIZING THESE PLACES S O U T H W A R D Chas A R McDowell Collaborator United States T ravel Bureau daylight ride on a Greyhound bus from New York to Washington does not present any scenic wonders yet it pays to keep one s eyes Our strongest impression arises from the contrast between the open beautiful flower surrounded plants of General Motors and Burnett s Gin at Linden New Jersey and the immense drab abandoned industrial plants along the Delaware River at Marcus Hook and vicinity where thousands of workers once labored and lived but never saw any beauty A of any sort absolutely necessary the traveler should never pass through Washington without stopping if for only a few hours This procedure always leaves us soothed and sustained At this time to such an extent that we could leave at midnight for an eighteen hour ride to Greenville S C which took us through the heart of the tobacco country and the cities of Richmond Danville Winston Salem and Charlotte Our object in visiting Greenville was to meet with the Colored Business and Professional Men s Club This organization is thoroughly interested Unless in creating a nation wide interest in travel T he result of this meet encouraging There was a large attendance and close attention was paid to our remarks A number of questions were asked which brought on a hearty discussion Greenville lays claim to being the Textile Center of the South We note with special interest the facilities Negro community the Hight School the excellent hospital and many beautiful homes owned by Negroes ing was very The 164 orchards to through well terraced farm lands and peach Atlanta was highly enjoyable Atlanta is entered through mile ride the suburbs of Decatur and the beautiful Ponce de Leon Avenue Decatur Street in Atlanta Beale Street in Memphis and Yamacraw in Savannah good fortune after many Street on Saturday night don t miss years to be able to visit Decatur of high educa this if you ever go to Atlanta Atlanta is the center tion for Negroes and here is located the Atlanta Daily World the After a good night s only Negro daily newspaper in the United States 294 rest at the Butler Street Y M C A we began our Sunday ride have been made famous by Negroes It was our I l 1 l 26 I I

Page 29

PLEASE miles on route to MENTION the old Central and the THE GREEN BOOK Georgia Railroad over General Sherman s sea At Savannah visited Irene Mound about 51 2 miles above the City on Pipemakers Creek For over two years the Government has been uncovering this pre historic Indian village This work is being done under the direction of Dr Hooten of Harvard and Dr we University archaeologist in charge A laboratory and a museum have been established at this site and a large number of Negro W P A workers is employed The Mound is in a dense growth of live oakes and the scenery is superb Caldwell is the Savannah has been acclaimed by famous world travelers as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and its rich background and heritage of history embracing many events notable in American annals provide it with many hollowed spots ofi deepest interest to the visitor On route 17 just south of the City of unique interest is Cocoanut Grove Here we find a modern tourist camp amusement pavilion and the beautiful home of Mrs Mamie Cox maid of the late Miss Marie Dressler famous in the movies All of this was provided through funds left to Mrs COX by Miss Dressler with the stipulation that she would build a suitable place for the comfort of Negro travelers A little further back we referred to Yamacraw in Savannah Here is located a magnifiicent old colonial building First Bryan Baptist Church founded in 1788 and one of the oldest Negro churches in North America According to information furnished by the pastor this Church is soon to become the focal point around which the new governmnet housing project is to be constructed Anyone visiting Savannah between April by all take the ride 1st and October 1st should the steamer among sea islands and through Beaufort S C The round trip consumes about Most of the scenery is wild and primitive and all of it is means on the various inlets to 12 hours beautiful The cost for the round trip is one dollar Soon after board ing the steamer for this trip we noticed a Colored man exercising much authority Crossing Port Royal Sound the only rough water on the trip looking up at the pilot house we noticed this man at the wheel looking ahead and calmly smoking his cigar a sight seldom seen elsewhere Negroes have long been associated with navigation in South Carolina waters CONTINUED ON 27 PAGE 31

Page 30

IN PATRONlZING THESE PLACES __________________ lWT VERNON HOUSES Pitts 24 W 3rd St Mohawk Inn 142 S 7th Ave SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Okeh 224 S 7th Ave Orchid 48 W 3rd St ROAD OSSINING ROAD HOUSES Goodie Shop 51 Hunter St TARRYTOWN TAVERNS Bridge RendezvoUs 4O Cortland St NORTH TARRYTOWN BARBER SHOPS Lemon s Valley St J Brown Valley St BEAUTY PARLOR T Prioleau 88 Valley St TUCKAHOE RESTAURANTS Major s 48 Washlngton St Butterfly Inn 47 Washington St _ BARBER SHOPS Al s 144 Main St BEAUTY PARLORS Shahana 144 Main St WHITE PLAINS RESTAURANTS Goody Shop Brookfield St Lloyd s 88 Martine Ave TAVERNS Oasis 115 Tarrytown Road BEAUTY PARLORS Marie s 94 Brookfield St NEW YORK CITY HOTELS The Viola 227 West 135 h St The Tenrub 328 St Nicholas Ave El Melrah Zl West 135th St Martha 6 West 135th St St Nicholas Ave Garrett House 314 West 127th St Douglas 4309 St Nicholas Ave Beakford 3OO West 116th St Elks 608 Adrienne 2053 7th Ave Braddock 126th St 8th Ave Dewey Square 201 W 117th St Fane Dumas 205 West 135th St Grampion 182 St Nicholas Ave Olga 695 Lenox Ave Press 23 West 135th St Harreit 271 West 127th St Wood side 2424 7th Ave Currie 101 West 145th St Theresa 425th St 7th Ave The RESTAURANTS Dinah s Kitchen 172 West 135th St Clara s Kitchen 275 St Nich Ave Edgecombe Rotisserie 431 Edgecomb Ave Ideal 247 West 145th S Jimmie s Chicken Shack 763 St Nicholas Ave Craig s 55 St Nicholas Place Little Gray Shop 2465 7th Ave Garland s 266 West 145th St Aunt Lou s Kitchen 2297 7th Ave Millicent s 826 St Nicholas Ave Pete s 2534 8th Ave Southe rn 2201 7th Ave Tilllie s 227 Lenox Ave Virginia 271 West 119 h St TAVERNS Bowman s Grill 773 St Nich Ave Village Inn 2204 5th Ave Old Time Tavern 2160 5th Ave International 2150 Sth Ave Dore s 2163 5th Ave Arthur s 2481 8th Ave Big App le 2300 7th Ave Bird Cage 2308 7th Ave Blue Heaven 378 Lenox Ave Br1 ttwood 594 LenOX Ave Ca1vacade 2104 7th Ave Chick s 148th St 7th Ave Colonial Krazy House 116 Bradhurst Ave Eddie s 714 St Nicholas Ave Elk Scene 469 Lenox Ave Heat Wave 1 991 7th Ave Hot Cha 2280 7th Ave Jay s 400 West 148th St La Mar Cheri J39 St Nich Ave Logas 2496 7th Ave Moon Glow 220 West 145th St Monte Carlo 2247 7th Ave Murrain 635 Lenox Ave Orange Blossom 570 Lenox Ave Pedro Montanez 22 Lenox Ave Speedway 92 St Nicholas Place Swanee 218 St Nicholas Ave Victoria 2418 7th Ave 721 St Nicholas Ave Grill Borderline 7 West 110111 St Fat Man St Nicholas Ave 145th St W ellsworth swCor 126 St 7th Ave GARAGES Viaduct 101 Macombs Place Colonial Park 310 erst 144th St

Page 31

PLEASE THE TALK MENTION OF THE LITTLE 84 West Cor 120th Lenox TOWN BOOK GREEN THE YORK NEW IN WHEN SERVICE ALPHA St Ave ONE OF CLEANERS PIONEER 200 WEST 136th Cor 7th St SERVICE WHERE Ave A Phone AU JUST IS SMILE 3 0671 6 8 HOUR SERVICE R BEAUTY PARLORS Bee s 202 Test 130th St Josephine s 202 St Nicholas Ave Myers Griffin 65 V 134th St Your Pal 222 Vest 133111 St National 301 est 144th St Frances 2446 7th Ave C0ttie s 165 Vest 127th St Neuway M3 West 116th St Millicent 301 West 141st St A L Smith 2411 7th Ave Oneda s 231 Edgecombe Ave Sibley s 30l th 126th St Edna s 75 St Nicholas blace Beards 322 St Nicholas Ave AUTOMOTIVES MOTOR TUNE UP E EUBANKS ELECTRIC MGR SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Apex 200 West 135th St Mme C J Talker 239 W 125 St AUTO LOANS Comm unity 23 68 7th Ave HALLS DANCE Savoy Goldn Lenox Ave Gate Lenox 140th Ave St 142 8 TAILORS La Fonta1 ne 47O Convent Ave Little Alpha 84 West 120th St L D COIIey 100 VV 134th St MILLINERY Beulah s 296 Manhattan Ave Ira s 2 441e7th HABERDASHER James 2255 7th Ave Ave ROOM SERVICE Serv U 805 St Nich Ave Apt 24 ROAD AUTO YORK S NEW HOUSES Speedway Gardens SERVICE 31 Dykeman St BARBER SHOPS Armatures Ignition IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL 155 W 145th St New York N Y GORDON SEALE SERVICE SUPERB RENAISSANCE BARBER SHOP MANICURIST NIGHT CLUBS Small s Paradise 2294 7th Ave Capitol 11 5 Lenox Ave Elks Rendezvous 1331C St Lenox Avenue Harlem Hollywood 105 W 116 St Vincent s 2120 Madison Ave Ruth Madison Fay Casselle 2349 7th AVE NEW YORK Next To Renaissance Theater

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IN PATRONIZING THESE FONTAINE LA PLACES SERVICE Naif s DYEING O No Store 1 CLEANING 470 O CONVENT AVE 4 1365 EDgecombe TAILORING m O VALET Elliott Fontaine Katherine Fontaine We AND FERRY Holland Tunnel Call 50c 50c 50c 25c 25c 50c 25c Electric Ferry 42nd St Anywhere Tri Boro Bridge from New York City to Worlds Fair and points 25c in Long Island St Ferry Yonkers Ferry 125 St Ferry Dyckman Deliver RATES FOR PASSENGER CARS TUNNEL George Washington Bridge Lincoln Tunnel and Henry Hudson Bridge Express Highway going north KEY TO STREET NUMBERS IN MANHATTAN _ _ _ nearest street 39 10c Add 15 60 or 59 Amsterdam Audubon Add 165 Add 59 or 60 Columbus Add 127 Convent 134 Edgecombe Add 158 Add Ft Washington Add 110 Lenox 22 Add Lexington 26 Add Madison 100 Add Manhattan 11th Ave To find what street is nearest take the street numer cancel last figure divide by 2 add or subtract key number found below The result will be the on Add Add 3 Ave A Add 3 B Ave Add 3 Ave C Add 3 Ave D Add 3 1st Ave Add 3 2nd Ave Add 9 or 10 3rd Ave Add 8 4th Ave 5th Ave Add 13 Up to 200 Add 16 Up to 400 18 Add to 600 Up Add 20 Up to 775 Add 24 Above 2000 Subt 12 or 13 6th Ave 7th Ave Add 12 Add 9 or 10 8th Ave Park Add 34 or 35 Add 101 Pleasant 110 St Nicholas Add 173 Add Wadsworth Add 59 or 60 West End B way ab 23 Subt_ 30 or 31 l l i I l l l Central Pak West Divide house ber by 10 and add 60 num Riverside Drive Divide house number by 10 and add 72 Streets To find nearest avenue count 100 numbers to the blo ck east or west A l l _ E

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PLEASE Here in Beaufort is MENTION a THE GREEN BOOK large house formerly the home Small Negro the famous blockade runner of Robert A cf the Civil War At Fort Pulaski National Monument at the mouth of the Savannah River we find what is probably the largest fig tree in the world It has a spread of 170 feet It is 32 feet high and the yearly average production is 50 bushels of figs Thirteen miles south of the City of Savannah is located the United States Department of Agriculture Bamboo propagation farm and a short distance further at Ways Station Georgia Mr Henry Ford has established his friendly gnterest 70 000 acre model community We learned of the he has shown in Cocoanut Grove Speeding north through Dixie you do not open the coach windows now for a breath of air and an eyeful of cinders On a curve every now and then we could glance ahead through the clear glass and see the Seaboard s huge yellow diesel on the job How different k F 335 13 2 106 w 3 3 12 3 2 315 5 311 3 3 3 36 1 Hog hie L 5 1131 A 3 53f Wet WINE 1335 53 St LIQUOR STORES Call AU 3 8340 Free Prompt Delivery Open 8 A M to 12 P M WE RECOMMEND GOLDMAN S Rayford 2013 7th WINES AND LIQUORS Ave H Parks 200 est 146th 8 Latin American 2395 8th Ave Leon Teddy s 353 W 145th St 033 Ave Delux Z 79 9 8 th Ave World s Faii 25l XV 145th 8 Bob Cary s 2521 8th Ave Spo oner S 2435 8th Ave A McCa rgo 242 West 145th St B Garrett 2311 7th Ave Eldorado 203 West 116th St g 9g1 __7222276 77 1 fig 25 35 RADIO SERVICE Joe s 15 West Ave SHOPS Renaissance 2349 7th l ll Wr orldm2621 8th Savoy Tire 8110137573612 Lenox Ave J JoneS 1203 West 145th St Andy Radiator 416 West 127th St A Eastmond Sl West 144th St C Jones 25 East 136 h St Daly Ems 485 St Nicholas Ave Green s Auto 110 West 145th St L Martinez 612 LenoX Ave Meisel Tire 2079 7th Ave Nathan Auto Parts 34 W 145 St Simons Supply 133 W 145th St Ullman Hausei i27 St Claire P1 W J McAvoy 703 Lenox Ave Gordon Seale 155 W 145th St BARBER 9 AUTOMOTIVES New York State Retail Wine and Luci 166 West 116th St Park Lane 2206 7th Ave Manhattan 2456 8th Ave Majestic 130 West 1 16th St Movdernistic 2132m7th Ave Roxy 2322 7th Ave Royal 749 St Nicholas Ave Edean H237 West 145th St Liquor Store License L 761 6 483 West 155 St New C011 31 Amsterdam York N Y Ave

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THESE PATRONIZING N PLACES POINTS OF INTEREST IN NEW YORK CITY world STATE BUILDING is the tallest office building in the is site nearly The Streets and is situated at 5th Avenue between 33rd and 34th 2 acres and rises 102 stories above the ground and is 2 stories under the ground Its elevators rise at the tremendous speed 01 It houses more than 25 000 tenants EMPIRE THE 200 feet per second While its express ISLAND ELLIS of is the bay Commissioner the upper from the first of carry landing place This harbor York New cars one of island to the may the 80th floor in and immigrant be visited minute one is located by securing a in pass Immigration OF ST JOHN THE DIVINE located at Amsterdam Avenue When completed it 110th to 113th Streets is America s greatest church edifice is 15 000 The capacity seating world Cathedral the in will be the largest Gothic years It has been in the building for the last 61 and room for 40 000 standing Visitors are always welcome and services are the corner stone being laid in 1892 CATHEDRAL practically all held day WASHINGTON BRIDGE over the Hudson River is the longin the connecting New York City at 179th Street East suspensiOn and Fort Lee N J It is used by millions of people annualy and is the Northern Its towers which stand 80 feet the North route to motorists going South from GEORGE THE bridge est than higher York tower can be seen for miles around Monument Mem orial Beacon which serves as Rogers Washington the has Will the The a New guide to aviators THEATRICAL TILE colored The 132nd Street a show houses produced best OF is The Lafayette at 7th and Harlem located in the Apollo at 125th near 8th Avenue are the are house A P W NEW YORK where all of the largesi Here located in the heart of the city 39th to 52nd showhouses in the world from DISTRICT best plays are staged and you will find the largest and Streets and 8th to 6th Ave and and largest post office in the world 8th to 9th Avenue and from collections and 3 to 4 deliveries a day OFFICE is the GENERAL POST THE 2 city blocks from 31st Street to 33rd covers houses 18 000 THE makes employees HOLLAND in Starts the busiest vehicular tunnel in the world ends at 12th Street Jersey City N J This tunbound traffic East for other the for West bound and TUNNEL is York New Canal Street nel contains 2 tubes one each 2 tubes wide The toll is at THE TRI BOROUGH ter New York Manhattan direct most route to 26 largest the and 50c per car of GreaBRIDGE which connects three of the boroughs miles long and is the is This bridge 17 Bronx Queens New York World s Fair The toll charge is 250 Chatham Square is New York s Oriental CHINATOVVN at the Bowery Showing section Sight seeing busses will take visitors there from Times Square countless of the been has place which the Bloody Corner at Pell and Mott Streets and murders caused by the rivalry of the Leong and Hip Sing Tongs Museum PLANETARIUM which is located in the American The Drama History at 81st Street and Central Park West can be seen Hall of the of the Skies The most interesting feature of he Planetarium is the at Sun which shows the Solar Systeanhere are six performances daily starting M A at 10 starts show 11 A M except Sunday and holidays On these days the The admission is 250 11 to 5 o clock evenings 8 30 350 250 at 5 P M Saturday Reserved Sunday and holidays Children under 17 Years of age 150 at all times THE HAYDEN of Natural 500 and 600 CENTER largest building project ever undertaken by priROCKEFELLER and Is situ aed between 5th and 6th Avenue at 48th and 51st Streets vate capital C A Building and is R is the the in group acres The tallest 12 building occupies On the West of Rocke70 stories tall and houses the National Broadcasting Co R C A Building west 0 R K Building Music Hall is Radio Center feller the City in honor of the Radio and the Center Theatre also Radio City which is named Le Maison Corporation of America On the Fifth Atenue side will be found the the six story extension and Italian Buildng British Building Empire Francaise of the International Building seats

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PLEASE MENTION BOOK GREEN THE POINTS OF INTEREST IN NEW YORK CITY CITY HALL at of government M A o clock which Park and is water and be seat from public the by the is It Street visited of 10 the largest park in the city is located at 5th It contains 862 acres of 59th to 110th Streets ntiles long and half a mile wide It contains a Zoological Park is It Chambers can which PARK Central and and daily M P Park Row metrOpolis great 4 to CENTRAL Avenue Broadway the is West 2 play grounds many at the Battery can be reached by all subway includes all kinds of fish both salt and fresh water 3150 invertebrates Open daily hours 9 to 5 P M April to September and 9 A M The New York Aquarium to 4 P M October to March The admission is free is probably the largest in the world and has the largest collection of fish It con tains 7 large pools and 144 glass fronted aquarias THE and AQUARIUM elevated lines The located exhibit COOPER UNION MUSEUM FOR ICHE ARTS lOEF DECORATION Cooper Square 7th St Open daily except Sundays 10 5 evenings Oct 1 6 30 9 30 EXCGDt Saturdays and Sundays Free at The Branch of Metropolitan Museum of Art Fort 10 5 Sundays 1 6 Closed Christmas Morning Free except Mon 8 to dusk Sundays and Holidays 10 to dusk Library closed CLOIS TERS HFS Hrs Sat 25c July every day Fri on dusk Free NEW YORK ZOOLOGICAL PARK Bronx Park Hrs 10 except Mondays and Thursday Adults 250 Children 150 Hrs NEVV YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN East of 200th St and Webster March 1 to November 1 10 to 5 November to March 1 10 to 4 30 to NEW YORli D IIVSEURI OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY R C A Center Hrs 10 to 10 every day Adults 250 Children 100 Park Tyron and Avenue Rooke Bldg feller ADIERICAN St Hrs 9 to OF NATURAL Free 5 lVlUSEUDI Sunday 1 5 HISTORY Park Central VVest 79th at to AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY Broadway at 156th St Sundays and Holidays and on Saturdays during the summer MUSEUM lO F THE CITY OF NEW YORK Fifth Avenue at 104th Sundays 1 5 Closed Tuesdays Free except Mondays 250 Hrs 9 to 4 45 Closed St 10 5 Hrs SOCIETY Broadway between 155thJuly 16 to Sept 1 Free 156th MUSEUM O CF THE ABLERICAN INDIAN Heye Foundation Broadway at 2 5 Closed Sundays Holidays and through July and August 155th MUSEUM Hrs 2 5 Sts St 01 THE NUMISMATIC Daily and CIOseed Sundays Hrs HAMILTON Closed HI TNEY 287 ERANGE and Sundays Holidays MUSEUM COnvent Avenue Hrs 10 5 10 1 Saturdays Free OF AMERICAN ART Friday 1 5 Saturday and Sunday Reopens about September 15 Free Closed 2 6 10 West 8th St Hrs Tuesday to Mondays and Midsummer Months PIERPON T MORGAN LIBRARY 33 East 36th St Hrs Main Bldg y Tues Closed Exhibition Sundays Holidays Room Daily 10 5 11 4 Thusdays July 1 to 7 Sept MUSEUBE Free OF LIVING Closed Christmas Avenue at 82nd St Hrs 10 5 25c except Mondays and Fridays ART Fifth Morning Free Decoration CONEY New Hrs York ISLAND City Here New one York s will find own seaside recreation resort bathing and all sorts of open Sept Closed is ten miles from air amusements BROOKLYN MUSEUM Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue Brooklyn 10 5 Sundays 2 6 Free except Mon and Fri Adults 250 Children 100 BO TANIC GARDEN 1000 Washington Ave Brooklyn Garden Sundays and Holidays 10 to dusk Library closed on Sat July 15 _ 5 Mon to Fri 9 5 Saturdays 9 12 Free BROOKLYN Hrs Sundays 1 6 Hrs Sundays and Holidays 1 5 Day July 4th Month of August and Christmas Free BRICK COLLECTION 1 East 70th St Mondays and and 8 to dusk 15 Hrs 33

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PATRONIZING IN PLACES THESE _ ____________ _ _ TAVERNS Sunset Cafe 619 Erie Ave Chef W Martin 609 Erie Ave Belmont Grill 447 1st St NEW YORK STATE ELMIRA HOTELS Wilson 4307 E Clinton TOURIST HOMES GARAGE S Smith Bradberry St Mrs J A Wilson 307 E Clinton St PORT 3523 1st St JERVIS HOMES Mrs L Robinson 21 Bruce St R Pendleton 26 Bruce St John Scott 28 Bruce St TOURIST JAMESTOWN TOURIST HOMES Mrs I W Herald 51 W 10th Mrs A Henrick 70 W 13th Mrs J M Brown 108 W 11th Mrs C Majors 906 Jefferson St St St St KINGSTON RESTAURANTS Jackson Bros 15 Cornell St POUGHKEEPSIE TOURIST HOMES Mrs R Sullivan 14 Gregory Ave Mrs S Osterholt 16 Crannell St Mrs S Le Fever 217 Union G W Hayes 93 N Hamilton FALLS NIAGARA ROCHESTER HOTELS HOTELS Erie Ave Grill 447 First St The Freeman House 112 Industrial St Rose Reta 621 Belmont TOURIST Gibson 461 Clarissa St Johnson 86 Industrial St HOIWES ____________ THE LITTLE BELMONT A First Class Tourist Home TOURIST HOMES Mrs G W Burks 221 Columbia Ave Mrs Latimer 179 Clarissa NIGHT St CLUBS Cotton Joseph St Neatly Furnished Rooms We Serve SCHENECTADY Meals MODERN CONVENIENCES Bell Prop Mrs M 25 14 Pine St TOURIST HOMES R Rhinehart 125 S Church St S Kearney 357 Vedder Ave G D Thomas 123 S Church St E L Claiborne 1808 Campbell Ave Niagara Falls N Y SYRACUSE HOTELS The Parker House 627 Erie Ave Mrs A Scott 1015 Niagara St FAIRVIEW 413 MAIN ST Mrs Brown 1202 Haeberle Ave A E Gabriel 635 Erie Ave C A Brown 443 Main St BEAUTY PARLORS La Belle Erie Ave The Parker House 627 BARBER SHOPS Ashford Erie Ave Garland Erie Ave Savoy 518 E Washington St UTICA TOURIST HOMES Broad St Inn 415 Broad St Mrs S Burns 314 Broad St The Howard Home 413 Broad St VVATERTOWN Erie Ave TOURIST HOMES E F Thomas 423 Union St V G Tinase St H Brown 502 E Depuy 710 Morrison St

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PLEASE MENTION THE GREEN NEW MEXICO ELIZABETH CITY TAVERNS DEMING TOURIST HOMES Matt Vt ilson Iron 2nd St NORTH CAROLINA AS HEVII LE 4 HJMV y as A HOTELS Booker T Washington 409 Srathside Ave Sat oy Eagle Market Sts RElS TAURAN T S Palace Grill 19 Eagle St BEA U TY BOOK Henry C Owner Hargraves Manager and BLUE DUCK INN GRILL Where Good Fellows Together Beer Wine Ale DINING DANCING EVERY N ITE PARLORS Butler s Eagle Market Sts Phone 828 BARBER SHOPS Wilson s 13 Eagle Get 4041 2 Ehringhaus St Elizabeth City N C St TAVERNS Wilson s Eagle Market Sts GARAGES GASTONIA Wilkin s Eagle Market Sts CARTHAGE HOTELS Union Sq HOTELS GREENSBORO Carthage Hotel HOTELS Travelers Inn 612 E Market St Legion Club 829 E Market St CHARLOTTE HOTELS Sanders 2nd TOURIST St TAVERNS Shaws Cafe 724 Mint St TAVERNS Paramount 907 E Roof Garden 901 DURHAM HOTELS BiltmoreuE Pettigrew Jones 502 Ramsey St HOMES T Daniel 912 E Market Mrs E Evans 906 E Market Mrs Lewis 4329 E Market St St TAILORS Shoi fners 922 TAVERNS Hollywood 118 S Mang um St BEAUTY PARLORS De Shazors 809 Fayetteville St D Orsay lZO S Mangum St SERVICE STATIONS Midway Pine Poplar Sts Pine Street 1102 Pine St FAYETTEVILLE HOTELS Bedford Inn 203 Moore St Restful Inn 418 Gillespie St TAVERNS Bedford Inn 203 Moore St Big Buster Gillespie St BARBER SHOPS DeluX Person St BEAUTY PARLORS Mrs Brown Person St Market St E Market St E Market St HENDERSON TOURIST HOMES Mrs Betch 219 Ro ckspring St T AXICABS Green Chavis 720 Eaton St LITTIJETON HOTELS Youngs Hotel MT O LIVE RESTAURANTS Black Beauty Tea Room NEW BERN HOTELS Rhone 42 TOURIST H C Queen St Sparrow 68 West St

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IN PATRONIZING TAVERNS Palm Garden 192 Broad St LEXINGTON PLACES THESE KEEP YOUR NAME BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE STATIONS D T Taylor Esso Service IT PAYS RALEIGH HOTELS WELDON Arcade TOURIST HOMES L B Yeargan 210 E Cabarrus HOTELS Pope Terminal TAVERNS Savoy 410 S Blount St Joe Blacknails 407 Blount St Inanashington Ave WILMINGTON HOTELS SANFORD Paynes 417 N 6th St HOTELS TAXICABS Tom s Taxi Philipps Pearl St SALIS BURY OHIO TAXICABS Safety 122 N Lee St SUMTER HOTELS Garden TAVERNS Silver Moon 20 W Liberty St HOTELS Biltmore E Washington St The Wilson Biltmore 539 E Nash TAXICABS M Jones 1209 E Queen St Sts N TOURIST HOMES W Payton Upperman 197 Bluff St Green Turtle Federal Howard Sts TOURIST HOMES F Murphy s 17 C Bluff St McQueenw645 Moon St RESTAURANTS TAVERNS Brook s 42 N WINSTON SALEM HOTELS Lincoln 9 E 3rd St TOURIST HOMES Ch H Jones 1611 E 14th St Mrs J Penn 115 N Ridge Ave Mrs H L Christian 302 E 9th St Mrs N Jones 859 N Liberty St E B Williams 1225 N Ridge Ave NIGHT CLUBS Club 709 709 Patterson Ave TAXICABS Sam Harris 6th Patterson Ave Reliable 430 N Church St Diamond 301 N Church St WASHINGTON STORES St St Howard Mathews 77 Eidg ewood Check Inn Lunch 4391 St WINDSOR Lloyd s 408 Gladden City Howard Furnace The WILSON DRUG AKRON Howard St PARLORS Beauty Salon 70 N Howard St BEAUTY SERVICE STATIONS Zuber s 47 Cuyahoga St ALLIANCE TOURIST HOMES Blackburn s Aparts 719 Keystone St Mrs H Baber 649 N Liberty Ave Mrs W Jackson 744 N Webb CANTON TOURIST HOMES K S Willis 1104 6th St Mrs M W Smallwood 1203 Housel St S E K Summerville 1104 6th St S W S W

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PLEASE MENTION RESTAURANTS Hunters 527 DRU GGIS T S Ave Cherry BARBER SHOPS Barbe 525 Cherry Ave S E Cherry Ave S Cherry Ave S BOOK Charlton 439 Hamilton Ave Flints 703 E Long St Kea 318 No 20th St E SERVICE STATIONS BEAUTY PARLORS Vanitie Shop 528 GREEN Litchferd N 4th St Macon 368 N 20th St Plaza Long St Hamilton Ave E Southside 415 H THE King s Shell E Long Peyton Soh io s E Long E at Monroe at Monroe COSHOCTON CINCINNATI RESTAURANTS BenVVhite s 107 HOTELS Cotton Club Steeling 6 Mound Sts Cordella 312 N 6th St Delmer 29 i5 Gilbert Ave Manse 1004 Chapel St TOURIST HOMES 0 Steele 3239 TOURIST HOMES B Lawrence 206 St TOURIST HOMES Spring St Sol Downton 1107 W Spring St Edward Holt 406 E High St Amos Turner 1215 W Spring St George Cook 230 S Union St Daisy Boone 1105 W Edgemont Inn 2950 Gilbert Ave The Delmae 2945 Gilbert Ave Candle Light 1004 Chaple St LORAIN DRUG STORES TOURIST HOMES B H Tapsico 115 W 17th St Mrs Alex Cooley 114 W 26th Smith s Manor on Erie Beach Camp Merriman llo W Erie Ave Mrs W H Redmond 201 E 22nd Sky Pharmacy 5th John St S HOPS Collegiate 2982 Gilbert Ave PARLORS Efficiency 878 Beecher The Norwood LIMA Beresford Ave TAVERNS BEAUTY St DAYTON RESTAURANTS New Candle Light 1004 Chapel St Uncle Lee s 1132 Chapel St BA RBER 2nd N Ho smer 92O Mrs Elishe W orthington 209 W 16th St Porter Wood 1759 Broadway H P Jackson 4383 Apple Ave Ave Churchhill CLEVLAND HOTELS Phyllis Wheatly 4300 Cedar Ave MARIET TA E 40th St Ward 4113 Cedar Ave Y M C A E 76th St Cedar Lincoln E 40th St SCOVill Ave Majestic 2291 E 55th TOURIST HOMES Geraldine 2212 Mrs McCray 2416 E 40th HOTELS St James Butler St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Jackson 213 Church St St BEAUTY PARLORS Lu Zell 2211 E 55th St TAVERNS Log Cabin 2294 E 55th ENLARGE YOUR SALES AREA St PEOPLE ARE TRAVELING SERVICE STATIONS Sohio E 93rd St Cedar Ave Wrights E 92nd Cedar THE YEAR ROUND GARAGES A D V E R T I S E Rollin E 40th Central Sykes 8708 Cedar Ave IN C OLUMZBUS THE HOTELS Fulton 403 I Fulton St 37 GREEN BOOK

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PATRONIZING IN HOW OLD GROWING Always Crossings to it it monotony of their jobs Don t ahead car on curves horn it may use the fellow and nerve like Engineers Always pass the turns locomotive with race breaks the or FROM KEEP TO THESE cause un him to turn Insist on of man a road the the middle rights your speed Always are RESTAURANTS The Elite S0 Center St NIGHT CLUBS The Elks So Yellow Spring St BEAUTY PARLORS Louise 902 Innesfallen Ave SHOPS Payden sh So Center St half Demand TOURIST HOMES Mrs M E Wilborn ZZO Fair St Mrs H Sydes 902 S Yellow Spring St Mrs C Seward 1090 Mound St BARBER out too far half PLACES it them shows even pep you tho GIARIAGES Green s 1100 S STEUBENVILLE Stop look or listen at railroad crossings It consumes time Never Always lock your brakes when skidding It makes the job more artistic weather Sloppy pedestrians Dry Yellow Spring an amateur driver In Yellow Spring St SERVICE STATIONS Underwo od 1303 S drive cleaners close to appreciate TOURIST HOMES W Jackson 648 Adam St Mrs L Martin 508 Ross St D H Madison 953 Sherman Ave H Jackson 650 Adam St TOLEDO HOTELS Pleasant 15 N Erie St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E D Jackson this look Never there up is around never you back anything behind when you Drive were 911 City Park Ave Mrs B F McVVilliams 639 Indiana Ave G Davis 532 Woodland Ave confidently just as tho there eighteen million other cars ZANESVILLE not HOTELS in service _ _ _ W TOURIST HOMES Mrs A M Thomas 12 Sharon Ave Mrs L E Coston 641 W Main St NEVVARK TOURIST HOMES Mrs I Ransom 78 Hoover St W S Hatton ZZ East St WARREN OBERLIN HOTELS Oberlin Inn College RESTAURANTS Lynum Germans Cocktail Baar 644 Pine Ave S E Main SAN USKY OKLAHOMA TOURIST HOMES Mrs A D0dd 31 Center St ENID TOURIST HOMES McFall s Apartments 202 E Park St Allen Crumb 222 E Park St Mrs Eliza Baty 520 E State St Mrs Ware 712 E Park St SPRINGFIELD HOTELS Posey 209 S Park 1561 W Main St Stevens 657 W Main St Fountain Ave Y M C A Center St Y W C A Clarke St 38

Page 41

PLEASE MENTION THE Mrs Ed Iohnson 210 E Market St Mrs Elsie Gamble 502 E Wabash Edwards 222 E Park St HOUSES Cabbell 5th Ohio Sts ROAD NIGHTS CLUBS Cabbclls S 4th BARBER SHOPS Baker 4 18 E SERVICE Wabash STATIONS Vandorf Broadway Washington IVIUSKOGEE RESTAURANTS Your Cab 517 Ave Beady St E Greenwood Av BEAUTY PARLORS Mrs Smiths 524 E Jasper Cotton Bossom 106 N Greenwood Ave Mrs J C Mays 523 N Greenwood Ave BARBER SHOP Leader 203 N HOTELS 2nd St St TAVERN Crazy Rock Inn 318 N Greenwood TAVERNS Del Rio Bar Bozemain OKLAHOMA Manard 922 E Mashill Pl McHunt 1121 N Grenwood 1111 N TOURIST HOMES Mrs Celia Ja 188 1002 E Springer Ave Mrs M A Smith 317 S 2nd St Mrs Martha Jordan 04 S 2nd St 2nd Red Wing 206 N Greenwood Royal 605 E Asher St Barbequea GUTHRIE Peoples 316 N BOOK TOURIST HOMES Mrs W H Smith 124 N Greenwood Mrs Thomas Gentry 537 N Detroit Ave Mrs C L Netherland 542 N Elgin St St Elliot s 111 S GREEN 2nd St CITY HOTELS Hall 308 N Central Littlepago 219 N Central St 1448 N Greenwood Ave SERVICE STATIONS Mince 2nd Elgin Sts GARAGES Pine St 906 E Pine St L M 617 E Cameron St DRUG STORES Meharry Drugs New Acacia 323 E 2nd St Parker lst Stiles M and M 219 N Central Bethel Rooms 326 E 2nd St Magnolia Inn 629 E 4th William Rooms 323 E 2nd St 101 Greenwood Ave VVEVVOKA HOTELS Carter TAVERN Lyons Cafe 304 E 2nd St OREGON BEAUTY PARLORS hZLHIbUZ S 521 N Kelly St PORTLAND AUTOMOTIVES Deep Rock Oil C0rp 40 E 2nd St HOTELS Golden West B oadway Everett N Interstate Ave Medley 2272 OKIWULGEE HOTELS Creek 620 E PENNSYLVANIA 4th St ALLE NTOVVN S HAVVNEE HOTELS Ollison 501 S TOURIST HOMES Mrs D Taliaferro Bell St TOURIST HOMES M Gross 4302 S Bell 378 Union BEDFORD HOTELS Harris 200 St West St TULSA BRISTOL HOTELS Small 615 E Archer St Lincoln E Archer St TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Willhite 39 414 Cedar St St

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PATRONIZING IN THESE PLACES W TOURIST HOMES Mrs H Carter 606 Foster St Mrs H Hall Herr Montgomery Mrs W D Jones 613 forster St COATESVILI E HOTELS Subway CHAMBERSBURG LANCASTER HOTELS Liberty Inn Liberty Water St TOURIST HOMES Mrs H Pinns 68 W Liberty St Mrs C Stevenson 619 S Main St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Clark 462 Rockland J Carter 143 S Duke St A L Polite 540 North St OIL CHESTER TOURIST RESTAURANTS Rio 321 Central Ave Phillips 1712 W 3rd St St 3rd Central BARBER SHOPS B0u1din 1710 West 3rd HOTELS Attucks 8015 S 15th St Baltimore 1438 Lombard St Citizens 420 S 15th St Douglas Broad Lombard Sts Elrae 805 N 13th St Elizaeth Fry 756 S 16th St La Salle 2026 Ridge Ave Maceo Cafe Van Pelt Norris St New Roadside 514 S 15th St Paradise 1627 Fitzwater St The Alston 2333 Catherine St Y M C A 1724 Christian St Y W C A 1605 Catherine St Y W C A 6128 Germantown Ave Horseshoe 12th Lombard New Phain 2059 Fitzwater St La Reve Cor 9 Columbus Ave Dupree Broad South Sts St BEAUTY PARLOR Rosella 413 Concord Ave Alex Davis 123 Reaney St STATIONS Barnett 7th Central TAILORS Tailor HOMES PHILADELPHIA Wright s SERVICE CITY Mrs Jackson 258 Bissel Ave Mrs M Moore 8 Bishop St TAVERNS West St Shop 515 WEST Central Ave CHESTER HOTELS Magnolia 300 E Miner St DARBY TAVERNS Golden Star 10th Forrester TAVERNS Cotton Grove 1329 South St Loyal Grill 16th South Sts Lyons Cafe 1418 South St Nationg1 Cafe 1th Fitzwater Wayside Inn 13th Oxford Sts Dixon s Wonder Bar 19th Montgomery Sts Jessup Sts Lenox Popular Roseland 5404 Arch St Sam s 1612 South St Wander Inn 18th Federal Sts Ave E RIE HOTELS Pope 1318 French St TOURIST HOMES Mrs Ramble 538 West 12th St AUTOMOTIVES Craig Oil Co 433 N Main St HAMSBURG HOTELS A1 Duffin 144 Balm NIGHT CLUBS Butler s Paradise Ridge Jefferson The Progressive Club 1415 S 20th St St GETTYBURG TOURIST HOMES Mrs J Forsett 210 W RESTAURANTS Marion s 20th Bainridge Sts High St Wilson s 21st Burke Sts BARBER SHOPS S Jones 2064 Ridge HARRISBURG St BEAUTY PARLORS HOTELS Alexander 7th Boas Sts Jackson 1004 N 6th St Agnes 1811 At s 661 N 40 Bainbridge 13th St St

Page 43

MENTION PLEASE Effie s 5502 Girad Ave Elizabeth s 5003 Brown St A Henson 1318 Fairmont Ave Jennie s 1618 French St La Salle 2036 Ridge St Lady Ross 718 S 18th St Reynolds 1612 N 13th St Redmond s 710 N 48th St Rose s 16th South Sts F A R Franklin 2115 XV York St B Tooks 916 S 17th St Morton s 17th c Bainbridge Sts AUTOMOTIVES United Oil 16th Bros 1811 Fitzwater St Garage 5732 Westminister Ave Garage 1823 Bainbridge St STATIONS Dorsey Bros 2009 Oxford St SERVICE GERMANTOV VN TOURIST M GREEN TOURIST HOMES MRS ELVIRA KING 1312 LINDEN STREET Mrs Jenkins 610 N IVash Ave Mrs J Taylor 1415 Penn Ave SHARON TAVERNS Dixie Cafe Hook Rd St Howard WASHINGTON TOURIST HOMES MRS ANNA V BANKS 140 E CHESTNUT ST VVashing tone32 T N College RESTAURANTS HOMES Blakmore Foote 556l W Allen N Lincoln St J Fisher 120 E Chestnut St M Thomas N Lincoln St Lincoln N Elm St St BARBER SHOPS G Taylor 60 W Duval St BEAUTY PARLORS M Harris 260 Arnot TAVERNS The Terrace Grill 75 E Sharpnack NIGHT CLUBS Dreamland Inn E Hallan Ave St SHOPS BARBER Yancey s E Spruce St T Wheeler E Chestnut St J Baker E Chestnut St St PITTSBURGH VVILLIAMSPORT HOTELS Ave 1538 Wylie Ave Bailey s Stagg 1308 Wylie Ave Bailey s 1533 Center Ave Colonial Wylie Ave Fulton St Park 2215 Wylie Ave Potter 1304 Wylie Ave Station Station St East End RESTAURANTS Charlotte s 2630 The Wash BARRE Shaw 15 S State St YORK HOTELS TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Armstrong 116 E King St Mrs I Grayson 32 W Princess John Miller 307 E King St Ave Ave GARAGES Wylie s IVylie IVILKES Howard Beaver Princess Sts Y W C A N Lincoln St Dealings 2524 Vylie Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Orchid 1709 VVyll e TOURIST HOMES Mrs W Gordon 646 Vt alnut St M Nash 612 Walnut St Mrs E Johnson 621 Spruce St HOTELS TOURIST HOMES Mrs R Lewis 2600 Wylie Ave B VVilliam 68 Fullerton St Mrs Villiam 5518 Claybourne St Bet HILL HOTELS Jimmie Fishers 120 E Chestnut St B PHIL BOOK SCRANTON Fitzwater GARAGES Booker THE Ave Fernands SERVICE STATIONS Scotty s 2414 Centre EXPERIENCES Ave READING TOURIST HOMES C Dawson 441 Buttonwood St Book will The Green pay 5 00 for manuscripts accepted by the publishers on subjects based Negro motoring conditions scenic wonders in your travels places visited of interest and one s motoring experiences

Page 44

1N PATRONIZING PLACES THESE TAVERNS RHODE ISLAND Green Grill 186 Spring St Harleston s Villa NEWPORT Ashley Ave 250 HOTELS Glover Brindley Center TAXICABS First Class 242 Sts TOURIST HOMES Mrs F Jackson 28 Hall Ave Mrs R Craddle 165 Spring St Mrs C F Burton 7 De Blois St Mrs L Jackson 35 Bath Road PROVIDENCE HOTELS Hill Top Inn 72 Meeting St The Bertha 54 Meeting St HOTELS TAYLOR 1016 Washington St TOURIST HOMES Mrs H Cornwell 1713 Wayne Mrs W D Chappelle 1301 Pine St Mrs B Vincent 1712 Wayne Mrs J P Wakefield 1323 Heidt St Mrs S H Smith 929 Pine St RESTAURANTS Green Leaf 1117 Washington St TAVERNS College Inn 1600 Hardin St RESTAURANTS SERVICE Cranston St COLUlVIBIA TOURIST HOMES Mrs __ M A Greene 58 Meeting St W W Joyce 24 Camp St Dinah s 462 4 N Main Dickerson s 28I 2 Ashley St BEAUTY PARLORS B Boyd s 43 Camp St Geraldine s 205 Thurbus Ave Lucille s 477 N Main St STATIONS Waverley 2200 Taylor St A W Simpkin s 1331 Park St BARBER SHOPS Holman s 2103 Gervias St PARLORS Ruth s 1221 Pine St Mme Peters 1906 Blanding St BEAUTY AUTOMOBILES George s 203 Plainfield St TAXICABS Black Diamond NVashington St Blue Ribbon 1072 Washington St SOUTH CAROLINA AIKEN DRUG STORES Thom as Drug TOURIST HOMES Mrs C F Holland 1118 Richland Ave H Harrison M Mrs Counts 1105 TOURIST HOMES ROAD HOUSES Chauffeurs Inn 1102 Sumter Street York St FLORENCE Richland Avenue SERVICE STATIONS Mitchell S V S I Store IVashington Mrs C C Godblood 227 E Marion Mrs B Wright 1004 E Cheeve St St GEORGETOWN STORES Dr C C Johnson s Richland Ave DRUG TOURIST HOMES Mrs R Anderson 424 Broad Mrs D Atkinson 811 Duke Tas Becote 118 Oronge T W Brown Merriman Emanuel Mrs A A Smith 317 Emanuel BEAUFORT TOURIST HOMES D Brown s SERVICE STATIONS Peoples D Brown Prop GREEN VI LLE HOTELS CHARLESTON Imperial 8 Nelson St Poinsette ll S Hudson St TOURIST HOMES Mrs Alston 43 South St Mrs Gladsden 15 Nassau St Mrs H L Harleston 250 Ashley M ULLENS HOTELS Avenue Mrs Mayes 47 Sotuh Street 283 42 W Front St 4

Page 45

MENTION PLEASE THE GREEN BOOK SPARTANBURG JACKSON TAXICABS TOURIST HOMES Mrs L Johnson 307 W Dean St Mrs O Jones 255 N Dean St Mrs S McElroy Silver Hill St NErs M Young S Liberty St Knox Cab Lane Ave KNOXVILLE HOTELS Mrs M H Wright 400 S Liberty St Bro wnlow RESTAURANTS Beatty N View 21 9 E Vine St LEXINGTON TOURIST HOMES STATIONS Collins 398 S Liberty Service Cab 114 Short VVafford St SERVICE C Timberlake Holly St BIEMPHIS HOTELS GARAGES Jones 255 BEAUTY Co 614 N Dean Clarke St PARLORS Harmon 221 N Dean St The SUMTER TOURIST HOMES Mrs C H Bracey 210 W Oakland Ave Mrs J Boyd 504i Main 144 Beale Ave Travelers 347 Vance RESTAURANTS ParkvieW 516 TAILORS Parks 697 N 3rd St Laumderdale DRUG STORES So Memphis 907 Florida Ave St MURFREESBORO SOUTHCDAKOTA TOURIST HOMES Mrs R Moore Cor University State Sts Mrs F Hoover 439 E State St EHOUXZFALLS TOURIST HOMES Service Center 415 Mrs J So lst Ave NASHVILLE Moxley 915 N Main HOTELS TENNESSEE Bryant 500 8th Ave S Douglas 501 4th Ave N Fred CHATTANOOGA Grace 1122 Cedar St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E food 1408 Phillips BEAUTY PARLORS Queen of Shebra 50 U 8th Ave So Estelle 419 4th Ave Rm 305 HOTELS Lincoln 1101 Carter St Martin 204 E 9th St Peoples 1104 Carter St TOURIST HOMES Mrs J Baker 843 E 8th St Mrs E Brown 1133 E 8th St Mrs D Lowe 803 Fairview Ave Y W C A 839 E 8th St TAXICABS Simm sH UIS BARBER TEXAS University St ABILENE SHOPS Wright s 219 E 9th bi TAVERNS Hammond St CLA RKS VILLE Cafe 620 Plum St AUSTIN HOTELS TOURIST HOMES E F Thompkins 411 Poston St Mrs H Northington 717 Main St TOURIST HOMES Mrs R S Lovingood 803 E 13th Mrs J W Frazier 810 E 13th Mrs J W Duncan 1214 E 7th Mrs W M Tearse 1203 E 12th BRISTOL BEAUMONT Central 535 Franklin St TOURIST HOMES A D Henderson 301 McDowell St RESTAURANTS Long Bar b q 539 Forsythe St 43

Page 46

PATRONIZING 1N THESE PLACES T TAVERNS Daniel s 403 S Orange St CORSICANA TOURISTS HOMES Rev Conner E 4th Ave S J Chestnut 616 E 5th TAILORS Handy Dandy 307 Ave Donnel 3201 DALLAS Terrace Boll Juliett Lewis 302 North Central St Powell 3115 State St Palm Hotel Hall s 1801 Hall St Beaumont Barb eque 1815 Orange St Tommie Fred s Wash St Thomas Ave Ir ene s 3209 Thomas Ave Davis 6806 Lemmon Ave Palm Cafe 2213 Halls St Thomas NIGHT CLUBS Hall DRUG STORES Hall St T0UR T2HOMES Evan s 121 3 E Terrell St TOURIST HOMES Miss G H Freeman 1414 29th St Mrs J Pope 2824 Ave M St l Coopers 1011 Dart St Dowling 3111 Dowling St The Oriental 421 San Felipe St Thomas BEAUTY PARLORS School Parlor 502 Louisiana St Alma s 2736 Lyons Yes Central Ave TAVERNS Welsome Cafe 2409 Pease Ave Allen s 2402 Elgin Yes Ballard S 1805 Gregg Yes DRUG St H STORES Lang ford s 2409 PASO Pease Ave MARSHALL T TOURIST HOBIES Rev St Scott 218 S Mesa Ave Jordan s 104 Kemp St Mesa Bailey 1103 W Grand Ave B H E L P F U L TOURIST HOMES Mrs B F Phillips 704 S St Vrain St Mrs C Williams Wyoming T RESTAURANTS Cottage Inn 2219 Gray Ave HOTELS Daniel 413 S Oregon St 1507 T HOTELS GARAGES Givens 3102 Ross Ave Murrays 218I 2 E HOUSTON Thomas EL t Ave SERVICE STATIONS Walton s 2400 Thomas Ave Walker s 2307 Hall St William s Cor Lennard Elm E HOTELS Oleander 421 25th St Ave TAXICABS State 2411 H TAVERNS Gulf View 28th Boulevard Houston BARBER SHOPS 2 1 BEAUTY PARLORS S Brown s 1721 Hall St Ave HOTELS Del Rey 901 Jones St Jim 413 15 E Fifth St GALVESTON TAVERNS Hall St 1804 Hall St Ave Jack s Hall St SERVICE STATIONS South Side 970 E Humboldt St RESTAURAN TS Smith s Cor Nanzana FORT WORTH HOTELS Grand Regal Thomas Orange St DRUG STORES Robt Lee 712 E 4th Washington s 203 S Use It on Your Next Trip C St Mrs L Walker 2923 E San Antonio Mrs S W Stull 511 Tornillo Use It When You 44 are Out for a ride 5

Page 47

PLEASE MENTION THE W Commerce St TOURIST HOMES C Shannon 112 S Belknap St S P Miller 302 N Denton St L Ransom 119 N Denton St WICHITA FALLS TOURIST HOMES E B Jeffrey 509 Juarez St T S Jackson 303 Park St MIDLAND HOTELS Watson s BOOK Mrs M Johnson 427 E Main St Mrs N Lowe 418 E Main St Mrs N Jones 430 E Main St MEXIA HOTELS Carlton 4201 GREEN AMARILLO HOTELS Hotel Watley s 112 Van Buren St BEAUTY PARLORS Beauty Shop Jeane tta RESTAURANTS Harlem Grill 114 Harrison St PARIS UTAH HOTELS SALT Brownrigg 88 N 22nd St Dixon 22nd Booth Sts NEW TOURIST HOMES Mrs I Scott 115 N 22nd St TOURIST HOMES Mrs S E Crawford Happy Hollow J H Phone The PITTSBURG HOTEL LAKIJCHTY 250 WEST SOUTH SALT LAKE TOURIST HOMES Mrs Thomas 516 N Mrs W Langston 1010 N Border St Elm IHHHJNGTON HOTELS RESTAURANT Ideal 107 N BEAUTY TOURIST Cendivilla 107V2 GARAGES Edward s 1029 Strongs Ave RESTAURANTS White House 50 W Washington St VIRGINIA ABINGDON 8th St St PARLORS BARBER SHOPS Satchell S 329 HOMES J H Meade 83 St N 2nd Archibald RUTLAND VVACO TOURIST HOMES B Ashford 902 Pates 86 9O Border St TEXARKANA HOTELS Brown 312 CITY UTAH VERMONT The TYLER N 2nd St TOURIST HOLLES Mrs H Anderson Near Fairgrounds E End Mrs N Brown High St Mrs A Monroe 300 A St B Nicholas Park St ALEXANDRIA S 2nd Elm St St TOURIST HOMES J T Holms 803 Gibbon St J A Barrett 724 Gibbon St WAXAHACHIE TOURIST HOMES Mrs A Nunn 4l3 E Main St 9805 TEMPLE SAN ANTONIO TOURIST HOMES Miss L Brown 1216 Dawson St Mrs M Lawson 245 Canton St R Banks 127 N Mesquite St Was and best hotel West of Chicago and East of Los Angeles Rooms 50c and 750 per day 4 per week up newest BRISTOL HOTELS Palace 210 Front St St

Page 48

IN PATRONIZING THESE PLACES HOMES TOURIST CARET C Harper 1109 8th St Mrs M Thomas 919 Polk Mrs Smith 504 Jackson Happyland Lake Horne e812 Mrs TAVERNS Sessons Tavern CHARLOTTESVILLE ROAD HOUSES TOURIST HOMES Workman 129 Preston Ave Virinia Inn W Main St Alexander s 413 Dyce St Goldendale Inn 1001 5th St TAVERNS King s 5th Monroe SHOPS Jokers North 4th St BARBER BEAUTY 5th Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Selma s 1002 5th St PARLORS SERVICE STATIONS United 1016 Fifth Apex 211 W Main St CHRISTIANBURG St NATURAL BRIDGE HOTELS Eureka TOURIST HOMES Mountain DANVILLE DUNBARTON RESTAURANTS Tavern Rest 2108 Jefferson No Box 1 322 TAVERNS Rosetta Inn 2116 Marshall Ave Ritz 636 25th St FARMVILLE Block Main BEAUTY PARLORS Rattrie s 300 Chestnut Ave St SERVICE STATIONS Clark smMain St SERVICE STATIONS Ridley s Orcutt Ave FREDERICKSBURG Ave 453 Brewer St Tatum s Inn Prince George 1751 Church St Huntersville Church St Wheatley Brambleton HARRISONBURG TOURIST Mrs Federal St HOMES Noble 723 PARLORS Jordan s 526 Brambleton Ave Vel Ber St Ann 1008 Church St BEAUTY Yearg en s 1685 St Church St TAVERNS Peoples Church Calvert Sts Russell s 835 Church St TAVERNS Rose Inn 331 N Main St SERVICE STATIONS LYNCI IBURG HOTELS AL ON S ESSO SERVICE Manhattan 1001 5th St 9th Chaple St Sunlight 1053 Church St LEXINGTON Petensburg GB S RESTAURANTS RESTAURANTS Frank s 145 E Wolf St Tucker St Douglas 716 Smith St TOURIST HOMES Mrs B Scott 207 5th St N 30th HOTELS McGuire 521 Princess Ann St Rappshsnock 520 Princess Ann St TOURIST HOMES Mrs Johnson 3 71 NORFOLK HOTELS TOURIST HOMES The Franklin 9 NEWS TOURIST HOMES Mrs W E Barron 758 25th St Mrs W R Cooks 2211 Marshall A Mrs W Herndon 753 26th St Mrs C Stephents 1909 Marshall A Mrs J H Taliaferro 2206 Marshall Ave Mrs Yancey 320 Holbrook St Mrs P M Logan 328 N Union St Mrs M K Page 434 Holbrook St Mrs S A Overbey Holbrook St TAVERNS Ried s 200 Cottage NEWPORT TOURIST HOMES TOURIST HOMES H Jackson Rt View CHURCH ST Cor 20th St St 46

Page 49

PLEASE MENTION THE GREEN SERVICE STATIONS Mac s 1 625 Church BOOK NIGHT CLUBS Spot Tavern Rt So Hill St No 58 E of PETERS BURG HOTELS The Walker ROANOKE House 116 South TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Johnson 116 South Ave NIGHT CLUBS Chatter Boy 443 Harrison St Dumas Henry RESTAURANTS Shingle Inn 17 E County St RESTAURANTS Cora s Waffle Shop Leigh 5th St PARLORS A Bit 619 Rest N 3rd GARAGES Maple Leaf High Cameron s Brook Ave W Clay St Harris 400 N Henry St at Henry TAPPAHANNOCK HOTELS MeGuire s Inanarsh Leigh St St WINCHESTER HOTELS New Evans Hotel Sharp St TOURIST HOMES Mrs Jos Willis N Main St Dunbar Tea SHOPS E St HOTELS Pannell s Inn 613 N Augusta St RESTAURANTS Johnson s 301 N Central Ave St STATIONS Preston St 2nd Preston Sts Wright s 412 W Place SERVICE BARBER N STAUNTON Archers Bid Clay Slaughters 514 N 2nd St TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Brice 14 W Clay St Y W C A 515 N 7th St BEAUTY N W Reynolds 34 Well Ave TAVERNS RICHLIOND HOTELS Miller s St TOURIST HOMES Tom s PHOEBUS Ye HOTELS Room 21 W Hart St ESTAURANTS Ruth s 128 E Cecil St ASHLAND WASHINGTON NOTICEl EVERETT B CHILE S CO ME RIE former manager of NEW YORK INN CABINS ASHL AND VA has severed her connections with the above inn But will serve her patrons and friends at TOURIST ORANGE HOTELS 3 miles GREEN GABLES south of Ashland Va U S Route 1 Clean Comfortable Cabins Chicken Dinners Sandwiches Cold Drinks _________ HOMES Mrs J Samuels 2214 Wedmore Ave Mrs Mrs J T Payne 2132 Oaks Ave G Sarnuels 3620 Hoyt Ave SEATTLE Golden Test H416 Seventh Ave So Coast 901 King St TACOMA TOURIST HOMES Mrs A Robinson 1906 Mrs J H Carter 1017 S Trafton St S I SOUTH HILL tr HOTELS Brown s Melvin Brown Pro Groom s John Groom Prop WALLA WALLA TOURIST HOMES Wayside Inn 1107 V7 Willow St

Page 50

PLEASE MENTION THE BOOK GREEN __ _ ___________________________________________ __ _ GARAGE South Side 716 8th Ave YAKIMA TOURIST HOMES H Deering SOS S 3rd St C A Branum 515 S lst Mrs T Jones 906 Naches Ave Mrs W H Jones 310 Third Ave L HARPERS HOTELS River View Lodge StOrer Colege HouseL Mrs Drew Hilltop WEST VIRGINIA VVELCH HOTELS BECKLEY Capheart J U Virginia Ave HOTELS New Pioneer 58 S Fayette St RESTAURANTS Home Service 37 FERRY St Prince SERVICE STATIONS Moss s 135 S Fayette St BLUE FIELD TOURIST HOMES Traveler s Inn 602 Raleigh St WHEELING HOTELS Verse 1042 Market TOURIST HOMES Mrs W Turner 114 12th St Mrs C Early 432 12th St Mrs R VVilliams 1007 Chapline St Mrs J T Hughes 4021 Goff St RESTAURANTS Singetlery 1043 CHARLESTON BEAUTY PARLORS Miss Miss Hall Chapline St Taylor Chapline St WISCONSIN FAIRMONT FOND HOTELS CobbS 226 Jackson St Ave TOURIST HOMES L Shadd 37 King St F Pemberton 239 Liberty St Massey s 837 7th Ave The Ross 911 8th Ave TOURIST HOMES E Washington 1657 8th Ave Mrs R J Lewis 1412 10th Ave Mrs C J Barnett 810 7th Ave Mrs Jones 1824 10th ave Mrs B Bowling 1517 8th Ave WYOMING CASPER TOURIST HOMES Mrs J E Edwards 347 N Grant H Keeling 331 N Grant RESTAURANTS 1 TAVERNS Monroe s LAC OSHKOSH Fair J Gross DU TOURIST HOMES Mrs E Pirtle 45 E 11th St Mrs V Williams 97 S Seymour St HUNTINGTON 8th St NIGHT CLUBS American Legion 1516 Main St Elks Club 1010 Chapline St HOTELS Ferguson TOURIST HOMES A Brown 1001 Washington St TAVERNS White Front 1007 Washington St Palace Cafe 910 Washington St HOTELS Southern 921 Chapline 839 7th Ave CHEYENNE 8th Ave The Alpha 1624 8th Ave 1616 HOTELS Barbeque Inn 622 W 20th St TOURIST HOMES Mrs I Randall 612 W 18th St Mrs M Herman 621 W 18th St CLUBS Appomattox Club 1659 8th Ave NlGHT BARBER SHOPS J Harriston 1615 8th Ave BEAUTY PARLORS Mrs Pack 1612 Artisen Ave ROCK SPRINGS TOURIST STATION Sterling Cor 12th St 3rd Ave SERVICE Mrs 48 HOMES R CollinS 905 6th St

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it at i

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LAND CRUISES IN AMERICA Summer 1941 Watch ment of by for the announce all expense tours deluxe buses to many hisw our torical and scenic places in America These tours are scheduled start in July and end after Labor Day to Your enquiries are invited these vacation regarding tours can as only a limited number be accommodated The Green Book Vacation Toure 988 St Nicholas Ave New York City N Ye Harvey J Young Director