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2022 Community Impact Report

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2022 Community Impact Report Working Together to End Hunger

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Our mission is to End Hunger in Our Community

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Driving to work during a recent storm my thoughts turned to our staff and volunteers in the field who were already busy setting up the day s food distributions across our community paying no attention to the harsh weather I was overcome with a peculiar mix of pride and regret proud of being able to work alongside such exceptionally dedicated and kind people yet regretful that I was not with them on the frontline experiencing the gratification that comes with being of service to others At the core what drives all of us is the awareness that the people we help are enduring much more than the discomfort of the elements Rather they are facing hunger and the accompanying emotions of fear shame and hopelessness The past year has been challenging Just as our community was breaking free from the dissonant grip of the Coronavirus the faltering economy impacted households everywhere Given the strain that people had already been experiencing the economic downturn was the final burden that caused many to finally seek help Fortunately the Redwood Empire Food Bank s staff and volunteers were there to help anyone who found themselves in need It is hard to imagine that for over 117 000 people across Sonoma County the dinner table has food from the Redwood Empire Food Bank And we want you to know that the only way the food reached those homes was with your generous support On behalf of everyone Board of Directors staff volunteers and most importantly the people we serve thank you for helping improve the lives of others With gratitude David Goodman Hunger Relief Worker CEO A member of

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55 700 000 Of food distributed 21 000 000 Meal equivalent What we do is simple 4 200 Opportunities to get food 117 273 People served

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10 378 Dedicated volunteers 13 251 Food fund donors How we do it is complicated 150 Human service organizations 82 Hard working staff

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Our Provision of Help The Redwood Empire Food Bank provides a strong nutritional safety net for anyone at risk of hunger offering fresh fruits and vegetables healthy protein and essential staple foods that help to create a sustainable community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive

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A look into our provision of help Offering Source 34 Government commodities 36 Purchased fresh produce 36 Produce 10 Protein 46 Other staples 8 Dairy 17 13 Donated food Purchased wholesale Value of healthy groceries provided In 2022 55 7 Million

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Our Programs and the People We Serve In 2022 the Redwood Empire Food Bank offered 4 200 opportunities to get food which equates to 350 direct service distributions each month We strive to end hunger in our community by having a robust and responsive food system in place for anyone in need To accomplish this we administer numerous programs under three strategic initiatives E very Child Every Day including multiple programs specifically aimed at ending childhood hunger by filling gaps in school based nutrition assistance S enior Security providing our elderly neighbors with the nutritional stability they need to lead healthy independent lives and N eighborhood Hunger Network including multiple programs providing staple groceries and fresh produce to anyone in need

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33 441 Children Served 4 Programs 5 100 000 Value of food provided 1 800 000 Meal equivalent provided Every Child Every Day The Redwood Empire Food Bank ensures a healthy start in life by filling the meal gap for at risk children Our Every Child Every Day initiative operates four robust programs specifically designed to end childhood hunger and fuel growing bodies and active minds Addressing the nutritional needs of children of all ages and targeting seasonal meal gaps we provide local families the bounty of fresh produce nourishing groceries and healthy meals that their children need to grow up healthy and strong and stay engaged in school activities

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Our Programs and the People We Serve Last week we received a flat of strawberries and my daughter went crazy for them We washed bagged and froze them so she can have strawberries every day with her yogurt or cereal

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13 606 Seniors Served 98 Distribution sites 635 Veterans served 6 400 000 Value of food provided 2 400 000 Meal equivalent provided Senior Security Many seniors in our community are living on low fixed incomes making unthinkable choices about how to stretch limited budgets often sacrificing food in order to pay for rising health care and housing costs Whether facing an unexpected hardship or living on a fixed income seniors in our community have monthly access to an abundance of quality groceries through Senior Basket The consistent availability of vitamin rich foods enables nutritional stability for some of the most vulnerable members of our community

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Our Programs and the People We Serve The increased prices of everything have really impacted my fixed budget so I had to start cutting back on food until I discovered the Redwood Empire Food Bank

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117 273 Individuals Served 1 204 New households per month 27 100 000 Value of food provided 10 100 000 Meal equivalent provided Neighborhood Hunger Network Through wide reaching hunger relief programs including vital partnerships with 150 local human service organizations the Redwood Empire Food Bank operates a vast emergency food system in Sonoma County and throughout our broader service region With such a robust network of support we are able to remove many of the barriers our neighbors face in seeking help and weave a strong nutritional safety net one that is large enough to support our entire community

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Our Programs and the People We Serve I found myself seeking food assistance because I could not make ends meet on my own I never thought I would find myself in a food line

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Our Dedicated Volunteers 10 378 Volunteers donate their time 126 Volunteers for every single staff member 110 060 909 4 079 348 71 609 Hours served Pounds of fresh produce bagged Hours put in by a single volunteer Senior Basket kits packed 6 Volunteer Opportunities Distribution site Warehouse Kitchen Food Connections Market Driver Special events Click to Volunteer

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Our Dedicated Volunteers I wanted to do something that was meaningful that really made a difference in people s lives I needed help before and was able to get back on my feet I want to help others do the same

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On the Spot Nutrition By the time people come to us for help many have been enduring persistent hunger over an extended period of time To address their acute food needs in April we launched the On the Spot Nutrition program Assembled by volunteers using fresh donated ingredients On the Spot allows us to feed the line at our food distributions with healthy snacks that offer a boost of nutrition and provide immediate relief for hungry participants 12 Volunteers per day 5 000 Meals provided each week 10 000 Meal goal per week for 2023

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Our Dedicated Volunteers I have worked with a lovely cross section of kind hearted motivated people I always walk away with a combined feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment

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Our Partners in Hunger Relief Our donors and supporters are a vital part of our mission Together we improve the nutritional security of vulnerable households in our community and restore a greater sense of stability and relief 12 552 150 Individual monetary donors Human service organizations 597 16 Corporate foundation and organization donors Dynamic board members to push forward our mission 102 Farms food manufacturers and suppliers provided enough food for 4 013 171 meals While individuals donated enough food for 149 670 meals

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Our Partners in Hunger Relief The Redwood Empire Food Bank has supported us as the number of families coming for help has increased We are grateful for the quality of healthy food provided

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By the Numbers Revenue Individual donations 12 726 000 Government contracts other Grants foundation support 1 151 000 revenue 2 686 000 Corporate contributions 1 562 000 Donated food 33 303 000 Expenses Breakdown Hunger relief programs 94 General operating expenses Total Revenue 51 4 M 6 Funding Breakdown 15 15 70 Government contracts other revenue Corporations foundations Individual donations For every dollar received we are able to provide 3 worth of food Click to Give

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We strive to provide the highest quantity the best quality and the greatest variety of food to anyone in need of help while remaining nimble efficient and effective

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