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Intero Advisory Certified Licensed Partner Information Package

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PART ONE - IntroductionFrom Our Founder - Colleen McKenna 5Vision 6 PART TWO - PartnersA Global Community of Licensed Partners 7Our Licensed Partners Believe in Intero’s Philosophy 7Our Licensed Partners Demonstrate Credibility 7More than 90% of our business comes from our referral network 8Do You Qualify? 8PART THREE - OpportunityThe Opportunity is Vast 9Intero Licensed Partner Benefits 9 PART FOUR – Your New BusinessWhat will you offer? 11It’s Business, Not Social™ method 11It’s Business, Not Social™ approach 11Building Your Business 12Adding New Business 13PART FIVE – Investment US Domestic Licenses 14Country Licenses | Pilot | USD 14North America (excluding the U.S.) 14South America 14Europe 14Middle East 15Africa 15Asia-Pacific Region 15PART SIX - Income Revenue and Earning Opportunities 16Revenue Blueprint- Solopreneur 17Revenue Blueprint-Company (2 Certified Employees) 18 Revenue Blueprint-Company (10 Certified Employees) 19 Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 2

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PART SEVEN - Join UsThe Selection Process 20Step 1 | Discover 20Step 2 | Apply 20Timeline and Key Dates 20Step 3 | Selection 20 PART EIGHT - Up and RunningThe Onboarding Process 21Step 1 | Learn 21Training | Phase 1 | Delivered through Zoom 21Eight 90-minute training workshops 21 Three 75-minute LinkedIn Sales Navigator training workshops delivered via Zoom 21Step 2 | Gaining Traction 22Step 3 | Launch 22Timeline and key dates 22 PART NINE – Working TogetherOngoing Support for Licensed Partners 23Aligning Together Creates Opportunity 23It’s About You 24  Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 3

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PART ONE - IntroductionWelcomeWould you like to be part of the leading global community that equips people to advance theirclients’ career and business initiatives?Would you like to be a core member of a fast-growing international network of LicensedPartners and have sole responsibility for your own geographical area?Would you like to add additional revenue streams from your current clients and significantlyincrease your client base?Would you like to work on a flexible basis to suit your current situation and aspirations?If so, welcome to Intero Advisory!According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are a record number of new businesses launchingin 2020. As of September 2020, applications for employer identification numbers have passed3.2 million compared with 2.7 million at the same point in 2019. Gig-economy workers andindependent contractors are included.The marketplace is immense for our It’s Business, Not Social™ method, with training,coaching and practical action plans that businesses and individuals can implementimmediately for personal and business success. We work with our clients and provide ongoinghands-on support through our network of local Licensed Partners. We are looking for additional Partners worldwide to work with us to meet growing demand. Ifyou would like to secure a geographical area with exclusive delivery rights, then this could bean ideal opportunity for you.   Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 4

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From Our Founder - Colleen McKennaNine years ago, I created the company I wanted to work for. And we are still a woman-ownedfamily business today.Our core team began with my three daughters, son-in-law, a former client, a former colleague,a neighbor, and friends of the family! Each person still contributes to our success, is digitallysavvy, taps into their strengths, and leads with integrity and empathy. No slackers and no freepasses! Excellence remains the benchmark every step of the way.Staying true to our vision, philosophy, and process are the reasons more than 90% of our newclients come from referrals. Clients know they can count on us to provide straightforward,practical, and personalized insight.To meet the growth in demand, we need Partners who want to work with us, be part of oursuccess, and build their own piece of Intero Advisory. We need those who share our passion,philosophy, and drive. It’s an opportunity to grow your business in your area of expertise.Working as part of Intero Advisory, you will build your business by helping your clients toachieve their career and business objectives. Our focus will be on supporting you.If you believe that you and your clients can benefit from the expertise, insight, network, andthe possibilities that our best practices and process offer, then we want to hear from you.   Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 5

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Vision Our vision is bold and creates opportunity for all. 2020 uprooted our lives personally and professionally. Moving forward demands a new way ofthinking and a closer look at work and life. Career trajectories changed in a day. We seeleaders, managers, directors, front-line workers, and more juggle their roles as parents, carepartners, and educators.We see that the days of climbing the corporate ladder may not work for all the roles weshoulder.This is why we are building our global community. We want to create opportunities so thatpeople can pursue their purpose and provide for themselves and their families.If you imagine a different professional future for yourself, and your clients, join us.  Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 6

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PART TWO - PartnersA Global Community of Licensed PartnersOur Licensed Partners:● Are committed to delivering greater results for their clients and building their own businessusing a proven process which shows consistent and sustained results.● Are passionate about their work and the opportunity to join us as we build strongerbusinesses and achieve better results.● Come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise including sales, marketing, recruiting,talent acquisition, executive coaching, and learning and development. Licensed Partnerswill increase their business opportunities by augmenting their current client offeringand/or launching their business with our It’s Business, Not Social™ method.● Help their clients advance their career and business objectives through personal brandingand strategic networking. We seek high-performing contributors whose vision aligns withours and who want to join a team of the leading trainers and coaches worldwide.Our Licensed Partners Believe in Intero’s PhilosophyTo us, LinkedIn is a business tool, not social media. Our approach is specific and personal witha touch of technology. The status quo for our clients is not an option.Our philosophy and approach differentiates us and is what people remember about us. It’swhy CEOs and business owners hire us. It’s what they also believe and understand. We are interested in working with Partners who recognize the benefit of having a team behindthem, a framework for differentiation, and a philosophy that attracts profitable business. Our Licensed Partners Demonstrate CredibilityAs an Intero Licensed Partner, you will be able to demonstrate expertise, interest, andcommitment to LinkedIn as a business tool, not social media. You will also bring credibility anddeliver beyond LinkedIn.Typically, our Partners will have:• A natural curiosity and desire to inspire, educate, and move people to action• A strong grounding of sales and client development experience Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 7

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• A high level of proficiency in presenting and teaching content online• An advanced aptitude for marketing, sales, and/or recruiting• A comfort level in training on a platform that is always changing• A familiarity with how LinkedIn weaves into a sales/marketing process• Good knowledge and hands-on experience with a range of digital tools, such as:▪ G-suite (Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail)▪ CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive)▪ Airtable, Zoom Meetings and webinars, Calendar scheduling toolsMore than 90% of our business comes from ourreferral network. Daily, we receive new inquiries through our website, email, and LinkedIn. We’ll help you tobuild a similar referral network when you add the It’s Business, Not Social™ method to yourbusiness.Can you say “yes” to the following?•Your network includes decision makers and buyers•People rely on you for digital strategy and tactics• You deliver sales-oriented or professional development training• You do not rely solely on automated tools• You have a demonstrated referral networkDo You Qualify?Here are the key qualities that we are looking for:● A strong understanding of building personal brands, networks, and LinkedIn● An established business consulting practice with an existing client base, have beenoperational for at least one year, or have a business plan for a new business● A willingness to be in permanent beta mode, gain new expertise, take action, and applythe It’s Business, Not Social™ method to YOUR business● A drive to help advance your clients’ business and career initiativesIf your answer is yes, let’s talk. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 8

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 PART THREE - Opportunity The Opportunity is Vast LinkedIn is global and so are we. We are building a team of Intero Advisory Licensed Partnersthroughout the world. Where there is business, there is opportunity.Intero Licensed Partner BenefitsWe’re offering a ready-made business with high growth potential.Since 2011, Intero has coached and trained people throughout the United States, Canada, U.K.,and Spain. We have connections throughout the world and hear from so many that they needwhat we offer. In 2020, this has never been more true and we’re confident this will continue.Our insight and proven process is well documented and trusted by clients. We believe thatif you are someone who currently leads a similar initiative within your business, or you are anindependent business builder (trainer, coach, recruiter, consultant), you will increase yourbusiness, and, more importantly, generate better results for your clients.1. Our It’s Business, Not Social™ method provides you with the tools and process to helpyou advance your clients’ career and business initiatives. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 9

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2. We are driven by building relationships that benefit everyone. You become a vital part ofour community. That means you will meet others who are also building their businesses.These may be people who have different core strengths and offerings. We see this as a wayto create even more opportunities for everyone in the community.3. You will also receive continued support and learning. This includes:• An InteroHQ coach using Coach Accountable for support and accountability• Bi-weekly group coaching sessions with Colleen McKenna, Intero Advisory’s Founder• A secure Licensed Partner version of in:side, our online learning membership site.4. To ensure we can coach you to your business potential, we will provide you with CRMaccess and the Intero Operations Manual so you know the protocol, detailed bestpractices, and how to build a robust business development funnel for continued success.5. While all of our Licensed Partners will be responsible for prospecting and closing their ownbusiness, we are confident that our referral and lead generation process will provideyou with additional business opportunities. We’re also confident that when you’reprospecting, you’ll create far better leads with people you know or can reach because ofyour network. People will want to talk with you because they quickly realize they haven’tfigured out what you know.6. We will showcase you on our website and include a link directly to your site. If you needto refresh or build a website, we can provide you with an introduction to our preferred webdevelopment partner, Prositely.7. You will join our LinkedIn company page.8. You will add your Intero Licensed Partner certification badge to your website andLinkedIn profile.9. You will receive an updated LinkedIn profile that tells your story, highlights yourbusiness, and introduces you as part of Intero’s global community. Based on LinkedIn’sstatistics, more than 46% of B2B traffic that lands on your website originates in LinkedIn.We want to drive more traffic to your website by building an optimized LinkedIn profile. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 10

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PART FOUR – Your New BusinessWhat will you offer?As a Licensed Partner, we recognize your first priority will be to help your clients achieve theirpriorities and objectives. We want to keep your focus on your clients while we help you provideeven greater value.We want to tap into your strengths and recognize that it often takes a community to deliver all theservices your clients may need. Our team at Intero Advisory is made up of specialists andgeneralists for a reason. We want the best people delivering in-depth expertise to clients.It’s Business, Not Social™ methodAll Intero Advisory Licensed Partners will be certified to coach and train the It’s Business, NotSocial™ method on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis, virtually and in-person.The It’s Business, Not Social™ method is built on the following principles:•Your personal brand is critical and needs to inform, educate, and create approachability andcredibility• Your network needs to be strategic based on your desired outcomes and must be nurturedand expanded continually• How you engage online needs to further demonstrate your expertise and genuine interestin othersIt’s Business, Not Social™ approachPhase One of the Intero process includes an understanding of your clients’ initiatives anddesired outcomes, an evaluation/assessment of their current position, and what it will take forthem to reach their desired results.Once you have crafted your It’s Business, Not Social™ method client recommendation and it’sbeen accepted, you and your clients move to Phase Two.In Phase Two, you coach, train and/or deliver the appropriate services within the It’s Business,Not Social™ method. This may include some or all of the following: • Virtual group training: It’s Business, Not Social™ method workshop• 1:1 virtual coaching Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 11

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•LinkedIn strategy•Profile development• Content and marketing services• LinkedIn Top of the Funnel Lead Generation managementIf you aren’t able to deliver all of the services, no worries. You can rely on us to help you fulfill theservices that fall outside of your area of expertise and you will still receive compensation for theseservices.In Phase Three, with ongoing client feedback, proactive check-ins on metrics, and using in:side,you will continue to engage with clients. You will see that your clients will continue to work withyou over time and often more than once. There will be a number of ways to offer continuedinsight and value to your clients.We weave these principles together into a plan for achieving results on LinkedIn, the world’slargest professional network. It’s common to further incorporate these elements into yourwebsite, membership profiles, and other platforms as needed.Within our phased approach, there are many components and ways to wow your clients. Mostoften, our clients join our ever-expanding center of influence community. We’re confident you’llexperience this as well. Your clients will become your referral sources and best advocates.If you’re looking to amp up your business and have expertise that can be further leveraged withour framework, brand, and infrastructure, we’d like to talk with you.Building Your BusinessWhether you currently have a group of clients, a strategic network, or a community that relies on youfor your expertise, we want you to expand your client base.You will be working with clients of all sizes and shapes across a wide range of industries. Fromsolopreneurs to enterprise businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, and higher education, your newoffering provides clients with skill-based learning that will set them apart from their worthy rivals.Our ideal clients are those where we work directly with the CEO or leadership team and guidethem as they expand their online presence and reach.For enterprise-sized companies, we work across departments and business units including sales,learning and development, marketing, communications, recruiting, and outplacement services. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 12

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These sales cycles tend to be longer and more complex so we recommend a combination of SMBand enterprise companies.Adding New BusinessWe work closely with you and show you how to maximize your personal brand and network todeepen your business relationships and turn your weak ties into business opportunities. Yoursuccess directly correlates to your personal brand and network.We are LinkedIn practitioners. We use LinkedIn to grow our business and know you will increaseyour business opportunities and sales funnel using our It’s Business, Not Social™ method.You will learn the nuances of our phased approach and specific details during the certificationprocess. You will then apply that process for your own lead generation, or, if you prefer, add-onour LinkedIn Top of the Funnel Lead Generation services and have us take care of it for you.You decide. Either way, your sales funnel needs to be robust.As we mentioned in the Benefits section, you will have access to an Intero coach, in:side, InteroAdvisory Founder Colleen McKenna in online group coaching, templates, worksheets, messaging,and more.The value and beauty of our process is that regardless of your client’s business objectives, there isa lasting benefit to all engagements: a stronger online presence, a strategic network of buyers,employers, or candidates, and increased visibility with ongoing engagement.  Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 13

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PART FIVE – InvestmentUS Domestic Licenses | Pilot | USD We expect our Certified Licensed Partner community to work together to continue to bethe leader in equipping people to advance their clients’ career and business initiatives. Weuse a lead registration system and make every effort to ensure there is no competitionbetween Licensed Partners. The license costs are designed to create the most significantearning potential for each Licensed Partner no matter the size or location of the business. Annual Solopreneur License $12,500 Annual Company License $24,000 (includes 2 certifications)Additional Annual Certifications $3,500 per employeeCountry Licenses | Pilot | USDThroughout the world, there is an opportunity to license the It’s Business, Not Social™ method.The geographic territories listed below were created based on available LinkedIn user data andmarket analytics.North America (excluding the U.S.) Eastern Canada $31,500 Western Canada $31,500Mexico $40,050South AmericaArgentina $22,250Brazil $57,850Chile $22,250Columbia $22,250EuropeUnited Kingdom $44,500France $40,050Germany/Austria/Switzerland $40,050Italy $35,600Netherlands $31,150Spain/Portugal $40,050 Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 14

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Middle EastTurkey $22,250AfricaSouth Africa $17,800Asia-Pacific RegionAustralia $53,400China $75,650India $62,300Indonesia $44,500Japan $17,800South Korea $17,800Some regions are already pending. Check to see if your region is still available by clickinghere! Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 15

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PART SIX - IncomeRevenue and Earning OpportunityWhile we cannot guarantee your earnings, we know there is more attention and interest than everin the skills we teach. While business travel, events, and networking are curtailed, there is agreater reliance on getting to know people online.LinkedIn with 700 million+ members has never been more active, and whether it’s for businessdevelopment, job search, branding, or posting, people are investing more time on the platform.People also recognize they have not invested properly in their brands, network, and LinkedIn’splatform, and they don’t feel confident or strategic. We help them master these shortcomings andemerge focused, confident, and prepared.With LinkedIn recognized as the preferred B2B channel and taking advantage of our processesand expertise, we’d expect you to generate $100,000 in revenue in year one with uncappedearning potential. We base this forecast on our own projections as well as actual business in2020.We are happy to share potential revenue streams and forecasting. We don’t like to guess atrevenue and we know you need to see the opportunity. It is dependent on your drive, client base,and time commitment.We are seeking Licensed Partners who are driven to build a sustainable business and areexcited by the opportunity we offer.We recognize that your network may and probably does extend beyond your geography. Ourplan is to create collaboration not competition and bridges not boundaries. To that end, we willalways place your clients at the center, enabling you to serve all their needs or work alongsideanother Intero Advisory Licensed Partner to implement locally with a 80/20 revenue split.Another option is to purchase multiple regions that reflect your professional network andpotential business opportunities.The licensing fee is available for individuals, teams, and companies. The annual license feerequires you to reach agreed-upon performance expectations. If a company is located in yourregion and they have opted to license the It’s Business, Not Social™ method, there will be anopportunity for you to work with that company and receive compensation. This is at the discretionof Intero and the company. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 16

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Revenue Blueprint - Solopreneur We have structured our license fee and service offerings to maximize what our LicensedPartners can earn.Below is the breakdown of how our Licensed Partners can generate over $100,000 in revenuefor the first year as a solopreneur. The numbers shown below are generated from ourmodeling tool and will be available to all Licensed Partners. Together, we will use this tool tocreate your business plan. ● This blueprint assumes a solopreneur who is delivering all training and coaching andusing Intero Advisory Central to deliver all additional services.● This blueprint is based on conservative projections using Intero Advisory’s businessmodeling tool.● Blueprint will change based on the total number of licenses needed by the business.● Blueprint numbers are subject to change. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 17 Service offeringDescriptionDollarsRevenue -Services Delivered byLicensed PartnerTraining and coaching$104,750.00Revenue Share - ServicesDelivered Centrally forLicensed Partner ClientsProfile development, leadgeneration, recruiting, in:sidememberships, marketing support$24,740.00Pilot License FeeSingle license and certification$12,500.00Est. Year 1 RevenueAll revenues less pilot license fee$116,990.00

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Revenue Blueprint - Company(2 Certified Employees)You can add to your team and grow your business to align with your aspirations, capacity,income goals, and lifestyle. We encourage this model. We found this is the best way to buildour business. Each person that you add to your team will go through our certification processand will receive the resources they need to be successful.We have structured our license fee and service offerings to maximize what our LicensedPartners can earn.Below is the breakdown of how our Licensed Partners can generate over $175,000,000 inrevenue for the first year. The numbers shown below are generated from our modeling tooland will be available to all Licensed Partners. Together, we will use this tool to create yourbusiness plan. ● This blueprint assumes (2) Intero Advisory Certified Licensed employees whoare delivering all training and coaching and using Intero Advisory Central todeliver all additional services.● This blueprint is based on conservative projections using Intero Advisory’sbusiness modeling tool.● The Revenue Blueprint will change based on the total number of licensesneeded by the business.● Blueprint numbers are subject to change. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 18 Service offeringDescriptionDollarsRevenue -Services Delivered byLicensed PartnerTraining and coaching$169,600.00Revenue Share - ServicesDelivered Centrally forLicensed Partner ClientsProfile development, leadgeneration, recruiting, in:sidememberships, marketing support$44,117.50Pilot License FeeSingle license and 2 certifications$24,000.00Est. Year 1 RevenueAll revenues less pilot license fee$189,717.50

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Revenue Blueprint - Company(10 Certified Employees)We have structured our license fee and service offerings to maximize what our LicensedPartners can earn.Below is the breakdown of how our Licensed Partners can generate over $990,000,000 inrevenue for the first year. The numbers shown below are generated from our modeling tooland will be available to all Licensed Partners. Together, we will use this tool to create yourbusiness plan. ● This blueprint assumes (10) Intero Advisory Certified Licensed Employees whoare delivering all training and coaching and delivering all additional services,except in:side.● This blueprint is based on conservative projections using Intero Advisory’sbusiness modeling tool.● Blueprint will change based on the total number of licenses needed by thebusiness.● Blueprint numbers are subject to change. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 19 Service offeringDescriptionDollarsRevenue -Services Delivered byLicensed PartnerTraining, coaching, profiledevelopment, lead generation,recruiting, and marketing support$992,650.00Revenue Share - ServicesDelivered Centrally forLicensed Partner Clientsin:side memberships$53,060.00Pilot License FeeSingle license and 10 certifications$52,000.00Est. Year 1 RevenueAll revenues less pilot license fee$993,710.00

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PART SEVEN – Join UsThe Selection Process Step 1 | DiscoverReview this information package and prepare your questions.Set up a 45-minute call to talk with us. We want to get to know you and learn more about you andyour current or new business.Step 2 | ApplyComplete an application. Provide details about your work experience and career focus.Provide a sample training video demonstrating your presentation skills.Step 3 | Selection  Confirmation of Partner Licensees for training Review, sign and return Agreement with payment Receive full details for onboarding process Register for all training sessions  Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 20

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PART EIGHT – Up and RunningThe Onboarding ProcessStep 1 | LearnYou’ll receive virtual hands-on live training. All sessions are recorded for your future reference,study, and application.Your training gives you the insight you need to effectively and expertly inform, educate, andencourage your clients about how to use LinkedIn for branding, business development, andrecruiting. We’ve outlined the training phase to ensure you are prepared, confident, and ready toadd tangible value to your clients.Talk to us about joining our next onboarding group.Training | Phase 1 | Delivered through ZoomEight 90-minute training workshops Day 1 Mindset Personal Branding Credibility to Authority Day 2 Networking + NetworksContent + Sharing Digital Strategy Day 3 Executive Endorsement + Employee AdvocacyAdvertising + Marketing Introduction Three 75-minute LinkedIn Sales Navigator training workshopsDay 4 Sales preferences, Set up + Home Page Home page + SearchIntero lead generation process (light version) You also receive in:side, Intero’s learning site AND bi-weekly online group coaching sessionsspecifically for our Licensed Partners. Your resources, templates, worksheets, decks, and InteroOperations Manual will be managed through Coach Accountable for transparency andongoing accountability. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 21

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Step 2 | Gaining TractionDemonstrate your comprehension and proficiency of LinkedIn and the course material bycompleting a multiple choice test. Coach at least six individuals and have them evaluate your coaching skills using Intero’s evaluationsystem. Working with Intero’s training team, you will present a 20-, 60-, and 120-minute LinkedIntraining for evaluation.Your training gives you the insight you need to effectively and expertly inform, educate, andencourage your clients on how to gain greater online credibility and use LinkedIn for branding,business development, and recruiting. Step 3 | LaunchWe offer ongoing marketing development and support, planning, business development trainingand practical help so that you can grow your business. We want you to get your business up andrunning quickly!It’s important to us that you grow your business thoughtfully and successfully. We expect youwant to do the same. On your initial 1:1 coaching session and then through bi-weekly groupcoaching sessions, we will provide insight and strategies on how you can maximize your newofferings and the Intero community.Timeline and Key Dates1:1 Business development support with Intero OngoingOnline group coaching OngoingIntero support Ongoing Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 22

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PART NINE – Working TogetherOngoing Support for Licensed PartnersYes, we will provide ongoing support, training, and encouragement. We’re building a communityof Licensed Partners and we want every one of our Licensed Partners to experience success andbuild stronger relationships with their clients.Every Licensed Partner will benefit from our bi-weekly online group coaching sessions where wewill share tips, strategies, encourage accountability, and collaborate.We are always adding value for our clients by thinking ahead, understanding trends, and gettingcreative. We bring this insight to you.Intero Advisory can also provide additional support including marketing, content, and webdevelopment. These services are provided at an additional cost. However, the cost will be apreferred rate for our Licensed Partners and delivered by our already established LicensedPartners and team.If you need additional support, ask and we’ll do our best to secure or introduce you to experts. Wehave built strategic networks and relationships to create introductions.Aligning Together Creates OpportunityWhen LinkedIn launched in 2004, they had a big plan and vision for connecting the world’sprofessionals. Their vision from the beginning has centered around economic opportunity.Their vision is:“To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.”What an aspirational vision. There is no doubt they are on their way.  Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 23

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It’s About YouHow we work needs to work alongside all the roles we shoulder and embrace.You can now more easily find and apply for a job down the street, across town, in anotherstate or on another continent.You can now more easily find and send a message to a CEO, leader, author, speaker, director,manager, recruiter, or anyone else that you might want to connect with in minutes.You now have the power to push past traditional boundaries and showcase your talent,strengths, experiences, perspective, and vision to others who could benefit from knowing you.You have the opportunity to advance your career and business initiatives by bringing your realself to the world’s largest professional network.You, CEO, emerging professional, and everyone in your organization are the face of yourcompany by positioning yourself as an ambassador. This is how careers and businessinitiatives are advanced.It’s about you. Everything on these pages is about what you can do to best position yourself tocreate the future that aligns with your values and beliefs. Opportunity presents itself whenyou take action.You, like us, believe that when you authentically develop your influence through your personalbrand and network, you elevate your business and further your career.Isn’t it time you claimed your economic opportunity?This opportunity is about you. Your opportunity to propel your career and business forwardby managing what is in your control.Our It’s Business, Not Social™ method can help you propel your business and career to newheights. Together, we can advance your clients’ career and business initiatives by building onour Our It’s Business, Not Social™ method and developing the lead global community ofpeople committed to advancing their clients’ business and career initiatives.Let’s get started.To arrange a call please find a convenient time to talk with Jim Cusick. Intero Advisory |  | Confidential 2021 24