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Drink Ideas

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Drink Ideas Aperitif Cocktails Mimosa Triple Sec fresh orange juice chilled sparkling wine 8 Gimlet Bombay sweetened lime juice 9 Tom Collins Bombay Sapphire fresh lemon juice simple syrup and club soda 10 The Godfather Glenlivet and Amaretto liqueur 10 57 T Bird Absolut Midori Amaretto peach pucker and orange juice 10 Sake Mixed Drinks Sake drop Martini Hana lychee sake shaken with squeezed lemon with a splash of lemonade sugar on the rim 9 Sake Cosmo Hana lychee sake cranberry juice and lime juice 9 Pineapple Infusion Absolut citron Hana lychee sake pineapple juice orange juice lemon juice and a splash of grenadine served in a fresh pineapple 16

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Cocktail Ideas Basil Smash 2 Cointreau shaken with Bacardi superior rum along with lime juice fresh basil and lime wedges 12 Singapore Sling Grand Marnier Bombay Sapphire brandy pineapple juice fresh lime juice Benedictine herbal liqueur with a splash of Grenadine and a dash of bitters on the rocks 13 Honey Deuce Grey Goose fresh squeezed lemonade with Chambord raspberry liqueur are shaken then poured over crushed ice garnished with fresh lemon 11 Goldenrod Cocktail Grey Goose la poire St Germaine Elder ower shaken with lemon juice topped with sparkling champagne and an edible ower for garnish 11 Versailles Old Fashion Real sugar a dash of bitters a maraschino cherry and an orange wheel are muddled together with Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon nished with a splash of sparkling water on the rocks 11 Tennessee Swing Larceny Very Special Small Batch Bourbon Agave Nectar fresh lemon juice and pineapple juice 10 Madame Alexander Absolut citron Grand Marnier and Sauvignon Blanc 11

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Martini Ideas Dirty Goose Grey Goose and a splash of olive brine garnished with two blue cheese olives 11 Peach Berry Rose Ciroc raspberry Peachtree schnapps pink Moscato 11 Peach On The Beach Ciroc peach Grand Marnier Peachtree Schnapps orange juice grenadine and ginger 11 Redberry Cosmo Ciroc red berry cranberry juice lime juice and Cointreau 11 Pear tini Grey Goose la poire Disaronno shaken with Agave Nectar and lemon juice garnished with a slice of pear 12 Spatini Grey Goose le citron cucumber fresh mint Agave Nectar and lemon juice 12 Absolut Dream Absolut mandarin sweet sour Chambord 10 Blue Razzberry Kamikaze Absolut raspberry Blue Curacao and a splash of lime juice 10 Summer Rain Martini Ketel One fresh lime juice a splash of Dry Vermouth with sugar rim and lime 11

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Raspberry Wisp Martini Grey Goose le citron with Chambord fresh lemon juice and Agave Nectar garnished with fresh raspberries 12 Apple Crisp Martini Grey Goose L Orange hinted with Agave Nectar fresh lemon juice sour apple pucker cinnamon sugar and apple slice 12 Purple Haze Cocktail Bombay Sapphire Chambord with pineapple juice squeezed lemon 11 D usse Sidecar A perfect combination of Cointreau D usse Cognac and fresh lemon all shaken together Served up with a sugared glass rim 12 Ward XII Woodford Reserve bourbon alone with fresh lemon juice Agave Nectar and a dash of Grenadine 11 Liquid Desserts Chocolate Martini Ciroc French vanilla Godiva white chocolate dark Creme De Cacao 12 Nutty Italian Co ee Frangelico Baileys Irish cream fresh co ee garnished with whipped cream and grounded peanuts 10 Pineapple Cake Upside Down Ciroc pineapple Smirno whipped cream pineapple juice and Grenadine 12

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Imported Organic Teas Dragon Well Green Tea 4 Jasmine Pearl Green tea Jasmine ower 4 Japanese Sencha Green Tea 3 Tie Kwan Yin Oolong Tea 5 Yunan Pu Erh Black Tea 5 Lychee Black Tea Black Tea 4 Japanese Apple Tea Flavored 4 Kyoto Milky Tea Flavored 4 French Lavender Tea Ca eine Free 4 Herbal Menthol Tea Ca eine Free 3 Rose Buds Flower Tea Ca eine Free 3 So Drinks H O Ramune Japanese Marble Soda Original Orange or Strawberry 5 Evian Natural Water France 750 mL 5