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The Dressing up Shop Fancy Dress Hire Sales

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The Dressing Up Shop More items being added all the time if you don t see what you want here give us a call The Dressing Up Shop 01252313460 2

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The Dressing Up Shop Table of Contents Product Code Page Alice in Wonderland AIW 4 The Mad Hatter TMH 4 King of Hearts KOH 5 Queen Of Hearts QOH 5 Flapper Girl FG 6 Gangster G 6 Charleston 41 7 Guitar God 40 7 60 s Pop Star SM 8 Sixties Chick SW 8 Fifties Rockabilly LFR 9 Fifties Teddy Boy FTB 9 Ladies Seventies LS 10 Mens Seventies MS 10 Historical Costumes William Wallace HCWW 11 Prince or Pirate PORP 11 Viking Warrior VW 12 Cavalry Officer CO 12 Fighter Pilot 43 13 Adventurer 42 13 Ladies Wartime Era 45 14 Gangster Accessories 39 15 3

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The Dressing Up Shop Alice in Wonderland Price 35 The quintessential literary icon Great for Fairy Tale parties complete with all accessories you ll be jumping in to Wonderland in no time Part of our great range of short Princesses and Ballgown Length Fairy Tale costumes all that s left to find is the Prince The Villain The Mad Hatter Price 35 Wacky whimsical The famed Hatter makes for a great costume for so many party themes Movies Fairy Tales more We have two styles available various sizes 4

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The Dressing Up Shop King of Hearts Price 35 All Hail The King of Hearts This delightful costume is part of our range of Men s Fairy Tale Mythical characters including Princes Villains Creatures Wizards Available in sizes 38 46 Queen Of Hearts Price 35 Her Royal Highness the one only Just as if not more popular than her angelic foe this Regal choice is great if you have a dark side or just look good in red With different versions available from sizes 814 and other villainous story characters we can bring a bit of darkness to your costume choice 5

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The Dressing Up Shop Flapper Girl Price 35 Fun Glamorous oh so vintage From flirty Flappers to Charleston dresses we will have you at your roaring 20 s best With all accessories included what are you waiting for pop open the Champagne Sizes 10 18 Gangster Price 35 Dapper yet deadly Get your Capone on in one of our suave Pinstripe Suits complete with accessories including the all important Fedora You ll be at your soiree looking for a piece of the action Sizes 38 48 6

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The Dressing Up Shop Charleston Price 35 A bold glamorous look for a Great Gatsby 1920 s party part of our ever expanding Gangster era range Guitar God Price 35 The Guitar King This is a very popular costume great for Icon parties or releasing your inner Rock God 7

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The Dressing Up Shop 60 s Pop Star Price 35 Suit up for the swinging Sixties Whether you re a rock or roller you ll stand out in our great range of Suits Woodstock hippies for guys complete with accessories including the all important wig Available in sizes 34 46 Sixties Chick Price 35 Whether you re a Hippy gal or a Carnaby street pop art queen we have the paisley party girl for your retro shindig From Black White shift dresses to Multi coloured A Line tops Bell Bottoms you ll rock With fab wigs and even more fab footwear Sizes 8 20 available 8

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The Dressing Up Shop Fifties Rockabilly Price 35 Whether you re a Soda pop girl or a Jive Bunny get in the swing with our fab ladies 50 s range With Dresses Tailored Blouses Poodle skirts we ll have you bopping in no time Comes complete with accessories including the all important petticoat Fifties Teddy Boy Price 35 Be a 50 s dreamboat in one of our fantabulous Teddy Boy costumes Available in many colours with the all important quiff you ll be boppin with your best gal at the dance Sizes 40 48 We also have Leather Greaser Jackets for the bad boys 9

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The Dressing Up Shop Ladies Seventies Price 35 From Disco Chic to Hippy Chick we have the sequined 70 s down With Dresses Tops Flares Jumpsuits more we can certainly get you re party pumping Complete with Wigs Jewellery Platforms of course available in sizes 8 18 Mens Seventies Price 35 Love God Disco King or laid back Hippy the decade of decadence will get you in the groove From Sparkly suits to matching Shirts Flares with glorious Hair and of course fab Footwear Sizes 38 48 10

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80'S Pop Stars

The word is Retro! Dial back the decades with our awesome range of 80's Costumes

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The Dressing Up Shop Historical Costumes William Wallace Price 35 A wonderful representation of the iconic Braveheart Costume Designed and made in house we are particularly proud of this one Our Range of historical themed Warrior outfits includes Romans Vikings Japanese and Greek Costumes let battle commence Prince or Pirate Price 35 Pirate Rogue or Dashing Prince our Georgian inspired Costumes are simply dandy With reversible waistcoats and a choice of several colours we can make history come alive Made in house these costumes simply must be tried on 11

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Ballgown Beauties

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Regency & Tudor/Elizabethan Costumes

Just a couple of examples of fine costumes for these opulent historical era's

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The Dressing Up Shop Viking Warrior Price 35 Let the pillaging commence One of several Barbarian style costumes we have shields swords at the ready Cavalry Officer Price 35 Take on the Yankees in this dramatic costume complete with riding boots 12

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Mexican/Spanish Costumes 

Just a small sample of what we can offer in our Around the World range 

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The Dressing Up Shop Fighter Pilot Price 35 Take flight in this fun iconic costume Great for an 80 s party of Film theme Adventurer Price 35 Ready for action This popular costume gives any movie party the hero it deserves One of many Film inspired costumes 13

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Twenties Gangster
An increasingly popular choice for the dapper gent! An absolute blinder. A tweed accent suit with brown overcoat and flat cap, with collarless or wing tip shirt for the ultimate vintage look.

Hire £35

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The Dressing Up Shop Ladies Wartime Era Price 35 A wonderful example of our Vintage range ideal for Goodwood Blitz nights or War on the line events 14

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Shine like a star with these Golden Art Deco Hollywood style Gowns!

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The Dressing Up Shop Flapper 1920 s Gangster 1920 s Flapper Items include Costumes in various size Wigs Gloves Feather Boa s Sequin Headbands Diamante Headbands Cigarette Holders Pearl Beads Gangster Items include Hat s Ties Braces Spats Tommy Guns Shoulder Holsters Cigars Scarves 15

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The Dressing Up Shop Army Police Army items include Ladies Men s Costumes Medals Dog Tag Bullet Belts Hats Bandannas Police items include Various Hats Instant Kits Handcuffs Truncheons Badges Sailor Pilot Sailor Pilot items include Mens Ladies Costumes Various Hats Goggles Badges Instant Kits 16

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The Dressing Up Shop Hawaiian Bollywood Arabian Nights Garlands Leis Grass Skirts Flower Headbands Coconut Bra s Novelty Glasses Costumes Hats Jewellery More Around The World German Octoberfest Items Include Costumes Hats Instant Kits Jewellery Weapons Items Included Costumes Wigs Hats Braces Socks More 17

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The Dressing Up Shop Wings Wands Headbands Tiara s A sparkle fest We have Wings in various colours sizes Matching sets Creature headbands Halo s Deely Boppers more Of all different colours Mens Ladies Masquerade Eye Masks Animal Ears Tails For all your feral needs From Teddies to Giraffes Cows to Cats some even make sound Various Colours Available 18

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The Dressing Up Shop Fifties Rock n Roll Sixties Seventies Items include Ladies Costumes Jackets Wigs Jewellery Glasses Neckerchiefs Ties more Items include Costumes Wigs Jewellery Glasses Headbands Medallions more Eighties Punk Items include Costumes T shirts Wigs Jewellery Headbands Hats Gloves Hair Accessories Legwarmers More Items include Wigs Jewellery Braces Tattoo Sleeves Inflatable Guitars Gloves more 19

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The Dressing Up Shop Wild West Native American Costumes Hats Neckerchiefs Guns Badges Bullet Belts Whips Costumes Chief Headdresses Squaw Feather Headbands Pouches Jewellery Weapons Mexican Pirates Costumes Poncho s Sombrero s Tashes Costumes Hats Bandannas Eye patches Belts Shoe Buckles Boot Covers Swords Hooks Flags Wigs 20

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The Dressing Up Shop Hats From Top Hats to Fedoras Burlesque to Bowlers we ve got the Headgear for you 21

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The Dressing Up Shop Face Paints Theatrical Makeup We have all sorts of items to bring your character to life From Rainbow colours to Neon Glitter Water based Cream Based Greasepaint Theatrical Blood Liquid Latex Spirit Gum Kits Much much more 22