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Unrooted Cuttings

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Cuttings URC are available in Auto Stix Up to 10 000 cuttings per hour A uniform and high quality result Process innovations Innovaplant Quality Policy We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and continuously improving our operation To achieve this we meet the applicable requirements we seek the qualification of our staff the efficiency of our work processes and the use of state of the art infrastructure MPS A Innovaplant de Costa Rica is aware of the importance in regard to the quality of their products To fulfill their environmental responsibility the company registers in the MPS ABC registration system They achieve the highest A rating with the correct management of their energy water fertilizers and crop protection agents Additionally they have recently achieved the MPS GAP certification This certificate focuses on good agricultural practices These two MPS certificates lead to a company that generates less environmental impact Why Kientzler Reliable suppy and on time delivery Total of 44 acres of production areaHigh hygiene levels according to the need of each individual crop Experience in breeding and developing innovative ornamental plants Year round supply Why 2Plant Kientzler Premier Selection of best world wide breeding Royalty deffered program for Concept Plant genetics Concept Plants Dahlia Dreamy Series Delosperma Wheel of Wonder Series Calendula Winter Wonder Series Easy and clear communication Reliable supply PlantHaven International Dahlia Mystic series Leucanthemum real series 800 238 0540 info 2Plant com 2Plant com Innovaplant de Costa Rica was founded in February 1994 as a representation of the company Kientzler of Germany They grow about 120 million cuttings in a greenhouse environment and 3 million plants produced in laboratory in vitro Kientzler North America Heuchera Heureka series Heliopsis Punto Rosso 18 cultivars of Ivy

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Continued Complete Variety Listing Complete Variety Listing Achillea hybrid Diadem Dahlia Mystic Spirit Heuchera Lord Lime Salvia Farinacea Light Candle Agastache Beelicious Dahlia Mystic Wizard Heuchera Mint Marquess Salvia Farinacea Midnight Candle Agastache Crazy Fortune Dahlia Mystic Wonder Heuchera Purple Majesty Salvia Farinacea White Candle Ajuga Burgundy Glow Dahlia Painter Berry Impressions Heuchera Red Fury Salvia Feathers Flamingo Ajuga Elmblut Dahlia Painter Pink Kisses Heuchera Season King Salvia Feathers Peacock Ajuga Princess Nadia Dahlia Painter Romantic France Heuchera Silver Lord Salvia Vibe Ignition Fuchsia Artemesia Dracunculus French Tarragon Dahlia Painter Sunfire Heuchera Sweet Princess Salvia Vibe Ignition Purple Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Fire Wonder Heuchera Timeless Orange Salvia Nemorosa Blue Bouquetta Heuchera V Plum Power Salvia Officinalis Growers Friend Hypericum Calycinum Magic Marbles Red Salvia Officinalis Icterina Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Hot Orange Iberis Candy Ice Salvia Officinalis Tricolor Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Hot Pink Wonder Iberis Snowball Salvia Saucy Coral Lamium Lamira Salvia Saucy Red Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Hot Red Lamium Orchid Frost Salvia Saucy Wine Lamium White Nancy Scabiosa Summer Nights Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Limoncello Lavandula Big Time Blue Sedum Chocolateball Lavandula Big Time White Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Orange Wonder Sedum Cola Cola Lavandula Blue Jeans Sedum Dark Canyon Lavandula Lavender Sensational Sedum Greenball Lavandula Phenomenal NIKO Sedum Olive Canyon Lysimachia Autumn Snow Sedum Painted Pebble Lysimachia Sunburst Sedum Red Canyon Delosperma Wheels of Wonder White Wonder Lysimachia Goldilocks Sedum Rocky Mazus Albus Eupatorium Elegant Feather Sedum Sunsparkler Plum Dazzled Mazus Reptans Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow Sedum Sunsparkler Wildfire Muehlenbeckia Small Leaf Euphorbia Athene Sedum Yellow Bouquet Nepeta Neptun Euphorbia Medea Sedum Reflexum Yellow Cushion Nepeta Sylvester Blue Euphorbia Xenia Senecio Angel Wings Calendula Winter Wonders Amber Arctic Perovskia Silver Scepter Senecio Silver Gleam Calendula Winter Wonders Peach Polar Gypsophila Summer Sparkles Phlox paniculata Bambini Cherry Crush Senecio Winter Whispers Caryopteris Blue Cloud Heliopsis Punto Rosso Caryopteris Blue Knight Heliopsis Sol D Oro Caryopteris First Blue Heliopsis Sole D Arancia Certatostigma Leadwort Heliopsis Sole Scuro Chelone Tiny Tortuga Phlox paniculata Bambini Sweet Tart Heuchera Amber Lady Clematis Little Lemons Plectranthus Magic Mona Purple Heuchera Beautiful Dancer Cosmos Chocamocha Salvia Bodacious Jamin Jazz Heuchera Black Knight Dahlia Mystic Dreamer Salvia Bodacious Rhythm Blues Heuchera Chateau Rouge Dahlia Mystic Enchantment Salvia Bodacious Smokey Jazz Heuchera Dark Secret Dahlia Mystic Fantasy Heuchera Emerald Queen Dahlia Mystic Illusion Heuchera Kassandra Dahlia Mystic Sparkler Heuchera Little Prince Artemesia Dracunculus Garden Ghost Artemesia Dracunculus Glacier Artemesia Dracunculus Makana Silver Artemesia Dracunculus Silver Cascade Aster sp Carmine Red Aster sp Lavender Aster sp Lilac Blue Aster sp Pink Chiffon Aster sp Purple Aster sp Sapphire Bidens Beezar Fire Wheel Bidens Beezar Funny Honey Buddleia sp High Five Purple Calendula Powerdaisy Orange Calendula Powerdaisy Sunny CUTTINGS Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Golden Wonder Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Salmony Pink Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Violet Wonder Gaura Baby Butterfly Helianthus Suncatcher Ajuga Diadem Pot Size 6 Zone 4 to 9 Height 12 14 Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Series Pot Size 6 8 Zone 5 to 9 Height 6 Lavandula ang Big Time Blue Pot Size 6 8 Zone 5 to 9 Height 12 15 Ajuga Princess Nadia Pot Size 4 6 Zone 3 to 9 Height 6 Gaura Baby Butterfly Dark Pink Pot Size 6 Zone 5 to 9 Height 10 14 Lavandula ang Big Time White Pot Size 6 8 Zone 5 to 9 Height 12 15 Aster Kickin Lilac Blue Pot Size 6 8 Zone 5 to 9 Height 18 24 Helianthus Suncatcher Pot Size 6 8 Zone 6 to 10 Height 14 18 Leucanthemum Real Charmer Pot Size 6 8 Zone 4 to 9 Height 16 18 Calendula Winter Wonders Series Pot Size 6 8 Zone 6 to 10 Height 10 12 Heliopsis Punto Rosso Pot Size 6 8 Zone 4 to 8 Height 18 24 Leucanthemum Real Snowball Pot Size 6 8 Zone 4 to 9 Height 28 30 Clematis Little Lemons Pot Size 6 8 Zone 5 to 9 Height 12 18 Heuchera Purple Majesty Pot Size 6 Zone 4 to 9 Height 8 10 Lysimachia Goldilocks Pot Size 4 6 Zone 4 to 8 Height 2 4 Dahlia Dreamy Series Pot Size 6 8 Zone 8 to 10 Height 12 14 Hypericaum Magic Marbles Red Pot Size 6 Zone 6 to 10 Height 12 18 Phlox pan Bambini Lucky Lilac Pot Size 6 Zone 4 to 8 Height 10 12 Salvia Officinalis Purpurascens Phlox paniculata Bambini Desire Phlox paniculata Bambini Lucky Lilac Plectranthus Pearl Pot Size 6 8 Zone 10 to 11 Height 10 12 Salvia nemorosa Blue Bouquetta Pot Size 6 8 Zone 3 to 9 Height 12 14 Sedum Yellow Cushion Pot Size 6 Zone 3 to 9 Height 6 8 Senecio Angel Wings Pot Size 6 8 Zone 8 to 10 Height 10 12 Veronica Baby Bloomer Blue Pot Size 6 Zone 4 to 9 Height 14 16 Veronica Baby Bloomer Blue Veronica Pink Candles formally Bubblegum Veronica Purplegum Candles Veronica Snow Candles Vinca Variegata Veronica spic Pink Candles Pot Size 6 Zone 4 to 9 Height 8 10 800 238 0540 info 2Plant com 2Plant com

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