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About The House of Phariss

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Writing a page about yourself seems to fall into two categories:
1. Self-promotion and bragging of one's self: peppered with arrogant claims to divine inspiration, special skills, and a mastery of secret or proprietary abilities - coupled with a vast store of lost knowledge.
2. Writing about yourself in the third person, so it appears that someone else has an equally deluded opinion of you and your abilities.


       While avoiding the former pitfall and narrowly escaping the latter, I hope to give you an idea of the type of person I am; and how that is reflected in what I call Art.

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My name is Erik Phariss


              With Little formal education and less experience I began a Fashion house who's entire goal is to create the extraordinary for the exceptional, make dreams come true, accomplish the impossible and figure out how to make money doing it later.


Fast forward several years..... I was allot crazier than even I thought, fortunately there were allot of people who were even crazier than me and things started to really get moving. Business experience gained from a skateboard company and the tech industry combined with years of flee market shopping ,working for a radio station, teaching Scuba diving, and disaster relief somehow all came together to create what Phariss is today: A little obnoxious, undoubtedly expensive, completely unique, old world craftsmanship, new world design,cutting edge materials, environmentally responsible exotics, questionable punctuation and world class research and development, oh and we make clothes.


Although I still do things differently and in ways that would be difficult to duplicate on a mass scale, my ultimate goal is to create things that are a reflection of the perfection we find around us every day; things that sometimes go unnoticed. (And no, I didn't copy and paste that out of an art book, like my sister thinks.


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If you would like to contact Erik about design work,
please use the Contact Us form on the made to order page

(There I go talking about myself in the third person.)