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True Blue Spirit #30

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TARANTULA A Healing Cup of Tea How Guardians Speak to Us

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In this Issue From the Publisher through Luna s Eyes I started the year off with good intentions my mantra being Take time to Play But it wasn t long before those human tendencies of overworking overthinking and stressing out started working their way into my life again I m a creature of habit and these habits have been hard to shake off When I need to wind down it s not always an easy thing to do The body says take a break but the mind keeps focusing elsewhere So I found a solution We ve had many dogs over the years but none as rambunctious as Luna She turned one year old in May and still acts very much like a puppy Something tells me she always will It s a pleasure just to see how much joy she gets out of every minute of every day A dust bunny rolls out from under the couch and I see I need to sweep Luna sees entertainment and spends fifteen minutes tossing it around the room The dirty clothes are piling up I see laundry day Luna sees chew toys and rags to drag around the house I see it s time to mow the grass and pull weeds Luna sees the jungle perfect for stalking prey This evening we sat on the deck enjoying some juicy watermelon My hubby took the rinds and threw them way off into our back woods Next thing Luna zips off the deck across the lawn and into the woods our garbage was her fetch toy I think Luna has the right idea Now I m learning to live my mantra by seeing through Luna s eyes Keep well This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart Dorothy Jeanne Engst Join me on Facebook www facebook com TrueBlueSpirit 4 A Healing Cup of Tea 28 Lemongrass 6 Tarot Guidelines for Readers and Seekers 30 Co existence 9 Just Say Chalkboard 33 Nicolas 10 Intuition and our Higher Selves 36 What is an Aura 13 In the Smoke from my Fire Co existence 38 Preserving Cognitive Health Mediumship Aromatherapy WildArc Animal Whispers Colour Aboriginal Spirit 14 How Guardians Speak to Us 16 Chrysoprase Crystals Healthy Body Healthy Spirit 18 Breaking the Skin 41 Worthwhile Reading 20 Bloodroot 41 Spirit of Music 42 Dear Dena Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady 44 Black Water Snake Personality Tarantula 46 22 24 The Medicine Wheel Palmistry Handwriting Analysis Chinese Lunar Astrology Answers to Questions Oracle

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A Healing Cup of Tea by Regina Eustace I put the kettle on it was time for a cup of tea Two teabags enough water to fill the little teapot but not too much to make it weak and of course her cup As I turned I saw my mother behind me She put her hand gently on my elbow and with a soft look she took the teapot from me and nodded toward the table I was prepared to make peace with Lipton for the sake of my mother even though I was strictly herbal To my surprise she placed my favourite herbal in a cup I had given her for Mother s Day I couldn t hide my smile This wasn t my mother she looked happy peaceful I asked her if everything was okay She reassured me that all was well She wanted to know how I was and how was my new life Was I happy I wanted to hug her it had been so long since she had asked me a question like that I told her I was so happy I couldn t bear it She was genuinely glad I told her I missed her and that I wished it had been different that things could have been different I wished I could have stayed near I wished I could have been everything she wanted Saying those things made me feel uncomfortable For a long time I had tried to be what everyone else wanted me to be She asked me to come closer She was unbelievably calm I came closer She invited me to sit on her knee I felt silly for wanting to I was a grown woman after all I gladly accepted She wiped my tears and hugged me close She told me she was sorry She was sorry for not loving me the way I needed to be loved for not knowing what I needed for not knowing what she needed herself for not being who I would have liked her to be She began to cry I told her not to cry that it was okay that I knew she did her best I lied saying I could remember lots of happy times She seemed comforted I asked her what it was like She pretended she didn t know what I was talking about 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 I persisted Mom what was it like not having a mom She looked at me blank Then she looked deep in my eyes and said My heart is broke it still is I told her I knew and that we wanted to help her to love her how she needed to be loved but that it was never enough that we never seemed enough The pain of it seemed to register I think she finally understood I told her we could have tried harder to love her to force her to heal She laughed I felt hurt She saw it in my eyes and said No child you couldn t have done anything it was up to me those were my choices it was never up to you Just like you are making your choices just like your little one will make hers she said softly as she patted my tummy I know you better than anyone I hadn t told her about her about my growing belly I wanted this part of me to be pure I wanted a fresh start We both patted my tummy In there lay our hopes for the future We looked down at it with anticipation and apprehension What choices would she make REGINA EUSTACE is an intuitive healer who loves to share her light Her writing is inspired by nature her pets and every day life

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Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 5

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Tarot Guidelines for Readers a by Alison Skelton T he Tarot as a tool for consciousness contains a wealth of information and wisdom As an artist I work with symbols and the theme of hidden languages and layered images and find the Tarot is as vast and layered a form of communication as any of the Arts I began reading Tarot at the age of thirteen and forty years later it is like a marvelous second language and my readings have developed far beyond mere fortune telling Through practice a reader develops a personal relationship with the symbols and archetypes that allow her to address layers of meaning drawing on spiritual guidance for healing and direction Here are a few fundamental principles to bear in mind if you are giving or receiving a Tarot reading A reader must be present in the moment to respond to whatever information comes via the symbolism of the cards and from the guidance of Spirit Alert and intuitive awareness is the single most important ingredient in a reading A reading is not a place for judgment regarding the life choices of others nor is a reading a place to promote your own agendas or strongly held beliefs regarding good or bad behavior or right and wrong ways of being 6 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 An environment with minimum distraction is preferable where openness and relaxation are encouraged Listening skills must be developed so what is being said and what is left unsaid are considered as part of the client s communication Careful attention should be paid to questions and concerns while being aware that there may be vulnerability just beneath the surface Some clients have difficulty identifying or sharing the deeper questions that underlie their surface concerns By reflecting their question back to them a reader can gently expand on the question and allow for a more complex exploration of the matter allowing us to address the subject on a deeper level and seek specific and helpful information The design or layout is an arrangement or pattern of cards on the table where each placement has a signified meaning A layout that reflects the question and includes a place for all of the relevant information to be found is essential to a successful reading It s O K for a reader to ask for context regarding the subject s life situation if it applies to the question This helps the reader frame the reading and choose an appropriate layout Some clients may want proof that the reader is psychic before offering any personal

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and Seekers information This lack of openness is difficult to work with and one hopes that as details in the reading begin to resonate trust will develop Layouts need not be complicated to give you access to a broad range of information yet some are too simplistic and vague with narrow interpretive guidelines which limit their usefulness Layouts that are flexible expandable and easy to remember and implement give the best results If a reader has a working knowledge of a spiritual system that includes patterns diagrams or maps that can be adapted to create a tarot layout this can add a wonderful depth to your reading I nearly always include a seven card Chakra reading in my layouts It should be remembered that there are no fixed meanings for the cards The cards themselves are neither good nor bad but illustrations of dynamics lessons and metaphors that must be interpreted in ways that are helpful useful and loving A reader is always relating the symbolism of the cards to the specific question or dynamic that is being explored while bearing in mind the definition of the placement in the layout as well as the relative juxtaposition of the cards Often patterns will emerge in the cards which offer further insights What we are blind to binds us yet a good Tarot reading will guide rather than advise creating a sense of possibility in the transformation and healing of difficult situations Life is mysterious and multifaceted and a reading can be a great way to explore and empower ourselves ALISON SKELTON has been reading Tarot for 30 years She teaches classes in Creative Consciousness and psychic self development She is a Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor She may be reached at transform alisonskelton com www serenitygiftstore com Jewelry Essential Oils Feng Shui Gemstones Candles Home Decor Yoga Meditation Tools and much more

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Mediumship Just Say Chalkboard A Grandfather s Love by Carmel Joy Baird J ust a few short days ago I had a wonderful phone reading with a woman who I d never met or read before Phone readings are done exactly the same way as a reading in person Hence the reason why I have an assistant Even talking on the phone with someone can stir up their loved ones on the other side and I go into Medium Mode Many loved ones came into the room and gave great messages to her Her Grandfather was a strong spirit who really wanted me to hear him After giving several validations he was there he started to draw me a chalkboard and wrote the alphabet on it I have seen a spirit do this before when they wanted to say school So I asked her if she was going to school or had plans to go back to school She said possibly in the future Hmm not the reaction Grandpa was looking for I could have moved on but her Grandfather wouldn t stop drawing on the chalkboard I thought that was strange and so I said to her Your Grandfather has asked me to draw this chalkboard and he s writing on it She began to cry and sounded very shocked My Grandfather built me a chalkboard for Christmas one year It was very special and my favourite Christmas present I ever received She was so shocked and in disbelief It was the moment that made the whole reading for her She was so happy he had brought it up and he knew how much it meant to her I looked up at her Grandfather and smiled Should have just said chalkboard he said and shrugged Sometimes when we go looking for the big messages the little ones are right there under our nose What are you looking for that you may already have Is it right there under your nose and you re overthinking messages like I did Sometimes life is just simple and easy Enjoy those moments and don t overthink things That s when we lose the message altogether CARMEL JOY BAIRD is a Spiritual Medium Intuitive Guide who does readings for clients all over the world Now residing in Alberta she teaches others to develop their intuitive gifts while she continues to read for clients www carmeljoybaird com Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 9

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10 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6

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Intuition and Our Higher Selves by Penny Whitfield W e are not human beings having the occasional spiritual experience We are full time spiritual beings having a human experience Jesuit Scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin One of the many things that my friend Doreen has taught me is that when connecting to Spirit we do have the ability to ask for help or guidance in our lives In fact it would be an awful waste of a wonderful opportunity if we didn t Every time we reincarnate we have Guides whose job it is to help us in each lifetime But they won t interfere and need to be asked to help us We then have to be alert to hear see or feel the many ways they find to get the answers back to us In my workshops I explain that our lives could be viewed as a boat floating downstream sometimes taking a turn this way or that but never really on course When you invite your Guides into your life your ship will return to the course which will benefit you most both as a human being and as a spirit This path was chosen by you when last in spirit Seek and you shall find Ask and you shall receive This is all you have to do to go through this lifetime with Spirit at your side We will find that we are opening up to our intuition or higher selves Life flows very well when you are in tune with the Universe When you re in conflict with this then you may experience Decreased energy Feelings of powerlessness or helplessness Very often emotional or physical pain Frustrations and unhappiness Here is an excerpt from Doreen s 1968 manuscript dictated to her from Spirit when she was a young woman We who are over here strive to show you the way to happiness and bring comfort to your heart and mind We are helpless without your cooperation Only you can open the way for communication with us and until you do how can we get our message to you We ask that you make every effort to make contact with us Nothing more do we ask We will do the rest and come to you whenever you desire What happiness there will be for all concerned for truly you must wish to talk with us as much as we desire to talk to you The love that exists on this plane is of great benefit to all of you when you become aware of and receptive to it We are waiting to give and give if you would only ask What more could you ask for And it isn t just our Spirit Guides who rejoice when we start to listen to work with them to let them into our lives As I realise from my work as a medium our loved ones are also waiting and eager to let us know that they are well and happy in that other vibration That is one of the greatest frustrations for a loved one when they pass on they are unable to assure us that they are fine no longer suffering or in pain They are free of their mortal coil so to speak and in fact are so happy to be in contact once again with their family if the opportunity arises Just to let them know I m fine all is well and Please don t worry or grieve for me Easier said than done I know Working as a Medium brings me great joy as I see the happiness and relief it brings to so many as once again loved ones are reunited PENNY WHITFIELD s aim is to facilitate others in accessing their spiritual psychic selves She has worked with Spirit for over 40 years concentrating on her Mediumistic Healing gifts and has taken several courses at Stansted Hall working with many of the best mediums in England Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 11

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Essence Combinations which attract healthy patterns of energy to the Body Mind Spirit Pacific Essences Ltd www PacificEssences com 250 384 5560 Balancer maintain our centre during times of stress and crisis Abundance manifest our intentions at every level of our lives Heart Spirit greet all the experiences of our lives with an open heart Abundance Stabilizer Being True Worth open to receiving all the blessings of life discovering and expressing our value Earth am I present and available Fire Metal am I feeling good about who I am am I passionate and vibrant Water am I using my life force effectively and efficiently Wood am I expressing my creativity and fulfilling my purpose Super Vitality support every cell in our body mind to fulfill it s optimal function rejuvenation and peak physical performance Shielding protective shield against EMFs from cellphones computers and radiation New Attitudes Being Detox releases habitual thoughts Peace cleanses body mind and behaviours that spirit gently and for cultivating prevent us from expressing inner peace and thoroughly our full potential equanimity Radiant Beauty Fearlessness letting our inner light shine Energy Medicine Cards Cellular Memory being present and open to experience Optimal Learning maximizing our ability to learn An Intuitive Guide to Body Mind Healing Optimal Immunity protection at every level of our being Kids Stuff nurturing the child in each of us Forgiving cut all the cords which bind us to any pain from the past Energy Medicine Healing from the Kindoms of Nature

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Aboriginal Spirit In the Smoke from My Fire Co existence by James Henry Spencer A s we move along in this accelerated pace of computers and the ever increasing need for material possessions we have a tendency to overlook many of the basic essentials that are required to put a happy balance in our life It has been my privilege during my senior years to explore some of the older native culture on the west coast of Canada While it was not perfect and had many flaws the one advantage that they had and that we are rapidly losing to our ultimate detriment is a realization that we are not above nature but an integral part of the great circle of the universal life force of energy in which we Homo sapiens are but a grain of sand with an ego Our ancient ancestors lived close to their supply of food clothing and shelter They were aware of the need to sustain and preserve the natural resources and to thank the Creator for providing our sustenance One of the things that I have learned is that we are part of the animal kingdom and with the increasing interest in the sustainability of the ecosystem I thought that there would be some interest in a ceremony that was taught to me by a Mic Mac shaman wherein we can actually contact and see our power animal in spirit that walks with us through this life while striving to help us to avoid difficulties and danger I have performed this ceremony many times with amazing results It is my hope that the computer age and the sustainability of our ecosystem can co exist and flourish JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe He has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 13

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14 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6

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How Guardians Speak To Us by Kelliena S ince childhood our society tells us what we imagine is not real But this is how our Guardians Angels Fairies speak to us They are not in human form so they must use their signs to communicate with us Learning the way they guide us can help us understand our psychic abilities and create a joyful life We also have the power to create and sustain this joy Our Guardians are by our side every step of the way Here are some tips to help you see how your Guardians are speaking to you Give your Guardians a sign This helps your Guardian get your attention For example if you asked your Guardian to use a yellow butterfly as your sign You will know that whenever you see a yellow butterfly if it is in a store out in a field or it pops into your mind as a thought you know your Guardians are speaking to you When this happens pay mind to everything around you For example what song was that playing on the radio What were you thinking about or who was near you Guardians often use a technique called layering messages This occurs when you are given more than one answer or direction at one time It is up to you to put it together Remember Guardians never make a decision for us They just help us see the situation more clearly De Stress Stress can be a major psychic block Whenever you are trying to connect with your Guard ians and you feel you are not hearing them or they are not hearing you it is usually the stress in your life that is causing this block Reiki and acupuncture can help heal our stress Dreams are a great way to talk to your Guardians One technique is to program your dreams Just before you go to sleep take a deep breath and ask your Guardians for a message related to what you are seeking Whatever you dream is their message If you do not remember your dream or did not dream it means it is not time to know Guardians never use fear to present their message to us If you have a nightmare it is your Guardian taking out energy that no longer serves you By learning the way your Guardians speak to you can help you see your own Divine connection Remember your have a divine right to a happy loving and peaceful life Your loving Guardians are by your side every step of the way KELLIENA is is the Author of Psychic Beauty Energy Cards Psychic Exercises She is a Professional psychic in Halifax Nova Scotia www kelliena com Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 15

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Crystals Chrys by Sah Rah Kerfoot C hrysoprase is a variety of chalcedony of the quartz family loved for its beautiful apple green to pale yellow color derived from the presence of nickel It is classed cryptocrystalline meaning its composition is of tiny crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification Chrysoprase s colour may fade if subjected to too much sunlight so be careful of your stones outside or on a sunny window ledge The name chrysoprase comes from the Greek chrysos meaning gold and prason meaning leek referring to the colour of the stone which being of the green ray is strongly associated with nature consciousness and elemental beings It radiates the essence

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Crystals soprase of harmony balance and the love of Mother Earth The specific colour of the stone will determine which chakras your stone will affect most greatly Golden yellow varieties resonate more strongly with the solar plexus darker green with the heart chakra A less recognized energy center chrysoprase affects is the high heart thymus between the heart and throat supporting immune function and promoting the courage to speak from the heart While musing with the energies of chrysoprase it is worth mentioning courage with greater depth Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what dwells in our unconscious Most people are far more courageous than they realize what awareness we have of this virtue sits largely in our unconscious Befriend chrysoprase to bring your own courage into the light of your conscious mind and feeling heart empowering you to willingly act from a place of deep knowing so that you can manifest abundance and contentment through your own expression of Divine Truth Recognize and celebrate your own courage Even small acts of self empowerment create ripples of momentum that create a track for greater growth and help others chose the same for themselves Chrysoprase is a beneficial stone to assist in acknowledging and healing the inner child promoting joy and happiness and releasing anxieties Play and humour are vitally important aspects to human wellbeing Laughter brings energy from our solar plexus up through the throat and clears stagnant energy from accumulating in the heart Embracing humour in our lives enables us to develop flexibility generosity and self confidence If you are feeling too serious in your day to day might I suggest trying out a laughter yoga group and bring or wear a chrysoprase stone to enhance your experience This crystal ally assists us in lightening up helping us to feel united as part of the divine All That Is rather than as a separate and alone ego An important heart process is forgiveness and chrysoprase helps when we decide it is time to let go of grudges injustices and past traumas Its frequency has an almost tranquilizing effect very calming to the mind body and spirit This peacefulness greatly assists the healing of any wound and chrysoprase has been recognized for centuries as being of benefit to the eyes SAH RAH KERFOOT owns Blue Apples Metaphysical Wellness providing Acutonics Sound Healing educational experiences crystals and other tools for body mind spirit www BlueApples ca Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 17

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Breaking the Skin by Bill Moore S ometimes I still dream of flying a lift from the solar plexus a breast stroke with the arms and I m free The people around me are amazed or not and I fly out over the ocean There s an island I know there a rocky shore scalable bluffs above them a glacier Beyond it is the country of the albatross and beyond that When I was a child reading was like that I was very young when I discovered books young enough that each one was a magic door I could simply step through The library was an old building with a high ceiling and tall windows I haven t found that I can recall smells the way I can recall how things looked but that smell old books all waiting to be read inscribed itself in me like wine in water and I can still feel it I came on a book called Life Long Ago Our understanding of paleontology has changed since then but the foundation of it remains that there was another world here and that it s still here written in rocks and buried The author Carroll Lane Fenton opened every section with an evocation of a time plants animals terrain volcanic activity I saw swamps where giant amphibians sunned themselves three foot dragonflies overhead and the sea floors with trilobites and six foot aquatic scorpions It was and still is utterly arresting I began to hunt for fossils in the shale along the banks of a creek near my house They were there little bits of plants and shells I went in the front door of the book and came out into an altered reality that was only a skin covering another world fully realized utterly not about people My mother took me to the Royal Ontario Museum and showed me the tyrannosaurus twenty feet tall a tower of bones the colour of strong tea but it lacked the authority of the little things I was finding for myself it had become an artefact A year later I found another book Lost Worlds by Leonard Cottrell It was a combination of archaeology and adventure beginning with Heinrich Schliemann s search for Troy under a hill called Hissarlik The book took me down into the bowels of 18 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 the pyramids into the hidden recesses of the Valley of the Kings and deep into the flooded basements of jungle covered temples in Central America All of this burned in me and with it came a deep understanding though I didn t know it till much later that it s not just about digging in the earth This fivesense three dimensional construct we inhabit is at best a stage set What we are pleased to call reality is a political as well as a philosophical battleground People have died for their beliefs about time astronomy and mathematics When we come upon people who see beyond and occasionally seem to live beyond the fivesense construct we diagnose them and lock them away or more often now medicate them into insensibility You can t ever escape what James Joyce called the ineluctable modality of the visible but you can know that it s far from the whole story Worlds have come and gone continents have moved empires and ecosystems have been swallowed in the earth Nothing is what we think it is There are clues everywhere hidden in everyday language or carried in mythology or in the new language of physics Our little minds have to tell us stories so we can make sense of our experience It starts as a survival tool and brings us to where we are now where language has colonized experience and thinks it s in charge Schliemann used the filter of The Iliad to look at the hill and see the great gates of Troy Freud showed us keys to open doors in everyday discourse and find the mythologies that run us There are clues everywhere There s only one caution When you travel outside the city walls it can be difficult to come back in BILL MOORE is a retired teacher a lifelong student of the Tarot and the Kabalistic Tree of Life and a working psychic He is blind www seeinginthedark ca

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The Medicine Wheel Bloodroot by Cara McKenna B loodroot or sanguinaria a name that comes from the Latin word for bleeding is rare in Canada The rich red orange juice from the stem of the plant was often used by aboriginal tribes as a dye for clothing and ceremonial masks body paint war paint and more Settlers in the 1800 s used the juice as a dye for cloth and bloodroot was later harvested to near extinction for the natural dye Bloodroot has had many medicinal uses throughout history however this toxic plant is now most commonly seen in the drugstore as an ingredient in toothpaste and cough syrup It is seldom used in large doses because it can be poisonous however tribes in North America have used it to treat bronchitis asthma and coughs It is important to use great caution with bloodroot as it can cause blurred and distorted vision even in small quantities and vomiting and unconsciousness in larger quantities It is considered a poisonous plant and also has abortive properties Some say certain tribes also used bloodroot to treat skin conditions such as warts eczema and even cancer It is still used as a skin cancer treatment by some non traditional healers today but no one is sure how effective it is and doctors warn against self treatment It is also often used as a paste and salve to treat skin tags fungal growths and warts because the root has skin destroying properties According to Cherokee mythology carrying around a small piece of bloodroot will ward off evil spirits Bloodroot is most commonly found growing in open moist forests in Eastern Canada and the United States The delicate white flower which is in the poppy family blooms for a short time in Spring opening in the sun and closing at night CARA MCKENNA was born and raised in Edmonton is of Cree heritage and is currently studying journalism at Langara College Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 21

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Palmistry Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady by T Stokes B aroness Margaret Thatcher 1925 2013 was a Conservative and longest serving British Prime Minister this century from 1979 to 1990 The Soviets called her The Iron Lady a nickname that reflected her uncompromising politics and leadership style As Prime Minister she implemented policies that have come to be known as Thatcherism or the open market economy This meant you buy from the cheapest source no matter what The theory meant the closing down of Britain s industrial base as it could all be bought cheaper abroad Shipbuilding steel the mines the automobile industry all closed down and a crippling VAT tax was applied to all small industry closing that too Many of those thrown out of work are still unemployed all these years after Please take a close look at her hand The most noticeable aspects are the strength length and thickness of the Jupiter or Index finger strong straight thumb and the low small bent Mercury finger 1 Long thick Jupiter fingers always show us someone who wants to be in charge this means authority responsibility and leadership When as long as the second or Saturn finger you have what my friend the late psychiatrist Prof Henry Rey would call a confirmed superiority complex In males these are usually leaders in the military or sport in women they often show a dictatorial attitude with religious or political ideas In this an Ectomorph Caucasian hand type we have an inherited purely intellectual leadership In India this is seen as a reincarnated master someone back to show the way It should be said that the fingers develop in the womb and an imbalance between Estrogen Testosterone will show an over large first finger Such people always have developed ego structures Margaret Thatcher 22 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 would brook no opposition and said on record This lady is not for turning These people are convinced they are always right because of their huge reserves of self confidence and also expect breast difficulties here from monthly cycle pain to more serious issues around the time of menopause usually allied to Mercury amalgam teeth fillings The large Jupiter finger with a small undeveloped Mercury infers that the power which should have been channeled sexually went instead to construct her outward world and controlling it would be a compensatory act for the lack of and inability to give or accept sexual closeness Thatcher was known to exist on two hours sleep not conducive to any sort of marital life Because the Mercury finger displays every facet of the communicative faculties this tells its own story right back to babyhood and explains her untrusting nature in being unable to experience the joys of the bonding process 2 The long powerful straight thumb Here we see in this strong headline an unbending will stubborn and self obsessed with much determination When the headline goes blurry at the end this can be a sign of dementia The long straight fate line is indicative of a long straight career with an unwavering ambition and with this headline is a united and powerful combination 3 The Mercury finger is low set small and bent When this print was taken the condition was just becoming a nuisance and is known as Dupuytrens Contracture Most Caucasians are descended from Neanderthals who later became the Vikings The Vikings are remembered as a war like people and Thatcher never backed down from a fight Her crooked Mercury

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Palmistry Please note that the image of the hand has been reduced in size finger is seen on Neanderthal skeletons and her skull shape confirms this inheritance The Huguenots who moved from France to England had also inherited this characteristic which was called a Weaver s finger as the bent little finger was ideal to hold the threads of the looms Eventually the tendon will pull the finger into the palm Several types of surgery exist to correct this but the French method is best as then it does not recur The palm print was taken at a birthday dinner in 2008 as her health was failing She had many personal regrets not least the sinking of the cruiser General Belgrano during the war with Argentina She treated the palmist there for the evening with respect and kindness squeezing my hand in a vice like grip as she asked what lay in store for her final years T STOKES is a lecturer in paranormal studies and a world wide known holistic palmist www t stokes co uk Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 23

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Tarantula by Lynn Woodland M ore than thirty years ago I read the wonderful book about animal human relationships Kinship with All Life by J Allen Boone and was amazed and fascinated by the author s story of communicating with a housefly While I didn t disbelieve the author s experience it seemed an impossible story that could only happen to someone specially gifted not regular folks like me I mean it was a bug after all a creature people swat at and think Ick when it lands on their food It wasn t until I met Harry that I understood how close one can become to a member of the creepy crawly kingdom Harry was a large brown furry tarantula that I bought for my boyfriend when I was in my mid twenties My boyfriend found Harry a little too creepy crawly and I soon inherited him or her which I realized was my secret hope all along I had fallen deeply in love with Harry the minute I saw him at the 24 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 pet store as though he were the cutest puppy or kitten in the place Harry almost cost me an apartment When my prospective landlady found out I owned a pet tarantula albeit one safely contained in its own little aquarium she almost wouldn t let me move into the cozy space directly over her own residence So deep was her spider phobia she feared she would never sleep well again knowing Harry was living overhead with the possibility no matter how unlikely of escaping and finding his way downstairs to cause her to die of fright It took much reassurance and an explanation of the locking mechanism that held the screen lid of Harry s cage securely in place to change her mind Harry lived on top of my refrigerator at eye level where I visited and talked with him often Harry never talked back but still we were very happy together at least I liked to imagine he was happy too

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What I thought to be our mutual contentment was shattered the day I came home to find that in some impossible way Harry had managed to lift the lid of the cage and was gone Naturally the first thing I did was to look down at the floor around the refrigerator to see where Harry might have fled To my horror I saw something I had known was there but never really thought about until now a big tarantula sized hole behind my refrigerator that looked directly into the apartment of my landlady who knew for certain she would die if she encountered Harry on the loose I debated whether to tell her Do I cause her the terror of thinking of Harry creeping around or spare her hoping Harry would be discreet enough not to go visiting and do even more damage with a surprise appearance Finally I did nothing but put water out every day and search fruitlessly Days then weeks went by and no Harry After a month I resigned myself to never seeing Harry alive again I knew that in any case the next day would be the end of poor Harry wherever he was The exterminator was scheduled to come the next morning to do away with the cockroach population and would poison ever crack and crevice Harry could have slipped into The day before the morning of Harry s certain demise I said a little prayer doing my best to send a psychic communication regarding the urgency of the situation and my wish for a safe return I left for work not really thinking it would do much good I came home that night to find Harry sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor Did I have a true communication with a big spider or was it just coincidence I like to think Harry had a little adventure and came home when he got my message OK so maybe I m anthropomorphizing a little Continued Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 25

Page 26

Continued from page 25 but subsequent bug bonding experiences have convinced me of the power and importance of my relationships with small creatures Like Jiminy my cricket friend Jiminy showed up in my basement office and took to following me around Wherever I was Jiminy was a couple of feet away Since all big black crickets look more or less the same to me I wondered if I was seeing the same cricket each time cool or if I had an infestation of crickets ick Within a day of having this thought Jiminy showed up with one of his powerful back jumping legs missing Subsequently when I saw the five legged cricket I knew it was my same friend each time Even though Jiminy was far from shy he would never come out when I had cricket phobic friends over but always came out for guests who genuinely wanted to meet my companion bug Jiminy came into my life at a time when I felt very stuck and was searching for change I felt I needed to make a big leap like a cricket in my life but felt hobbled and unable to do it like Jiminy It was during my friendship with Jiminy that I realized my movement was hobbled in my east coast home town and I needed to move to Minneapolis a really big leap The cross country hop quickly shifted me out of my doldrums into a new phase of growth and I give Jiminy much of the credit He taught me with his persistent presence how to be a creature who leaps Nowadays I take it seriously when a little creature shows up in my life and stays be it the little spider weaving webs in my kitchen teaching me to weave my life carefully or the squirrels living very noisily in my attic teaching me to cease the constant clatter in my mind One time I got my squirrelly neighbors to stop their incessant scratching right above my head 26 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 by sitting quietly and calming my mind As soon as I disappeared my inner noise they became quiet for the first time all day Who could ask for better meditation teachers Even if you re not inclined to bond with every bug and rodent who crosses your path just for fun sometime pay attention to the creatures who show up in your life both the adorable and the pesky ones Notice who most captures your attention for better or worse because these will be your truest teachers And instead of going for the Raid contemplate what these creatures greatest strengths are and how you might be able to benefit from a little of the same Consider that their most annoying qualities may be showing you a reflection of your own imbalances You may be surprised at how much there is to learn from the creatures you used to swat LYNN WOODLAND is an author teacher and human potential expert who has worked since 1972 in the fields of transpersonal psychology human motivation spiritual healing and mind body psychology Lynn is the author of Making Miracles Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World For more about her work see www LynnWoodland com

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Health and Vitality The Artist and the Alien 105 19610 64th Avenue Langley BC A contemporary source of wisdom and spiritual insight Community oriented Healing Centre featuring a team of highly qualified practitioners Services include Ear Acupuncture Art TherapyChannelled Healing and much more 604 530 8840 by Dena Blatt The only way we can help mankind is through truth and the truth is that life is about love God is love Frank The true story of Shirle Klein Carsh befriended by Frank a remarkable teacher from the planet Sirius To order a copy visit her website www denawrites com or e mail denawrites comcast net

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Aromatherapy Lemongra by Heidi Nielsen L emongrass Cymbopogon citratus is a tropical plant with slender aromatic leaves that can grow up to 5 feet tall When young these leaves are long narrow and upright and once they mature they tend to trail Leaves are light to medium green in color and it is the young and rapidly expanding blades that are best utilized for their optimum accumulation of essential oil The essential oil exhibits a strong fresh and lemony odor Lemongrass is well known for its cleaning and bacteria busting properties I love adding 10 drops to the rinse cycle of the washing machine especially when washing the bed or massage linens Lemongrass can be added to castile soap to clean wood floors bathrooms countertops and even a drop or two in dishwater It is known to have strong antimicrobial antiseptic antifungal antibacterial and analgesic pain relieving properties Lemongrass s fresh clean scent is uplifting and rejuvenating Due to its antiseptic and astringent nature it may be used to cleanse oily skin and greasy hair A couple of drops added to a dollop of shampoo will leave the hair shiny and smelling wonderful Lemongrass is widely used as a fragrance enhancer in many commercial perfumes soaps cleaning products and detergents Lemongrass has a multitude of uses and blends well with Lavender Rosemary Cedarwood Geranium Bergamot and Eucalyptus It is also known as an insect repellent when applied to the skin This recipe is from my teacher Jade Shutes Director of The East West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies Blend the following ingredients in a glass 28 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 spray bottle and shake well 20 drops of Patchouli 15 drops of Cedarwood 15 drops of Lemongrass 10 drops of Geranium 10 drops of Peppermint 60 ml 2oz of distilled water 1tsp of Vegetable Glycerin While lemongrass may be stimulating to the circulation and rejuvenating to the senses it can also be calming to the nervous system and is an excellent remedy for tired and exhausted nerves When utilized with essential oils that are more sedative lemongrass adapts and has the ability to calm frayed nerves and gently uplift and clear the mind

Page 29

Aromatherapy ass Lemongrass leaves can be dried and made into a tea to treat nervous disorders stomach issues bacterial invasions nausea flu fever and colitis Lemongrass is also widely used in restaurants serving traditional Thai cuisine and is a well known and popular spice used throughout Nepal and India Whether utilized as a dried herb for tea or as a spice or steam distilled and used topically in more concentrated forms it is clear that lemongrass has a multitude of therapeutic properties to share To make a 5 ml synergy blend together in a glass bottle 90 drops Lavender 20 drops Lemongrass 40 drops Chamomile Roman This above recipe is a synergy There is no base oil in a synergy It is 100 essential oil You can add 5 7 drops in the bath to a water diffuser or diluted in an unscented base HEIDI NIELSEN is a certified aromatherapist with the East West School for Herbal Aromatic Studies and The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy She is a holistic massage practitioner and a mesa carrier in the Andean Shamanism tradition www fromnaturetonurture com Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 29

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WildArc Co exis by Maryanne Campeau I heard the sound of a chain saw Close An old standing maple was being removed as were several healthy trees from the bordering property I felt sadness for the displaced birds animals and microsystems that rely on nature s diversity Coexistence of species is a delicate balance and presents challenges 30 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 Spring summer property clearing and yard maintenance can affect seasonal wildlife breeding and rearing of young Birds raccoons squirrels and rabbits homespaces can easily conflict with people At WildArc we receive many nestlings and newborn mammals One ward is full of Cottontails The mother Eastern Cottontail rabbit is adaptable and will construct her above

Page 31

stence ground nest in places that offer sufficient cover such as tall grass and overgrown shrubs She spends much of her time away from the babies returning to nurse infrequently Obscurity is their greatest protection until the whip spin of a weed eater or lawnmower nears Cats and other predators also ravage whole nests Cottontails are tricky patients in care They are particularly sensitive to stress and change Because of their heightened fear handling is minimal only as necessary They re kept in a quiet room with restricted access Their mother s rich breast milk is hard to duplicate Digestive disturbances can quickly lead to bloat diarrhea and fatal decline in very young rabbits We add essences to their specialized formula for all of these reasons Grape Hyacinth is the keynote because of its exceptional ability to ease shock trauma and stress Windflower Hermit Crab and Urchin aid digestion and enhance feelings of safety Starfish essence has an affinity with letting go emotionally and physically In Traditional Chinese Medicine its meridian association is the Large Intestine It is in feeling stuck constipation or overwhelmed diarrhea that equilibrium of the colon can be affected Larimar and Pearl gem essences resonate on the heart level the first to emotionally nourish the latter to stabilize Barnacle is my preferred essence to increase the absorption of dietary nutrients It also fosters trust and I use it in most orphan combinations These essences added to their warmed formula help prevent some of the emotionally triggered health complications related to trauma and captivity There are ways we can lessen the repercussions of divergent needs between humans and animals Thoroughly check overgrown areas before grass mowing Wait until parent animals have completed their young rearing before removing trees or disturbing nests Call a humane non lethal wildlife removal company if you discover animals in your attic or shed A wildlife centre can advise if babies need to come into care or if their parent is likely nearby Personally it brings me joy to live with wildlife The hymn of birdsong awakens me I love when the river otters or bear visit Today I watched a doe for long spells enchanted The Zen presence of Eastern Cottontails reminds me to find appreciation in this moment All essences from Pacific Essences MARYANNE CAMPEAU is an essence practitioner and educator She is most inspired by energy based medicine including essences homeo pathy EFT reiki She facilitates a complementary care programme for wildlife In the best interest of wildlife do not feed or treat them yourselves Special licensing and training is required to legally contain and treat them The complexity of their needs is beyond the scope of the caring public Call your nearest wildlife centre if you find injured or orphaned animals Support wildlife rehabilitation through centres like WildArc Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 31

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The Monroe Institute A Global Leader in Consciousness Research Gateway Voyage 6 day Residential Programs Now in Canada October 12 18 2013 Honeymoon Bay Retreat Super Natural Vancouver Island 250 724 0136 www monroeinstitute canada com Benefits of Hemi Sync Programs Increased Creativity Accelerated Learning Enhanced Meditations Facilitating Out of Body States Supporting Physical Well Being Personal Growth Empowerment Experiencing Transcendental States Restorative Sleep and Stress Reduction

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Animal Whispers Nicolas by Stephanie McColl D ear Stephanie We would like to share with you the story of our rabbit He is Nicolas and he was last year s birthday gift to my daughter We had taught him to be on a leash and he loves car rides Although he can be headstrong to want his own way and challenges my patience he really is the luckiest rabbit I know Nicolas lives free in our home and uses the cat trap to go in and out of the house Recently he ran from a person who smelled of a dog I was walking him on a leash so I tried to hold him back so I could pick him up but instead I helped him twist out of my hand and hit the ground The result is he dislocated his hip The hip can either be put back in by surgery and sewn the dislocating is treated differently compared to a cat or dog or the head of the bone taken off and the muscles will just get used to using the leg like that Our biggest concern is this is he in pain with meds but still He has no clue why he has this pain and he will be returning to that vet that poked him to sedate him for an x ray He was so not happy with me when he came back When I gave him lettuce he took it in his teeth and chucked it to the side turned away from me and let out a huff of a sigh I received this contact information from a friend I do not know what exactly it is that you do but this is what I am wondering how does one get through to an animal and tell them that they must undergo another traumatic event in order to feel better in the end It really tears me apart to know that this animal had no clue what is about to happen and will resent us for the terrible treatment of a surgery My heart just goes out to Nicolas when I can t even let him know what he is about to undergo it is a heartbreaking helpless feeling Thank you for your time and any advice or help that you are willing to give Sincerely Elizabeth Dear Elizabeth Thank you for your heartfelt email Nicolas is indeed lucky to be in such a loving family In order to help Nicolas to understand what is going on all you need to do is tell him what to expect and why he may have to have the surgery If you can describe to him in detail with clear mental images what it is he will go through before and after he is to have the surgery this will greatly reduce his recovery time When an animal knows what to expect they can also be a part of the healing process and thus heal so much faster Send him mental images of being at the vet and that the vet is there to help him to heal Let him know that he may have to have another needle and then he will go to sleep and when he wakes up he will need to be careful with his leg for a short time See him as whole and healthy and functioning normally You can also surround him with love and healing white light before and after the surgery I would just Continued Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 33

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Page 35

Animal Whispers Nicolas continued from page 34 add that animals don t resent us for things we do this is strictly a human emotion or thought Yes they may be put out for a time but they do get over things rather quickly if we just explain to them everything that is going to happen much like you would a small child To help him physically heal more quickly afterwards you could give him some Arnica Montana 30ch dose one pellet twice a day This you can put into his food or dissolve it in an amount of warm water and add this to his food or water dish unless he is good with a syringe in the mouth then administer it this way Arnica is for pain inflammation and any injury and will prevent swelling and bruising Rescue Remedy would also be helpful to give him This would work on his emotional body to help ease the stress trauma and emotional components of what he is going through I really sense he will be just fine with the surgery and will make a full recovery He is a strong rabbit with a loving and supportive family whom he loves very much Dear Readers Many of you may have been wondering how a reading with an animal communicator can assist you and your pet I am asking you our readers to send me a photo of your pet along with a specific issue or concern that needs to be addressed I will then talk with your pet by connecting with them through a heart to heart connection or from one spirit to another and together we will discover the underlying causes of their issue It is helpful to me that as much information as possible be given regarding the matter For example the age breed sex and specific markings of the animal Ask a precise question and let me know how long the issue has been going on or when it first started One case will be chosen to appear in each of the upcoming issues of True Blue Spirit I look forward to assisting you and your pets to live a happier healthier life together To submit your pet for a reading send your pet details as noted above your question and a photo By mail Attention Stephanie True Blue Spirit PO Box 17 Gabriola Island BC V0R 1X0 By email Publisher truebluespirit com Attention Stephanie in subject line STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 35

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What is an Aura by Susanne Murphy T he aura is a reflection of our personal electromagnetic field This part of our electromagnetic energy field is a projection of the vibratory rates emitted by our body including our brain waves our thoughts making our aura a part of our personality Our aura displays thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level showing the energies of not only our physical condition but also our psychological condition Every thought is a wavelength of energy that vibrates through the neurotransmitters in your body either programming its memory cells or activating a previous program An example would be if you have experienced a negative situation that made you hold your breath in fear or anxiety Later every time you re live a similar incident your body cells react automatically and you unconsciously hold your breath Imagine the effect on your body after several years of experiencing similar feelings of fear and anxiety How the energy in your body is conditioned can produce a long term effect which can eventually cause an organ to stop operating at its normal vibration If we have been unconsciously allowing the energy in specific body parts to stagnate due to lack of understanding of our body dynamics and the connection of our thoughts to our physical welfare the energy our body emits may not resonate at its full potential or frequency level and can be seen or measured at a lesser vibratory rate This connection of the mind and body can be seen displayed by the colours in our energy field and in the vitality of our organs This is the science of Colour Bioenergetics and the principles that Colour Energy teaches When there is an emotional mental or physical problem there is an imbalance in our body We need to rearrange the atoms and electrons that are out of order in our body s cells By working with a positive life force we can bring about whatever changes we wish and in turn produce balanced organs aura and chakra energy The colours in the colour spectrum explain the different qualities and attributes of a person Each 36 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 colour has its own intelligence Colours indicate if we are using the mental physical emotional or spiritual energy in our present condition If a person has only a few colours showing in their energy field it generally means that they may not be using their full potential Likewise too many colours can be disturbing to the whole It can be easy to learn and understand yourself through your own personal colours This insight can instantly cause a reaction on multiple levels of your being which include releasing blockages and allowing previously restricted energy to flow more freely In turn the colours in the aura vibrate clearer and cleaner with more positivity The most common source of negative thoughts is from your own limiting beliefs A limiting belief is a repetitive thought that blocks your natural energy flow Your behaviour is a result of the thoughts that precede it Negative thoughts send out distorted vibrations For example phrases such as I hate myself for being like this or I have to work hard for my money sends out the wrong vibrations These types of repetitive negative thought forms stop you from achieving what you want Other examples of limiting beliefs are I can t do that or I don t deserve it I will gain weight if I stop smoking I am unable to lose weight You only get one chance in a lifetime Nobody gives me anything There is always a catch All the nice ones are taken Similarly when you think things like I always get sick or I have a disease such as SAD cancer etc you put energy into these thoughts and then attract energy patterns on the same frequency The best thing about thoughts is that you can change them This is why positive affirmations are powerful Most affirmations however tend not to work because the Law of Attraction does not just respond to words It also responds to feelings

Page 37

SUSANNE MURPHY Senior Colour Consultant at Colour Energy is a Colour Therapist who educates people on the power of colour Certified in Aura Counselling and Medical Intuition from the German International Aura School Susanne is also a Crystal Light Therapist and a Zenith practitioner Incorporating the science of colour with the personality is a passion of hers Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 37

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Healthy Body Healthy Spirit PQQ and Acetyl L Carnitine Preserv by Dr Lee Know 38 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6

Page 39

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit ving Cognitive Health T here has been a wave of media and public attention surrounding dementia and Alzheimer s disease in the past year or so and the awareness continues to skyrocket as our population grows older While moderate intensity aerobic walking and resistance lifting weights exercises continue to be the ultimate therapy for preserving memory and cognitive function there is lots of interest around nutrition and supplementation Thankfully there are a few gems that sparkle with fairly good evidence The nutrient with the best research is acetyl L carnitine ALC ALC is a specific form of L carnitine and the only form that can cross the blood brain barrier Its purpose is to help supply energy to the brain cells which need a constant supply of energy at the cellular level but it also helps to form the neurotransmitter responsible for memory acetylcholine Further it s involved in the cells wasteremoval system so helps to keep toxic compounds from building up and causing damage ALC has been shown to be great in treating all sorts of brain related disorders but a lot of its therapeutic uses revolve around autism and dementia Alzheimer s In fact strong evidence shows that it can slow the progression of Alzheimer s improve memory and other functional symptoms of dementia However the newest and most exciting nutrient in the fight against cognitive decline would have to be pyrroloquinoline quinone PQQ This fascinating and relatively unknown nutrient could be classified as the newest vitamin it would fall under the B class of vitamins Vitamins by definition are essential to our health and must be obtained from the diet since we cannot make them ourselves Thankfully PQQ is found extensively throughout the plant and animal kingdoms but at extremely small levels 0 01 2 mg day However studies are showing that at therapeutic dosages 20 mg day PQQ can have some profound benefits to the brain nervous system and cognition Studies suggest that PQQ may effectively protect nerve cells from damage and death while also enhancing the synthesis of nerve growth factor NGF a key protein involved in the growth and survival of nerve cells The end result of this is more connections between brain cells called synapses which translates to better memory and plasticity the ability to learn and adapt to new things In human studies on cognition PQQ was shown to improve various aspects critical to mental functioning including attention information identification processing ability short term memory and spatial awareness Proper sleep is also critical for mental health and PQQ has been shown to improve sleep onset maintenance and duration as well as fatigue on waking depression and anxiety Lastly studies show that PQQ works best when taken in combination with CoQ10 Therefore in order to realize the full potential of PQQ consider complementing it with CoQ10 choose the product with the highest absorption possible absorption being the main limiting factor with CoQ10 supplements Alzheimer s is one of the most feared diseases of old age and the feverish pace of research will continue to unlock promising nutritional therapies Even though I would love to see many on a combination of the three nutrients just discussed just remember that prevention is best and these supplements don t replace a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise LEE KNOW ND has held positions as a medical advisor scientific evaluator and director of R D for major organizations Visit and subscribe to www KnowGuff com to be entertained with the latest in health and nutrition research Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 39

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Worthwhile Reading Written in Stone by Richard Cassaro The title of this book is very important as this is the secret to the preservation of a lost religion known as a secret society In structures around the world their designs encompassed the secret of the Free Masons These secrets were even encompassed in the structures of the very churches that would persecute them without their knowledge In this way the code of the Masonic Religion was passed on through centuries to be decoded by future Masons Very well written and the most educational documentation of the Masons I have yet to read These secrets and the knowledge they contain could very well change your life ALLEN ENGST never travels far without a book in his pocket As a helicopter pilot and avid sailor books are his constant companion Spirit of Music Feeling Good Today by Snatam Kaur Snatam Kaur s Feeling Good Today offers mantras and musical inspirations for children of all ages Families will love the universal messages and positive affirmations woven through this uplifting music These songs have been sung around the globe in Snatam Kaur s children s yoga workshops A wonderful alternative to mainstream pop and the Barney circuit The music features Snatam Kaur s enchanting vocals Guru Ganesha s Singh s upbeat guitar melodies and rhythms Ram Dass passionate clarinet Thomas Barquee s bass and keyboards and the playful vocals of an angelic children s choir MARK BELANGER is from Montreal He has called Nanaimo his home for the past 16 years and is involved in music circles on Vancouver Island as a rhythm guitarist he has a keen ear and enjoys many genres of music Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 41

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Dear Dena by Dena Blatt D ear Dena I crave to have my own personal time and space but it seems I have to have someone to look after in order for me to keep grounded I was told that I should be in home care after the last few months of care giving but I said it has to be someone I love for me to take care of them I never wanted to be a nurse like my Mom would ve liked to be I need to grow spiritually now but was told I m around too much negativity Thank you Darlene Female 66 Dear Darlene I wonder why a person with your obvious education and maturity small well spelled writing balanced upper lower and middle zones intelligence analytical and investigative mind with angular and rounded m and n confidence and determination high t bars and straight down strokes on y and g as well as dependability and reliability balance and rhythm on page spacing between letters words and lines high school teacher psychologist medical researcher or some kind of administrator perhaps in younger years I wonder why you are so emotionally up and down wavy baseline that you have to have 42 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6 Note letter has been reduced in size by 60 and last name has been removed to respect writer s privacy

Page 43

someone to look after to keep grounded Is it because of your spiritual search pointed l and pointed I or something else If I understand you correctly the work is also to pay for food and a roof over your head However you have free will you don t have to do anything Note that the words have to fall suddenly at the thought By saying instead that you choose to do it for the pay off room and board or whatever work becomes lighter easier less unpleasant You may even hear and appreciate the full interesting lives your patients have had But unless you change your attitude about it I would advise you against working with home care patients There are so many other kinds of work you could do At the present time you are not suited for nursing anybody A patient would sense your resentment or chip on the shoulder a feeling of having been imposed upon and not appreciated which shows itself in 30 inflexible beginning strokes most noticeably in the words crave time space someone love would ve and spiritually where they all begin below the line meaning the resentment common in generous and giving people like you long endings to words has been carried over from childhood Also feelings of having been rejected or rejecting someone close lower loop on f in for in 6th line swings left below the baseline with some defiance buckle on k and anger temper tic T in Thank only lessen emotional stability Could the fact that you capitalize Mom strong influence with a temper tic anger towards your mother and the last hump of the m curved making a large acquisitive hook have something to do with your resentment Note the N in your last name is different showing a sense of humor curved beginning stroke strong resentment strong stubbornness wide wedge spiritual searching high pointed hump and strong determination long straight down stroke with ending hook But what is most important is the resentment stroke you drew across it you are sabotaging yourself getting yourself into unrewarding situations in other words you are your own worst enemy You have procrastinated t bar to left of stem on fulfilling your dreams t bar floating above stem vacillating between optimism rising lines and pessimism I love drops suddenly between enthusiastic confidence high long t bars and a tendency to give up concave t bar in time and it For your psychological and spiritual health you need to learn compassion for your mother or whoever so that you can forgive and let go of resentment you can then go on using freed energy to do what you love to do want to do instead of what you think you have to do Write Dear Dena in script on unlined paper using your usual pen black ink only If you naturally print send both printed and script Your letter can be about anything as long as it s about your issues or your relationship to somebody or something You must ask a specific and sincere question which requires more than a yes or no answer Keep it short and to the point Dena will answer in light of what she sees in your handwriting Please no fortune telling requests she cannot foretell the future Include your age and sex on the paper because neither are discernable from handwriting On the other side of the letter put your e mail address in case Dena needs another sample or has to contact you When submitting a letter to Dear Dena mail your letter to True Blue Spirit Magazine PO Box 17 Gabriola Island BC V0R 1X0 Attention of Dena Blatt DENA BLATT an International Graphoanalysis Society certified graphoanalyst since 1974 lectures and teaches graphoanalysis An accomplished businesswoman author and grandmother of four Dena is also a consultant for personality assessment couple compatibility career guidance personnel selection and forgery determination www denawrites com Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 43

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Chinese Lunar Astrology Chinese Lunar Astrology Year of the Snake February 10 2013 to January 30 2014 Personality by Debbi Coleen Rat 1912 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 Rat and Snake are both somewhat secretive in addition to possessing much wisdom giving Rat a fairly comfortable year Rat recognizes the foibles of human nature for the most part accepting people s imperfections a useful trait since Rat will likely enjoy a year of socializing Ox 1913 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 Ox is used to straining to push or pull pitting bullish strength against opposition new fangled fandangos old fashioned malarkey and the like This year Ox can create a new equilibrium with Snake contributing calmness and wisdom to give Ox a break from stress Tiger 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 Tiger experiences flashes of brilliance coupled with the capacity to incorporate them into successful business methods Although this personality style may be challenging for others to adjust to or even appreciate charismatic Tiger can dissipate much resistance by initiating resilient relationships with colleagues Rabbit 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 Rabbit will really enjoy Snake s savvy and sophisticated style this year especially in social situations Dress up and paint the town red This is a great year to have fun and success Just watch out for legal issues 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6

Page 45

Chinese Lunar Astrology Dragon 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 Dragon will benefit by keeping the home fires burning brightly Strong balanced relationships will flourish and others will either transform or dissolve Dragon s capacity for generosity and affection will be appreciated by loved ones Dragon s ability to work hard will also be indispensible in Snake year Snake 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 Snake is enticed from secretiveness into more open sharing through the encouragement of successful communal endeavors Now is the time to move beyond cautious protective habits into creative cooperation aimed at community goals and more universal potentials Horse 1918 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 Spirited and sociable Horse enjoys life s finer things as does Snake Horse also requires a lot of freedom especially in youth In maturity though stability looks better and better and Snake energy encourages long term choices with more secure prospects Sheep 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 Snake energy encourages Sheep into more self directed behaviors This year Sheep may be surprised to have more assertive and determined energy to deliberately move towards a more fulfilling life As Sheep moves forward doors will magically open into opportunities to claim longedfor dreams Monkey 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 Clever Monkey has a successful year ahead Wait and see skills are a helpful necessary effect with Monkey allowing situations to unfold without interference or the illusion of control Snake year creates what Dragon year imagined so the incredible and unbelievable can actually come to pass Rooster 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 Exact measures may be hard to calculate this year with such higher vibration energy affecting planet Earth Rooster may feel confused as value systems undergo radical changes Rooster may notice the tiny details that presage long term shifts in perspective before others begin to pay attention Andrey Zyk Fotolia com Dog 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 This is a great year for Dog to enjoy the pleasures of family and friends while carefully handling business to ensure that loved ones feel loved and work gets done Hmm how about finding ways to have both simultaneously Working from home and or creating a family business is definitely possible this year Pig 1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 Easygoing charming affectionate Pig may find life more stressful this year Relationship issues work complications home repairs and the like may infringe on time and funds previously devoted to hobbies play and leisure This year may be more about increased responsibilities and creating an organized foundation for future expansion DEBBI COLEEN has been reading with Tarot Cards Astrology Charts Numerology Grids and other methods for over 20 years She is available to help seekers clarify emotional and spiritual issues as they discover their healing gifts and Life Purpose She manages a Wellness Centre in Langley BC with her husband an Acupuncturist askdebbicoleen shaw ca Volume 5 Issue 6 True Blue Spirit 45

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Oracle Oracle Answers to Questions by Liberty Harakas What will happen to our political leadership in Canada in the next three years The intuitive writing is on the wall Outraged people voice their protest and topple existing leaders to make way for those who have a greater focus on the environment and social programs Support for local business balanced with global trade will bring prosperity to our country in ways that are based on respect for our natural resources Our next federal leader will make massive changes to our policies for domestic and foreign interests education natural resources and criminal justice system Shaving the administration budgets and applying resources to program delivery will be key to increasing services to our communities Provinces will have more autonomy to conduct their affairs based on the specific needs of their area Sixty percent of our current leadership will change throughout the country What can we expect as we experience this time of uncertainty and healing of our planet The views of many are shifting as our leaders fail to guide their people We are witnessing unrest and rebellion by many who are seeking justice and their inherent rights Through visions of hope and a kinder more balanced existence we will be part of a transformation to cleaner safer forms of gathering energy Within the next three years a commitment to solar power on a massive scale will be one of the answers to healing our planet An ending although abrupt and disruptive of outdated systems will give birth to alternative thought that paves the way for generations to come The vibration of the divine feminine is resonating and affecting how we think and see things Collectively we are impacting trends and manifesting a renaissance As we witness the collapse of these archaic systems in our communities and beyond our focus will remain on the goal of healing Just when we think it can t get any worse a catalyst will force change and bring about a massive transformation Hold on to the vision of a compassionate and kinder existence LIBERTY HARAKAS has been an intuitive counsellor and reader for over 30 years Liberty opened Lobelia s Lair Metaphysical Treasures in 2001 Liberty also offers private instruction on the intuitive arts including tarot card reading 46 True Blue Spirit Volume 5 Issue 6

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