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Santorini Final FInal

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G RE E C E 20 1 9

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Athens Paros and Santorini SEPTEMBER 2019

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Cheers to 50

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Rooftop breakfast at the Electra Metropolis with Acropolis views

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Touring Athens and the Acropolis with our amazing guide Theano

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New Acropolis Museum

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Paros one of the Cyclades Islands is located in the Aegean Sea The peaceful and tranquil Paros Agnanti Resort on Krios Beach

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Kicking off our first night on Paros at the historical and delicious Levantis Restaurant where we dined in its courtyard garden shaded by a two hundred year old grape vine

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Parikia Port

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Enjoying traditional Greek fare at Ephessus right on the beach in Parikia

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Exploring the Church of Ekatontapiliani The Church of a Hundred Doors This imposing church of the Cycladic Islands and one of the most important in Greece is approximately 1600 years old

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Wandering around the quaint and charming town of Parikia the capitol of Paros Parikia is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys small hidden churches and whitewashed stone Cycladic houses

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We spent the day exploring the island of Paros and enjoyed the morning lounging at this small and secluded beach

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Located on the northeastern coast of Paros is the little fishing shelter Naoussa The picturesque port is full of fishing boats and the narrow streets wind through the village

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Lefkes the most mountainous village of Paros offers breathtaking views of the nearby hills windmills and the distant sea

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Farewell Paros a gem of the Cyclades

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And then you go to a place that stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder how you got so lucky just to be there As our ferry entered the foggy caldera and we caught my first glimpses of Santorini we knew it would be one of those places

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The spectacular Katikies Hotel in Oia offers awe inspiring views of the caldera and the azure sea The sublime Santorini sunsets and perfectly manicured pink bougainvilleas provide the magnificent backdrop for this perennially gleaming glistening white hotel that spills down the cliffs of the magical Caldera

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Wine Tasting cliffside at Kirini Katikies sister property

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Enjoying our first night over Greek cuisine at Mikrasi

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The colors of Oia

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Oia is a traditional village with charming houses in narrow streets blue domed churches and sun bathed verandas

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Loving everything about Santorini

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Under the red cliffs of Oia is the idyllic Ammoudi Bay where the sunsets are breath taking

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Dinner at Sunset Taverna a warm and welcoming place at the edge of the bay Paraskevas once an avid fisherman took his love of fish and flavors and opened this special spot as the first taverna in Ammoudi Still today its a favorite amongst the locals and visitors

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We spent a magnificent day sailing around the Aegean Sea on our own private boat exploring the coast of Santorini the island of Thirassia and the Crater We took in the beautiful sites and swam in crystal clear waters

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Bottoms Up

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Can t beat this lunchtime view

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Candlelight dinner at Ambrosia on our final night in Oia

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Farewell Greece Until next time

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