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Mark McMillin, Chairman
Ricky Johnson and Jim Beaver, Masters of Ceremony
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Jim Bramham Johnny Campbell Mark McMillin
Robbie Pierce Ed Robinson Cameron Steele
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Dear Partners and Friends,
On behalf of the ORMHOF board of directors, it is my honor to welcome you to the 2018 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Induction and Awards
Ceremony presented by Ford.
It has been an exciting year for the Hall of Fame. Thanks to the support of our industry partners, industry members, and donors, we have been
able to make great progress on many programs and projects that help to celebrate the sport of off-road. To those of you who have contributed to
our mission, you have my sincere thanks.
Here are a few ORMHOF highlights, made possible by the nancial support of our industry partners, individual members, and donors:
The rst year of the Dusty Times Magazine archives from 1984 is now available online in a searchable digital format.
• With a special thanks to the Herbst family and Nick Tsunis, our display of vintage off-road vehicles at Terrible’s Casino in Jean, Nevada has
been expanded with new vehicles, digital signage, and cases to display off-road memorabilia.
• ORMHOF gave back, sending our largest donations ever to support land use organizations, San Diego Off-Road Coalition and California Off-
Road Vehicle Association.
• We have begun to digitize the Judy Smith Collection of vintage off-road photographs, painstakingly scanning boxes of 35mm negatives.
• The ORMHOF Parnelli Jones Class 8 truck has been shipped across country, from our display in Jean, Nevada, to the Motorsports Hall of Fame
of America at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. This goodwill mission will expose more than 100,000 visitors to
the sport of off-road and the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
• We’ve expanded our reach online, with increased content on our website and social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we’ve
also added to our YouTube, digitizing footage from the pallet of tapes donated by Clubhouse Video.
• ORMHOF was on the road to more than a dozen events this year, supporting off-road, short course, rock sports, dune buggy, sand rail,
recreational, and overlanding events around the country.
And of course, to tonight’s festivities…The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is committed to fulll our mission to recognize those individuals
and organizations whose lifelong contributions to off-road motorsports have set a standard for others to follow. After tonight’s Induction
Ceremony, there will be 93 inductees of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
I would like to thank my fellow board members for your support. It is a pleasure working with you. I would also like to thank Jenn Hellstrom and
Danielle Welch for organizing tonight’s event, and thank Barbara Rainey, ORMHOF’s executive administrator. And a very special thank you to my
wife. I love you, C’Ann.
This is my personal invitation to everyone in the off-road community to get involved in your Hall of Fame: Join, partner, or donate today.
We have much to celebrate tonight. Let’s get this party started!
Mark McMillin
Chairman of the Board
Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson is an inductee of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame of America and
AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. He is one of the most honored Motocross and
Supercross athletes of all time. Moving to off-road, Johnson was the SCORE
Rookie of the Year in 1993, and won the Baja 500 racing in class 8 from ‘93-’95.
In 1997, Ricky took home his rst Baja 1000 victory, winning again in 2003. Ricky
also raced short course, where he won the TORC Series Pro 2 Championship in
2010. In 2012, he won the Pro 4x4 World Championship and the Crandon World
Cup. He was also part of Red Bull Frozen Rush, not only as a creator, but as well
as a competitor, and won the 2014 inaugural year. He regularly announces and
hosts motorsports competitions and television events.
Jim Beaver
Jim Beaver is a 3rd generation racer who currently races Trick Truck and Pro
Turbo UTV in desert racing. He is also the creator of the RZR Star Car that has
celebrities team with him in desert races, while exposing them to off-road
culture, and helping grow the sport. He’s been instrumental in bringing off-road
to the masses through the Down & Dirty Radio Show. The #1 ranked motorsports
radio show in the country online, it also airs on 200 AM/FM networks in the United
States, and 500 networks in 177 countries on the American Forces Network
globally. In addition to hosting radio, he is currently serving as the television host
of the Lucas Oil Midwest Shortcourse League and Crandon World Cup, television
host of the Terracross Championship, and in the past has served as the voice of
Rally America, Red Bull Global Rallycross, the X Games Snowbike Qualiers, the
Mint 400, and UTV World Championship.
We are excited for Ricky and Jim to join us this year in hosting the
2018 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Ceremony.
Off-road racing has a rich history, and so does the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. In 1967, Ed Pearlman
formed the rst recognized sanctioning body dedicated exclusively to off-road racing The National Off-Road
Racing Association (NORRA). The inaugural event produced by NORRA was the Mexican 1000, soon to become the
legendary Baja 1000.
After Pearlman stepped back from the role of off-road racing promotion, he dedicated his energy to recognizing
and honoring those who had greatly contributed to the sport. In January 1978, at the annual Off-Road Equipment
Association (OREA) banquet, he inducted the rst 16-members which included Parnelli Jones, Steve McQueen,
James Garner, and Don Francisco. Pearlman introduced a second group of ve inductees in 1980. Despite
Pearlman’s noble attempts to properly honor the sport and its inductees, he was unsuccessful in nding a credible
permanent home for ORMHOF.
Enter Rod Hall In 1995, racing legend Rod Hall acquired the remaining assets and name rights of NORRA.
Sifting through the boxes containing Pearlman’s records, and the memorabilia accumulated over the nearly thirty
years since NORRA was formed; he came across the remnants of Pearlman’s efforts to establish an Off-Road
Motorsports Hall of Fame. Hall, intrigued by the historical signicance of such a nd, set out to bring Pearlman’s
vision to reality. Rod brought together a strong board of directors and advisors with a clear mission to promote the
sport of off-road through the preservation of its rich history and traditions.
The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and honor those individuals
and organizations whose lifelong contributions to off-road motorsports set a standard for others to follow.
All of the nominees must have had at least fteen years’ experience and involvement in off-road motorsports.
The nominees must have built, designed, driven, maintained, owned, prepared, piloted, promoted, ridden, or
supported an off-road vehicle. They are characterized by their desire to win, the mastery of their eld, and their
courage to innovate.
Each of the inductees has made a signicant contribution to off-road motorsports in at least one of the following
Includes Motorcycles, and ATV’s, off-road racing, Rally, Rock Sports, and Sand Sports
Includes Four Wheeling, Motorcycles and ATV’s
Includes Advocate, Industry, and Journalism
The Board of Directors and Voting Committee encourage off-road enthusiasts to nominate individuals for
induction into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. There are many dedicated and accomplished people
who deserve to be nominated.
For more information, visit or email
Prestige of the Sport
Growth of the Sport
“A Walking Encyclopedia” and “Historian Supreme” of institutional OHV knowledge
is how one of many letters of recommendation for Jim Bramham refers to this Class
of 2018 inductee.
Jim was inducted in the Pioneer - Advocate category, in recognition of his more than
thirty years of off-road advocacy work, from his early years as a volunteer to the
presidency of the California Four Wheel Drive Association (Cal4Wheel), and
many roles in between.
During his decades long relationship with Cal4Wheel, that continues to this day,
Jim has served the Association as event chair, board of directors’ member, and
natural resource consultant. Throughout his long history of event leadership and
participation, he has helped the organization earn hundreds of thousands of dollars
to fund legislative and land-use outreach at every level. His presidency pushed the
organization to the forefront of both state and national recognition and respect.
Jim’s vision for Cal4Wheel included a permanent facility that could be used for an
ofce, meeting space, event equipment storage, and association gatherings. To
that end, Jim located and negotiated for the building and property that houses the
organization and offers meeting space for like-minded groups and functions.
As the rst person to represent Cal4Wheel at The SEMA Show, Jim worked to
gain acceptance for the 4 -Wheel Drive community in the mainstream automotive
industry. Jim was also instrumental with Cal4Wheel and other associations in the
creation of the North American Motorized Recreation Council.
Jim’s leadership abilities and knowledge led to his appointment as a commissioner
on the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission in 1996, where
he served for four years. He helped organize ‘free days’ at State Vehicle Recreation
Areas that highlighted local partnerships and responsible recreation. An advocate
for safety and education, Jim’s leadership guided State Parks to include four-wheel
drive safety and education training areas at a majority of its facilities, many offering
driver certication classes conducted by Cal4Wheel volunteers.
Seeing the need for a grassroots element, Jim was extremely active in the creation
of Friends of Oceano Dunes. Jim worked on this issue at the Park, with the county,
at the California state capital, and before the Coastal Commission. The early
framework that Jim helped create has led to maintaining OHV recreation in one of
the most contentious environments possible. Noting the success of the Friends of
Oceano, Jim continued the ‘Friends of’ effort with the creation of Friends of Sand
Mountain. This grassroots organization was pivotal in keeping OHV recreation
access open at this popular Nevada sand destination.
Environmental pressures on the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (aka Glamis)
and Dumont Dunes Recreation Area led to court mandated closure of hundreds of
acres of dunes to OHV use. Jim was involved in studies that were initiated that
used scientic data to support the reversal of the closures by the judicial system,
allowing the dunes to be reopened to OHV use.
Jim created a memorandum of understanding between State Parks and the Bureau
of Land Management that created Technical Review Teams (TRT), which became
the conduit for visitor input and representation on critical management decisions.
The TRTs were recognized all the way to Washington DC as a success story in
public land management. Jim served on the TRTs for more than 15 years.
Jim knew that the ‘’Duner” was the one of the least organized and most under
represented public land users in California. He worked to provide the group with a
voice, credibility, and a conduit for action through creation of the American Sand
Association, where he continues as a board member to this day.
Working as a guide, Jim is a sought after leader who has conducted tours enjoyed
by international, national, and local individuals and groups. He has led an untold
number of historic and SUV-oriented trips throughout the west. His passion has
always been to share the sport he loves with others. Jim concentrates on bringing
his knowledge of outdoors, love of history and mechanical experience to many
rst-timers and interested veterans of the sport.
Land Use Advocate
Champion dirt bike rider and team owner
A record 11 SCORE Baja 1000 titles and an incredible 17 Baja 1000 wins
in a row are just two of a long list of impressive statistics that solidify
Johnny Campbell’s rightful place in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of
Johnny is the son of a hard working father, John Campbell Sr, who ran
a grading business in San Clemente, California. John enjoyed racing on
the weekends, and although he passed away when Johnny was still a
teenager, his legacy of hard work and love for racing shaped the man
and champion his son would become.
In 1989 Baja came calling. Johnny pre-ran the Baja 1000 with Craig
Adams, on a borrowed XR350. The next year he entered his rst race,
the San Felipe 250. In 1991, Johnny teamed up with champion Baja
racer and Honda factory rider Bruce Ogilvie. “It started as pit support
and small conversations, and he saw some raw talent in me; a guy
who was young and hungry to win with some desire. Bruce called me
in 1992 and asked me to ride his Honda XR600 and we nished second
overall that year at the SCORE Baja 1000.”
The relationship with Ogilvie and Honda shaped Johnny’s career for
decades to come, leading to an impressive list of championships and
major wins.
In 2001, Johnny nished 8th overall (1st privateer) at the Paris-to-
Dakar Rally. He has returned to Dakar as a navigator for Robby Gordon.
The duo won three stages at Dakar in 2012.
Johnny is recognized as one of the industry’s top development riders.
He played a signicant role in the development of Honda’s XR600,
XR650, CRF450X and CRF450RX. He also worked for HGA (Honda Japan)
in the development of the CRF450 Rally machine. His mark is on many
products, including apparel, soft, and hard parts.
In 2008, Johnny launched Team JCR/Honda with the blessing of Bruce
Ogilvie and Honda. Johnny recruited the most talented off-road riders,
and together, they crushed the competition. Throughout the years, Team
JCR/Honda has amassed a record setting 17 Baja 1000 championships,
a feat that will undoubtedly be in the record books for some time.
Johnny’s impact on Baja reaches far beyond his incredible race career,
through his support of children and orphanages in many communities
south of the border.
Humility and leadership on and off the bike add to Johnny’s reputation as
a champion. He gladly shares his opinions on bike set up, race strategy
and life. He is driven by more than championships; his fuel comes from
the opportunity to make the next generation of racers faster, safer and
Building a dynasty like Johnny did for Honda is not a solo endeavor, and
this humble champion is the rst to give credit to his mentor, the late
Bruce Ogilvie, as well as the many people who are lucky enough to call
him a friend, teammate or boss.
Johnny Campbell is often referred to as THE True Champion because of
the life he leads on and off the bike.
Johnny Campbell, Dave Ekins and Roger DeCoster
The ASA is proud and honored
to have one of our own
inducted into the
O-Road Motorsports
Hall of Fame
Cal4Wheel congratulates
Jim Bramham
on his induction to the
Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame
Jackson salutes the 2018 inductees to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
You helped blaze the trail for the off-road industry. Thank you.
Jim Bramham | Johnny Campbell | Mark McMillin | Robbie Pierce
Ed Robinson | Cameron Steele
Proud provider of marketing and event programs
to the off-road and motorsports industry.
The ASA is proud and honored
to have one of our own
inducted into the
O-Road Motorsports
Hall of Fame
Mark joins his late father Corky as the rst father and son to be inducted in the Off-
Road Hall of Fame, a tting tribute to the family behind the off-road dynasty that is
the Big Blue M.
As part of one of the most storied and successful teams in off-road racing history,
Mark’s passion for supporting the industry, for victory, and for setting the highest bar
possible while still making sure he and all around him are having the time of their
lives doing it is a Hall of Fame worthy achievement. This ve-time Baja 1000 overall
champion enjoyed considerable success behind the wheel, but his real story extends
far beyond being a great race car driver.
Mark started his race career more than 40 years ago, driving a borrowed Class 9
car at the 1976 SCORE Baja 1000, a race he would dominate in the 1980s, with a
remarkable ve overall victories, in 1981, 1983, 1984, 1986 and 1988. Baja was, and
continues to be, Mark’s favorite place to race. He also has wins to his credit south
of the border at the SCORE Baja 500, SCORE San Felipe 250, and the NORRA Mexican
1000, where he brought his famous “Macadu” Chenowth-Porsche out of retirement
for the inaugural event in 2010. That commitment helped inuence a great number of
other racers to join the vintage off-road movement and create what today is known
as “The Happiest Race on Earth.”
Mark also had success as a racer in the United States, with many overall and class
victories, including an overall win at The Great American Off-Road Race, The Mint
400, in 1988.
At the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000, Mark received his third prestigious BILSTEIN
Madonna Award. The Madonna award is given to “an individual who wins a
championship in a major American racing series, displays sportsmanship and
positive character traits on and off the track, and possesses an intense desire to win
while overcoming adversities.”
The Big Blue M of McMillin Racing has been synonymous with off-road racing for
ve decades. Three generations of McMillins, including Mark’s late father Corky
(also a Hall of Fame Inductee), Mark’s brother Scott, Mark’s niece Jessica, neph-
ew Andy, and sons Dan and Luke, have campaigned more than 40 race vehicles
and competed in over 300 races, with more than 700 race entries, resulting in
more than 250 class podium victories. The McMillins have combined for more
than 100 race victories and 50 overall titles. The McMillin Racing history is me-
ticulously documented and cataloged in one of the largest private collections of
off-road racing memorabilia, publications, maps, and history in the sport. Much
of this historic collection is documented in the book, “Big Blue M: The McMillin
Racing Story” published in 2015, co-authored by Mark and fellow Hall of Fame
inductee Marty Fiolka.
Mark’s success in off-road is balanced by a highly successful business career. A
graduate of San Diego State University (SDSU), Mark is president of The McMillin
Companies, his family’s San Diego based real estate rm. Mark was just 14 when
he started working for his father, sweeping up construction debris at a job site.
He worked his way through almost every job in the company. When Mark entered
college, he wanted to enroll in a construction program, but SDSU didn’t have one.
In fact, such a program didn’t exist in the whole state of California. In true Mark
McMillin fashion, he worked to provide a solution, and today is the driving force
behind the Construction Engineering and Management Program at SDSU’s College
of Engineering.
Mark has been married to his wife C’Ann for 31 years. They have three children,
Dan, Macy, and Luke. Inspired by his daughter Macy, Mark is also a long-time
member of the board of directors of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of
San Diego. Another one of Mark’s many philanthropic pursuits is his support of
the SDSU Baja Engineering Team, a program that encourages college level stu-
dents to pursue engineering excellence through building and racing off-road
vehicles for collegiate competitions hosted by the Society of Automotive
Mark is a past president of the Building Industry Association (BIA) of San Diego
County a position also held by his late father Corky, and has served on the associ-
ation’s board of directors. He also served on the California Major Builders Council
for the California Building Industry Association and on the board of directors for
the National Association of Homebuilders. In 1996, the BIA named Mark McMillin
as their Industry Professional of the Year. Mark was inducted into the California
Home Building Hall of Fame in 2008. Also in 2008, then-California governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger appointed Mark to a four-year term on the California Off-High-
way Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission. Mark is proud to have been able to
represent the off-road community at the state level.
Desert Racing Legend
They say that nice guys nish last, but nothing could be further from the
truth when it comes to Robbie Pierce. He has combined his competitive
spirit for racing with his experience as a pioneer in vehicle safety to create
a win-win for the off-road community.
Even when he isn’t the rst racer across the nish line, Robbie still wins
by gaining valuable rst-hand knowledge about the tment and durability
of his products, using that knowledge to develop new and better products.
With a reputation for being able to weld anything and everything while
adhering to the most painstaking tolerances, Robbie has impressive
resume that includes numerous aerospace assignments. He humbly
admits to having ‘just a few’ of his welding projects currently in orbit,
circling the planet Earth.
Back down to Earth, Robbie developed the mass production method for
welding titanium golf club heads, revolutionizing the golf industry. It was
Robbie’s passion for keeping off-road racers safe, however, that would
dene his career and his legacy.
Robbie became CEO of MasterCraft Safety in 1999 and expanded the
business with the purchase of Impact from safety pioneer Bill Simpson
in 2010. When Robbie took over the reins at MasterCraft Safety he had
already been doing fabrication work on their seat frames for nearly fteen
years in his San Diego based aerospace welding and machine shop.
“Honestly, at the time it never occurred to me to purchase MasterCraft,
even though in hindsight it seems so obvious. I had always thought of
myself as a specialty metals and aerospace welder and that was the path
I had always taken,” said Robbie. “The seat frames were always the extra
business and it was nice to have but it was the specialty welding that paid
the bills,” he added.
Many safety product innovations in the off-road industry have been
developed, rened and expanded under Robbie’s leadership, from helmets
and restraints, to driving suits and gloves. His seat time in the race truck led to
such innovative products as the Impact Air Draft system, with a unique offset
air port designed to clear overhead tube work inside the vehicle.
Robbie sold Impact by MasterCraft Safety to the Italian rm Sparco in 2017.
Less than a year later, Robbie announced his acquisition of Jimco Racing,
a successful manufacturer of off-road racing vehicles. Jimco’s talented
craftsmen have built and developed more than 500 race cars, trucks and UTVs
leading to hundreds of victories and championships around the world.
“I feel like I’ve come full circle,” Robbie said, referring to his recent purchase
of Jimco Racing. Robbie purchased Jimco from Mike Julson’s step-son, Matt
Loiodice. Mike’s father Jim founded Jimco in the mid-1970s. Mike had this to
say about Robbie’s purchase of Jimco Racing:
“My dream is that in ten years I can walk through The Mint 400 or Baja 1000
pits and still see the Jimco brand still going strong. This is the right move at
the right have to be a powerhouse – or you will be a memory.”
Jimco has a good opportunity to be that powerhouse under Robbie’s direction.
With more than 40 years of hands on fabrication knowledge, race experience,
and leadership skills, Robbie is one of the most respected – and well liked
– members of the off-road community.
Robbie has donated and sponsored safety products to many edgling racers,
pit organizations, series and sanctioning bodies over the years, and has
been a tremendous resource and advocate for safer racing practices. He has
quietly donated his time and money to orphanages in Baja, and nancially
supports Rancho Sordo Mundo, a school for the deaf in Baja. Partnering
with BFGoodrich and fellow racer Gustavo Vildosola, Robbie organized the
transport of essential goods to the people of Baja following hurricanes.
Off-Road Innovator
Micael Gaugan Len Nwman
Mark McMillin
Cameron Steele Jim Bramham
Johnny Campbell
Robbie Pierce Ed Robinson
2 0 1 8 I N D U C T E E S
18-0385P Off Road Mag Hall of Fame Ad.qxp_Layout 1 9/24/18 11:00 AM Page 1
In 1975, Ed Robinson was part of a dune buggy club in northern California’s
Sacramento valley that had no off-road events on their calendar. That same
year, he stepped forward to promote off-road races, founding Valley Off-
Road Racing Association, better known as VORRA. With the help of a local
motocross promoter, Ed put together the rst year of short course races at
venues in Dixon and Plymouth, California. After the rst year, Ed went out
on his own as the sole proprietor running VORRA.
Ed continued to open new venues in northern California each year, including
short course races at Marysville, Baylands Raceway Park in Fremont,
Hollister Hills, Placerville Speedway and Prairie City in Sacramento. Desert
racing became part of the schedule in VORRAs second year, with the rst
event near the tiny town of Weeks in the neighboring state of Nevada. Ed
continued to expand VORRAs desert racing program in Nevada, adding
races in Yerington, Reno, Dayton, Fernley, Fallon, Lovelock, Hawthorne, and
the historic Comstock in Virginia City.
VORRA helped boost the racing careers of many racers, including Sherman
Balch, who went on to race with Factory Nissan; Sam Berri, a successful
Best in the Desert class 1500 racer; Kevin Kroyer, of Kroyer Racing Engines;
and the Moss Brothers, Don and Ken. The iconic Moss Brothers’ Bronco
went on to become one of the winningest vehicles in SCORE racing history,
with more than 30 wins between 2002-2008.
Ed founded VORRA for the working man. Race weekends were set up so
that the racers could maintain their Monday through Friday jobs and not
miss any days of work. The big summer 3-day weekends, Memorial Day
and Labor Day, were always VORRA desert race weekends.
A working man himself, Ed ran VORRA while maintaining a 40-plus hour per
week career in construction, along with raising his son Troy and daughter
Trisha, with his wife Jenny.
Under Ed’s direction, VORRA races were always on time and well organized.
The entry fees were kept as low as possible, so the average person could
afford to race. VORRA was founded on the concept of the Sportsman racer and
continues to offer a Sportsman class for new drivers.
Prior to starting VORRA in 1975, Ed hand-built dune buggies in his garage,
which he used for recreation in both sand and off-road. He competed in a few
events in other series, but never raced a VORRA race himself – he felt it was
a conict of interest to be both a promoter and a racer of the same series.
Ed raced in the 1980 Mint 400 as a driver and co-driver of a Class 3 Jeep,
nishing in 4th place.
Ed ran VORRA for 25 years. He sold the race series in 2000. After retiring from
both his work career and VORRA, Ed spent the next few years volunteering
occasionally with VORRA, as well as with SCORE, Best in the Desert, and
SNORE, doing recovery and operations. Slowing down the past few years due
to health reasons, Ed and Jenny still attend races as their travels permit.
In 2018, VORRA entered its 43rd year, with its 5th owner, still with the primary
goal of providing the every day working man with a fun and safe
environment to enjoy the thrill of off-road competition.
Grassroots race promotor
Long before social media, Cameron Steele was doing social media. He is one of one
of off-road’s early cross over pioneers, sharing his love for desert racing, adventure
travel, and all things Baja with the world outside of the off-road community. Johnny
Campbell calls him “Baja’s biggest ambassador. ” Dan and Luke McMillin call him
“Mr. Baja.” Baja United Group dubbed him the “Baja Game Changer.” Whatever
nickname you give him, no one represents the sport of off-road racing better than
the Desert Assassin himself Cameron Steele.
Cameron’s love for Baja started with family trips in the 1970s. He was just two years
old when he made his rst journey south of the border.
“My future includes a lot of Baja. It’s a magical place,” Cameron said. “Once you race
at Baja, it just gets in your blood. Some kids want to win the Indy 500, but I’ve always
loved Baja. It’s like chasing a dream. Baja just draws you back again and again.”
Cameron is well known for his #16 Desert Assassins Trophy Truck. He chose the
number 16 as an ode to his roots racing limited cars with 1600cc engines. He is
perhaps equally as well known for his Desert Assassins Baja lifestyle events like
‘Rip to Cabo’, ‘Trail of Missions,’ and the ‘Baja Beach Bash’ that he hosts with fellow
2018 inductee Johnny Campbell. The Baja lifestyle events got their start in 2005 with
Cameron’s rst group effort, the ‘We Love Our Wives’ trip.
Cameron came on to the National scene as an announcer in an unlikely fashion. He
had entered the 1998 ESPN X Games Freestyle moto qualier. The promoter didn’t
have an announcer and offered Cameron the job. Cameron had originally planned
on competing but decided to ask how much the announcing job paid. The promoter
replied, “Better than 10th place.” With more than 40 entries in his division, Cameron
assessed the options and chose the announcing job over competing. Later on,
he became the analyst for the same show, and landed his rst TV commentating
position. His second on-air position was the 1999 Summer X Games in San Francisco.
The on-air experience with the X Games led to work with the Lucas Oil Off Road
Racing Series, Supercross, Motocross, IRL and Triple Crown Programming
on ESPN. Cameron was the lead reporter for the Champ Car World Series for
three years. He co-hosted MTV Sports and Music Festival events, and many
other specialties programming shows, working for all the major networks. He
partnered with ABC on the Monster Energy Rip to Cabo presented by Honda, and
Monster Energy Trail of Missions presented by BFGoodrich. Cameron has also
written articles for publications including Dirt Sports and Wide Open. He has a
natural talent for sharing his enthusiasm and excitement for adventure through
varied media sources and social media channels, bringing listeners, readers, and
viewers along for the exciting ride that is the life of Cameron Steele.
Cameron is married to Heidi Steele, a successful desert racer in her own right.
Heidi was named Dirt Sports Driver of the Year in 2008. The couple appeared in
together in a popular Yokohama Tire commercial, playing a game of automotive
‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’ Their daughter Kay was born in 2012.
The Steele family has supported the Rancho Santa Marta orphanage in San
Vicente, Baja, for more than 30 years. Co-inductee Johnny Campbell is involved
with the orphanage as well. Cameron has also helped coordinate hurricane relief
with fellow off-road racers through a group called Baja Strong.
Baja has brought Cameron heartache as well. His good friend Jeff ‘Ox’ Kargola
died from injuries sustained in motorcycle accident during a Baja trip in 2011.
Cameron, Johnny Campbell, and many of Jeff’s friends constructed a giant ‘OX’
memorial spanning 30-feet across near Baja’s Diablo Dry Lake Bed, complete with
a time capsule where well-wishers can leave notes to be read many years from
Cameron’s latest venture is Baja HQ, billed as a new way for the Steele family to
share their love for off-roading and Baja. The idea for Baja HQ has been brewing
for years, but Cameron put it on hold to focus on preparing his Desert Assassins
SCORE Trophy Truck team for the 50th Baja 1000 in November of 2017, where
he came away with a 2nd place overall nish and most recently won the SCORE
Tijuana Desert Challenge in his #16 Trophy Truck.
Off-Road Ambassador
How far did 11-time Baja 1000 Champion
Johnny Campbell ride his honda?
All the way to the
Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame!
How far did 11-time Baja 1000 Champion
Johnny Campbell ride his honda?
All the way to the
Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame!
Del Albright 2014
Don Amador 2016
Edo Ansaloni 2007
David Ashley 2014
Larry Bergquist 2013
Ron Bishop 2011
Herman Booy 2004
Carla Boucher 2004
Peter Brown 2010
William Bryan 2007
John Buffum 2004
Harry Buschert 1980
Jean Calvin 2004
Shannon Campbell 2015
Dick Cepek 1978
Bob Chandler 2013
Eugene A. Chappie 2004
Brian Chuchua 1978
Chris Collard 2015
Clark Collins 2006
Pete Condos 1978
Frank DeAngelo 2013
Roy Denner 2012
Edward W. Dunkley 2004
Bud Ekins 1980
David Ekins 2017
Charlie Erickson 1978
Manny Esquerra 2008
Walker Evans 2004
Bruce Meyers 1978
Akton Miller 2005
Drino Miller 1978
Larry Minor 2005
Ray Moon 1980
Jim Ober 2016
Ed Pearlman 1978
Jerry Penhall 2015
Rick Pewe 2010
Larry Ragland 2016
JN Roberts 2009
Larry Roeseler 2012
Nico Saad 2008
Bill Sanders 2014
Bill Savage 2017
Judy J. Smith 2008
Malcolm Smith 1978
Mark Smith 1980
Harold Soens 2009
Roy Spuhler 2005
Bob Steinberger 2013
Ivan Stewart 2006
Bill Stroppe 1978
Mickey Thompson 2007
Tracy Valenta 2016
Frank Vessels 2007
Ed Waldheim 2005
Thurston Warn 1978
Vic Wilson 1978
Bud Feldkamp 2016
Marty Fiolka 2014
Sal Fish 2006
Cliff Flannery 2017
Jack Flannery 2009
Casey Folks 2012
Don Francisco 1978
Nye Frank 2014
James Garner 1978
Michael Gaughan 2015
Gilman George 2007
Bob Gordon 2017
Chris Haines 2010
Rod Hall 2005
Bob Ham 2006
Jerry Herbst 2013
Vic Hickey 1978
Johnny Johnson 2010
Parnelli Jones 1978
Richard Landfield 2007
John Lawlor 1980
Curt LeDuc 2015
Walter Lott 2007
Rob MacCachren 2011
Joe MacPherson 2008
Scott McKenzie 2005
Corky McMillin 2006
Steve McQueen 1978
Sue Mead 2007
1978 - 2017
MARCH 16, 2019 & TBA
6-HOUR RACE MARCH 10, 2019
24-HOUR RACE OCT 12-13, 2019
NOVEMBER 2-4, 2018
DECEMBER 29-30, 2018
Pantone 2757 C Pantone 363 C
Pantone 1797 C
Pantone Process Black C
Pantone 116 C
NOVEMBER 23-25, 2018
NOV 30-DEC 2
“The nominees and winners of the Impact Awards have already gone above and beyond
in their respective categories. They have already achieved numerous accomplishments,
wins, and championships. We are recognizing them for making an
in the sport
of off-road over the past year. These nominees are on track to becoming inductees and
future legends one day. Each year we will continue to recognize these categories and
nominees as they help grow our industry.”
– Bud Feldkamp, Class of 2016
President, Glen Helen Raceway
The Impact Awards consists of six divisions and a maximum of ve nominees in each category which is selected by our board members.
Voting takes place during the month of October and is open to anyone with an ORMHOF membership (minimum voting membership required).
-2015 Honorees-
Off-Road -Bryce Menzies | Rock Sports - Wayland Campbell
Short Course - RJ Anderson | Moto-ATV-UTV - Brandon Baron
Industry - Nate Hunt | Advocate - Desiree Bates
-2016 Honorees-
Off-Road - Andy McMillin | Short Course - Kyle LeDuc
Rock Sports - Erik Miller | Moto-ATV-UTV - Sara Price
Industry - Charlene Bower | Advocate - Todd Ockert
-2017 Honorees-
Off-Road - Harley Letner | Short Course - Carl Renezeder
Rock Sports - Wayland Campbell | Moto-ATV-UTV - Kristen Matlock
Industry - Daryl Folks | Advocate -Robert Blanton
Recipients of the Louis Unser “Never Give Up” Award demonstrate a pursuit
of excellence in the face of adversity. Louis Unser relentlessly fought through
health issues to persevere in his passion for engine building. Like Louis, these
individuals exemplify a “never give up” attitude in their off-road career and all
possess a relentless attitude, indomitable spirit, and perseverance.
- Louis Unser won nine hill climb races at Pikes Peak -
2015 Honoree
Rod Hall
Rod Hall Racing | ORMHOF
2017 Honoree
Malcolm Smith
Off-Road Racing Pioneer
2016 Honoree
Charlie and Linda Engelbart
SCORE International Volunteers
2018 Honoree
To be announced
this evening
Thank you for your contributions to our sport
Parker Motor Company would like to thank the
off-road community for the years of continued
Catulatis to this yes
Off-Road Motspts Hall of Fame
Volunteers are the heart and soul of off-road racing.
2016 Honoree
Tom Heyl, ORMHOF Volunteer
2017 Honoree
Citizens of Crandon, Wisconsin, Home of Crandon International Raceway
2018 Honoree
To be announced this evening
At ORMHOF, we believe that the victory not only belongs to the individual at the top of the podium, but
to the volunteer crew member standing at the top of the long dark dusty road at 2 a.m. holding a gas can.
We are also grateful to the land use warriors and volunteers who donate their time to trail clean ups
and attend meetings, all to help keep our public lands open to the public for everyone to enjoy.
The ORMHOF Volunteer Award was created with these unsung heroes in mind.
We salute all of the volunteers who make our off-road world a better place.
Thank you to all of the volunteers out there!
Interact with
Off-Road Motorsports
Hall of Fame
- Follow us | nd us -
Each year the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame donates
a portion of the funds received from partnerships to
an organization dedicated to land use advocacy.
Blue Ribbon
Lands Council
To be announced
this evening.
CORVA & SDORC accepting their donation checks at the 2017 Induction & Awards Ceremony
with our hosts and ORMHOF Board Member, Bob Ham.
Gives Back
Partnership Opportunities
The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is a 501c3 non-prot organization.
Visit for further details and to join.
On behalf of the entire board of directors, I would like to thank and recognize these business
and individuals for their support of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
We invite you to join this distinguished group.
- Mark McMillin, Chairman
The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame would like to thank all of the organizations, individuals and
volunteers for their support of this event and for donating to our silent and live auctions.
The help from individuals like you will help
preserve our rich off-road history.
Silent Auction Donors Induction Ceremony Donors
Arciero Sports
Bell Helmets
BFGoodrich Tires
Best in the Desert
Bob Ham
Bonnie Vessels
Bud Feldkamp
Colin Butcher
Dave Cole
Dezert People
Dick Landeld
Factory Canopies
Frank DeAngelo
Fox Shox
Hi Lift
ICI Innovation
Impact Safety
Jenn Hellstrom
Kurt Scherbaum
Mad Media
Marks in the Dirt
Method Race Wheels
Mickey Thompson
Off-Road Warehouse
PCI Race Radios
Pirate Cove Resort
Pro Eagle
PRP Seats
Rigid Lights
Robby Gordon
Rory Ward
Rugged Radios
SCORE International
Shane Robinson
Toby Price
UPR Racing Supply
Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Walker Evans
Warn Winch
Yokohama Tires
Michael Gaughan’s
Thank you to all friends and supporters of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
For individuals and organizations not on this list due to production deadlines, please know,
we sincerely appreciate the time and resources you have contributed.
Thank you!
to the
Class of 2018!
©2018 Walker Evans Racing
WER18_ORMHOF_Ad_Keyline.indd 1 10/22/18 11:03 AM
of serving the Off-Road community
Come visit us!
ORMHOF - Established 1978
Historic off-road vehicles are now on display at the
Terrible’s Hotel & Casino in Jean, NV.
Just South of Las Vegas on the I-15
Always open - Admission is free
Thank you for joining us this evening to recognize our new inductees,
honor our past inductees, and celebrate the rich history
of the sport of off-road.
We’re proud to welcome the Class of 2018 to the
Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
A special thank you to all our volunteers that helped
make tonights event possible! We couldn’t do it
without each and everyone of you!
2018 Induction & Awards Ceremony
Visit our display at the Terrible’s Hotel
Located at 1 Main St, Jean, NV 89019
Admission is free and open 24/7.