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Volume 1 Issue 5 June July 2009 S True Blue pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living In Living Colour Raw Food Phenomena Ayurveda a Holistic Healing Tradition ASTROLOGY CRYSTALS HYPNOTHERAPY NUMEROLOGY METAPHYSICS ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PHENOMENA NATURE SPIRIT DREAMS

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True Blue S pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living www truebluespirit ca Subscribe Get your copy of True Blue Spirit delivered to you subscribe now 1 year Canadian Subscription 30 00 3 options to subscribe 1 Send cheque or money order payable to True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 2 Go to www truebluespirit ca click on Subscribe via paypal 3 Call 1 877 700 2760 and use your Visa or Mastercard For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca Copyright 2009 No portion of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the publisher or True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc True Blue Spirit welcomes submissions but accepts no responsibility for unsolicited materials Material is accepted for True Blue Spirit on the understanding that it does not infringe on any copyright or libel laws Copyrights to be declared on submission All manuscripts illustrations and photographs submitted must be accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope if they are to be returned or acknowledged Printed at an environmentally friendly facility in Canada using vegetable based inks Volume 1 Issue 5 Publisher Managing Editor Dorothy Jeanne Engst publisher truebluespirit ca Pre production Editor Mary Gillis Editor Tom Masters editor truebluespirit ca Editor at Large Edd Uluschak editoratlarge truebluespirit ca Editorial Assistants Tiffany Abram Tessa Engst Advertising Sales Michelle Staples Carolyn James advertising truebluespirit ca Key accounts Circulation Lara Engst lara truebluespirit ca Layout Design Dorothy Jeanne Engst Photographs Images Ben Abram www creativedigiworks com Sean Fenzl www seanfenzl com Stephanie Rae Hull www centricphotography com Jon Fitzpatrick www nutristart com Edd Uluschak award winning Cartoonist Cover photo taken by Jon Fitzpatrick of Nutristart Contributing Writers Barbara Adelborg Rea Ciera Cheryl Dawn Dr Sterling Desmond Heather Elrix Michael Gintowt Janet Laidlaw Jacquie Large Erin Lawson Stephanie McColl Kay Nielsen Sabina Pettitt Vince Pollitt Laurie Poulson Patti Sinclair Carol Spencer James Henry Spencer Michelle Staples Edd Uluschak and Shanon Wills Terry Winters True Blue Spirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living ISSN 1918 6436 Published bi monthly Single copy 5 95 Cdn Subscription price 30 00 Canada go to www truebluespirit ca for international subscription rates True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc does not disclose its subscriber list to anyone at anytime True Blue Spirit Magazine Inc P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 250 247 0210 TF 1 877 700 2760 Fax 250 247 0266

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This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart CONTENTS SPECIAL FEATURES Ayurveda 32 Connectedness in Separation 7 In Living Colour 30 Let your Body Sing 37 Living Consciously During a Recession 39 Maureen Oconnor Artist 44 Vision Quest 16 REGULAR FEATURES From the Publisher Live in Possibility Where have you chosen to live Where are your boundaries At a recent retreat I attended one of the speakers nodded to another and said She lives in possibility I quickly wrote down three words live in Possibility The speaker continued but my mind stayed behind on Possibility After all doesn t it sound like a wonderful place to live Through the day I jotted numerous notes but always returned to that one page re reading those three words Live in Possibility Those words felt too good to ignore This morning I lay in bed with my eyes closed I smiled as I allowed three words to play over and over in my mind Live in Possibility live in Possibility what would that look like In several moments a scene was captured in my mind s eye As I floated around our planet earth I looked out at the infinite universe beyond Is this Possibility I asked The response was instant This infinite universe is one of countless dimensions and all of these are Possibility Of course There are no boundaries An hourglass although referred to as the sands of time still has to be turned to keep the sand flowing I choose to jump on a grain of sand in Possibility where there are no limitations just infinite life opportunities You re welcome to join me Keep well Dorothy Jeanne Engst Cert no SW COC 002226 Aboriginal Spirit Princess Royal Island Animal Whispers Talking with the Animals Astrology Greetings Crystals Kyanite Directory Events Dreams Daydreams Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Raw Living Food Phenomena Hypnotherapy The Choice is Ours Metaphysics Drums to Spirit Guides Nature s Essence Remembering our Soul Purpose Numerology Number One Phenomena UFOs Not so Simple Reader Response 18 Searching for Serenity Art of Letting Go Spirit of the Dance Hippie Dancing Spiritualism Feeling Loved Worthwhile Reading 5 21 57 15 60 25 41 29 9 11 50 52 49 19 47 54

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Searching for Serenity SERENITY and the ART of LETTING GO by Vince Pollitt sma Fotolia co m Foxy_A Fotolia com co A s a child I would sail walnut boats down the swollen treacherous rivers of broken water mains and overflowing creeks My flotillas would bob and weave their way oblivious to whatever monstrous obstacles I would place in their path They moved naturally simply obeying the laws of the universe Somehow these nut boats always arrived safe and serene What a wonderful lesson for learning to let go Part of letting go comes in understanding that so much of what we hold onto in our lives is illusion As with the seductive beauty of the spider s web the more we struggle the more we become wrapped within ourselves So much of that web is self woven Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 5

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Searching for Serenity produced in the realm of fantasy what ifs expectations and judgments unnecessary emotions The heart and soul of serenity resides within a peaceful mind or more appropriately peace of mind This calmness can only come from letting go In the last article I touched on the notion that some of those suffering the ravages of terminal illness have discovered and are in possession of the elusive key to lasting serenity They have let go They have released much of what binds us to our self defined important lives In their final weeks or months these wise and compassionate souls exist within a profound understanding and all abiding grace Ultimately if you knew that you had but months to live what would you let go of More importantly what would you be left with If all abiding calm is achieved by letting go then what had I been holding on to that was restricting my life Buddhist doctrine relates suffering to attachment I began to look clearly at what I was clinging to at all levels of my experience I began to find patterns in my expectations and assumptions that guided my days They focused upon interactions with people and my environment around my possessions and on my current and future performance in my daily life Letting go of my ego this is what I learned I am not a teacher of etiquette of right and wrong People have their own learning curve Everyone is just like me finding their own way through life s chaos in their own time even my beautiful headstrong daughter All things and experiences are otolia Foxy_A F com Page 6 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 impermanent The Zen axiom this too shall pass is absolutely true I am really only renting stuff Some of it will be broken or leave my possession I could die in the very next instant I will probably not make an indelible mark on history What I do in life bears little meaning compared with how I do it Something will always arise despite my best efforts at finding peace to disturb the desired flow of things Making a difference doesn t have to be about grand gestures that are often overwhelming and unmanageable Ultimately like the Jack Nicholson movie this really is as good as it gets So when I look in a mirror I have to remember to just let go and get over myself I practice living with the awareness of this moment beyond the worry of the next completely attentive to what is and fully prepared for the currents of life to derail me I try to adjust gracefully surviving with integrity When I take myself out of the equation all that remains is the desire to help others ease their way From this state of loving compassion blooms the jewel of lasting serenity Life is short It s time to go and sail walnut boats again VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancouver Island where Vince has spent the last 12 years at play in the health industry Vince combines almost 3 decades of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for music painting and writing He currently offers wellness and leadership workshops at a community and organizational level As a spiritual coach he specializes in Reiki based pranic healing with instruction in breathing meditation visualization and centering exercises

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Connectedness in Separation by Janet Laidlaw W hat you say about me is none of my business otolia com picsfive F That s what a friend of mine says when someone offers an unsolicited opinion Wise words But let s face it abandonment by a spouse family member friend or peer can be a tough time to remember that we are all connected If we are as one profoundly joined like cells in a universal body how can rejection make us feel so separate and alone The feeling of separateness is possible because of the existence of human ego Our separateness is created by personality This is the way we present ourselves to the world how we speak what we wear our outward appearances and interactions We can judge ourselves to be above or below others but in a connected reality there is no status There is no better or worse no right or wrong no bad or good only cause and effect We are all equal sharing space in our world as souls in development Relationships tell us about ourselves we see them through our own filters When we are in love we like what we see through another But if the other looks at us and perceives blemishes and wrinkles we may feel bad about the image reflected What does this say about how we feel toward our own selves We have the gift of free will Our choices can bond us together or drive us apart However we have no control over the free will of another only how we respond to it in our own reactions and choices Why is self esteem affected by rejection It s because on some level we accept another s beliefs about us as our own truth If a child says I hate you because you have taken away a bottle of Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 7

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poison your self esteem will probably remain intact You know the child is unaware But when an adult expresses a similar sentiment and we accept their opinion as truth we may question our self worth The belief that one can be judged and the resulting disconnection creates violence and destruction When we are aware of our interconnectedness we cannot enjoy the pain of another It is only our separateness created through ego that allows this Respect love or trust of another creates openness to that person s emotional energy Being rejected from a situation is an important time to look inward beyond judgment and decide what our own feelings are telling us What does this situation teach us and what can we do to transform feelings of pain disillusionment or self doubt into strength courage and wisdom What are the gifts and lessons presented in these circumstances when we look honestly without judgment When we remove ego from our response to others we can more easily see not right or wrong but truth As souls in a state of progression we are all equal Eleanor Roosevelt once said No one can make you feel inferior without your consent If I accept rejection it s because part of me Page 8 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 rejects myself Just as no one can really make you feel bad no one can make you feel good either Our emotions indicate where we need attention or healing Rejection is an opportunity to see the parts of us that we ourselves are rejecting In looking closely within and making conscious choices about what we want and expect from our own selves we can transform feelings of hurt to pathways of wisdom and growth What you say about me is really about you and the way I react says everything about me JANET LAIDLAW is a is a video writer producer focused on spiritual and psychic development She has been trained in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and at Arthur Findlay College in the UK a school of spiritualism and psychic sciences Janet s preoccupations include animals psychic and intuitive art and developing mediumship Franz Pfluegl Fotolia com

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Metaphysics wire h e ad sfx F o to lia c om From Drum Making to Spirit Guides by Kay Nielsen I had the pleasure of attending a drum making workshop recently and as usual the metaphysical experiences which I like to call Woo woo ensued The day started out with a group of us meeting at a rendezvous point to continue on our trek to the beautiful town of Campbell River B C where our drum making teacher and host lives Excitement was in the air as we all chatted getting to know each other Part of me hadn t wanted to go I admit it That part of me was talking the loudest the day before Whoa you should have heard her That part was saying What a waste of money What are you doing that for There are better things to spend your time on On and on she ranted I felt strong resistance to coming along on this journey and that s why I knew I just had to be there Our host was a soft spoken kind man with many stories to tell about his native culture One story was of particular importance Though he didn t know it this story was actually meant for me It s a story of two dear friends like brothers they were so close They always went everywhere Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 9

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Metaphysics together some would say joined at the hip So close that when one man passed over four years ago the other did so as well within 24 hours My host proceeded to show us a picture of the men who were now in spirit He passed the picture around the table for all to see I was anxious to get my hands on that picture I just had to see it immediately I wasn t sure why In fact it was an odd feeling to have swirling around in my belly It was a mixture of impatience and excitement Something was definitely going on here As the picture came closer my palms started to vibrate and my breathing speeded up It was a simple picture in a simple frame Both men were standing side by side in front of a group of road signs nothing abnormal here Then I took a look a close look at the man standing on the left Then it hit me Take his glasses off and I know that man That man is very dear to me I first met him almost two years ago He takes me for walks in the forest where he shares his Page 10 True Blue Spirit Vokume 1 Issue 5 wisdom and guidance He first introduced himself to me in ameditation and now he visits regularly I call him my Shaman Grandfather in spirit I felt him around me the entire time I was making my drum He encouraged me to thank the elk that gave his life so this drum could be born With his guidance I worked steadily and with reverence I am truly blessed to be here today I made it through resistance to have this remarkable experience KAY NIELSEN started her metaphysical journey 21 years ago when she discovered Stuart Wilde and Carlos Castaneda She began pursuing her clairvoyant and mediumship development four years ago and has been working professionally since 2006 Having completed the Jazz program at Vancouver Island University she writes and performs her own music jon fitzpatrick

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Nature s Essence Remembering our Soul Purpose with the Essence of Candystick by Sabina Pettitt C andystick was our first essence made from a saprophyte a plant with no chlorophyll We found it in the early 80s while on a camping trip above Skutz Falls just south of Duncan B C It was the kind of summer day where the dry warm breeze felt like silk bathing your skin And when the warm became hot we could body surf downstream amid the river rafters on rubber tires This bright red and white stick called to me I was fascinated and captivated by its presence not even realizing at first that it was a plant but knowing in some way that we had work together Trying to pick it so that it could be placed in water was the first challenge It s incredibly sticky and very resilient Even though there are small flowers at regular intervals along this long sticky stem we were guided to put the whole stick in the water Like all our other early essences Candystick sat on a shelf until we were ready to begin researching more fully its healing gifts In this case it was a friend who had just had a therapeutic abortion and was feeling emotionally and physically uncomfortable Within minutes of taking the drops the physical pain eased and she said I feel like I just fulfilled my part of an ancient agreement Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 11

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Kay Nielsen Intuitive Energy Work Readings Angel Oracle Cards Energy Sound Healing Workshop Facilitator 250 816 2434 kayn shaw ca Jeanie s VITAMIN CENTRE Ltd Certified Professional Cancer Coach Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner Available to investigate your psychic and unusual experiences Comox Centre Mall 250 890 0037 Many paranormal experiences cause fear or anxiety As a trained psychic and clairvoyant I can explore and explain the events that are happening Confidentiality and discretion assured Campbell River Common 250 287 7994 Carol Spencer 250 537 2154

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Nature s Essence As she recalled this experience under the influence of Candystick she realized that she had asked to be born and that her mother was a willing participant in their soul contract She rang me with the news that taking the Candystick essence had done for her what years of psychotherapy had not been able to accomplish to heal her relationship with her mother While all the essences have the potential for cleaning up our personal ecology at whatever level the discomfort exists physical emotional or mental Candystick was the first essence that really spoke to us of the journey of the soul and the consciousness of the soul Cleaning up the stuck places so that our souls can dance in the incarnation we have chosen is one of the major healing possibilities when using essence therapy SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine an author and the co creator of Pacific Essences A few years later a woman from England wanted to include Candystick in a book she was writing about essences Her attraction to the essence was partly due to the fact that even the name spoke to her of the sweetness of life and she had never felt that she had experienced that She was an only child of a single mother and always felt as if her mother didn t love her enough She felt very sorry for herself that she didn t have a father After some days of taking the Candystick essence she recalled being 15 and screaming at her mother I didn t ask to be born Her Mum whirled around and slapped her Volume 1 Issue True Blue Spirit Page 13

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Crystals Kyanite by Erin Lawson and Jacquie Large t o com Page 14 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 When dealing with communication issues no stone is more helpful than blue Kyanite as it resonates so strongly with the throat chakra Sometimes when we are having trouble speaking up and defending ourselves verbally we will actually manifest physical issues with our throats such as laryngitis and other sore throat problems This is when Kyanite can really help as ez Fernan do Sa n c h i stoc k o feeling tired Stressed Unable to sleep Concentrate Say what s on your mind Do you have a hard time finding balance Do you feel like you just need a magic wand to wave over yourself to automatically bring balance and peace Well do I have a crystal for you Kyanite Kyanite is an aluminum silicate with a hardness of 4 to 5 5 lengthwise and 6 5 to 7 crosswise It can be found in shades of blue green white orange and black It is found in Brazil Burma Mexico South Africa Switzerland Tanzania and the USA It has been used in ceramic products like porcelain plumbing fixtures and dishware but is now finding a place of honour among crystal enthusiasts because of its strong healing energy Kyanite from the Greek word kyanos meaning blue is probably best known for its self cleansing abilities It is one of only two stones that never need cleansing the other being citrine Unlike other crystals that can absorb and build up negative energy Kyanite can actually deflect the negativity and send it away Because of this quality it is extremely useful for cleansing psychic tools such as tarot and oracle cards I keep a chunk of it on top of the wooden box that houses my tarot cards and between readings I lay the Kyanite on top of my cards for a quick cleanse o ph S

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Crystals it has such a strong vibration and can rapidly exchange the energies that are blocking the chakra This way it can quickly dissolve the blocks and leave you feeling clean thus promoting communication This really is a power stone and the other varieties of Kyanite all have their correspondences to chakras as well Green Kyanite is helpful for the heart and quickly opens and balances that chakra as well as linking you strongly with nature s vibration Black Kyanite is a strong grounding stone and balances and supports the root chakra Varieties of orange Kyanite are now being found in Tanzania Jacquie is trying to find both this one and the black and this would be very helpful for the sacral chakra Although I ve said Kyanite is a power stone it still carries a lovely peaceful vibration This makes it ideal for inducing tranquil sleep dream enhancement and dream recall Many nights I have fallen asleep with my chunk of Kyanite clutched in my hand It s a great stone for meditation too as it will clear and balance you right off the bat Keeping a piece in with your other crystals will keep then clean as well ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 13 years focusing mainly on Tarot Since starting at Wishes eight years ago she has learned much about crystals and the other tools that fill the store She shares her love of crystals with Jacquie and the other staff at Wishes Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children A rp ad B enede k istockp hoto com Kyanite is a striking crystal in its raw form though it usually has a rough feel to the touch but there are some nice tumbled pieces along with some very beautiful jewellery forms too But as always when picking your crystal the only thing that matters is how it feels to you and how much you are drawn to it The crystals all speak to us we just have to listen JACQUIE LARGE has been the owner of Wishes for 17 years and has watched as the metaphysical world has evolved with so many exciting changes She has studied crystals extensively and happily shares her knowledge with her customers Jacquie lives in Duncan with her partner and daughter Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 15

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er s am En gy t iri AJ ou with your y e Sp rn g P ro r M e di n e ci Vision Quest Retreats A Sacred Cleanse of the Body Mind Spirit Featuring a delicious Raw Food Diet July 18 23 2009 A Vision Quest in many Native American Cultures is for finding your direction and purpose in life As we go through different cycles in our journey we may be given or ask for a Vision Quest for many purposes For example Personal Empowerment Shamanic Retreat August 15 20 2009 Two Day Shamanic Teachings May 30 31 June 13 14 Reiki Shamanic Drumming May 30 June 13 Shamanic Teaching with Medicine Wheel Rattles Feather finding your Power Animal July 11 Youth Empowerment Workshop June 6 Reiki Level 3 and Masters Teachers Certificate June 19 20 21 Teen Reiki Shamanic Weekend June 29 30 One Day Healings Check Website for Dates Cheryl Dawn is a Native Healer Spiritual Teacher in Cross Cultural Shamanic Energy Work Cheryl Dawn 250 652 5849 Victoria cdawn shaw ca www ajourneywithyourspirit com transition from youth to adulthood transition from adulthood into the elder years Spiritual awakening which assists understanding the difference between living and being There is no restriction as to whom and when a person can experience a Vision Quest Whenever there is a turning point in your life a Vision Quest can help guide the way and also bring you your Spirit Animal Spirit Guides or other Spiritual teachers A vision is defined as Something seen in a dream trance or ecstasy especially a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation Webster s Dictionary You may experience your vision through any of the four senses Clairvoyance vision through your mind s eye or dream state Clairsentience your sense perceptions Clairaudience through your hearing perceptions Clair cognizance your sense of knowingness

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As well your vision may come to you in symbols colour words pictures or a film like scene These are all ways that our inner wisdom can communicate to us At times you may not be able to fully comprehend what the messages are trying to reveal but through practice you will build a strong relationship with your inner wisdom Journaling and practice help to enhance this relationship A quest is defined as a search with the purpose to find something Someone who is on a Quest may seek to find an answer or an object through vision sense auditory perception research and travel Below are a few more examples why one may choose to experience a Vision Quest to find your own strength to receive guidance in a particular situation to learn the answer to a specific question to learn a truth to deal with a certain situation or challenge to discover your Spirit the True Self within to establish your divine purpose here on Mother Earth to ask for the gifts and tools to be given for the healing of self and others Additionally a Vision Quest can be offered in a group or individual setting They may last hours or days and include fasting silence movement meditations walking periods of isolation assignments and many other sacred ceremonies Persistence and patience is required In attaining this state inner growth can flourish And after the journey has ended the healing and meaning of the vision can continue to unfold for days or even weeks Our mission is to provide a safe loving space for you to explore your own Inner Self connection to Source and Spiritual growth It is through our healing transformation both within ourselves and with others that we all can experience spiritual enlightenment and move positively forward in our lives This will raise the vibration of Mother Earth and all that is Cheryl Dawn Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher A Journey with your Spirit Below Group Calling in all Directions A Vision Quest may be to apprentice with a Shaman or Spiritual Leader Teacher to learn traditional ways as well as allowing their own gifts to develop All Vision Quests are carefully determined by your intention goals and desires A Vision Quest may be experienced in a confined space such as an igloo teepee or small space or outside amongst the wilderness In nature healing can be magnified This is because its easier to stay grounded centered still clear and focused Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 17

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m lia Fotolia com ngWa Aboriginal Spirit W il Princess Royal Island by James Henry Spencer A s I sit quietly in my La Z Boy chair with a chip of rock that I consider a sacred object placed over my heart I allow my mind to drift back to a sequence of events that had a significant spiritual influence on my life On March 11 of this year when in an altered state with my wife Carol and friend Win an ancient coast native came and stood in the room with us We knew he was of the coast because he was dressed in a woven cedar bark cape and a shaman s tri hat His brief message was for me He said that when the time was right I would receive information from him He also warned that I must avoid the sham and listen for the sacred reality His most recent communication concerned well being of body mind and spirit The message was about the great medicinal value of pure water when imbued with positive prayer to our creator This prayer should ask the creator to bless this water with all that is required to provide us with total abundance in our life of our body mind and spirit Later another message from this nameless shaman from Princess Royal Island told me that whoever has a portion of Princess Royal Island my chip of rock that has been properly imbued by him with healing energy can use this stone for a healing energy transmitter to benefit not only one s self but others as well For this I am very grateful Page 18 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe Known affectionately by his friends in the spiritual community as Wisdom James he has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field I have an inner joy that continually overflows to those around me and a constant need to share these beautiful gifts that I have been blessed with It is my desire to imbue the gift of peace love and harmony into your life

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Spirit of the Dance Hippie Dancing by Michelle Staples W hen I was six my grandparents moved to Salt Spring Island a place alive with its own spirit People would gather in the park Friday nights in the summer musicians would play and everyone would dance My family wasn t really what I would describe as a dancing crowd but they would take me there hang out and watch the hippies dance Hippies seemed to have no inhibitions free in their spirits as they danced with their hands high in the air their faces filled with life I would dance near my family yet kept the distance of a watcher never entering the circles of the true freedom dancers As a teenager I would randomly go to the gatherings there in the summer By that time they had been moved from the park onto people s properties One August I went with a group of my friends from the mainland Deciding they should experience the magic of the island I convinced them to come on an adventure with me We hitchhiked across the island towards the music picked up along the way in old beat up vans station wagons and run down trucks Where we ended up I don t remember What I do recall is like a film with perfect detail in my mind of me wandering and ending up alone inside a house where a group of older women gathered in a circle the voices of my friends dimly heard outside around the stage They opened the circle for me to join I Nanna Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 19

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Spirit of the Dance Eric Gevaert Fotolia com responded with damp palms to outstretched hands The women began to chant their momentum built one locked on my eyes holding me through my rising teenage angst full of discomfort and embarrassment I began to feel alive laughter spilled from my lips my hands moved wildly towards the divine and I danced until I was filled with magic and light The night went on forever a beautiful journey more real than anything I had experienced This is what they feel when I see them dance I remember thinking to myself this is what freedom feels like this space created where everything becomes illuminated with love and light leaving room for nothing else Here I saw love danced joy and became ecstasy Too soon the night came to a close I left and in that room in that house I left behind what I had learned the truth my soul had remembered As the years passed I judged with my friends all those who have the courage to dance so freely at festivals at gatherings the ones whose arms reach up toward the skies who dance their bodies to the rhythms of the music whose joy radiates through their skin and who truly dance the divinity of their souls We called them many things our judgments reflective of our fear of standing out our fear of our own illumination holding us tight within the rhythm of the crowd the perfect place to watch and not be seen to be involved without standing out One day I woke up tired of living in my own shadow and the shadows of others Complaining of Page 20 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 this to someone they invited me to join a circle in the woods by a river in the Cowichan Slowly as I watched the dancers fully encompassed in the creation of their choreographs my soul woke up the dance inside of me and I began to move Weeks turned into months months into years as my body slowly gently awakened to its light its grace and fluidity leading me back to the Island of my childhood with a group of my friends picking up hitchhikers along our way We arrived at the hall dancing as the band opening the evening led the crowd from outside into the filled hall They settled on the stage melodic notes drifting through the warm summer air our spirits joining us in our dances with blissful delight Arms moving floating towards heaven our toes welcomed the support of the earth beneath us our hearts beating with the drums as our bodies glided through the warm heavy August air Filled with joy I looked up as my partner drifted beside me and noticed the crowd behind us Looks like I ve finally become the freak I was so afraid of I said how completely fabulous I weaved my way into the crowd with outstretched hands until they found a pair of palms damp and hesitant and the circle was complete MICHELLE STAPLES helps people speak and discover their own stories She writes for various publications compiles papers on community social and economic development and helps develop documentary and educational films As the Youth Program Director for the Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival Michelle works with youth of all cultures supporting them to speak their voice and tell their own story She continues her dance studies training to become a facilitator of Khundalini Dance

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Animal Whispers ic Er e ele Is s com lia to o F Talking with the Animals by Stephanie McColl H ow do you ask an animal a question How do you know if you re receiving back the right answer The first step is becoming still within and finding your point of stillness so that you can connect with your heart center The second step is experimenting with finding your intuitive pathways of communication whether that be mental emotional physical or spiritual The third step is what I refer to as talking with animals Now you can bring it all together to practise talking with your animal companions The good news is it s actually easier than you may think When forming a question that I want to send to an animal I simply think the thoughts in my own mind For instance on a recent trip to Costa Rica I had a chance encounter with a sloth and her baby As I stood in awe underneath the tree where they hung I wanted to ask the mother if she minded me being there I sent her the thought mentally Do you mind me being here right now or would you feel safer if I left I also sent her the image of me standing there calmly looking up at them and from my heart sent feelings of peacefulness and joy I allowed myself to feel the full extent of this peacefulness and joy as well as holding the image and thought firmly in my mind What I received back from her was truly a gift The first thing I felt was such a powerful wave of acceptance and love that I was moved to tears She then proceeded to send me this verbal message We are here for you to be with It is time to be still Her baby who had been scratching itself vigorously up till this moment suddenly looked s Tijara Image Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 21

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For Conscious Living Books Crystals Rare Gifts Soothing Music 125 Station Street Duncan BC V9L 1M8 250 748 9411 Partners in Health 9738 Willow St PO Box 141 Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 Ph 250 246 9838 Fx 250 324 2996 mercia s New Owner New Inventory Vitamins and Supplements Organic Skin Care Herbal Remedies Whole Foods 141 Craig Street Tel 250 748 9632 Downtown Duncan Website www mercias ca Email mercias shaw ca Eymbe Counselling Services Chemainus Health Food Store eymbe ymail com 250 709 7972 Offering an integrative transpersonal approach to achieve balance of body mind and spirit Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness Chinese Proverb Both located at the Cottage on Ingram St Downtown Duncan Open Mon Sat 9 30 5 30 and Sun 12 4 Astrology Massage Healing Arts Heather K Elrix Chemainus BC 250 246 1447 Creating Change Barbara Adelborg CMH HT Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis 104 225 Canada Avenue Duncan BC 250 746 1969 Cowichan Valley Vancouver Island

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Animal Whispers down at me and rested its head on the branch The mother too turned her head and looked down at me For two or three minutes we gazed at each other sending love back and forth before I had to go back to the lodge for breakfast feeling blessed and full of love for these peaceful and loving creatures You may think that when you are receiving a telepathic communication it is just your imagination or it seems to come so fast and subtly that you may dismiss it all together That is why it is so important to trust in your first response that you see feel hear or sense from your animal without trying to interpret it Being open and willing to accept what you are receiving from an animal even if it doesn t make sense to you is critical in learning how to trust in yourself and what you are receiving To believe in what is happening as real even though it is not always tangible takes a lot of practice patience desire and validation Eventually you will learn to distinguish your feelings thoughts images and so on from those of your animal Trust is one of the key ingredients in animal communication and you will trust yourself more when you begin to realize how natural and easy the process really is Now all you have to do is try it Eric Isselee Fotolia com If you have a problem with your pet and you would like to discuss it with Stephanie visit www animalwhisperer com From time to time we may feature stories resulting from the work that Stephanie does with you and your pets STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 23

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Give yourself the gift of spirit Subscribe today to True Blue Spirit Magazine Good Health Vitamins 2249 Oak Bay Avenue Victoria BC 250 592 2249 1 Send cheque or money order payable to True Blue Spirit Magazine P O Box 17 Gabriola Island B C V0R 1X0 2 Go to www truebluespirit ca click on Subscribe and order via paypal 3 Call 1 877 700 2760 and use Visa or Mastercard For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca www goodhealthvitamins ca Come out to our modern Tea Bar and newly renovated Vitamin Store t Keep a n Eye O u In every issue of True Blue Spirit watch for a chance to enter our draw In this issue one reader will receive a free one year subscription To be entered to win let us know that you ve kept an eye out by emailing publisher truebluespirit ca and referencing eye saw it A winner will be randomly selected by July 1st and announced in the next issue

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Dreams Daydreams by Patti Sinclair Life has the power to create anything without limit And because you are life then just like magic you can change the dream of your life Don Miguel Ruiz author of The Four Agreements T he Toltecs say we dream all the time that life is one big dream and if we think of our life as a mirror the picture we see and how we respond to that virtual reality that reflection is entirely up to us Don Miguel Ruiz Toltec Master devotee of ancient ancestral wisdom says we can believe the lies we ve been told since we were children after we were domesticated eventually allowing the dreams of others to poison us with fear or we can choose now ourselves to create our dreams the way we wish Indeed so then our dreams the ones we wish for can cross the line to truth So you ve heard all this before from this You are the Artist of your Life cornelius Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 25

Page 26

A Medicine Chest in a Bottle Oregano the spice No this is not the Oregano found in your kitchen cupboard There are over 40 varieties of Oregano but only a few species contain high levels of Carvacrol the medicinal compound behind Oregano s infection fighting reputation These plants are native to the Mediterranean and Middle East and include names like Origanum Onites O Vulgare and O Minutiflorum Together they are generally referred to as Wild Mediterranean Oregano The essential oil of Mediterranean Oregano is extracted for its medicinal strength and many uses Since its introduction to health food stores in the mid 90s Oil of Oregano has become known as an effective c old and flu remedy Yet it does so much more It combats all types of infection viruses bacteria fungus molds and parasites which collectively cause hundreds of various health concerns Whatever the condition if the underlying cause is an infection Oil of Oregano is the natural answer An increasing number of physicians recommend it as a safe an effective alternative to antibiotics and antifungal drugs Oil of Oregano has other medicinal compounds that make it a useful product for the spring and summer months Whether you re a backcountry enthusiast or a stay at home mom Oil of Oregano is a medicine chest in a bottle When applied topically Oil of Oregano disinfects and speeds healing of damaged tissue Use it on wounds cuts blisters splinters and sores Oil of Oregano treats inflammation and pain too Use it on sore muscles and joints first aid injuries tendonitis campfire burns bruises skin irritations and rashes Apply to insect and animal bites to disinfect reduce swelling speed healing and reduce itching It is ideal for skin reactions to swimmer s itch stinging nettle and poison ivy Oil of Oregano s many medicinal actions also make it helpful for upset stomach gas nausea cramping and other digestive complaints It can be used to prevent or treat food poisoning or illness caused by water borne pathogens The list goes on Oil of Oregano is a perfect traveler s companion and a must for every first aid kit For more information visit your local health food store and speak with a trusted health product advisor Discover for yourself how amazing this product is

Page 27

Dreams a guru or that workshop or this book all promising to make your dreams come true Well as you may know it is you and you only who can ultimately allow your dreams to come true for real from your truth because only you can know your own truth Now enough about you So imagine this woman She lives in a place where her dreams are coming true On an Island her view is of the water a place she listens for music from the boats down the liquid alleys water musicians row trade music for herbs and she is happy even though her house is only a door a portal her view as beautiful as anyone s She did have this dream turned poem turned into her life She is about to move through this door into her little haven in the country with her sea view and her storybook house with her hardwon a dream tells her beloveds Maybe it is because she is 50 this year Maybe it s because of menopause Maybe it s because she has done yoga for years Probably all of the above yet on the Toltec hand possibly none Maybe it is because she decided to change her dream and even though the labour has been long like the two years gestation for an elephant it has come because she has chosen it one choice at a time At some point deciding not to re create that which was in her past as sacred and beautiful as it may have been she decides inch by w om ia c o tol o F fot inch tear by tear to create something new to dream it into being no matter what anyone says or any obstacle s attempt to slay her new dream So what would the Toltecs say You are the Artist of your Life Toltec does mean Artist Your life is your biggest project your biggest installation piece Build your dream Paint your life Let your life be the poem you write Bokonon Write beauty Breathe flowers Water your seeds Change mirrors Labour if necessary but consider how long because you have choice in the matter Knit your life with cobalt blue yarn or purple made from the dye of beets Your life is your song Your life is your dance Dream it Artiste Dance it PATTI SINCLAIR has been exploring dreams myth and symbols in her meditation journeying writing and poetry practice for many years She is the best selling author of Motherhood As A Spiritual Practice and Out of the Witch s Mouth She lives on an east coast island Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 27

Page 28

ANY MORE NATURAL AND YOU D BE NAKED Want Zum Available at Natural Health stores in your area Distributed by Axel Kraft International Ltd 99 Engelhard Drive Aurora Ontario L4G 3V1

Page 29

Hypnotherapy The Choice is Ours by Barbara Adelborg CMH HT W hen we always do what we have always done we get what we have always got This is what we do when we operate from past conditioning We do life without thinking and wonder why we are doing it wrong The choice is ours and the result becomes our outcome negative or positive the mind creates everyday what we believe we will accomplish Doubt is the destroyer of change It is that energy that slows everything down and even stops it There is however the ability to change all of this by learning the process of your own mind and changing the past conditioning Recognise your personal patterns realize that change is necessary and what needs changing organise your thoughts and actions be aware that you do have choice grow beyond your present circumstances develop skills for what you really want S tt co M ia ol ot l F el w ax m co Just as artists will see a completed work of art in their mind before the first step is taken this too can be an important step for you to develop Observe yourself doing things differently by focusing on wants needs and desires Focus on the results desired not on what you don t want Be aware of staying present in the moment in the now As you commit to the responsibility of this choice to change know that the process itself will emerge Occasionally old habits will re emerge Acknowledge them and re focus on your desired results to bring yourself back to the present moment the now The freedom to be who and what you choose to be is your personal choice as you take charge of your life Success and happiness is a mind set that goes hand in hand BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley where she has resided for over 30 years Barbara is trained in several hypnosis techniques and is currently producing her third hypnosis CD Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 29

Page 30

In Living Colour by Terry Winters A uras are the invisible energy fields surrounding living beings Clairvoyants have heightened visual perception and see them as colours around the physical body This colourful field provides a wealth of information about an individual s natural abilities and strengths The overall shape and unique combination of colours give information about life s challenges personality traits and preferences It is a useful tool to help define life purpose and identify issues that are blocking forward movement The first aura class that I attended taught that each person was one of the primary colours red yellow or blue After several exercises I was positive that my main colour was green The facilitator said that wasn t possible directed me to choose a primary colour and analyzed me accordingly This was limited and simplistic Disappointed I investigated further and discovered a method of reading auras based on the combination of birth colours Each major colour in the aura interacts with the others to provide a full picture Certain traits and preferences occur in people with similar colours For example a common experience for a person with pink as one of his major colours is that people discuss their problems with him Pink is one of the colours of the heart and a pink person is seen as caring and compassionate The pink person takes on the pain and the other person leaves feeling better If there is dark blue around the outside of the pink it will act as a shield and he can listen to others more easily without picking up their distress nko Zsolt Fo Be toli a co m Page 30 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5

Page 31

However people will sense the blue and think that he is cool and maybe unapproachable until they get to know him better Ideally the body is centred in an oval aura Many things can affect the shape Impact due to a car accident may twist or knock the aura out of alignment One or more of the chakras seven major spinning points that the body receives energy through may be blocked An example of this would be when someone has suffered emotional pain due to a divorce or death and closes the heart to help cope with the loss The energy field would constrict at that point Someone who is not grounded and blows from task to task without completing them has a fire shaped aura The aura has a tendency to pull in close to the body when someone is going through a period of inner searching Much like a flower they will begin to bloom and open to the world when they are ready to go forward again Auras are constantly changing according to our thoughts beliefs and the environment This was graphically depicted when I had an aura picture taken several years ago While I was waiting hooked up to the monitor I envisioned colours and expanded and contracted my aura Instantaneous results appeared on the screen We truly have the gift of creation Whether or not you can see or sense the energy field you can still correct its programs and bring healing to your life Use of positive beliefs visualizations and affirmations will dissolve negative beliefs and habits This makes corrections to the field and you will experience the benefits TERRY WINTERS has combined training in arts and counselling with an interest in metaphysics She is an internationally known clairvoyant with over twenty years experience reading auras and working with the human energy field Contact Terry at 250 754 4069 Andrea Danti Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 31

Page 32

Ayurveda a Holistic Heali by Laurie Poulson A Page 32 True Blue Spirit Page 21 Volume 1 Issue 5 Stephen Coburn Fotolia com The philosophy of Ayurveda is that people are so intimately bound to nature that they can t help but be comprised of its elements yurveda is the oldest known system of healing Originating in India more than 5 000 years ago it is referred to as India s traditional medicine The heart of Ayurveda is our relationship and interconnectedness to the natural world every living thing in the world around us air water earth fire and ether bringing together unifying and balancing mind body and spirit In the beginning through intense daily meditations the wise seers were able to recognize the eternal truth Ayurvedic teachings were orally recorded as sutras poetic Sanskrit verses used to teach successive generations of practitioners The name comes from Sanskrit an ancient Indo Aryan language Ayus meaning life and Veda meaning science or knowledge In English it literally translates to life science or life knowledge At about 500 BCE this knowledge evolved into a written form resulting in its eventual movement into China and Japan and it has strong ties to Buddhism As well yoga is believed to have originated with the teachings of Ayurveda Historically we see the practice being suppressed at the time of the invasion of the Muslims and later the British invasion and occupation There was a continued suppression of Ayurvedic practices with the British fearing both the practice and its practitioners Upon gaining independence India under the leadership of Gandhi would see a revival of this ancient healing art and philosophy for living

Page 33

ing Tradition Achieving Balance Unity Breath of Life Balance and Unity cannot be achieved on a mental level alone but through deeper levels of awareness achieved through activities like meditation and prana breath of life These processes follow the path and flow from spirit bringing consciousness to the mind and body and therefore every aspect of life The Chinese refer to prana as chi the flow of which is opened and controlled through exercises like Tai Chi and Qi Gong and through treatments like acupuncture Prana is consciousness and intelligence both of which flow into and animate our physical state When prana is compromised aging and death are imminent Therefore it is imperative for our overall health and well being that we conserve protect and increase prana Ayurvedic Practitioner Upon visiting an Ayurvedic practitioner the first task at hand is to find out why the person has the symptoms they have Two persons can exhibit the same symptoms but the factors in each case may be entirely different The Ayurvedic healer is concerned about discovering the underlying cause of the imbalance so that there can be an ultimate resolution of the imbalance rather than just an appeasement of symptoms For example if a person comes to a healer with a headache they would do an Ayurvedic pulse assessment and ask questions to determine what imbalance is creat Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 33

Page 34

ting the headaches What is the person doing in terms of their diet or lifestyle to create the imbalance Ayurveda addresses the symptoms by first addressing the cause of the symptoms unlike modern medicine which addresses the symptom only and thereby in the process can potentially destroy nature s signalling system Common conditions enjoying great success from being treated with Ayurveda include insomnia heartburn chronic fatigue and weight gain Ayurveda can be used not just to treat existing conditions but also to predict future illness patterns and to take preventive steps to avert problems The Doshas Your Personal Constitution Although we each have a unique constitution Ayurveda has identified the three Doshas Tridosha Vata Air Pitta Fire and Kapha Earth that in varying amounts make up our constitution We will typically have a dominant dosha with the other two being less prominent In an effort to balance a dominant dosha one would seek to raise the prominence of the two lesser doshas For example if your stronger dosha is Pitta Fire one need only increase the qualities associated with Vata Air and Kapha Earth thereby reducing their fire dosha qualities and shifting the balance com lia oto p F Stio ey lex A Page 34 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 The following are characteristics commonly associated with each dosha Vatta Slender frame lightweight bone structure dry rough or dark skin brown black hair colour small thin lips and mouth little perspiration poor long term memory good short term memory anxious nervous depression high sex drive or none at all love of travel dislike of cold weather slight to variable appetite Pitta Medium height and build fair to reddish complexion and hair coloring green grayish eyes sharp clear voice average size mouth light sleeper intelligent clear memory jealous ambitious sexually passionate dislikes hot weather loves luxury strong appetite thirsty Kapha Large frame tends to be overweight thick and pale coloured oily skin strong white teeth blue eyes full lips large mouth speaks in slow monotone requires deep sleep steady appetite heavy sweating business oriented good memory passive dislikes cold and damp loves good food enjoys familiar surroundings Medicines of the Earth Healing Aromas Essential oils are used in ayurvedic therapeutic formulations for their yogavahi value their ability to help transport the healing wisdom of herbs

Page 35

and herbal oils to the cells and tissues of the body Beyond their role as yogavahis many essential oils are important for their own healing wisdom The oils help create balance through the sense of smell To balance Vatta dosha pick from calming or warming essential oils such as ylang ylang sweet orange frankincense clove and rose geranium For Pitta choose from cooling or soothing aromas such as rose fennel mint jasmine and vetiver For balancing Kapha choose from invigorating or warming oils such as rosemary eucalyptus lemon basil juniper and coriander Ayurveda is a system that uses the principles of nature to bring the individual back into balance with his or her true self and ultimately bring total health to body mind and soul The philosophy of Ayurveda is that people are so intimately bound to nature eating from it breathing it and bathing in it that they can t help but be comprised of its elements earth air fire water and ether space Ayurveda is currently distinguishing itself around the world thanks to the popularity of leading health professionals and scholars like Deepak Chopra MD who clearly support and explain the holistic benefits We are moving toward learning and embracing this common sense approach to our overall well being as we witness for ourselves and through scientific study the far reaching benefits of this healing practice LAURIE POULSEN is the Founder and Director of Business Development for Lloyd s Salt Spring Island Organics Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 35

Page 36

Creative DigiWorks Multimedia Video Webdesign 250 710 0001 www creativedigiworks com

Page 37

Let your Body Sing by Dorothy Jeanne Engst R hee Ormond and Sara Wilhelm of Victoria B C fit the bill of the average teen Yet there is also a spirit burning within them to reach out to those in need After all they ve been talking about doing a fund raiser since the school year began Not exactly everyone s desire When Miley Cyrus put a challenge out for folks to create their own Hoedown Throwdown video and put it on YouTube Rhee and Sarah saw it as an opportunity to get people involved and raise funds for the Crohn s and Colitis Foundation of Canada The girls slogan is Dancing is like singing with your body And they want to get out there and sing about helping Crohn s patients Both of the girls are acquainted with either friends or family who have been affected by this disease and as Rhee said It s not nice to see someone you love in the hospital all the time It s hard for them to feel like other kids Sara was quick to pipe up Everyone is close to at least one person that has the disease The girls put the thought out there and then they started networking through Facebook and word of mouth When you put things out there with the spirit of love followed by action what happens Those plans come to fruition and more The Hoedown Throwdown video has mushroomed to a full day event with supportive sponsors coming out of the woodwork On Saturday July 18 Fun Day in the Park will run from 10 am to 4 pm at Braefoot Park in Victoria With improv shows face painting fortune telling an auction food dancing and much more what a great way to have some fun in the sun There will also be special performances by the Dancing Moon Multicultural Arts Co www dancingmoon ca Why not try your hand at the Hoedown Throwdown and let your body sing awhile We can shed our fears about the Me generation we all talk about There are lights at the end of the tunnel and two of them live in Victoria Find out more about their gift of spirit by calling Teri who is co ordinating their event at 250 721 1574 Sara Wilhelm left and Rhee Ormond Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 37

Page 38

The ORGANYC line of organic cotton products For even the most sensitive skin Non irritating Protective Secure Gentle Soft Advertise with True Blue Spirit Magazine Tap into the growing population who are searching for meaning in a busy world Our readers have a desire for spiritual growth as well as physical well being We delve into ancient wisdom for modern day solutions with a balance of articles on nature health philosophies and practices Michelle Staples Vancouver Island National Accts advertising truebluespirit ca 250 709 7972 Lara Engst Key Accounts and Distribution lara truebluespirit ca 1 877 700 2760 Ext 3 100 PURE ORGANIC COTTON BIODEGRADABLE FEMININE HYGIENE Carolyn James Vancouver Island 250 710 2354 CLM HEALTH GROUP WWW CLMHEALTH COM 1 877 263 7330 Next Issue July 26 for Aug Sept Advertising Deadline May 20

Page 39

Living Consciously During a Recession by Dr Sterling Desmond Rea Ciera recession is nothing more than taking the time to re tool to go inside and see what needs to be done so you can live more abundantly Last month we were talking to a tradesperson who was having anxieties over the apparent recession because contracts were shrivelling up He was saying I can t relax and he was having anxieties over his family and paying bills We told him You need to relax You need to be yourself you need to continue to give of yourself whether that means spending money on certain things that you need to get or working on things you need to work on You need to nourish yourself If you do that at the same time this will open up the receiving end of things and you get what you need He came back to us within the next week s time and said Well I took your suggestions and now I ve got contract work for the next five months and then I ve got more jobs coming in after that When people are getting laid off from jobs that they have held for a number of years they feel panicky They are listening to fear and saying how bad it is But is not bad It means that you need to do something new you need to evolve You need to do something for yourself and your livelihood while at the same time doing something that contributes to your community So this seemingly forced change is really an opportunity to let go of who you think you are By being courageous and open we can end the recession for ourselves This recession of regressive energy drains us from being ourselves from living from spending from being progressive Andres Rodriguez Fotolia com A Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 39 ioannis kounadeas Fotolia com

Page 40

in our lives In order to receive physical vitality fulfilling work or in order have open and vital family inter relations everyone in their own way needs to be unafraid of living We need to embrace or receive this recession as a gift because it is there for a reason To live consciously in a recession you need to give energetically and practically of your self in order to reciprocally receive Receiving is often the toughest exercise When we hold on to our money we hold on to ourselves we are shrinking back from life and we are closing our hearts to receiving The whole world is doing this and creating this widespread so called recession Receiving means to extend your self to whatever possibilities exist or can be created Receiving means opening your arms to embrace one another whether it is purchasing an item at a local store giving a requested idea of hope to someone or smiling and sending out progressive energy to the person on the street It is feeling genuinely progressive about your self and therefore the world The world changes one person at a time and as such the recession changes to progression one person at a time As we open our hearts to giving and receiving we learn to live free we realize we no longer need to live caged by the greed called a recession ioannis kounadeas Fotolia com Andres Rodriguez Fotolia com DR STERLING DESMOND REA CIERA have both been involved with intuitive practices since childhood Dr Desmond has 15 years experience in Advanced Energy Healing Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Aromatherapy and Counselling www evolvewithdesera com Page 40 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5

Page 41

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit ko Rade Lu olia com vic Fot Raw Living Food Phenomena Special to True Blue Spirit I t s not the food in your life it s the life in your food Many diets and food fads have come and gone over the years but the raw living food lifestyle has stood the test of time Raw foods have been part of every world culture for as far back as anyone has recorded We instinctively know that fresh and raw is better Just picture the aisles of your grocery store and decide for yourself would you rather have a beautiful ripe peach or chunks of peaches cooked to death in a can filled with sugar laden syrup and preservatives Raw and living food consists of uncooked fruits vegetables nuts seeds and sprouted grains combined into delicious and nutritious healthy meals and snacks These foods are not processed heated cooked or altered in any way that will strip out or destroy the naturally occurring vitamins minerals and enzymes What this isn t is a diet It s really the ability to finally be free to be healthy and unencumbered by food addictions and the dependency on refined denatured dead food that offers no life giving force to it whatsoever People generally find health benefits begin manifesting themselves within days of starting a raw food eating regime The first noticeable difference is generally the feeling that a haze has been lifted off Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 41

Page 42

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit X av ie r being just as much of a healing process for your mind as your body There are great books and spectacular products to help you get started Just the same as your conventional cooking kitchen needs an adequate supply of utensils and ingredients the un cooking kitchen does too Once you delve into the many raw food un cookbooks you will begin to compile a list of must haves Once you have acquired the equipment needed be sure to buy good quality ingredients for your new delicious recipes One of our favourites on the next page Teb oulFoto li a co m your brain and your energy level increases Next it is usually a decrease in weight and general aches and pains The beneficial results are limitless The Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach Florida has had many years of success in helping critically ill people regain their health and improve the quality of their lives by adopting the raw living food lifestyle Experience has also shown that eating raw foods brings you back into touch with your food instincts thus allowing you to select more precisely which foods your body needs Don t be afraid of change when you begin eating raw your world will look different to you Your senses will sharpen and you will see smell feel taste and hear things at a different level You will experience a direct energy shift In her book Living on Live Food Alissa Cohen states Seeing clearly can be unsettling Living Food heightens your vibration your energy When this happens you tend to feel really well But this same heightened energy also highlights those parts of life that aren t so good or those parts that aren t working for you Eating raw may end up Page 42 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 Did you say we re having raw food or having food in the raw

Page 43

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Healthy Chocolate Pudding Your family will have a hard time believing this is good for them 3 ripe avocados 6 tablespoons Agave nectar 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 tablespoon coconut oil teaspoon Braggs Liquid Aminos cup Carob Powder 1 cup Cocoa powder pure unsweetened Berries or fruit of your choice Cut avocados in half and remove the stone Scoop out the meat and put into food processor Add Agave vanilla coconut oil and Braggs liquid aminos Process until smooth and creamy Add the dry powders half a cup at a time until thoroughly blended Layer with pudding and berries and garnish with a sprig of mint If some of these ingredients seem foreign to you let me help Ultimate Superfoods Coconut Oil Available at a Health Food store It is actually solid in the jar Ultimate Superfoods Agave Nectar Available at a Health Food store It s sweet and very yummy Agave comes from a cactus Cacao Powder Available at a Health Food store Can you believe it healthy chocolate Braggs Liquid Aminos Available at a Health Food store Braggs is an organic soya sauce Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving E x Quis ine Fotolia com Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 43

Page 44

Maureen O Connor Artist by Dorothy Jeanne Engst If you don t do what you are compelled to do you feel it there s something missing that s the spiritual aspect of creating art Maureen O Connor artist Page 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 F or Maureen O Connor of Gabriola Island her intuitive instinct for design and colour has been passed on through generations and it has shown up for years in Maureen s love of knitting Maureen was looking for something else to release her creativity when she stumbled upon the Make a ring in a day course with Lindsay Stocking Godfrey of Mudge Studio This one day course struck a chord so intense that it led to a two year silversmith apprenticeship for Maureen There are now four jewellery artists on Gabriola Island who trained at the same school and currently run studios

Page 45

Maureen s husband Patrick an artist in his own right convinced her to learn to make glass beads He showed her a video he had borrowed from the library This led to a one day workshop and the rest of the glass bead making techniques she has developed through the use of books and videos Now she can make complete pieces as a silversmith and lampworker where she uses beautiful Italian Murano glass The techniques Maureen applies to her jewellery making have been used for thousands of years The oldest known beads were made 40 000 years ago Where it differs today is through the benefit of an even temperatured flame Maureen makes her pieces in a very aboriginal manner in that each piece evolves There is no set pattern drawn out ahead of time She goes with colour and feeling then her intuition comes into play and the piece evolves Each piece is unique and imbued with Maureen s creative energy For Maureen her art feeds her soul If you want something to happen you have to make it happen The easiest route can become the hardest if it isn t the right one You have to be true to yourself or else life is a slow death lampworking creating beads from glass rods using an open flame Maureen is pictured working in her Whalesong Studio on Gabriola Island Jewellery in photos are Maureen s creations Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 45

Page 46

Available at Back to Nature Chemainus Health Food Store Edible Island Lifestyle Markets Mercia s Vitamins Lynn s Vitamin Gallery The Vitamin Shop Sidney Natural Foods and other quality Natural Health stores in your area

Page 47

Spiritualism Feeling Loved by Carol Spencer Someone s talkin to me saying I love you Even when there s nobody there I can still hear the words I love you T hese song lyrics express the highest desires that any one person can aspire to to know unconditionally that we are loved This is the main purpose of the evidence given by a spiritualist medium that love transcends death Those in the spirit world return giving proof that love is eternal and those who have passed into the world of spirit return because of their love DWP Fotolia com Sometimes the evidence we receive seems quite mundane Messages such as congratulations on your promotion let us know of the pride and love of the deceased person who is communicating My friend Harold received what seemed to be an unexceptional message a detailed description of a photo taken by his deceased mother who was communicating Harold s mother described details in the photo along with its location in his home Harold s mother had been in the spirit world for many years and had never visited his home when she was alive Harold was dealing with some health issues and the thought that his mother was Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 47

Page 48

Spiritualism Page 48 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 om A native of Salt Spring Island CAROL SPENCER established the Continuous Light Sanctuary in 1999 Continuous Light is a society dedicated to spiritualism where gatherings are held to share the philosophy and gifts of spirit Carol teaches meditation healing clairvoyance and psychic awareness beaw olf F otolia c close by watching over him with her love and caring allowed Harold to feel comfort and support I recently heard a preacher give a sermon on love Remember God loves you you are never alone This statement was intended to provide comfort and peace to the congregation Would a statement such as this give you comfort For myself when I have been experiencing difficulties this statement would not fill me with a sense of peace or comfort The questions I would immediately have would be If God loves me why do bad things happen Where was he when I needed him and how am I supposed to know he loves me when I really doubt he s there Wouldn t it be wonderful if proof of God s love could be flashed up on a big screen TV or a billboard on the side of the road Very few people have divine revelations of this kind Yet think about this we have been touched and are continually being touched by God s love through the beauty in nature or the smile of a baby Daily we hear sounds of love through music the sound of wind in the trees of water running or the quiet breathing of the earth Each one of these sounds stimulates the awareness of something much greater than we are This stimulation creates that etheric bridge and reconnects us with our divine home How can we actively develop that sense of God s love and presence By seeking out beauty truth and love in all of life by choosing to connect and enjoy all aspects of nature and by offering to be of service to our neighbour All of these things will generate that feeling of love within us While we are participating in these activities there is no room for anxiety fear or negative thinking Maintaining a positive attitude won t eliminate all of life s crises but it will help create an inner strength and endurance Whenever I take enough time to stop and to listen to listen Someone deep in my heart is talking to me And though I don t quite know who it is I want to believe it It s a big lonely world I need all of the love I can get Someone s Talkin To Me by Alan Moberg Perhaps we need to take the time to stop and to listen

Page 49

Reader Response Great articles We are visiting from Ontario and picked up your magazine Great articles and I adore the cover Claudette F Ontario Boopsie Boo My Boopsie Boo died of lung cancer 2 yrs ago this past February 26th Because she was so scared of the outside we kept her ashes in a beautiful wooden box along with candles on either side Above this are her picture and an engraving of a poem my husband wrote for her In the corner we keep a vase with pussy willows which has been there for several years One morning a few weeks ago I was sitting on my bed and had a conversation with Boopsie telling her how much we missed her and loved her My husband and I were devastated when we lost her After I talked with her awhile I bent down to put on my shoes and felt something hit me on the head It was one of the branches of pussy willows How could that have happened Those branches had been in that vase for a long time and why would one happen to pop out at that moment I know it was Boopsie telling me she is still here and that she loves us too I still cry for her but I know she isn t far from me ever She loved it when I came home from work at night and I would hold her face in my hands and kiss her cheeks She loved that and expected it every night She is forever in our hearts Chris and Jeanie B Courtenay BC An inspiring collection I wanted to let you know how much we have been enjoying your delightful magazine We ve left out issues and people lap them up It is always an inspiring collection of material and visually quite outstanding thanks for a great creation Rose H Gabriola Island BC Bringing it all together Love your magazine You are bringing it all together for all of us who are blessed to live on these precious islands Namaste Vicki I Victoria BC Breathing space I am writing to tell you how fabulous I think your magazine is We pick it up at Edible Island in Courtenay It really is laid out well great colours great quality photographs nice composition and just the right amount of breathing space throughout in the design Brenda J Courtenay BC Greetings Dorothy and Team A huge thank you is something that I feel compelled to share with all of you As someone who has gone from self help to metaphysics to the esoteric thinking that I was somewhat alone on this journey I breathed a sigh of relief when I came across True Blue It gives me great comfort knowing that there are other light workers close by Andria W Victoria BC Just believe expect miracles and have faith Drawn Together Volum1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 49

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Numerology Number by Shanon Wills T oday s article is all about the Ruling Number 1 I consider these life path numbers to be the most important of all the numbers used in numerological calculations They include the numbers 1 through 9 plus the master numbers 11 and 22 No other number will influence our lives more than our ruling number It represents the most important lesson we came here to learn and the one we most need to master in this lifetime Your ruling number is based on your birth date and calculated by adding all the digits of your date together arriving at a total and then reducing that sum until we end up with a single digit with the exceptions 11 and 22 This final digit is your ruling number One An example birth date March 2 1967 Begin like this Step one 3 2 1967 Then add it up like this Step two 3 2 1 9 6 7 Total 28 Next reduce the first total Step three 2 8 10 reduced to 1 This ruling number is a 1 Attributes of ruling number 1 If you were asked what you thought the qualities of a 1 person would be you would likely come up with things like leadership self motivation and possibly successful li kmit Foto Page 50 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 a com

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Numerology An ton Va k hlachev Fotol i a c om Life Purpose Your purpose in coming here under this vibration is to help others by assisting them with life s many demands for change You are likely the most adaptable and versatile of any other ruling number because you were born with these attributes Without adaptability none of us would last very long not as a species or as individuals Parents should note that if you have a child with this ruling number you can help them a great deal by guiding them towards greater participation in family or group activities where there is a need to work co operatively These experiences provide valuable opportunity for the development of self autonomy within the context of friendship and support If your child is artistically gifted here are a few examples of great groups drama clubs choirs and orchestras All of these are wonderful examples that combine the elements of selfexpression co operation and understanding of the roles each participant plays within the context of the whole Compassion is learned best within the family home and extends outward to community involvements that focus on helping others whose needs are greater than our own Practical Expression If your ruling number is a 1 your primary way of expressing your creative ideas will be to put them into a workable form that is useful to others whether that is in performing publicly building monuments fundraising or writing books Greatest Challenge Each birth number has its own particular lesson and part of our success in life is to master it so we can move on The biggest challenge of this ruling number will be to overcome the urge to dominate others If this challenge is not mastered more karmic debt is incurred and any success in life will be double edged Healthy Outlook When Ruling Number 1 people are living in the flow of their positive energy their optimism and good nature will manifest remarkable success in life Happy and delightful companions these people make loyal and generous friends SHANON WILLS has been a Metaphysical student for over 40 years Several years as a professional channeler assisted her progress in understanding spiritual energy As a Reiki Master Teacher she has merged the power of sound to create a unique healing experience for her clients Her interest in Numerology began in the late 80 s and blossomed when she discovered a spiritual connection to numbers Note the responses requesting a numerology analysis have been overwhelming Shanon will analyze several of the dates submitted in Volume 1 Issue 6 Thank you for your interest Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 51

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Phenomena UFO s Not so Simple Part One by Michael Gintowt MA M any people are under the impression that the study of UFOs is a matter of recording sightings and theorising about aliens or engaging in conspiracy think wondering what governments are hiding Television shows such as the X Files are the main source of information for those who have not actually studied the phenomenon The mainstay of professional UFOlogy the study of UFOs is the people who carefully inter Page 52 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 view witnesses record sightings and analyze the data The US based Mutual UFO Network MUFON for example is a large organisation that records thousands of sightings using a network of volunteers around the world Professional UFOlogists are trained to recognise meteorological and astronomical phenomena as well as aircraft behavior They are careful to rule out natural and manmade explanations before declaring a sighting to be Reinhold Wittich Fotolia com

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Phenomena unidentified Did you know that the planet Venus is commonly reported as a UFO Other researchers focus instead upon a related bizarre and confusing element that refuses to go away the abduction phenomenon Psychologists have taken this on and tried to explain abductions as sleep paralysis memory distortion masochism hypnosis induced false memories and various psychopathologies Although some abductions can be explained by various combinations of the aforementioned causes there are others that like UFO sightings cannot be explained Many abductions for example take place during daylight hours thus ruling out sleep paralysis Sleep paralysis is a well documented condition whereby a person awakens but the paralysis function that keeps us from moving around too much while we are asleep stays operative for a while resulting in a terrifying sense of being wide awake paralyzed a crushing sensation on the chest and a feeling of presences in the room Dr John Mack is a Harvard trained clinical psychologist who wrote two authoritative books on alien abductions His peers and superiors questioned the professionalism of his activities and put him through a two year ordeal of review and inspection where his motives methods and results were questioned He survived intact But this raises another aspect of the UFO phenomenon the fact that any serious discussion about it is to a great extent a modern day taboo The taboo surrounding serious discussion of UFOs has multiple origins First the US Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency created a systematic and ruthless campaign to discredit people who reported UFOs This came about because during the Cold War era of the 1950s the public was pressuring the USAF to come up with explanations for the UFOs that were being reported in high numbers and they had none Officials were concerned that unless the UFO issue calmed down reports could be used by the Soviets to mask a real attack They began to systematically deny the existence of UFOs come up with any natural explanation no matter how improbable and ridiculed those who insisted that they had seen something unexplainable Seasoned pilots especially were targeted and that had a devastating effect silencing both Air Force and commercial pilots The media adopted the ridicule strategy as it was easier than investigative journalism of something elusive and was in compliance with government policy The psychological operation worked so well that the smirking mandatory association of little green men with UFOs is with us to this day In the past year or so however major media have shifted their strategy regarding this topic in tandem with an apparent global coordinated campaign to have national UFO files released to the public To be continued next issue MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology and formal training in hypnosis behavioural neurobiology and clinical psychology His interest in the paranormal can be traced to when he was 14 years old and corresponded with Dr J B Rhine the pioneering parapsychologist For decades he has been involved with the divinatory arts shamanic practices and martial arts He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife www exopsychology net Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 53

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Worthwhile Reading THE UNIVERSE SOLVED Jim Elvidge Jim Elvidge takes us down the rabbit hole on a thought provoking roller coaster ride through quantum physics virtual reality and futurism He makes a compelling case for the view that our physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes If numbers and numerical codes define our very existence could our genetic memory have been encoded to be triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies 2012 may well be one of these specific times when our evolution takes a giant leap every 15 000 or so years Elvidge asks a reasonable question concerning our perception of reality which we so readily take for granted How do you know that what you perceive is not an illusion Our limited perception of so called reality is nothing more than electrochemical reactions within our brain is it not possible these are merely produced by an intelligence or a non local vast computer like consciousness that is connected to your brain via some form of wireless network Could we also be under programmed control our thoughts and actions monitored and generated by a vast computer Could our programmers be in fact humans us from the future who have been able to acquire the technology to recreate ourselves Do we exist in a virtual reality world akin to Star Trek s holodeck or like one depicted in a final episode of Red Dwarf Take the akashic records for example all past and future events are stored and can be accessed as Elvidge states From a programmed reality standpoint the akashic field is just a data bank of the computer Would this not explain clairvoyance psychic phenomena the paranormal OBEs NDEs altered states remote viewing and UFOs he wonders Virtual Reality simulations are technically feasible and would help explain such things If we are indeed living in a virtual reality then I d have to agree with one wise soul s response concerning such a possibility the graphics are great but the plot sucks Title to the contrary Jim Elvidge doesn t give us all the answers nor does he pretend to Elvidge is more than qualified to present himself as an authority on such matters having an Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University expertise on subatomic physics artificial intelligence cosmology nanotechnology and a keen interest in the paranormal Jim Elvidge presents the facts in an intelligent humorous playful and informative manner so that you can come to your own conclusions about our shared reality The Universe Solved is a refreshing entertaining and thoughtprovoking read Published by Alternative Theories Press ISBN 978 1 4243 3626 5 By Edd Uluschak Editor at Large Page 54 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5

Page 55

Worthwhile Reading INTENTION HEALS A Guide and Workbook Adam Author of DreamHealer Does each of us have the ability to change our genes does intention really heal Adam has been drawn to healing and helping others achieve self empowerment through exploring their use of their own innate energy resources You will be taught how to align your conscious intentions with your subconscious mind The work book section has visualizations to use for almost any disease A truly wonderful book by a person who devotes his life to helping people heal Time Warner Books ISBN 0 446 51862 X Sail into your Intuitive Intuitive Cruises will launching from Gabriola Island BC this summer Cruise on a 10 passenger 41 foot Morgan sailing yacht with a lovely deck to take in the sun There will be various mediums and healers on every cruise With water being a tremendous conductor the journey will provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your spiritual development This photo is taken from the yacht deck while sailing up the coast from San Francisco For info e mail your contact information to intuitivecruises truebluespirit ca

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Therapy can be absolutely beautiful Magnetic Jewellery Magnets and Beauty Aids Magnetic Support Magnetic Sleep and Comfort Magnetic Pet Care Magnetised Water Serenity 2000 products are designed to be easy and comfortable to use Our jewellery line is both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective We guarantee that the magnets contained in our products will retain their magnetic strength for the lifetime of the user The magnets in our products are placed in the appropriate grid and or configuration to create a deep penetrating magnetic field essential for severe chronic conditions The number of magnets used in each product far exceeds the minimum necessary for effectiveness Contact your Natural Health Representatives Call 1 877 700 2760 250 247 0210 Fax 250 247 0266

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Astrology Astrology by Heather K Elrix G reetings To find harmony within change this is our challenge To change what no longer serves our collective consciousness This is an exciting time We have entered the Age of Aquarius for REAL Emotionally intellectually spiritually we are the free We may re awaken Woodstock flower power energy love of sixties keep it Make your space sanctuary from the material realm Realizing none of it holds truth and selectively let go of old program damning conditions Choose your new path Seriously get acquainted with basic real what is useful Denounce the material it s only paper printed daily 8 5 trillion of it lately Weighing not an ounce of truth As best you can free yourself from systems governed by fear Create security in sustainability with Saniphoto Fotolia com family friends Turn your material assets into earth gardens water systems and energy sources Get ready to live the old ways in a new way operating with the universe from our hearts Planetary influences It takes Pluto Hades 284 years to pass through all 12 signs of the zodiac Pluto is time representing the energies buried deep in the psyche Pluto described as the dark hand of fate Associated with drastic upheaval or the other side of the planet to destroy what is decaying and useless to make a clear way to a positive change Pluto in Capricorn Meaning radical at the material realm Mythically Either Tempus working with cyclic seasonal time elementally annually quarterly Example Celtic moon or Mayan calendars Or the Grim Reaper old man time time a man made measurement Example Gregorian calendar Pluto historically ambitious Jupiter Spiritual sensibility Neptune Denotes great sensitivity Jupiter conjunct Neptune Father God Zeus learning one of Neptune s tricks nothing is what it appears to be Saturn in Virgo Direct challenge to learn discrimination moderation in search of perfectionism Creating pride to stubbornly adhere to chosen direction Can create over compensation with work ethic For some exceedingly sensitive to critical feedback Uranus in Pisces Helps us to be real as spiritualists we learn freedom is not force kindness has no judgment As we transform from subconscious to conscious awareness as we speak Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 57

Page 58

Astrology Aries Fire Action combustion Ruled by Mars March 21 April 20 Key phrase I am The warrior holding courage with audacity Adventurous pioneering QUESTION ALL SYSTEMS Remember not to quarrel when your quick temper aggravates partners friends Patience is continual those that know you practice it also Taurus Earth Manifestation ability Ruled by Venus April 21 May 21 Key phrase I have Nature s heritage plays a deep role in balancing your will towards your project Keep in focus your great ability for trustworthiness doing a job well creates exalted leadership quality Stop demanding attention and you receive recognition Gemini Air Communicator Ruled by Mercury May 22 June 22 Key phrase I think Ability to visit the moment Very fresh Imagination not used to invent but to illuminate observations is creative Used to falsify experiences is betraying Understand the difference between descriptive factual or fictional imagery Regardless have a happy happy birthday Cancer Water Ocean of emotion Ruled by Moon June 23 July 23 Key phrase I feel Psychic ability is accented being happy dreaming in comfort You are a strong protector home is security So stay sensitive and sensible Don t let sentiment upset you Be your best friend not your worst worried enemy Remember your thoughts create your reality It s summer make the most of it Happy birthday beautiful beastly one you re well loved Leo Fire Powerful activation Ruled by Sun July 24 August 23 Key phrase I will No kidding The leader all us others followers Well let s hope people don t mind your subtle arrogances Even though you dramatize all that you do quietly of course Somehow you apply your power nature of your will upon us over over we just give in to your inspired selfness s It seems we are in training you the facilitator If the vision is there gr gr great Virgo Earth Quick silver mind magnet Ruled by Mercury August 24 September 23 Key phrase I analyze You mysteriously articulate memoirs to imaginative hypercritical audiences You are ever brighter as an instructor in simplifying systems setting up designs for living ideals It s needed more more If done you will win the prize for ingenious no doubt Dear diplomat reveal to us knowledge well needed Thank you Page 58 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue 5 HEATHER K ELRIX resides in Chemainus where she has worked actively in astrology massage and the healing arts for many years 250 246 1447

Page 59

Astrology Libra Air I can fly I can touch the sky Ruled by Venus September 24 October 23 Key phrase I believe Your romantic nature comes to life this summer Acts of grandeur are done simply your ease with graceful dignity eloquently exalts your artful life It s time for flirtations Be damned fine and full of glory Theatrical energy is worth the effort Well done Remember you re never boring Scorpio Water Deeply moving emotion October 24 November 22 Ruled by Mars Key phrase I desire Being Martian is usually orange green something like Irish but different Oh well you always have miffed us somewhat with your planet of war settling into your element of water smoke screening us with emotional steam We sit back not knowing if we have been scolded or swooned Not to worry Your sexy ways turn and keep turning our heads regardless of our hearts you create mystery so might as well embody it Sagittarius Fire Smoldering coals Ruled by Jupiter October 24 November 22 Key phrase I see Usually meaning you seek as a spiritual warrior Intellect hunts questing truth with charismatic control over your actions and responses You the clever one enjoy a good story as the archetypal ARCHER you are your aim is true Without question your code of ethics holds strong Remember your mantra forgiveness is forgetting Capricorn Earth Divining destiny Ruled by Saturn December 22 January 20 Key phrase I use You are more emotional than usual for your planet is active creating quite the stir Self examined you are rather powerful yet again We are who we are we are what we are we are beings of light here to reflect our light by being light Something you earth creatures once learned as the teacher within Light brightens expands stimulates Aquarius Air Anicha Sanskrit word meaning wind change power Ruled by Uranus January 21 February 19 Key phrase I know How long is the Aquarian age Longer than you I will be remembered passing our greatest of great grandchildren who really knows if our earthy mother allows great great to be Radical discordance oh well what we do we must acknowledge So help us to clear up this unraveling world reap the grim benefits of redemption so we can learn and go on A great plan stick to it For critical stages are due to happen sooner than later Being ready does help m ia co Fotol t i m i nol micha Pisces Water Tidal Ruled by Neptune February 20 March 20 Key phrase I believe Well there s many a fish in the sea Diverse divers colourful schools of motion flashing by with witty laughter you stay free spirited Keep living with the world at your feet For the few descending deep ones those easily hurt who self medicate with addictive behaviors Perhaps being clear losing the fear Letting go of the fiction you ve tried continually to turn to fact Could create a tail of fantasy after all Blessings Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 59

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Directory Events Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Health Spirit Gate Consulting Carolyn Mandrusiak BA R Ac DTCM Gabriola Island and Nanaimo 250 247 7366 cmandrusiak2002 shaw ca Animal Communication INVITATION Come Learn The gateway to health and transformation Call Millie 250 746 7390 Future retreats for your full potential www milliejoy isagenix com Hypnotherapy Animal Whispers Stephanie McColl Bridge the gap of communication between you and your animal 250 386 2807 Natural Health Retail Chemainus Health Food Store 9738 Willow Street Chemainus BC 250 246 9838 Barbara Adelborg CMH HT Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis Cowichan Valley 250 746 1969 www animalwhisperer com Astrology Intuitive Guides Heather K Elrix Astrology Massage Healing Arts Cowichan Valley 250 246 1447 Kay Nielsen Intuitive Reader Energy Clearing and Healing Clairvoyance Nanaimo 250 816 2434 Channeling Metaphysical Retail International Higher Self Channeler Multi Dimensional Pleiadian Healer Instructor CRYSTAL EAGLE FEEL the irresistible frequencies of ONENESS Gently dissolve release separations re aligning you to be UNITY within Vancouver Isl 250 995 8868 Conscious Living www evolvewithdesera com INFINITY Gifts for your Soul Gift store including Reflexology Reiki Aromatherapy and Tarot Angel card readings 113 Hirst Ave E Parksville BC 250 586 6449 Infinity giftsforyoursoul yahoo ca WISHES For Conscious Living 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 Mystic Insights Shanon Wills The Practice of Conscious Living Dr Sterling Desmond Rea Ciera Also providing Acupuncture TCM Services 1842B Comox Ave Comox BC Phone 250 941 8777 Reiki Master Sound Therapist Intuitive Readings Tarot Oracle Cards Numerology Profiles 250 754 2563 mysticinsights shaw ca LIFESTYLE MARKETS www lifestylemarkets com Victoria Douglas 2950 Douglas Street Victoria BC 250 384 3388 Victoria Cook 343 Cook Street Victoria BC 250 381 5450 Sidney Store 9767 5th Street Unit C Sidney BC 250 656 2326

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Directory Events Natural Health Retail LYNN S VITAMIN GALLERY Lynn s Vitamin Gallery 4 180 Central Avenue Duncan BC 250 748 4421 Spiritual Centres Continuous Light Sanctuary Carol Spencer Ordained Minister Salt Spring Island BC 250 538 8272 Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light Rev Patricia Gunn Ordained Minister Duncan BC 250 748 0723 www cowichanspiritualistchurch com Two Worlds Spiritualist Centre Ann Woodward President Nanaimo BC 250 729 2737 Creative DigiWorks Multimedia Video Webdesign 250 710 0001 www creativedigiworks com CONCERN OVER FLU OUTBREAK Garlic maybe one of the world s oldest natural infection fighting remedies However in recent times science has revealed that a compound called allicin is responsible for the antiviral antifungal and antibacterial properties of garlic and that this little known compound could be your best defence against viral diseases The most recent concern of course is this new H1N1 flu virus strain Symptoms in patients infected in Canada USA and Europe appear to be relatively mild and include a sore throat sneezing and coughing H1N1 flu appears to be very easily spread by coughing sneezing or coming into close contact with someone who is already infected Stabilized allicin as found in Allimax is an excellent natural antiviral agent that has been proven in double blind placebo controlled studies to both PREVENT the onset of viral disease and to help remove symptoms in patients already infected If you have concern that you are at an increased risk for infection I would suggest to patients to supplement with 6 8 Allimax capsules daily to act as a preventative Try to avoid contact with people who are showing active infection and wash your hands thoroughly with soap several times every day This has been proven to prevent infectious organisms from populating the hands and face Taking these simple and cost effective actions each day should prevent the onset of infection and keep your immune system boosted while this pernicious virus is of risk Peter Josling Director Allicin International Volume 1 Issue 5 True Blue Spirit Page 61

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The ORGANYC line of organic cotton products For even the most sensitive skin Non irritating Protective Secure Gentle Soft Uniting two lives in the miracle of love Available to perform your unique and meaningful ceremony This sacred contract that reflects the special qualities of two individuals will enhance your special day Carol Spencer Ordained Minister 250 538 8272 jandc212 telus net True Blue S pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living www truebluespirit ca Mary J Gillis Pre production Editor Tom Masters Editor Edd Uluschak Editor at Large Cartoonist 100 PURE ORGANIC COTTON BIODEGRADABLE FEMININE HYGIENE CLM HEALTH GROUP WWW CLMHEALTH COM 1 877 263 7330 Page 62 True Blue Spirit Volume 1 Issue Tiffany Abram Editorial Assistant Tessa Engst Editorial Assistant

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Island Music Island Life

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Great Nutrition Is Even More Important When You re This Far Away From Home TRU prod STE ucts NUTR D from ISTAR T Hi From Kathmandu I just wanted to let you know that I have had your logo embroidered on the banner that I am taking to the top of Everest with me Thank you for your support I am really glad I found your products Sylvia Sylvia Moser Age 53 of Victoria B C may soon be the oldest Canadian woman to summit Mount Everest and the 7 highest peaks on the seven contintents Cartensz Version Sylvia is a very special lady and survivor of breast cancer NutriPods Premium II Provide Smoothie NutriPods Premium II is the most complete Multi Vitamin in North America Each Pod contains vitamins minerals trace elements greens fatty acids immune supportives energy enhancers and much more Provide Smoothie is the most complete drink mix available in North America Every serving of Provide gives you Greens Protein Isolate Berries and Fibre Best of all it taste great 1 800 813 4233 www nutristart com Ask for us by name at finer health stores