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The New Normal - 7 Valuable Lesson Opportunities To Learn Now

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7 NEW NORMAL LESSONS by CHRISTOPHER SHEA WHAT IS 1 NORMAL Normal is what we re used to for months that routine has been challenged Longing for normal means longing for the past What if we look to a new normal fi lled with possibilities 3 RE CONNECTION WITH FAMILY The quarantine for better or worse forced families together in their dwellings No family dynamic is perfect but has your family grown closer Have you eaten more dinners togather or started game nights Lack of commuting to work and less activities and meetings provide families more time together How can this togetherness become our new normal 5 LET GO OF 2 VICTIM THINKING These events were not targeted to you specifi cally even if you are effected by them A victim is a person devoid of choices You do have choices today Some aspects of life are beyond your control while other aspects are in your control Learn the difference and focus on those areas you can change 4 FIND PEACE NURTURE FRIENDSHIPS I grew up prior to commercial use of the internet and before social media I recall spending much of my time with my fr iends in person During quarantine we can t physically spend time with fr iends but we can use technology for the good Spend time with your fr iends via the internet where you can see each and share in a group conversation and group activities If this interaction with your fr iends is new to you how can you maintain this new normal into the future Anger has a way of taking over our life spilling onto people or events we aren t even angry about Our society is sharing in this common new normal enabling us to better understand each other in our shared experience Take the energy of your anger and shift it to a passion of service toward society 7 6 BE KIND TO OTHERS YOURSELF What aspects of this new normal would you like to keep moving into the future What would you like to change or stay the same As society tries to cope I fi nd most people seem a bit nicer and a bit more patient We re in this together Many messages we hear lately are reminders to take care of ourselves during the quarantine This is essential on a daily basis regardless of what is happening In the new normal how will you continue every day taking care of yourself and being kind to others copyright 2020 Lifesjourney Life Coaching LLC