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Volume 2 Issue 2 Dec 2009 Jan 2010 S True Blue pirit Pursuit of Intuitive Living The Crystal Bed Art of Crop Circles Drawn to Crystals ASTROLOGY CRYSTALS HYPNOTHERAPY NUMBERS METAPHYSICS ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PHENOMENA NATURE SPIRIT HEALTH

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This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart CONTENTS SPECIAL FEATURES Brain State Journey 31 Connecting to the Self 11 Drawn to Crystals 52 Releasing Trauma 20 The Art of Crop Circles 46 The Crystal Bed 32 From the Publisher Time Travellers REGULAR FEATURES The weather has cooled and the stars seem to appear as clear and crisp to the eye as the air feels to the throat It never ceases to amaze me that those stars we see are suns that could be burning many million light years away Considering that the speed of light travels about 300 000 kilometres per second it would take us close to four and a half years to travel by light to Alpha Centauri or 100 000 years to travel across the Milky Way How much have things changed by the time we actually see them Whether we use a telescope or our naked eye we are seeing into the past and many of those stars we see have long since burnt out I suppose that means we could liken ourselves to time travellers It feels like a good fit especially when we allow ourselves to mull the thought while taking into view the beauty of a clear night sky It makes time travel sound pretty easy when you think about it this way It is Even though we may be encompassed by an earthly body we can travel through time to see spirit review past lives tune into extraterrestrials enhance our future and improve our health True Blue Spirit is all about these time travel possibilities and more Aboriginal Spirit Humility 25 Animal Whispers Healthy Pets 41 Keep well Prayer 57 Cartoon Contest 28 Crystals Clear Quartz 17 Directory of Businesses Events 60 Enlightening Strikes Unlikely Savant 7 Astrology Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Herbs A little bit o Magic Hypnotherapy A Gift from Nature the Elephant 37 26 21 Metaphysics Las Vegas 49 Nature s Essence Treat the Patient 29 Numerology Number Four 44 Phenomena Cosmic Perpective 22 Reader Response 48 Searching for Serenity Spirit Dorothy Jeanne Engst Going Raw Cease Becoming Spirit View of Marriage Spirit of the Dance An Invitation to Dance Worthwhile Reading 4 55 14 57

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Searching for Serenity Cease Beco by Vince Pollitt T here is a very quiet chair that has recently taken up residence on an equally quiet outcropping of rock that juts into the ocean near my home This chair this blue Adirondack faces out across the water towards Port Angeles and Sequim in the state of Washington and beckons passersby to sit awhile and share its unique communion with nature It seems to ask how many of us truly know how to just be how to sit with ourselves beyond expectation beyond judgment Whenever I drive past this generous offering I am challenged to find the time in my daily circus to cease becoming Cease Becoming These words leapt out at me from the pages of San Francisco Bay area spiritual leader Adyashanti s book The Impact of Awakening They struck a profound chord and dovetailed beautifully with my current meditative practices to the point that I have incorporated cease becoming as a personal mantra Upon reflection I realize that even my earliest memories revolve around the state of becoming Most of us have experienced those overly concerned relatives well creased hovering great aunts and condescending family patriarchs asking that age old question what was I going to be when I grew up Again and again that question surfaced with ever increasing seriousness as I matured In my youthful earnestness I considered many careers from pilot to detective from musician to author To these ends I endeavoured to become proficient in many skills I took up the trumpet I acquired a pilot s license I forced my way through a variety of degrees diplomas and certifications I became this and I became that flotsam and jetsam At a social level I have dedicated enormous amounts of energy trying to determine how I could Page 4 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 become popular My na ve teen years and on into my twenties were spent trying to become more attractive well spoken funny cool and proficient at any activity that might achieve those lofty goals Even my spiritual practice has been tainted by the fine art of becoming I spent many years considering what arcane practices might bring about the wisdom of the famed sages and gurus of the East I vainly thought that by becoming a mystical knower of the universe I would become respected at the deepest levels I now realize that even the most profound realizations and practices begin with the simplest act of just being I am also realizing that I have spent the vast majority of my waking hours focused on the future I understand that the very motivation behind most of my activities is based upon some quantifiable return down the road I am in a constant state of flux always trying to become happier healthier better looking wealthier more organized better informed and more respected The list seems endless Now I try to look more closely at the motivational foundation behind all my choices I want to continually simplify my lifestyle and needs This will free more time to truly appreciate the present to truly devote my focus to those daily choices that are meaningful and productive Deeply serene beings reside graciously in the present in spite of their circumstances For them the blue chair is about contentment tolerance and patience Becoming is concerned with tomorrow and tomorrow only exists in our thoughts Take some time to postpone those thoughts Clear the mind Cease becoming and sit in the Adirondack on the rocks Now I find serenity in the waves at my feet if only for a moment each day S

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Searching for Serenity oming VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancouver Island Vince combines almost three decades of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for music painting and writing As a spiritual coach he specialises in Reiki based pranic healing jon fitzpatrick Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 5

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S True Blue pirit Retreat Open the door to Possibility Join an intimate group of 32 participants July 15th through 18th 2010 nestled on the shore at The Haven on Gabriola Island B C Whether you are just learning to develop your psychic and intuitive abilities or you are ready to take them to another level this retreat is for you Explore your innate abilities under the guidance of our True Blue Spirit intuitives who will help you achieve a greater awareness of spirit while embracing your intuition and opening up to new possibilities The retreat rates include meals accommodation and full daytime and evening agendas with teachings from more than ten intuitives Drawing on primordial traditions you will learn to put practices into place to enhance your journey through life Whether working with a Zen Master creating the Nature s Essence that is right for you or spending an evening tapping into the energies of crystal skull Sha Na Ra this True Blue Spirit retreat will take you through a wide range of intuitive possibilities We d love to have you join us For details and cost please click on True Blue Spirit Retreats at www truebluespirit ca or call True Blue Spirit at 1 877 700 2760 Note One of our magazine subscribers will be randomly selected to receive complimentary attendance to this all inclusive retreat

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Enlightening Strikes Unlikely Savant by Paul Elder E very once in a while something extraordinary happens something that touches our hearts and minds in a special way Just such an event occurred recently a reminder of the many wonderful mysteries of life One of the unique benefits of living on Vancouver Island is the necessity of travelling by ferry A frequent traveler between the Island and the mainland I ve found that the ferry literally forces everyone to slow down and relax There s nothing else you can do so you might as well sit back and enjoy the incredible scenery On one of these trips a few months back I made my way along the passenger deck to the stern looking for an isolated seat to curl up in Passengers were few and I was happy to find the rear of the vessel virtually empty Yet I heard the gentle strains of a beautiful melody Then I saw him The classical guitarist was clearly a homeless person His clothing and hair hung matted and dirty from his thin middle aged frame a tattered toque clung to the back of his head Like a virtuoso performance the sounds flowing from the guitar permeated the air with perfect clarity and vibration This was no ordinary guitar player Mesmerized I watched filthy stained fingers caress the neck effortlessly massaging the strings with the perfection of a master For more than an hour I became lost in the beauty and depth of the music this talented musician poured from his heart I found myself blinking through tears swept along by the haunting beauty of the melody and my sense of awe in the presence of pure genius Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 7 Sikfreeze Fotolia com

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Enlightening Strikes Not once did this unlikely savant open his eyes or attempt to speak I tried offering a few words of praise and appreciation but he simply nodded and continued playing Occasionally clusters of passengers gathered to listen murmuring expressions of surprise eventually moving on some shushing their children whispering uncomfortably Soon it was time to leave I simply couldn t go without showing my appreciation While the man continued to play I noticed his backpack sitting on the seat next to him a side zipper partially open In the next moment I found myself emptying my pockets stuffing several 20 bills into his backpack Abruptly he stopped playing and turned to look directly at me Setting his guitar aside he slowly rose to his feet stepped towards me and pulled me into a hug Then he drew back his eyes filled with tears For a moment time stood still Shocking and comforting at the same time his bright blue eyes seemed to look directly into my soul My own tears and a sudden lump in my throat muffled my response I couldn t speak Ending the embrace I turned and left for the vehicle deck After several steps I stopped to look back but there was no one there He had disappeared In my car the enormity of the experience set in I cried tears of wonder and joy Had this really happened How could he have disappeared so quickly Yes I recalled there was a doorway near by through which he could have left but I had turned away for only a few seconds I checked my pockets Sure enough they were empty I would have to find an ATM To this day I wonder was he an Angel a Saint or a master in a beggar s body And I realize it probably doesn t matter One way or another an Angel has touched my life S PAUL ELDER is the author of the book Eyes of an Angel A survivor of three near death experiences he is a former CTV News reporter and mayor of a Canadian city anoldsock Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 9

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Connecting to the Self by Janet Laidlaw M any years ago against my own better judgment I bought a dilapidated Volkswagen van I strongly felt it should be checked by a mechanic but my boyfriend at the time was offended that I didn t trust his mechanical skills Within a month the transmission failed This is just one of many times in my life when I had a strong gut feeling but chose to follow someone else s advice over my own intuition History would suggest that when my inner alarm bell sounds I really ought to listen Our Selves are always true to us but we are not always true to the Self It is easy to go along with the popular opinion of the day or what our peers or loved ones tell us even when we have a nagging feeling that something isn t right Trusting others above our Selves hinders intuition It seems almost natural to let other people think for us Most of us learn at school to follow instruction in large groups We look to experts to tell us what we should and shouldn t do In television advertising and in dog training there is a guideline called the three times rule If you see or hear the same thing three times it usually sticks If we think of truth as really just a perspective that s a little scary Did you know that women started commonly shaving their legs in the 1920 s after ad campaigns saying that women s body hair was unhygienic Fashion trends often start because someone is doing something different from everyone else Then ironically the crowd follows In Monty Python s Life of Brian Brian shouts to the crowd You are all individuals The crowd in unison responds Yes we are all individuals I m not says one alph lia com t Foto aspiri Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 11

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Let us send you a token of appreciation of great health Gift Cards make thoughtful presents too n atu gro ral ceri es vitamins organ ic pr odu ce skin c are so much more We value your thoughts viewpoints and opinions as we evaluate potential future directions for our magazine We consider all input to be extremely important whether you read the magazine from cover to cover or skim it for certain sections or stories of interest Please take a few moments to visit our website www truebluespirit ca and complete our readership survey or call us with your contact information and we will send you a survey by mail 1 877 700 2760 Once you have submitted your completed survey form we would like to send you a small gift as a token of appreciation for taking the time to do so Jimmy O s At Page Point Marina Also three names from our survey participants will be drawn for additional gifts One reader will receive dinner for 2 at Jimmy O s Restaurant One reader will receive a complimentary Numerology reading by Shannon Wills Licensed waterfront dining Fine meals outstanding atmosphere Group parties and weddings Daily specials Where friends meet to eat www jimmyosgrill com 250 245 2312 One reader will receive an Intuitive reading for their pet by Stephanie McColl Thank you so much

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a ir sp ha lp com lia oto it F I m not suggesting that we should all purposely go against the grain that we should arrive at work wearing spacesuits or abstain from clapping at a performance or that we should answer the phone silently instead of using the traditional hello Much of our world s order rests on our willingness to obey a common structure to stop at stop lights educate our children sleep at night wear clothing in public places But most rules don t fit every circumstance One size actually doesn t fit all Feelings of insecurity can reflect a lack of trust in our own Selves to handle a given situation My integrity grows stronger when I stay true to my Self that is when I really trust that I will take care of myself by following my intuition Sometimes when we think we are trusting our Selves we are actually trusting ego The need to prove oneself comes from our own self doubt then we need to validate ourselves through others Trusting intuition doesn t mean disregarding what other people have to say On the contrary in listening to the Self we can hear new viewpoints more clearly and genuinely because we can trust our Selves to keep us safe We can be open to new ways of thinking if we know that intuition will guide us to accept things that feel right and to question those that don t We then never need to defend a belief system because it is an open structure open to change to greater wisdom and to imagination No matter what my choices this inner voice called Self perseveres Life s lessons are the gifts that show me if I m listening S JANET LAIDLAW is a video writer producer focused on spiritual and psychic development Her preoccupations include animals psychic and intuitive art and developing mediumship Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 13

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Spirit of the Dance An Invitation t by Michelle Staples M any years ago I read the book The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer It was just prior to a time in my life where I was undergoing a great deal of personal exploration brought on by a series of unrelated yet completely intertwined events I recognized that I had reached a fork on my path whose choices consisted of a dead end or a wild looking trail I could not easily navigate I had recently become a mother went through a painful yet beautiful heartbreak walked on the other side through the death of a friend communed openly with spirits and lost one way of life on the quest to discover a new way of living And as life so often works this was not a gentle nor a graceful invitation from spirit to dance Instead it was served to me in a choreograph comprising a great deal of painful learning opportunities In the span of one year I fell completely to pieces until finally one day I accepted her invitation as a way to create a dance of my own and I wrote her my RSVP She had written It doesn t interest me how old you are I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love for your dream for the adventure of being alive I replied The only signs of aging I see in myself are the laugh lines around my eyes adding character to my soul As I accumulate these lines I learn to laugh at the foolishness of my character give love instead of demanding it Remember that the adventure is the journey of life itself and know that the true risks of life lie in turning my back on my dreams Page 14 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 She continued It doesn t interest me what planets are squaring your moon I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow if you have been opened by life s betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain I answered What interests me is the wisdom the moon reflects from her shadows as I dance beneath her what prayers might she answer Can she hear the questions as they whisper from my lips Am I ready to hear her answers I once prayed to her asked her to relieve me of my fears Her answers met my fear so personally that I surrendered myself over uncovered the sorrow that had danced its way through the darkness a slow leak disguised as loneliness jealousy and rage There in the vastness of that desolate place I discovered the gifts that had been waiting for me on the other side of pain the freedom found only in that magical moment when fear is finally set free She ended I want to know if you can be with joy mine or your own if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful to be realistic to remember the limitations of being human

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Spirit of the Dance to Dance And I said I am still a child when it comes to discovering the joys of this dance in this human form I stumble through the limitations I place on myself that keep me from my humanness each time discovering an unknown step toward balance In this place I have danced on water flown on the wings of birds and danced on the moon with the stars Through visiting the stillness of the darkest inside hearing its songs honouring its purpose I discovered that the wildness and ecstasy of joy can be liberated Dance with me S a c om MICHELLE STAPLES helps people discover their own stories She writes for various publications and helps develop documentary and educational films Michelle works with youth of all cultures supporting them to speak their voice She continues her dance studies training to become a facilitator of Khundalini Dance r e a m ik a g r ia i ol ot F Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 15

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Drop by the True Blue Spirit booth at the Victoria Health Show January 16th and 17th at the Victoria Conference Centre 720 Douglas Street Victoria BC Writers and other members of the True Blue Spirit team will be on hand to answer your questions Mary Anne Moran has been an educational consultant in the natural health industry for over 25 years She specializes in workshops focused on nutrition supplementation and healthy lifestyle food preparation her key focus being RAW FOODS Many diets and food fads have come and gone over the years but the raw living food lifestyle has stood the test of time Mary Anne Moran will share with us the importance of integrating more RAW foods into our liefstyle while sharing how to make this transition with ease Meet Mary Anne Moran when she makes a presentation at the Victoria Health Show Sunday January 17th 2 00 3 00 pm

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Crystals Clear Quartz by Erin Lawson I e lga S a p O a Fotolia com gin am going to have to be honest with all of you now I have been avoiding writing about clear quartz for the last six issues Not only is clear quartz the most well known crystal it is the one most identified with the term crystal So why have I been nervous about broaching this subject Well volumes have been written about clear quartz and this is only one little article so I am going to have to try hard to touch on its most important qualities Quartz is the second most bountiful mineral in the earth s crust after feldspar remember moonstone and labradorite Quartz comes in many different varieties amethyst rose citrine smoky and of course clear Quartz crystal quartz from the German word quarz and crystal from the Greek word for purity has been traditionally used in glass making laboratory tubes and crucibles special lenses ordinary glass and radio transmitters In the 1970 s it was found to be useful in quartz watches Quartz is piezoelectric meaning that when an electric current passes through it it creates a vibration when put under pressure it can actually produce its own electric charge It is far more effective for timing than a tuning fork so a new use for quartz was born Quartz has always been known as a stone of power and raising energy Talismans and jewellery pieces of quartz have been found in the tombs of the ancients for centuries with one of the most famous being the Mitchell Hedges skull Earlier civilizations knew of the record keeping properties of quartz and many pieces like the crystal skulls and Lemurian quartz are said to carry all the knowledge of their respective cultures And who can forget the use of crystal balls for divination by gypsies and fortune tellers This crystal is number one for inclusion in your psychic first aid kit It is programmable Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 17

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Dragon Horse a candy store for the spirit New Age Crystals Books New Age Spiritual Music Greeting Cards for the Heart Japanese Incense 2408 Beacon Avenue Sidney BC 250 656 3088 Let your Spirit Soar 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 jewellery crystals inspired gifts soothing music aromatherapy spiritual books Be sure to check out our fresh new website being launched December 5th 2009 www truebluespirit ca

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Crystals go nt a r Fot olia com meaning that by holding it and putting your intentions into it you can infuse it with whatever properties you need it to have Quartz is also a stone of magnification keeping and using it with other crystals will enhance their properties There are many different types of quartz with many different formations each one having a specific property The most common form that clear quartz appears in is a six sided shape with a point or termination that is also six sided There are some beautiful clusters as well which are lovely just to have around your house I have a few favourites that I use regularly a crystal skull a pendant and a lovely chunk of Lemurian quartz that is nicknamed the witch s finger for the shape of it I have been clutching this piece off and on while writing this There are many ways to use quartz for healing purposes Wearing it holding it while meditating keeping a cleansed chunk in your water bottle or putting a piece in your bath will all release its properties to you Be sure to first hold the crystal and set your intention into it It is also very beneficial to place chunks in and around your home and garden It will help protect your home and will enhance growth in your garden One of the remarkable things about clear quartz is that it contains the full spectrum of colours giving the healing properties of all of the colours of the rainbow Now get to know this versatile crystal and let it amaze you as it does me S ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 13 years focusing mainly on tarot Since starting work at Wishes eight years ago she has learned much about crystals and the other tools that fill the store Erin lives in Duncan with her husband and three children on ta r g Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 19 Fot olia co m

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Releasing Trauma by Cheryl Dawn T he moment we become aware of our unwanted inner feelings and emotions we have made the first step to recognizing our split from our true authentic self This recognition will allow us the opportunity to clear our past while creating a future we desire Feelings and emotions are energy and energy cannot just disappear The emotional energy generated by the circumstances of our childhood and early life do not go away just because we are forced to deny it or choose to repress it in order to survive If we don t learn how to release emotion in healthy ways it will explode outward or implode back in on us Eventually repressed emotion can bring about other problems such as mental or physical illness Often we will use excessive food anorexia cigarettes alcohol and drugs overwork extreme exercise or other obsessive or harmful behaviors Our bodies are much like a computer The organs along with every cell in the body act as a file These files contain every event and memory from before we were born up to the present The memories may range from not being allowed to cry or laugh which can have a major effect causing us to repress our true emotions to memories of abuse and trauma in many forms causing us to remain in fight flight self defense mode affecting us mentally physically chemically and spiritually There are only two emotions that run our lives fear based emotions or love based emotions With this awareness we can seek ways to release from our body mind and spirit the effects of unwanted emotions feelings and past trauma Tapping into our conscious and subconscious mind allows us to reconnect with our authentic self Visit our website www ajourneywithyourspirit com for classes offered on exercises to release trauma or experience over the phone deep emotional release work Energy Medicine Programs with A Journey with Your Spirit 7 Month Certified Energy Medicine Light Worker s Healer s Program 9 Healing modalities including You Are Your Thoughts January 8 July 31 2010 Held in Victoria one weekend a month with practicum in between Universal Shamanic Energy Healing with drums feathers rattles oils cedar sacred smudge crystals gems wands meditations sound colour medicine wheels making medicine Bags Drum Journeys finding your power animal and healing journeys Sacred Ceremonies with Spiritual bathing fire and property clearing Past life regression Getting in touch with your Inner Wisdom Guardian Angels Spirit Keepers and Guides Crystal Chakra Balancing with wands and pendulums Deep emotional release techniques releasing old beliefs systems and re programming Reiki Cross cultural drumming Reiki Masters Teachers Certificate Above also offered in a two year program One Day Healing for Self and the Universe January 9th and 10th Reiki Level 1 2 February 6th Saturday Deep Emotional Release Crystal Chakra Balancing February 7th Sunday Getting in touch with your Higher Self Spirit Guides Angels Third eye attunements and Card readings March 27th 30th 4 Day Shamanic Teachings become a healing practitioner or add 5 more healing modalities to your existing practice Cheryl Dawn is a Native Healer Teacher in Cross Cultural Shamanic Energy Work Email Cheryl ajourneywithyourspirit com www ajourneywithyourspirit com 250 652 5849 Crystal Chakra Balancing Shamanic Teaching and Reiki Drumming Reiki Classes Lightworker s Healer s Program Vision Quests Retreats

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Hypnotherapy Whatever you Do Do Not think about the Elephant by Barbara Adelborg CMH HT D on t think about a pink elephant Don t think about a pink elephant with orange and purple polka dots all over it Did you notice where your focus just went even though I asked you not to think about the elephant That is precisely where your focus went and probably still is In our personal lives when we attempt to change something we have all been taught to make positive affirmations about the results we would like to see We can visualize the outcome we want until we are blue in the face but until we acknowledge the elephant in the middle of the room and end the negative charge or stress around it we will end up continuing in the same old patterns For some people the elephant can represent an incident that happened in the distant past an event in one s childhood perhaps For others it is an emotion an event or a situation of more recent occurrance It s not about reliving the experience or event It is about eliminating the distress around it Before becoming clear with ourselves and our intentions around the changes we want to make we need to acknowledge the elephant in the middle of the room Then with an unquestioning belief a firm and positive conviction that goes through every fiber of our being we can move forward A technique that I find useful to help eliminate the distress and bring you back into the now is for you to be seated comfortably with closed eyes I ask you to take a comfortable deep breath and imagine a gentle flow of energy filling the inside of your body starting at your feet and flowing gently up through your legs your torso arms neck and shoulders and up through and into the top of your head Allow it to align your mind and body as you continue to breathe deeply As you exhale allow this balance to bring you into this moment Then acknowledge that yes the situation happened because it did it s over because it is and right now in this moment you are OK The final step is to commit to yourself to walk into your future no longer looking over your shoulder at the past Walk straight ahead strong in your focus your goals and yourself When we make that commitment to ourselves the universe then seamlessly conspires to work with us and our goals and our way becomes clear S m ar go u illat photo Fotolia com BARBARA ADELBORG is a clinical hypnotherapist and she maintains a practice in the Cowichan Valley where she has resided for over 30 years Barbara is trained in several hypnosis techniques Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 21

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Phenomena The Cosmic by Michael Gintowt D r Martin Luther King in his last speech spoke of the vast panorama of history and how he had been to the mountaintop Moses went to the mountaintop Zeus lived atop Mount Olympus From the sages of Tibet to the shamans of the Andes from Medicine Mountain near Lillooet B C to Mt Shasta California mountaintops are associated with the sacred The first time on a snow capped mountain peak at age fourteen I was awe struck I saw for hundreds of miles in all directions Silent reverence enveloped me like a warm blanket My usual thinking stopped I enjoyed a state of simple being Perhaps you have also been momentarily touched by awesome beauty when rounding a bend on a mountain trail to suddenly encounter a spectacular vista such as a flowerstrewn valley below Mountain climbers are familiar with the psychology of the ascent and the reward at the top For those so inclined there is something about gaining physical height and a widened field of vision that can improve understanding Our world view sometimes literally depends upon the view Travel undertaken with the correct attitude is well known to help form character by widening horizons and fostering a more inclusive view of humanity Travel outside Earth beyond horizons can multiply that effect a thousand fold With the advent of space flight this phenomenon became magnified took on a collective aspect and impacted the whole of humanity Astronauts frequently report being awe struck by the view they encounter They see Earth far below without boundaries brilliant brown blue and white fragile and beautiful home to us all regardless of race nationality or religion Dr Edgar Mitchell returning from the moon in Apollo 14 saw Earth as a glistening jewel set against the velvet blackness of space He had a transcendent experience that sent him into a state of bliss for three days He saw the Photo taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on December 24 1968 Page 22 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2

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Phenomena Perspective universe and life as being connected at all levels Upon his return he founded the Institute for Noetic Sciences and devoted his life to researching the nature of consciousness The cosmic perspective is that inclusive perception of life and Earth from outer space but more it is also an inner view a widened scope of understanding that appreciates our inner depths Using our imagination we can shift into cosmo view and see our unity The cosmic perspective came home with the now famous Earthrise photo taken from moon orbit on Dec 24 1968 This picture fuelled and consolidated the new ecology movement People understood and appreciated how united we are as we travel through the immensity of space Dr Mitchell continues his research He also speaks publicly on the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial presence on Earth Sober thought about extraterrestrial beings invokes the cosmic perspective and the realization that above all we are Terran This perspective helps us to be a little more human and to respect life everywhere S MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology and formal training in hypnosis behavioural neurobiology and clinical psychology His interest in the paranormal can be traced to when he was 14 years old and corresponded with Dr J B Rhine the pioneering parapsychologist For decades he has been involved with the divinatory arts shamanic practices and martial arts He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife www exopsychology net Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 23

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Eymbe Counselling Services OASIS A Journey through Movement Meditation eymbe ymail com 250 709 7972 Offering an integrative transpersonal approach to achieve balance of body mind and spirit At your location or ours a 2 hr guided yoga and Meditation class with Ambient DJ melodies played live Located at the Cottage on Ingram St Downtown Duncan BC Facilitators Daniel Sunshine Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness Chinese Proverb 250 537 7929 Ahrina K Nielsen Intuitive Energy Work Readings Angel Oracle Cards Energy Sound Healing Workshop Facilitator See a demo at the Victoria Health Show Come in for a complimentary session 250 816 2434 kayn shaw ca 10 am 5 30 pm Monday Saturday 770 Spruce Ave Victoria BC V8T5A5 250 370 1818 or Toll Free 1 888 370 1818 www trianglehealing com

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Aboriginal Spirit Humility by James Henry Spencer the Wave Walker W hen quietly reflecting on the values and priorities to be put on our goals and achievements so often we are taken to places of stress frustration and an unhappy frame of mind Perhaps these situations are a necessary part of the learning process but I would like to think that it is possible to keep unhappiness to a minimum and allow peace love and harmony to dominate our daily lives Recently an individual sent an e mail letter to the president of a group of which I am a member that is dedicated to the healing and benefit of others The letter suggested among other superlatives that I was a humble person My immediate reaction to this comment about me was WOW I have achieved the absolute pinnacle of possibilities in my life When my peers include me and my attitude with some of the greatest names in history My heart swelled with love appreciation and gratitude for the abundance that flows into my life on a daily basis Although peer pressure contradicts what I say I know from experience that to achieve true humility is to find the nearest thing to happiness in this life and a definition of humility not of me but through me If I had the ability to grant wishes I would give the knowledge of humility to you S JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the Tlingit Tribe Known affectionately by his friends in the spiritual community as Wisdom James he has found a place of peace and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his energy field I have an inner joy that continually overflows to those around me and a constant need to share these beautiful gifts that I have been blessed with It is my desire to imbue the gift of peace love and harmony into your life jon fitzpatrick Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 25

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Herbs a little bit o Magic A Gift from Nature by Betty Norton W ith the celebration of the winter solstice starting my holiday season a gift I love to offer my friends and family is the gift of herbal magic A gift that is pleasing to the eye unique fragrant contains ingredients from Mother Nature and a magical intent Wow what a gift you say What is it This is a homemade herbal necklace or charm made from herbs and fruits And when you make this wonderful gift with your own magical hands you are able to create magic as you put it together As you work you can put your own intent into the very essence of what you are creating thoughts of love healing protection and peace are always my favourite emotions to spark and share On top of your own magic there are the magic gifts that the herbs bring forth Let me share them with you Allspice creates vitality increasing determination and energy Star anise brings sacred energies of protection sending away negative spirits and helping a person find true happiness Cardamom pods arouse love while cleaning the conscious Cinnamon increases our ability to tap into our psychic minds it vibrates on a high spiritual vibration stimulating clairvoyance It also helps to attract money energy Orange peel is for self purification and transforming depression into peace and joy Vanilla stimulates all levels of love while revitalizing the whole body Profotokris Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 26

Page 27

Herbs a little bit o Magic So now that we have an understanding of the herbal magic and the intention created magic let me teach you how to make your gift Items required You will need more or less depending on the size of the necklace or charm and how many you choose to make 1 cup whole allspice cup whole cardamom pods 2 cinnamon sticks 2 vanilla pods 1 organic orange mandarin peel cut into penny sized shapes Star Anise 1 large sewing needle Fishing line Instructions Place all the herbs and spices in a large bowl of water except the orange peel let sit for two hours After two hours take out the cinnamon sticks and cut into bead like sizes don t worry if it comes apart return to water Do the same with the vanilla pods Next thread your needle with the fishing line to the desired length Grab a towel get comfy and start putting the herbs and spices on the line Use the star anise for the centrepiece and create your design around it using the other items Remember to put forth your intent work your magic Let your work of art dry in a warm room for 24 hours and your gift is done For an extra boost of energy try making the necklace or charm during a full moon This can make a beautiful necklace for anyone or a smaller version is perfect for a charm I like to make protection charms for vehicle and home as well as love and health charms for the home You can also experiment with the different herbs you use May your holiday season be full of love happiness and health Have fun S BETTY NORTON is an herbalist herbal formulator lifestyle consultant and teacher Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 27

Page 28

Enter Edd s Cartoon Caption contest Go to www truebluespirit ca and submit your caption for the cartoon on the upper left The winning caption will be announced in the next issue of True Blue Spirit and the winner will receive a 50 00 cash prize Yes fifty dollars In small unmarked bills Contest entry deadline for this cartoon is December 31st 2009 The winner of the caption contest from Vol 2 Issue 1 is Victor Reyes of Campbell River BC See his caption under Edd s cartoon on the left What a friendly planet they re celebrating our arrival Page 28 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2

Page 29

Nature s Essence Treat the Patient by Sabina Pettitt P What happened We treated the patient and not the disease imbalance Another evidence of the power of this method occurred when the forest fires were raging in the interior of British Columbia A friend of mine was evacuated with a number of her neighbours She had taken her essence kits with her and all of a sudden thought that everyone would probably benefit from taking Fireweed In fact when she first dowsed and then muscle tested it turned out that each of the people required a different essence to assist them in dealing with what was happening Why The most efficient way to find the best possible flower essence for someone is to first determine how they are responding to the situation they are dealing with whether it is a physical disease like measles or a stress situation like forest fires Treat the patient and you always win S SABINA PETTITT M Ed Dr TCM is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine an author and the co creator of Pacific Essences ic m lia co oto rt F ae v Ge atch Adams the American doctor who dresses up as a clown says Treat the disease and you will win some and lose some Treat the patient and you always win Last month I was explaining this notion to my students in Japan I asked for anyone who had tight or painful shoulders to come to the front of the room and we would select an essence for them Five volunteers came up and much to the class amazement each volunteer received a different essence The essence selection was determined by asking each person how they felt about their tight stiff shoulders How would they feel when they didn t have tight and stiff shoulders and then testing the 132 essences in the Pacific Essences repertory to see which essence s would assist them One woman said I am free Using kinesiology she tested for Jellyfish Another woman said I am happy The essence was Grass Widow Another student said I am flexible And received Fuchsia By the time they got to the advanced class four days later none of them had any pain or stiffness in their shoulders E r Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 29

Page 30

Creating Change Barbara Adelborg CMH HT ut Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis S 104 225 Canada Avenue Duncan BC Keep a n Ey e O In every issue of True Blue pirit you can enter our draw In this issue one reader will receive a complimentary Tarot Card Reading by Erin Lawson To be entered to win go to www truebluespirit ca click on Keep an Eye Out and fill in the form The Secret Word is CARDS A winner will be randomly selected by Jan 1st and will be announced in the next issue Our last issue winner of a complimentary copy of Paul Elder s Book Eyes of an Angel is Nancy Broydell of Victoria BC 250 746 1969 Uniting two lives in the miracle of love Available to perform your unique and meaningful ceremony This sacred contract that reflects the special qualities of two individuals will enhance your special day Carol Spencer Ordained Minister 250 538 8272

Page 31

Brain State Journey by Beth Lahti W hen Carol came to try Brain State technology at Finlandia Health technologies last spring she was experiencing severe depression and suicidal tendencies She has agreed to share her story with our readers Her childhood had been really tough and at sixteen she was in a tragic car accident in which her best friend the driver was killed It was a miracle that she survived and she was told by doctors that she would never walk again As a consequence of the accident Carol was also dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a brain injury Thus began twenty years of multiple prescription drugs years of psychotherapy acupuncture chiropractic work cranial sacral work homeopathy hypnotherapy neurolinguistic programming and many more therapies These healers really benefited her but Carol felt that she just couldn t permanently hold on to a sense of well being The core feelings of peace happiness and health were always elusive for her The journey with Brain State was not an easy one and sometimes she wasn t too fond of her sessions Nevertheless after nine intensive sessions she felt that her life had completely turned around Some changes have been subtle and others have been huge She has written It actually saved my life She has hope for the first time in her life and enjoys being alive She laughs and smiles She s sleeping better She no longer has anxiety with authority figures She is able to make choices about her responses to situations rather than her previous knee jerk reaction She has experienced increased self esteem and self confidence Carol is able to speak in front of groups without trembling or fearing for her safety She is not considering suicide Racing thoughts are still occurring at times but improvement is noted Carol says She s sensing better intuitive skills It s still a journey but with her amazing determination and strength she ll get there S BETH LAHTI is co owner of Finlandia Pharmacy and Natural Health Centre in Vancouver with her husband Harlan and is a certified Brain State Technician at the Center Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 31 mipan Fotolia com

Page 32

The Cryst by Dorothy Jeanne Engst F enton Loyola lives on Salt Spring Island About a year ago a friend told me some of his background and I was intrigued Recently I met the man himself and this is the story he had to tell Six years ago Fenton was on track for a heart transplant Over a period of two years he had been in and out of the hospital and had undergone thirteen medical procedures when one day he was told that a transplant was his only option This was something he did not want That evening as he sat in his garden praying it seemed as if his entire being his entire body were praying not just his head As this profound experience encompassed his being he received a clear message The end game is not being played like this Confused Fenton asked for a sign The very next day Fenton ran into a friend who told him that he was leaving for Brazil to see a man called John of God and he recommended that Fenton should go online and read about John of God and the work he does That evening Fenton went online and learned more about John of God and he knew that he needed to go to Brazil After being ill for two years however and feeling financially constrained he again asked for a sign and again it wasn t long in coming Fenton awoke the next morning to a house with no running water He went to check the pump for his well only to find it had been running all night and was severely overheated At that moment it was as if his ego was suspended and he found he had somehow gained a new understanding of his situation As Fenton himself put it The house is the Page 32 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2

Page 33

tal Bed extended self The pump in the house needs attention just as the pump in my body needs attention After ringing up a few trades people to no avail Fenton went to one of the local coffee shops in the hope of finding someone there who could help him out until he had the money to pay for the pump Before he knew it a friend came in someone he had not seen for several months His friend asked how he was doing and when Fenton told him his friend asked How much for the pump One thousand dollars should repair it Fenton said And I will pay you back as soon as I can No how much for all the pumps his friend replied referring to Fenton s heart as well Fenton went home with a cheque for 7 000 and knew what he must do Abadiania Brazil is a unique place John of God sees people on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays about a 1 000 people a day Fenton arrived on a Tuesday and the moment he entered the premises of Casa de Dom Inasio he began to cry It was like a shedding process and these tears lasted for about an hour When Fenton saw John of God for the first time on Wednesday he was told to have three 20 minute crystal baths and to go back the next day at eight for his operation The operation in question is a metaphysical one and having undergone this process you have to leave the premises as you are fractured and you do not want to pick up energies from others Just as you would from a physical operation you are directed to go and rest After Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 33

Page 34

Fenton had his operation he felt physically just as he would have had he undergone a regular surgery and when he went back to his room he fell asleep and slept for a whole day The healing procedure itself had taken only five seconds Fenton laughs about this now It caught me by surprise he says You make this arduous journey for 23 hours and five seconds later you are told you are healed One week later Fenton had to see John of God again This is called revision On the sixth day after the operation at night an attendant puts a glass of blessed water beside you and you are directed to wear white which is the best for light work You drink the glass of water and they come and check you Fenton felt physical movements tugging and pulling inside his body He would feel these sensations again on a number of occasions after returning home For his last visit with John of God Fenton simply waited in line to say Thank you for helping me The service that John of God provides is free donation boxes are there only for those who can afford to contribute Never does anyone ask you how you are doing Fenton told me It is always assumed that healing is effective You don t give up your drugs or stop your western medical treatments as these healings complement it Fenton stayed for six weeks at the Casa de Dom Inasio recovering as he would from any other medical procedure During this time he became a volunteer preparing soup for the large numbers of people who attend the facility daily A person can stay as long as he or she wants people like the healing energy and even healthy people go there to stay The Casa is built on a promontory where the ground underneath consists of crystals and in one particular place you can see crystal jutting out of the ground Upon his return home Fenton went to the hospital for an endurance test Prior to going to Brazil he could not last thirty seconds this time he Page 34 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 lasted seven and a half minutes He was told there was no lack of oxygen to his heart he was just unfit He never told his doctors about Brazil as he has always kept his western medicine and his spiritualism separate Fenton had known from the start of his visit to Brazil that the crystal baths he took played an important role in the healing process When a friend of his was making a second visit to Abadiania Fenton asked her to acquire a crystal bath for him This had to be approved by John of God and Fenton was required to send a map showing where the crystal bath would be located John approved and sent one and this became the first in Canada The name crystal bath can be deceiving one visualizes a huge crystal tub filled with water when in actuality it is a series of flawless natural crystals that have been faceted These are suspended above a bed and when one lies under them one is bathed in light that is projected through them thus the name crystal bath These crystal baths are now more commonly referred to as crystal beds In the four years since its arrival in Canada hundreds of people have experienced the crystal bath For a minimal fee one can partake of a half hour session Those who cannot afford the fee are not turned away When Fenton first received the crystal bath he distributed posters on notice boards to draw awareness Someone wrote quack on all the posters Fenton removed the posters and the crystal bath awareness has grown through word of mouth It is the best way he says Fenton has not been in the hospital for treatment since his Brazil experience He still takes his western medicine and uses the crystal bath twice a week Never does he make medical claims about the crystal bath but he does explain that it clears our psychic junk such as broken words false statements and bad thoughts It balances our chakras He has witnessed remarkable events resonating from the crystal bath and he carries a feeling of stewardship from having it

Page 35

When I went to meet Fenton my husband my friend and I all partook of half hour sessions of the crystal bath All of us experienced profound benefits physically mentally and spiritually These benefits were immediate and gradually heightened over several days Now we re planning our next session Fenton spoke of the energy he felt when visiting Abadiania as well as the energy he experiences on his own property in relation to the crystal bed The photos to the right show some interesting phenomena that was captured on camera The top photo was taken by a friend of Fenton s when they visited Abadiania although there was nothing visible to the naked eye look at the ghostly silhouette that formed The second photo was also taken in Abadiania and the indigo blue orbs are beautiful Just below this you can also see orbs surrounding the building containing the crystal bed on Salt Spring Island These appear more often than not when photos are taken in the area S Fenton Loyola may be reached via the internet at www crystallighttherapy ca Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 35

Page 36

mercia s Partners in Health 9738 Willow St PO Box 141 Chemainus BC V0R 1K0 Ph 250 246 9838 Fx 250 324 2996 Chemainus Health Food Store Open Mon Sat 9 30 5 30 and Sun 12 4 Clinical Nutrition Mary Ross Clinical Nutrition 233 Prideaux Street Nanaimo BC V9R 2M9 250 716 0401 ww ionways com clinicalnut Your RAW FOOD connection nuts organic frozen coconut meat organic raw coconut water Spirooli vegetable slicers South River miso and more A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to our Advertisers and Subscribers You help to make this magazine a Possibility Vitamins and Supplements Organic Skin Care Herbal Remedies Whole Foods 141 Craig Street Tel 250 748 9632 Downtown Duncan Website www mercias ca Email mercias shaw ca Health a Wholeness Concept Ladysmith Health Food Store Ltd AJ s Corner on Health Janice Peters N C 531 1st Avenue PO Box 70 Ladysmith BC V9G 1A1 Ph 250 245 2123 Fx 250 245 2993 Astrology Heather K Elrix Chemainus BC 250 246 1447

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Healthy Body Healthy Spirit A l xo Fot li a co m Going Raw One Step at a Time Special to True Blue Spirit I t s not the food in your life it s the life in your food You will remember Raw Living Food Phenomena from Volume 1 Issue 5 of True Blue Spirit that raw and living food consists of uncooked fruits vegetables nuts seeds and sprouted grains combined into delicious and nutritious healthy meals and snacks These foods are not processed heated cooked or altered in any way that will strip out or destroy the naturally occurring vitamins minerals and enzymes What this isn t is a diet It s really the ability to finally be free to be healthy and unencumbered by food addictions and the dependency on refined denatured dead food that has no life giving force to it whatsoever People generally find health benefits begin manifesting themselves within days of starting a raw food eating regime The first noticeable difference is generally the feeling that a haze has been lifted off your brain and your energy level increases Next is usually a decrease in weight and general aches and pains The beneficial results are limitless The Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach Florida has had many years of success in helping critically ill people regain their health and improve the quality of their lives by adopting the raw living food lifestyle Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 37

Page 38

Harmonizing and Balancing the Brain with Brain State Conditioning Brain State Conditioning has been shown to enhance Sleep quality and quantity Sense of calm Creativity Motivation Business performance Sexual performance Health Immunity Mental processing Mental flexibility Mental clarity Memory Focus Energy Meditation Mood balance Communication skills Sports performance involving the brain body connection such as golf tennis hockey Brain State Conditioning has been shown to reduce Call 604 734 7760 1111 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6H 1G1 One block West of Oak Parking at Back Depression ADHD issues Sleep disorders Anger Anxiety and fear Worry Stress Stress related disorders including posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD Fatigue Sexual dysfunction Speech impediments Overweight conditions Chronic pain Dementia Alzheimer s symptoms Addictive dependencies including alcohol drugs smok ing sugar carbohydrates eating disorders and other addictive behaviours Visit www finlandiapharmacy com for more details The ORGANYC line of organic cotton products For even the most sensitive skin Non irritating Protective Secure Gentle Soft 100 PURE ORGANIC COTTON BIODEGRADABLE FEMININE HYGIENE CLM HEALTH GROUP WWW CLMHEALTH COM 1 877 263 7330

Page 39

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Experience has also shown that eating raw foods brings us back into touch with our food instincts thus allowing us to select more precisely which foods our body needs The raw living food eating movement is gaining more and more popularity all the time Movie stars are embracing it and the long term raw foodies are feeling as though they are finally coming of age If you re like many of the curiosity seekers out there you probably find the concept interesting yet the thought of transitioning into a new eating lifestyle is probably overwhelming It s easy to cut out sugar and many types of junk food but how in the world do you wrap your head around uncooking your food Unless you re the type of personality that subscribes to an all or nothing mentality when you start a new project you may feel a little perplexed at the thought of going raw Sit back and take a deep breath we re going to make it easy for you Over the next six issues we ll help you transition to an 80 raw food eating program taking one step at a time This will allow you to gain confidence and familiarity in the first step over two months before moving on to another step provided in the next issue Let s begin Each morning upon rising start your day by drinking some fresh filtered water Follow with 8oz of fresh juice or high quality organic juice combined with 1 serving of greens A few favourites are Spirulina powder Chlorella Powder Perfect Food Raw Greens formula For breakfast have a power packed Smoothie Breakfast Smoothie cup cup 1 tbs 2 tbs Almond milk Filtered water Bee pollen omit if allergic to bee stings Coconut Oil Ultimate Superfoods Virgin Coconut Oil 1 2 tbs Agave Nectar Ultimate Superfoods Real Raw Organic Agave 2 cups Fruit of choice 1 scoop Protein Powder St Francis Herb Farm Go Pro Matrix or your favourite Hemp Protein If you feel the need for a chocolate fix add in 1 2 tsp of Ultimate Superfoods Organic Raw Cacao Powder trust us it s good for you S Fotolia kina om ub c Olg aL y Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 39

Page 40

Victoria Herbalist Betty Norton Winter Medicine Making Class Herbal Gift Class 250 818 2362 At some point each and every one of us experiences some major obstacles or possibly a series of minor hurdles in our lives my story is no different The first wake up call came for me in 1998 over the death of my mother followed in 2004 by the break up of my marriage of over twenty years and finally the necessity to leave behind a career in the high tech industry where I had excelled for over thirty years During this time I began to reach out in an attempt to find out who I really was and who I wanted to be when I grew up I became involved with a number of personal growth programs including The Hoffman Process Excellence Seminar International The Pursuit of Excellence Series Clearmind International s 3 year Practitioner s Training Program The Foundation for Inner Peace s A Course in Miracles ACIM Study Program and many other personal growth workshops In conjunction with what I was learning I became interested in working with horses after reading The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds by Linda Kohanov It became clear that my life was about to change dramatically by combining my love and passion for horses with my counsellor training I became involved with what is now known as Equine Facilitated Wellness EFW What I came to realize through all of this work is that I could use all of my many life experiences to help others with similar issues After all one of the main teachings of ACIM is that we are all one my issues are your issues and vice versa The main step in overcoming most of life s many obstacles is to recognize that we create them all on our own By discovering this we empower ourselves to move out of the victim role that we all step into at some point in our lives and learn to take responsibility for our own lives This is an ongoing process for me to say the least At this point in my life I truly embrace the old adage be the change that you want to see in the world I believe that the simple act of listening to a fellow human being and acknowledging that person s right to be heard will extend the love to this world that will make it a friendly place to grow live and prosper I believe that this way of being is truly congruent with my mission statement To provide a safe healing space where each of us can be truly heard by the herd and dedicate my private practice to this goal Geoff Wildbur Heard by the Herd Creative DigiWorks Multimedia Video Webdesign 250 710 0001 www creativedigiworks com

Page 41

Animal Whispers Healthy Pets by Stephanie McColl A common question or concern in some of my animal communications seems to be based on diet and nutrition and what to feed our pets Countless times I have had clients tell me that their beloved pet is sick acting strangely has allergies to this or that is eating too much or not enough can t sleep is pulling its fur out or a host of other symptoms they don t know the reason for I have learned through listening to what the animals have to say that a lot of these symptoms are caused by diet Most pets when I ask them about their food give me a similar response I would prefer my food to be raw or I like my meat fresh and some veggies would be nice too It is important to consider when feeding our pets what their individual needs may be Just as we are all unique and require a variety of foods to thrive on so too do our pets Feeding them one type of food over and over again for years can lead to difficulties later on in life Could you imagine eating nothing Michael Pettigrew Fotolia com Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 41

Page 42

Available at Back to Nature Finlandia Natural Pharmacy Jeanie s Vitamins Lifestyle Markets Nutraways Lynn s Vitamin Gallery Nature s Fare The Vitamin Shop The Vitamin House and other quality Natural Health stores in your area

Page 43

Animal Whispers Creating healthy nutritious and simple meals for your pets can be easy and fun Why not start now Your pet will thank you forever S STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master who has been working with animals since an early age When she isn t working her magic on animals she focuses her energies towards helping people live natural and healthy lives You ll find her managing Lifestyle Select in Sidney B C co olia m but cereal and cookies for your entire life This diet is similar to what some cats and dogs have to survive on Is it any wonder that they then become arthritic lethargic obese start to develop allergies or behave strangely in some way What is in their food could well be the key to unlocking some of these mysteries When we go to the supermarket to buy our foods we need to be aware of what we are purchasing for ourselves by reading labels So too do we need to be aware of what is in our pets foods The same rule ought to apply to both Consumer beware All pet foods are not created equal Labels can be very confusing as can other information that is out there It is important to do some research first before you switch your pet s diet or type of food Animals need to be introduced to new foods very slowly and over a period of time or they can become even sicker than before Consulting with a holistic vet is of course the best route as well as educating yourself on the topic A good rule to follow is the more simple and natural it is the easier it will be on your pet s system One book that changed my life forever on the topic of diet was Food Pets Die For by Ann Martin I highly recommend reading this book if you are interested in changing your pet s health and well being Bessy a friend s beagle used to chew her paws raw until I recommended changing her diet to more raw foods She is now one of the healthiest and happiest dogs I know So many animals have made dramatic turnabouts in their health behavior and attitude when their food has been made the way nature intended with care and love _ Dix i Fo t Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 43

Page 44

Numerology Number Fo by Shannon Wills Welcome everyone to the world of numerology This is part of a series of articles on the Ruling or Life Path numbers In this article I will describe the Ruling 4 When I think of the number four I automatically think of large mountains and buildings or trees standing tall and stalwart in a forest with roots going deep into the earth symbolizing strength stability and structure Mathematically I think of a square Symbolically I see a box with equal sides on top and bottom representing a safe and dependable world where rules rule I know lots of 4 people and you probably do too They are physically oriented persons often found in the field of sports They are our skilled tradesmen and women builders carpenters mechanics masons and draftspersons We see them as accountants architects and physicists and perhaps you will know them as proofreaders or crafters Above all they are detail oriented people who like rules and are guided by them in all they do In my work as a numerologist I find the 4 the easiest numeric vibration to spot I simply know when someone has a strong 4 influence going on because he or she comes across as very practical organized and sometimes downright picky One woman whose chart I had done stands out as she had 4 s everywhere in her birth date as 22 4 as well as her Soul Essence and Personality numbers derived from her name analysis I could hardly wait to meet her I wondered how all that 4 energy had affected her She told me she felt secure within the confines of her box and Page 44 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 Sean Gladwell Fotolia com

Page 45

Numerology our To determine your ruling number add together all the digits of your birth date and then reduce this sum to a single digit unless this sum equals 11 or 22 The final number is your Ruling Number Example Mar 05 1967 3 05 1967 31 reduce 3 1 4 Numerology is the study of the significance of numbers and names valuable tools in helping us understand our purpose in life This is a series of articles about the Ruling or Life Path Numbers and how they influence our growth and development felt best in a work environment where the rules did not change and she fully understood what was expected of her Having many friends broadened her world and she felt she contributed a lot in her line of work Understandably she did not like surprises or sudden unexpected changes So yet even in extreme cases such as hers there are many ways to grow Friends and family were the catalysts that kept her life in balance All numbers have a light and shadow side and here I offer my perceptions for you to ponder I find the light side of the 4 s contribution in the many creative structures that combine beauty and environmental safety in accord with our rising green consciousness Detail people keep us safe in their roles as doctors and scientists In production lines cautionary rules prevent accidents and help keep us safe Where would we be without someone checking the details The shadow side shows the dangers of rigidity to build without thought to consequence is destructive and compassion is often more relevant than a rule S SHANNON WILLS has been a Metaphysical student for over 40 years Several years as a professional channeler assisted her progress in understanding spiritual energy As a Reiki Master Teacher she has merged the power of sound to create a unique healing experience for her clients Her interest in Numerology began in the late 80 s and blossomed when she discovered a spiritual connection to numbers Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 45

Page 46

by Dorothy Jeanne Engst The Art by Dorothy Jeanne Engst M ore than ten thousand crop circles have been documented over time Doug Marsh has a good number of these represented in his art and scattered about his home on walls tables cupboards anywhere he can find a bit of free space When I talked to Doug in his workshop studio he told me he took an interest in crop circles some years back when no one acknowledged that they were real and in fact a person would be ridiculed for presuming that they were anything but a hoax Fortunately the in depth research that has been compiled about these amazing creations has mushroomed into awareness through videos books and of course the internet When Doug started his research his heart leapt with a sense of recognition and his fascination with the concept that the crop circles could be important messages has stuck with him One circle has particularly captivated him he s drawn to it as if it could be an intergalactic symbol a corporate logo that you might see on a spaceship or equipment Often the circles appear to tie in with sacred geometry The above mentioned for example with nine fold geometry on the outside and six fold on the inside Doug reasons that many of these patterns could be representative of beautiful eco gardening designs utilizing each section for different catego Page 46 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2

Page 47

of Crop Circles ries of taste bitter sweet sour and so on Whatever the case may be the crop circle designs are beautiful and Doug Marsh has chosen to share them with as many people as he can There s no up and down to most of the patterns he says They are beautiful from all angles So displaying them horizontally on a table top is perfect We can see them just as we would from the air Whether Doug has created a dramatic table top or applied a crop circle design to the side of an old building the images draw us in Perhaps these geometric patterns are archetypical symbols that sensitize us to be moved a sort of abnormal transformation that allows us to abide in vast change he says The imagery could be teaching our ego to subside so we can feel impact in our deep psyche Time and time again I have heard people say that the vibration on our planet is shifting changes are happening And I have come across people like Doug drawn with a passion to recreate or pursue the meaning behind something extraordinary We see it on a physical level with our weather system and extreme changes in political climates We feel it on a spiritual level a sense of awakening We have to wonder is this all part of that shift And like Doug we need to be open to the possibilities that are unfolding S Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 47

Page 48

Reader Response It feels good True Blue Spirit is a great publication It feels good in my hand the colour and layout are super and I like many of the articles AND I am delighted that it is a Gabriola product Martie R Gabriola Island BC Pleasant encounter I encountered your magazine at a lovely store in Vancouver s West End Garden Health and am so drawn to the stories the photos the pictures of the contributors Deanne M Sunshine Coast Thank you to the True Blue Spirit team To everyone at True Blue Spirit what a wonderful magazine I could not put it down until I had read it all the way through I am so excited about your vision and you are right on target this is what people have been asking for and now you have answered their prayers Thank you so much This is the type of magazine I have been looking for and now you are printing it keep up the good work Elizabeth C Sunshine Coast Keep up the great work I would also like to let you know what an awesome magazine you have created I picked it up at the nutritional center at Dr Cline s office and it is terrific Just what I needed Keep up the great work love and blessings to you all Tammy J Page 48 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 Numerology caught my interest Hello a friend borrowed me her copy of True Blue Spirit and your magazine is awesome The articles were all so interesting but the Numerology one really caught my interest I ve always been drawn to numbers and have heard about Numerology before but seeing the grid with your birth number was fascinating Debbie H Love and light We love your magazine here We have a little eco friendly locally produced paper called immanence I write in the esoterica section Many thanks love and light Michelle M Powell River BC

Page 49

Metaphysics What Happens in Vegas Doesn t always Stay in Vegas by Ahrina K Nielsen T he front of the cavernous room was dark with only a dim light at the back scarcely allowing me to see my way to the row of seats My appointment time was 5 AM Better than most I say At least I was able to get some sleep before this unknown experience was about to begin Here I am in Las Vegas where I am attending a three day seminar with Stuart Wilde I have signed up for an etheric energy healing with Stuart s peeps Khris Krepcik and friends I can feel a flutter of anticipation in my belly I don t know what to expect personally though generally this is described as a clearing and a repair of the fractal codes What is it going to feel like I have no idea A man calls out my name I raise my hand and he takes me to the front of the room in the middle of an open area In the darkness I cannot see his eyes but his voice is soothing my nerves as he instructs me in my breathing and he begins to push heavily on different areas of my body This pressure helps to release stuck energy and apparently I have a lot of it He tells me that I am empathic so I feel others emotions That in itself is not a bad thing the issue is that I am not releasing it immediately He gives me some tips that I have since found work easily B B os oc o F ict ed en to lia m co Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 49

Page 50

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Metaphysics I was also instructed to use fire as a tool to help transmute this energy and when I arrived home from this trip my body immediately manifested a high fever an internal fire Day two of my delirium I was surrounded by a group of energy beings that I have worked with before and I proceeded to feel pressure as if someone were pushing energy out of my head I could feel the cloud of energy as it shifted out of my head and moved down my body It became stuck at each chakra creating intense pain and then it would shift again as it continued its path down my body and out my feet When it had completed the journey from my head which I felt was the illness that I currently encountered I began to feel a stirring in my midsection This is the area where I was told that I carry others emotional baggage Intense pressure followed and I could almost see and I could certainly feel a cloud of energy rise up and begin traveling down my body the destination being the exit at my feet Over and over this process repeated itself the pressure in my midsection the lifting of the energy the traveling down my body and the exiting through my feet I have a new appreciation for my feet On top of carrying me throughout my life to some amazing places and beyond they have now transferred a whole lot of energy This process continued for over an hour as I continued to release old stuck energy that I had unknowingly acquired I have gained a new awareness for the emotional energy of others and through the help of Stuart Wilde s friends the clearing process has begun I continue to assist others as I did before though now I have the extra tools added I can be fully present as I listen to their experiences Offering compassion and understanding and then I take a moment to release it S AHRINA K NIELSEN started her metaphysical journey 21 years ago when she discovered Stuart Wilde and Carlos Castaneda She began pursuing her clairvoyant and mediumship development four years ago and has been working professionally since 2006 D ev L com otolia jov F atsh olg Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 51

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Drawn to Crystals by Dorothy Jeanne Engst L ee Simmons grew up in a home with a predominant underlying current of spirituality Both his father and brother are energy healers Lee opted to go corporate As a professional photographer for more than 10 years he co owned five successful retail photography stores and led a very busy life Changes in his personal life awakened Lee to the importance of family values and as a result Lee stepped away from his corporate lifestyle In no time he found himself lost in the world of crystal photography The beauty is that the photographs inspire discussion Do they contain energy If so what kind Everyone who looks at the photos sees something different he says And that s good because everyone s own perceptions are truth Grounding If you would like to see more of Lee s photos visit www thesecretworldofcrystals com S Support Page 52 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2

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Transmutation Dreamweaver Protection Sacred Space Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 53

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Asthma Free Naturally and permanently with The Buteyko Breathing Method Clinically proven Internationally endorsed www asthmacarecanada com 604 723 0479 Victoria Herbalist Betty Norton Winter Medicine Making Class Herbal Gift Class 250 818 2362 Are you taking enough care of your bones Inno Cal Mag Complex with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per daily serving in liquid filled softgels Calcium intake when combined with sufficient Vitamin D a healthy diet and regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoprosis www inno vite com 1 800 387 9111 Leaders in Innovative Formulations since 1983

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Spirit A Spirit View of Marriage by Carol Spencer A fter the summer ended I spent time reflecting and had to wonder where did the summer go One of the most pleasant duties I have had this year was providing the ceremony for the sacred covenant of marriage As a minister I take this duty very seriously and when asked to perform the ceremony I feel that an integral part of my role is to imbue the process with a sense of sacredness spirituality and celebration I read the following Spirit View of Marriage taken from the book Silver Birch Companion edited by Tony Ortzen Man lives upon three planes of life He is a spirit he has a mind and he has a body It is when he is conscious of his existence on these three planes and learns how to harmonize these three aspects of one life that he begins to achieve some of the fullness of his own individuality Body mind and spirit all three aspects of one life and it is the function of those who return from the greater life to impart knowledge that those who still dwell on earth may realize how to express all the faculties with which the Great Spirit has endowed them Man and woman are complementary to one another Each om has qualities the lia c Foto lovae B a Tatian other lacks When there is a perfect harmony when two halves make one whole there indeed is the fullness of the great plan expressed The vows that are spoken on the wedding day require careful consideration The words chosen should reflect the sacredness of the commitment entered into It is a commitment that is made not only to each other but also to the universe and in front of family and friends To all people who have entered into this sacred covenant I wish you health wealth and success in all of your lives together S A native of Salt Spring Island CAROL SPENCER established the Continuous Light Sanctuary in 1999 Continuous Light is a society dedicated to spiritualism where gatherings are held to share the philosophy and gifts of spirit Carol teaches meditation healing clairvoyance and psychic awareness Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 55

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Worthwhile Reading Waiting for Autumn By Scott Blum This is the story of a man who after losing his fianc e and his job packed up his meagre belongings and started driving north from California He ended up in a small town in Oregon where he has an encounter with a homeless person who proves to be more then he appears The challenges as he finds himself entangled between the physical world and the spiritual world change his life forever We all have contemplated the idea of whether or not we could change the past or see into the future Perhaps this will provide some insight into what many consider to be impossible This is a wonderful book full of energy that inspires and opens the mind to the unknown It is a journey of self discovery that gives one a warm and wonderful feeling ISBN 978 1 4019 2270 2 Publisher Hay House Inc In Search of the Miraculous By Ehsida Bisset This book is about the mind and pure consciousness Some of the many mental problems for which this book can serve as a guide to overcoming are addiction depression eating disorders heartbreak panic attacks compulsive emotions and many more Bisset has designed what she calls The Witnessing Technique to help our pure consciousness overcome our pre programmed egos Those who are spiritualists will know how difficult it is to overcome our egos to allow us to meditate heal conduct mediumship or just to have better control over our true self to lead a more peaceful and rewarding life The final chapters are case studies of people who have applied The Witnessing Technique to rise above their painful programming I have been using Bisset s technique and found it exceptional ISBN 978 0 9794843 0 8 Publisher Tickled Inspirations The Cure for All Cancers By Dr Hulda Regehr Clark Ph D N D If you have cancer or are concerned about it then this is worthwhile reading Dr Hulda Regehr Clark dedicated her life to the study of cancer Through her research findings she showed there is a single cause for all cancers this being a parasite This book takes us through steps to eliminate harmful chemicals from our bodies to promote healthy living Dr Clark sought to deal with the cause and then let our bodies cure the cancer Dr Clark set a goal of 100 cases to be cured of cancer before publishing her findings in her book She states all 100 were cured and remain so The book also states that it has no conflict with clinical treatments Dr Clark with her self health approach has touched countless individuals around the globe who have been able to help themselves with the knowledge that she has provided Dr Clark endured severe attacks by professional adversaries as well as Government Officials She nevertheless carried on sharing her knowledge for the benefit of health and mankind www drclark net A truly inspiring book on how one person dedicated her life to help all humanity with no thought of profits or personal gain ISBN 978 1 890035 00 6 Publisher New Century Press Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 57

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Astrology ARIES Fire As the soldiers of our race first upon the battlefields How can you fight for your planet She your earthen Mother needs great help You have the ability rise up take action Don t allow people around you to give up Need help with hope Fight harder for our Mother the children of the earth are worthy TAURUS Earth Expectation a powerful force A force of thought therefore an action As long as you do your best at all times You may expect that of others Being mindful is mind is connected to consciousness mind correlates to brain brain conducts body Mind over matter at all times Mind consciousness spirit Matter body physical So be present set priorities be Light Remembering Light Love GEMINI Air Generally extroverts we dualists are Tribal Beings We know socialnesses society s stiff some whatnesses but what of the ancient people our ancestors Their divine spark is in you Grow it teach it honour it To thine own self be true Mankind was brought here by the stars Our innate desire to survive for the future generations is essential to our existence Ancient ways are a way wake it up invest I gate CANCER Water Within our true self our essence is to be free We are Yet old programs of fear keep us caught That is no longer acceptable Believe the truth We have enough resources re source for all to live upon a healthy heavenly earth A sustainable green life can be for all All beings are animal plant kingdoms all sentient beings all we care for all share our true instinctual sense of survival You are not alone LEO Fire Becoming your own sovereign being is a beginning you live in a kingdom You are in charge of you Stop giving away your power it is your choice Your choice is your power Not power control fear sense I mean your true integrity If it does not feel good then listen Your inner bell is your true self Your own resonance is your emotions Drum Dance to is VIRGO Earth We know the Abundance of the world is overwhelming we just haven t figured out how to do it how to share our ideas our energy our abundances of our lovely world Help Stop raping pillaging bombing women children each other other countries the earth now the moon Enough is already It is NOT acceptable It is simple just stop Stop using convoluted systems denounce the corporations that do The wrong the harm outweighs any good At this time now you are a being of divine light Your path is love kindness Walk upon it as you stand in truth you become light Take it on shine Page 58 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 pdes ign Fo tolia com

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Astrology LIBRA Air You Libras love libation Just out of the blue how about getting romantic not about work Why not get tickets for two grab that special one try Ecuador SCORPIO Water Radical is a gift of sense time It is time to know the critical state of our environment Without ecosystems we do not survive It is common knowledge our ecosystems are failing Due to toxic intake due to humannesses due to pharmaceutical companies The pharmaceutical corruption has been exposed we may no longer accept such company within our presence So be it Ecosystems are systems that naturally work we humans are our own ecosystem eco villages make sense period SAGITTARIUS Fire Do we think fear part of fire Action and anger are fire driven Passion is fire Fire is also SPIRIT Keeping the faith and trusting in spirit will CREATE on a connected level We are ever transforming into different dimensional consciousnesses Hallelujah Here s to you you trailblazer Happy Birthday many more CAPRICORN Earth Excerpt from EcoNews October 2009 Since the start of the industrial age the amount of carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 42 So what s this This is to learn about carbon the carbon cycle and the atmosphere and then act on what we have learned If we succeed we live if we fail we die so let s learn AQUARIUS Air You have always known integrity is priceless you have always known sovereignty is your true strength you have always been a Rainbow Warrior know what you innately know now know my Dearest Messenger I pray for you PISCES Water As we begin anew may your path be true all ways BLESSINGS S HEATHER K ELRIX resides in Chemainus where she has worked actively in astrology massage and the healing arts for many years 250 246 1447 Volume 2 Issue 2 True Blue Spirit Page 59

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Directory Events Animal Communication Holistic Training Reflexologists are in Demand Animal Whispers Stephanie McColl Bridge the gap of communication between you and your animal 250 386 2807 www animalwhisperer com Astrology Choose your new career today Science based Reflexology Training Professional Foot Reflexology Certification Course Nov 16 19 Nanaimo Traditional Japanese Reiki Enhance your natural healing abilities Energy protection Practitioner Master Classes Nov 28 30 Parksville Heather K Elrix Astrology Massage Healing Arts Cowichan Valley 250 246 1447 Conscious Living www evolvewithdesera com The Practice of Conscious Living Dr Sterling Desmond Rea Ciera Also providing Acupuncture TCM Services 1842B Comox Ave Comox BC Phone 250 941 8777 Health Call today 1 866 944 2576 Universal College of Reflexology Established 1991 Now in Parksville Edmonton Also offering holistic training by home study www universalreflex com www ReflexologyeStore com Intuitive Guides Ahrina K Nielsen INFINITY Gifts for your Soul Gift store including Reflexology Reiki Aromatherapy and Tarot Angel card readings 113 Hirst Ave E Parksville BC 250 586 6449 Infinity giftsforyoursoul yahoo ca JUBU BEAD GIFT Clinical Hypnotherapist Techniques EFT TAT Hypnosis Gift store beads crystals and much more Cowichan Valley 250 746 1969 behind the Chevron 5 120 Alberni Hwy Parksville BC 250 248 2303 jubu shaw ca Page 60 True Blue Spirit Volume 2 Issue 2 www triplespiralmetaphysical com WISHES For Conscious Living 125 Station Street Duncan BC 250 748 9411 Mystic Insights Shannon Wills Reiki Master Sound Therapist Intuitive Readings Tarot Oracle Cards Numerology Profiles 250 754 2563 Natural Health Retail Nanaimo 250 816 2434 The gateway to health and transformation Barbara Adelborg CMH HT METAPHYSICAL GIFTS tarot incense candles jewelry books crystals gifts classes cauldrons 106 3 Fan Tan Alley Victoria BC V8W 3G9 ph 250 380 7212 fx 250 380 7412 Intuitive Reader Energy Clearing and Healing Clairvoyance Metaphysical Retail Hypnotherapy TRIPLE SPIRAL mysticinsights shaw ca INVITATION Come Learn Call Millie 250 746 7390 Future retreats for your full potential www milliejoy isagenix com Metaphysical Retail Chemainus Health Food Store 9738 Willow Street Chemainus BC 250 246 9838

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Directory Events Nutritional Live Cell Analysis Now Available Zen Health Haven 407A 5th Street Courtenay Natural Health Retail LYNN S VITAMIN GALLERY beside ZenZero 250 334 7959 zenhaven telus net Quickly and accurately determine the state of your health your strengths and health challenges and get to the underlying root cause of health issues Some of the many health issues identified Fatigue low energy levels Acid Alkaline imbalances Heavy Metal toxicity Chemicals Fungus Candida Inflammation in organ systems Colon toxicity intestinal flora imbalance Malabsorption of nutrients weight management Thyroid Hormone imbalances Digestive weaknesses Suppressed Immunity Parasites exogenous and endogenous Liver Gallbladder congestion Low Vitamin Mineral levels Low iron levels Lymphatic congestion and more Nutritional Microscopy Investment 90 00 Advanced Test Whole Life Nutritional Microscopy also encompasses the emotional physical relationship Psychosomatic between physical and emotional health Through careful examination of Autonomic Nervous Regulation a direct relationship to past unresolved emotional disturbances are identified and linked to present and potential health challenges Blocks are removed restoring optimal physical and emotional health Time 1 0 1 25hrs 4 page report energetic health of 35 organ systems and primary energy centres Radiation levels EMF Electro smog Geopathic natural Investment 120 00 Available in Victoria Colwood Sidney Nanaimo Port Alberni Qualicum Courtenay and Quadra Island For more information 250 334 7959 zenhaven telus net Natural Health Retail Lynn s Vitamin Gallery 4 180 Central Avenue Duncan BC 250 748 4421 LIFESTYLE MARKETS www lifestylemarkets com Victoria Douglas 2950 Douglas Street Across from Canadian Tire Victoria BC 250 384 3388 Victoria Cook 343 Cook Street Cook Street Village Victoria BC 250 381 5450 Sidney Store 9769 5th Street 5th Street Bevan Sidney BC 250 656 2326 Spiritual Centres Continuous Light Sanctuary Carol Spencer Ordained Minister Salt Spring Island BC 250 538 8272 Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light Rev Patricia Gunn Ordained Minister Duncan BC 250 748 0723 www cowichanspiritualistchurch com Two Worlds Spiritualist Centre Ann Woodward Pres Nanaimo BC 250 729 2737 GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF TRUE BLUE SPIRIT Never miss an issue Mailed direct to you 1 year 6 issues of True Blue Spirit Magazine for the Canadian Subscription rate of 30 00 ______________________________________________________ Name Please Print ______________________________________________________ Address Apt ______________________________________________________ City Province Code ______________________________________________________ Email Address Phone For International Subscription Rates go to www truebluespirit ca Purchase gift subscriptions for the special people in your life list names and addresses on a separate sheet of paper a gift card will be sent on your behalf See inside front cover for forms of payment

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