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Leeds Queer Film Festival REDUX 9th 12th May 2019 Woodhouse Community Centre

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THURSDAY ANGELA MORLEY 19 30 L hekk in Closeness Joona M tt Finland 2 38 Finnish E Two asexual people explore what kind of closeness works for them L ftet The Promise Paula Gustafsson Sweden 14 30 Swedish F After getting married in their 80s Maj Briht and Helle put in sickness and in health to the test when Helle suffers a stroke soon after Days Off Filip Bla ek Czechia 10 47 E ND Urban living unspoken longings and yogurts of unusual size all come to life in this offbeat animation Johnny Hugh Rodgers Ireland 7 33 English D A young man reflects on his journey toward acceptance as a gay Irish Traveller Turn It Around Niels Bourgonje Netherlands 9 23 Dutch F During a game of spin the bottle a teenager takes his fate into his own hands PRATIBHA PARMAR 19 30 QTIPoC Space This space is for LGB queer trans and intersex people of colour to connect chat make friends and build community It will be a closed space which means that it is only for people of colour PoC organisers of the festival will be loosely facilitating the space 20 30 ANGELA MORLEY Game Girls Alina Skrzeszewska USA 85 17 English D Follow Teri and her girlfriend Tiahna as they navigate their relationship through the chaotic world of Los Angeles Skid Row aka the homeless capital of the USA A dilemma fuels the tension between the two women while Tiahna seems comfortable being a player in the underground economy of Skid Row Teri is driven by a powerful desire to get out Together with other women from the neighbourhood they attend a weekly Expressive Arts workshop where they are looking to reflect dream and heal Can their love survive the violence of their past and their current environment ANGELA MORLEY 22 15 Rituals for Change Emma Frankland UK 44 00 English E A series of rituals created by artist Emma Frankland to explore gender transition and the fluid notion of change

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FRIDAY ANGELA MORLEY 19 00 ANGELA MORLEY 20 00 Dani Boi Logan Fletcher Mucha Australia 5 22 English D Between chaotic onstage performances and their own personal struggles non binary dragtivist Dani fights to be a vital voice for a community in need Switch Marion Renard Belgium 17 43 French F During her first sexual experience a teenage girl s body does something she could never have expected Regalia Pride in Two Spirits Jen Sungshine David Ng Canada 5 18 English D Duane Stewart Grant who is from X islak ala Haisla and nuu aan u Nuu chah nulth First Nations in Canada explores his identity as someone who is Two Spirited a queer indigenous identity Ontem Before Today Thiago Kistenmacker Brazil 13 37 Portuguese F This short drama follows a woman after she suddenly runs away from a promising date and asks the pertinent question what would you want to tell your younger self Hear Trans Voices Join TransLeeds for a panel discussion and Q A featuring three fantastic speakers from the local trans community talking about the issues that matter to them This is a space for all people to hear from the trans community Cisgender allies are welcome The discussion will be moderated and we welcome questions asked in good faith BSL will be provided ANGELA MORLEY 21 30 Pr jug s Coupables Guilty Prejudices Jean Philippe Tranvouez France 84 00 French F Just before David and L on s first anniversary one of them is brutally attacked and the other is arrested for the crime A police lieutenant with secrets of his own knows this is more than an open and shut case and is determined to get to the truth

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SATURDAY ANGELA MORLEY 11 00 ANGELA MORLEY 12 15 ANGELA MORLEY 13 00 PRATIBHA PARMAR 13 00 ANGELA MORLEY 14 45 Silvia dans les Vagues Silvia in the Waves Giovana Olmos Canada 13 00 French F Noa struggles to honour the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family Dubbel Geluk Double Lucky Children of gay parents talk about growing up fitting in coming out and how their normal differed from their peers Hi Mrs Friedman Rachel Epstein Canada 7 48 English F A comedy where a mother and daughter both show up at a queer sex club Mariposa Candy Guinea USA 17 20 English D This documentary follows the challenges of Castro a masculine of centre high school teacher as she becomes pregnant and grows a family with her wife Candy Refugees under the Rainbow Stella Traub Germany 31 41 English D Three refugees from Uganda share their stories of courage and hope as they make new lives for themselves in Germany Outitude Irish Lesbian Community Sonya Mulligan Ireland 88 32 English D Tales of coming out activism and experiences of homophobia offer an insight into the richness of the Irish lesbian community Bringing together current discussions around gender and sexuality with a historical context allows this to become an important document of recent lesbian history and offers hope for where things are heading Learn to Crochet workshop Join Kit they he who will introduce you to the basics of crocheting Equipment provided No previous experience needed There is limited space so first come first served Queer Freedom a brand new LGBTQIA screening celebrating the queer community love and self expression These shorts have been selected by Oska Bright an award winning film festival based in Brighton Oska Bright show films made by or featuring autistic people and people with learning disabilities or additional needs John and Michael Shira Avni Canada 10 48 English A Two men with Down s Syndrome who shared an intimate and profoundly loving relationship Pili Y Yo Pili and Me Igancio Garcia Sanchez Spain 8 00 Spanish D Pili has Down s Syndrome and her inability to say what she wants makes her nephew reflect on the importance of listening Versions Matthew Kennedy UK 1 49 English A E An exploration of individual identities and family ties using collage and silhouettes Life on Two Spectrums Elizabeth Valentina Sutton UK 6 11 English D Meet Tia Anna a drag queen with Asperger s Syndrome from Sheffield

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ANGELA MORLEY 15 15 Block and Censor Awei Chen China 65 00 Chinese D In December 2014 Mama Rainbow a film about six Chinese mothers accepting their gay children was deleted from Chinese video websites with no explanation Now the filmmaker Popo Fan is on a quest to fight it Interviews with Popo s lawyer journalists activists and commentators alternate with the endless laws and regulations to interrogate China s systemic use of censorship PRATIBHA PARMAR 15 15 PRATIBHA PARMAR 16 30 ANGELA MORLEY 16 45 Blindsided Lisa Olivieri USA 60 00 English D Blindsided documents 15 years in the life of Patricia Livingstone a feisty artist losing her sight and hearing while trying to survive her abusive girlfriend Combined with Patricia s unique collection of home videos the film documents the couple s romance abuse break up and finally friendship When a cochlear implant restores most of Patricia s hearing she picks herself up and finds a new love online This epic story conveyed with a tone set by the quirky humour of Patricia s narration shines a light on domestic abuse disability forgiveness and what it truly means to be independent Period Poverty workshop Period poverty refers to having a lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints Join Rich they them and Nicola she her in this sewing workshop We will make re useable sanitary pads which will then be donated This workshop will cover some sewing basics so no experience needed Materials provided Naked Tongues Ernesto Sarezale UK 17 20 English D Queers using their queer bodies as creative vessels and political tools on the naked word spoken scene in London Guillermo en el tejado Guillermo on the roof Miguel Lafuente Spain 16 05 Spanish F As Guillermo is trying to fix his romantic life by making a film of it he meets Samir who will help him gain some much needed perspective Four Billion Reasons Krissy Mahan USA 6 43 A ND A journey of 8 metres becomes an epic odyssey thanks to the inaccessibilty of the New York City subway system Splendid Case of Doubt Daniel Moshel Austria 4 09 E ND Just your average love story between a furry and a dodgems operator The Brother Kai Fi in UK 4 05 English E You never know when you might accidentally end up as a pallbearer in Bethnal Green

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ANGELA MORLEY 17 45 ANGELA MORLEY 19 00 Dyke Jails Cecilia Montagut Spain 65 30 Spanish D Andrea made a drug mule trip from Argentina she was taken directly from Barcelona airport to prison Katia was imprisoned for two years at Martutene correctional facility in the Basque Country Marta Dillon journalist and feminist spent several years visiting the female prisoners at the Ezeiza prison in Buenos Aires and captured their experiences in the book Corazones Cautivos Skoldiscot Slow Dance Christian Zetterberg Sweden 5 30 Swedish F During a middle school disco a boy works up the courage to ask his crush for a dance Passage to Womanhood Inaya Graciana Yusuf Malaysia 31 08 English Malay D A group of Muslim trans women stand their ground against social marginalisation in secular Malaysia Redefining femininity in Islam they are painting their own portrayal of womanhood Tommy Brilho S vio Fernandes Brazil 17 44 Portuguese F Despite being invisible Tommy Brilho has impeccable style Will it be enough to get noticed by his crush Gay Erotic Comix Robert Chandler USA 96 00 English D A deep dive into the world of explicit gay comics the artists who create them and the men who learned how to be gay from them This documentary traces the fascinating history of this underground art form its battles with censorship from the morality police and its indelible place in queer history 22 00 LQFF After Dark These films contain nudity and strong sexual content ANGELA MORLEY ANGELA MORLEY 20 15 Dirty Sexy Comics The Uncensored Story of Scrotalus Werther Germondari Italy 2 20 E ND Some unusual creatures come to life in their natural habitats Driven Toni Karat Germany 13 07 German F A punk boidyke handcuffed and facing the wall in a sparse empty room breathes heavily with anxiety and expectation L rdags Godis Saturday Sweets Tom of Tottenham Sweden 5 00 E ND Genderqueer bodies enjoy the tender intimacy of BDSM power exchange and gummy bears in this beautiful experimental film Our Alphabet Coco Schwarz Alina Mann Switzerland 16 40 E ND 26 short episodes taking us through the filmmakers A Z of kink and sexuality In the Dark Rory Midhani Germany 4 37 English A A chance encounter in the basement darkroom of a Berlin cruisebar set to a track by Russian queer party band Sado Opera Piedad Piety Naya The Outdoor Cat Germany 14 00 Spanish F When Rodolfa and Maria Antonieta help their pal Asunci n fulfill an ususual promise they all discover how easily sexual desire can cross the borders between the dead and the living

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SUNDAY ANGELA MORLEY 15 30 Laissez moi Danser Sandra Sordini UK 4 07 English E Cleaners on a ferry throw a party for their colleague Myl ne but someone else has a different kind of surprise in store A Bunch of Queers Doing It in Public Christian Zetterberg Sweden 5 30 Swedish F Strange creatures inhabit cemeteries backyards and notorious cruising spots in London in a manifesto of queer aesthetics and politics No rubber gloves were harmed in the making of this film I m Sorry Lovisa Lara Iceland 16 39 Icelandic F Addy and Salka look like they have the perfect relationship but there s another story behind closed doors Will Addy be able to ask for and get the help she needs PRATIBHA PARMAR 15 30 ASMR make discuss stimulate ASMR Autonomous sensory meridian response is an experience that results in a tingling sensation An online community creating ASMR video content has been growing steadily over the past few years and more people are able to identify with this sensation which until recently has been unidentified Join Mara they them and Samra she her in this workshop where you will discuss ASMR experiences and creating ASMR content ANGELA MORLEY 17 00 I m Not There Ajita Banerjie India 12 04 English D Two non binary activists tell their stories of fighting for trans rights in Bangalore Rabbi Knows Better Elena Osipova UK 5 32 English F On the Sabbath is a wife allowed to spank her husband if he s begging Are two drag queens allowed to sew if it s an emergency Avoiding work can be hard work Swarm of Selenium Maude Matton SJ Rahatoka Germany 23 08 English F Shortly after the apocalypse two rival gangs of queers try to rebuild Real Cass Dennis Australia 19 47 English F A teen struggling to find her place finds comfort and strength from a fictional TV show hero Carla and Hayfa David Ng Jen Sung Canada 8 53 Arabic English D Hayfa shares her coming out story as a queer person to her Palestinian Lebanese family her mother Carla shares her story of coming to acceptance Danny Didn t Feel Like Himself Anymore Johnny Gibbs UK 5 10 A ND Danny doesn t fit in the box they ve been put in Pinky Gurung Gopal Shivakoti Nepal 13 00 Nepali D A young trans woman goes door to door campaigning to be elected to parliament in Nepal Brothers Mike Mosallam USA 8 57 F ND From childhood to adulthood brothers Bilal and Nassim support each other no matter what

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ANGELA MORLEY 18 15 The Whisper of the Jaguar PRATIBHA PARMAR 18 30 Thais Guisasola Simon e Jaikiriuma Paetau Brazil 79 00 Portuguese F This queer punk road movie flows as freely between performance art political comment and fictional filmmaking as the bodies and identities of its characters in a tropical ambience that sets the stage for game playing protests and metamorphoses Queer Love 2k19 Interracial Cross Class Cultural and Interfaith Discussion I believe that love is a verb It s something that we do with other people Part of that is trying to understand one another This will be an open discussion sharing thoughts and feelings on our personal experiences of relationships intimacy and love across racial class cultural and religious lines Everyone is welcome Feel free to contact Samra she her the facilitator if you have any thoughts to share or questions before the workshop samramayanja gmail com Dykes Camera Action Caroline Berler USA 60 58 English D Spanning eight decades and featuring interviews with directors Barbara Hammer Cheryl Dunye Rose Troche and many more this retrospective takes us on a journey to see how far lesbian cinema has come and where it might be going ANGELA MORLEY 19 45 ANGELA MORLEY 21 00 Mystery Dyke Film As a special treat we ll screen one of the films discussed in Dykes Camera Action directly after the audience will vote on which one

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FESTIVAL INFORMATION AIMS We create spaces to showcase queer cinema with a focus on independent and DIY films We screen films that elevate and prioritise the voices and work of those most marginalised within our LGBTQ communities LQFF is run by unpaid volunteers and we are not for profit money raised from our festival goes towards future events and supporting queer filmmakers We aim to make our events as friendly affordable accessible and inclusive as we can By bringing people together and building links we hope to strengthen our communities SPACES The two rooms at the festival are named after local LGBT movie makers 1924 2009 was born in Kirkstall Leeds She composed and arranged music for many films and TV shows including Watership Down Peeping Tom and Dynasty In 1977 she was the first openly transgender nominee for an Oscar for her work on the film The Slipper and the Rose 1955 is an award winning lesbian film maker After earning her degree in Human Purposes and Communication from Bradfor University she has gone on to make documentaries and feature films These include Khush 1991 about the erotic world of South Asian queers and Nina s Heavenly Delights 2006 a Scottish Bollywood lesbian romcom KEY FOR FILM DESCRIPTIONS F fiction D documentary A animation E experimental ND no dialogue PLEASE NOTE All films start at the selected times there are no adverts trailers VENUE Woodhouse Community Centre 197 Woodhouse Street Leeds LS6 2NY Woodhouse Community Centre is run by local charity Oblong They aim to create empowered connected communities where people work together to tackle the problems they face We are hugely grateful to them for stepping in after our original venue was cancelled ACCESS All rooms at Woodhouse Community Centre are on the ground floor with step free access from street level There are three disabled access toilets wide doors and WCC is Safe Place registered All toilets are for all genders There is a range of seating available in the screening room hard backed chairs cushioned chairs beanbags If you need to enter the screening room first or need a particular place in the room please let an organiser know All films will be screened with English subtitles unless stated otherwise and a few will have subtitles and captions The film schedule is available in larger print Please contact us for a copy There will be BSL communication support for the introductions to the films as well as the workshops panels on both Friday and Sunday We may be able to provide BSL on other days of the festival as well please get in touch to discuss If you would like to discuss any specific access needs please contact us in advance leedsqueerfilmfestival gmail com FOOD DRINK Throughout the festival there will be vegan hot meals snacks and cakes for sale Hot and cold drinks will be available it is a dry space Cash or card payments accepted TICKETS We are committed to making the festival affordable for everyone Tickets are PAY WHAT YOU CAN and are available on the door https www leedsqueerfilmfestival co uk tickets 2019