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Healthcare Philanthropy :

A 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy
Providing a clear path to your complete fundraising solution
A 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy
Do you have a complete view of your health systems philanthropic
Healthcare philanthropy can be complex. A robust and sustainable philanthropic culture
requires engagement across multiple levels of an organization. Unlocking the ability to elevate
giving from the transactional to the truly transformative can often be a journey made clearer
when utilizing an experienced partner like Marts & Lundy and Cause and Solution. Together, we
provide a complete fundraising solution that assists to help dramatically impact your overall
strategy, philanthropic culture and fundraising outcomes.
What is keeping your organization from elevating to the next level of
philanthropic giving?
Our 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy ensures solutions are developed within the
context of the entirety of your institutional advancement circumstances. Beyond strengthening
one area, our multidisciplinary team of experts work alongside your team to identify
opportunities for significant gains, building internal fundraising capacity while realizing
exceptional efficiency and productivity.
People--C-suite leaders, clinicians, boards, advancement staff, donors
Strategycampaign planning, capacity building
Operationsimproved efficiencies, gained effectiveness, increased resources
Programsmajor gifts, patient and family giving, annual giving, bequests
Stewardship – financial accountability and transparency, reporting the impact of giving
EngagementApplying the right energy; generating the right outcomes; with the right
StructureDecision and Design for implementing an internal support model vs utilizing
managed services
We work with foundations that represent some of the largest healthcare systems, medical
institutions and cause-driven nonprofits in the country. We understand the resources that
every nonprofit needs to be successful…no matter the size or scope of their cause.
Let’s partner together to capture the complete picture of your organization’s philanthropic
landscape and put 360° solutions to work for you.
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A 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy
Is it time to reimagine a new direction for your health systems
roadmap to philanthropic success?
Recently, the roadmap for many non-profit health organizations has been shifted towards
system mergers and acquisitions that converge new visions and missions of healing across a
wider degree of geographic regions. Complicated by the continual need for improving the
overall delivery of care, with fewer resources, can create a culture of necessity. By contrast, the
opportunities that philanthropy generates promote a culture of abundance, hope and
investment for donors that want to make a truly transformative impact in people’s lives.
The roadmap to successful healthcare fundraising lies on a path that unites these realities to
build stronger bonds across a system while understanding that each foundation is as unique as
the communities they serve.
A 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy
Are you ready to grow healthcare philanthropy across your system?
We understand that integrated development programs succeed when they work together
towards common outcomes that:
Create confidence for development staff to present the opportunity, make an
ask, and steward the relationship
Create greater transparency of financial reporting
Create a common language and ‘forward leaning’ performance goals
Build a common platform that generates greater collaboration and a focused
approach to philanthropy across the system
Provide effective communication about the impact of giving
Encourage leadership engagement
Does your healthcare system have a strategy for integrating its
philanthropy through collaboration, utilizing a common platform and
increased philanthropic engagement?
Non-profit healthcare systems, with fundraising programs serving across multiple communities,
regions and states, often overlook the benefits of foundation alignment in terms of strategy,
staffing, communications, systems, collaboration and increased revenue potential.
Integrating multiple development programs for gains in effectiveness, efficiencies and
outcomes can be complex. Through an integrated approach, with the right experienced
partners, healthcare philanthropy can leverage their system-ness to approach funders
representing nearly every vertical of their organization to move beyond the transactional giving
to the truly transformative.
Together, Marts & Lundy and Cause and Solution, Inc. bring an enterprise level of fundraising
experience, development strategies, change management, integration and system design that
pulls together resources, elevates the conversation of philanthropy and promotes the mission
and vision of the organization.
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A 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy
Why Marts & Lundy and Cause and Solution?
With a legacy of success and a spirit of innovation, together Marts & Lundy and Cause and
Solution bring decades of experience in healthcare fundraising solutions. Our expertise
combines to form a full complement of services, so improvements in front-line fundraising and
back-office functions coincide to produce highly synergistic results.
Our comprehensive offerings include:
Campaign Planning and Feasibility
General Fundraising Counsel
Data Management, Conversions and
Employee Giving Solutions
Financial Reporting
General Ledger Managed Services
Gift Processing Services
Graphic Design
KPI Performance Benchmarking
Internal Capacity Assessments
Major Gift Officer Training
Online Giving Solutions
Patient and Family Giving Program
Program Evaluation
Prospect Research and Portfolio
About Marts & Lundy
Our comprehensive offerings ensure that no matter the size of your organization or the scope of your fundraising
needs, we can craft approaches and strategies that are best for you today and meet your needs as they evolve. In
addition to our extensive experience in campaign planning, we work with health sciences clients to strengthen
areas of the organization that are fundamental to a high-functioning culture of transformational philanthropy.
Counsel That Is Collaborative & Tailored
With deep experience in health sciences, we put together the right team to complement yours. Working side-by-
side, we can help you assess critical issues and guide the implementation of strategies. We can help you build long-
term, sustainable philanthropic capacity.
Campaigns That Are Transformational
We have over 90 years of campaign experience at all size levels. We have successfully partnered with many top
universities, academic health centers, and regionally and nationally based health systems to support their
campaign efforts. Whether your campaign is $5 million to $5 billion+, we can provide world-class counsel that is
scalable to your needs.
Insights That Sharpen Focus & Planning
We can assess your organization’s leadership, work environment, competitive marketplace and productivity. We
can examine your communications efforts, determine your campaign readiness and use both qualitative and
quantitative information gathering to gain insight from Board members, volunteers, donors and community
Communications That Compel Engagement & Giving
We work with you to build a strong messaging foundation, augmented by a full range of services to get the word
out: strategy and research, case statement writing and design, video production, campaign branding, website
production, social media campaigns and more.
Leadership Initiatives That Fuse Vision & Philanthropy
The magnitude and pace of philanthropic giving are amplified when the institution’s top leaders become its top
philanthropy champions. We created The Azure Summit for leaders of mission-driven organizations who seek the
highest-quality teaching on the role they can play in cultivating major donors and developing a deep and broad
culture of philanthropy.
Analytics That Inform Strategy & Investment
Our analysts are experts in predictive modeling and scoring, descriptive statistics, data visualization and big data
analysis. They built and steward our proprietary global database, which contains more than 15 years of data. Used
to study trends and benchmark performance, it is an ever- expanding resource unmatched in the data-driven
context it contributes to our fundraising counsel.
Contact Us
Web: Email: Phone: (201) 702-3889
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About Cause and Solution, Inc.
Cause and Solution's professional staff includes MBAs, CFREs, and CPAs. We are highly skilled and experienced in
fundraising development; project management; system integration; and operational and financial management for
non-profits. We are confident that our 60 years of combined fundraising experience can help your organization
further its Cause with the right Solution.
An Investment in Experience That Creates Results
What sets Cause and Solution apart from other companies is the ‘real world’ expertise we provide our clients with
the ability to implement a solution. Our team of experienced development executives and administrative support
leaders’ partner with foundations that represent some of the largest healthcare systems, medical institutions and
cause driven non-profits in the country. We understand the resources that every non-profit needs to be
successful…no matter the size or scope of their cause….to help make a difference in people’s lives.
Integrated Development Solutions That Elevates Philanthropy Across Health Systems
Cause and Solution assists health systems through the complexities of integrating their development programs to
create a common language, a common vision and an elevated role for philanthropy.
Managed Services That Frees Resources for Revenue Generating Activities
Cause and Solution provides Managed Services for its clients to help alleviate foundations from the administrative
tasks that often consume a development programs time managing complex donor and financial database systems.
This provides the foundation staff the opportunity to spend more of their limited time and resources on revenue
generating activities while receiving the quality, continuity and accuracy of data management and reporting that
they need to be successful.
Prospect Research That Is Accessible and Insightful
Our services provide professional portfolio management and wealth screenings to give development professionals
the ability to match prospective donors and interests to programs and philanthropic opportunities. Cause and
Solution also provides services that integrate healthcare foundations utilizing Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT with
daily guest admissions.
Right Systems That Generate Right Results
The ability for a system to track proper demographic and gift information is only the beginning. The right
‘customizable’ donor data system should be the hub for all development program activities, prospect
management, donor restrictions and campaign goal setting. As a Blackbaud Network Partner Cause and Solution
can assist to provide an innovative and reliable solution for your fundraising needs.
Contact Us
Web: Email: Phone: (888)253-7707
A 360° Approach to Healthcare Philanthropy
Providing a clearer path to a complete fundraising solution